CES Administrative Interface

Each CES exchange comes with its own sophisticated Administrative Interface. This is the 'backend' of the site from which the administrator manages the exchange.

The following functions are currently available from the CES Administrative Interface:

Members Transactions Publications
  1. Approve Registrations
  2. Create New Accounts
  3. View/Edit Accounts
  4. Print Membership List
  5. Print Address List
  6. Search for Members
  1. Enter Single Transaction
  2. Enter Multiple Transactions
  3. Paste/Upload Transaction Data
  4. Enter Remote Transaction
  5. Inter-Account Transfers
  1. Send Newsletter
  2. Send Update/Notice
  3. Send Announcements List
  4. Send Groups List
  5. Send Offerings List
  6. Send Wants List
  7. Upload Files
  8. Publications Logfile
Offerings Wants Announcements
  1. Add Offering
  2. Edit Offerings
  3. Edit Offering Categories
  4. Delete Expired Offerings
  5. E-mail Offerings List
  6. Offerings List (by category)
  7. Offerings List (by description)
  8. Offerings List (by member)
  9. Offerings List (by title)
  1. Add Want
  2. Edit Wants
  3. Delete Expired Wants
  4. E-mail Wants List
  5. Print Wants List
  1. Add Announcement
  2. Edit Announcements
  3. Delete Expired Items
Control Panel Statistics & Reports Management
  1. Edit Exchange Settings
  2. Edit Offering Categories
  3. Edit Sub-Areas/Sub-Groups
  4. Edit Administrator Details
  5. Edit Membership Co-ordinator
  6. Edit Home Page Text
  7. Edit Invitation Letter Text
  8. Edit Welcome Letter
  1. Group Statistics & Reports
    1. Trading Statistics
      View the real-time trading position of this exchange
    2. Trader Activity
      View members' balances and when they last traded
    3. Trader Statistics
      View the real-time statistics about the traders of this exchange
    4. Balance Report
      View summary of accounts in credit and debit
    5. Trading Activity
      View trading statistics for a selected time period
    6. Balance Report
      View detailed summary of accounts in credit and debit
    7. Member Balances
      View balances of all traders of this exchange
    8. Access Details
      View when members last accessed their accounts
    9. Balance of Trade
      View "balance of trade" of all exchanges
    10. Membership Statistics
      View the real-time membership statistics of this exchange
    11. Balance of Trade
      View "balance of trade" of all exchanges in this country
    12. Membership Growth
      View the real-time growth in membership of this exchange
    13. Transaction Report
      View trade details for selected period of time
    14. Conversion Rates
      View the conversion rates between the various exchanges
  2. Local Area Co-ordinators
  3. Print Membership List
  4. Print Offerings List
  5. Print Wants List
  1. E-mail A/Cs & Passwords
  2. Print A/Cs & Passwords
  3. E-mail Statements of Account
  4. Print Statements of Account
  5. Download Database
  6. Manage Files
  7. Enter/Edit Bank Account