CES Co-Ordinator's Interface

Local Area Co-ordinators are trusted users who have been granted rights to use the Co-ordinator's Interface. Through this interface they are able to perform a range of actions on behalf of others without having to log into the other users' accounts. The interface is accessed from within their normal user accounts. Co-ordinator's in effect operate as "branches of the bank" where users without computers can go to have their transactions entered and interface with the system.

The following functions are currently available from the CES Co-ordinator's Interface:


  1. Enter single transaction
  2. Enter multiple transactions
  3. Paste transaction data


  1. Add offering
  2. Edit offerings
  3. Print offerings list


  1. Add want
  2. Edit wants
  3. Print wants list


  1. Add announcement
  2. Edit announcements


  1. Edit member record
  2. Search for member
  3. Membership list
  4. Register new trader
  5. Email account details


  1. Print trading slips
  2. Download application form
  3. Download co-ordinator form
  4. Download CES brochure MS Word format
  5. Download CES brochure MS Publisher format
  6. Download Offers/Wants form
  7. Download trading sheet