CES Membership Co-ordinator's Interface

The CES Membership Co-ordinator's Interface provides a number of functions for a separate administrator to manage the users of the exchange. The functions available from this interface are all available from the Administrative Interface but are provided in a separate interface in case your exchange wants to employ a membership administrator without full adminstrator rights.

The following functions are currently available from the CES Membership Co-Ordinator's Interface:


  1. Approve Registrations
  2. Create New Accounts
  3. View/Edit Accounts
  4. View/Edit Latest
  5. Print Member List
  6. Search for Members


  1. Add Offering
  2. Edit Offerings
  3. Print Offerings List


  1. Add Want
  2. Edit Wants
  3. Print Wants List


  1. Add Announcement
  2. Edit Announcements