Tips for a good trading experience

Detailed description prior to trade, including flaws. Better a pleasant surprise than disappointment.
Agree price either before trade or at time of trade.
Flexibility – can item be left outside for convenient pick up for buyer, in an esky perhaps?
If not present for trade clear labeling, list with description on sheet of paper or sticker/tag with dark pen.
When a trade is arranged, both seller and buyer should be able to say if they have time to socialize, without offense, to either person.
Running on time. Let other party know if running late.
Option to sample first – if food.
Offer available as advertised. Hide offering if unable to provide service.
Could you deliver item ?

When a trade doesn’t go to plan?


It is better to hear about buyer dissatisfaction then lose a customer with no idea why.
Respond promptly and courteously.
Reverse sale and let buyer know whether you would like item returned or discarded if faulty. Be realistic about delivery time if a buyer has just traveled to trade.


If unclear on price contact seller to clarify.
Exercise tact. LETS sellers aren’t trying to trick buyers and a seller may be surprised you don’t share their view of an items value. A seller may not have realised an item didn’t work, feel embarrassed and be happy to reverse a trade without much prompting.
Return item in reasonable time.
When issue is resolved thank seller for responding to concerns and reassure that you would still like to trade another time.

Still a problem: Contact admin for support to resolve the issue.

When using the trade facilities, ‘payment’ is effected either through the buyer signing a Trading Sheet provided by the seller or through a cheque-like Trading Slip that serves both as a means of ‘payment’ and a receipt for the goods or service.

The information on the Trading Sheet or Slip is then entered by the seller into a transaction form on the web site.(see samples below)

This credits the account of the seller and debits that of the buyer. Accounts record these debits and credits, giving a balance after each transaction.

Multilist transaction sheet (pdf)

Trading slips (pdf)