Adelaide Local Exchange Trading System (SA)
# Date Offering Rate Area
1. 2 Jul 2024

I have loads of seeds, vegies and flowers, and because of quarantine regulations I can't take any of them when I move to WA.  Open to offers or free.  If interested please arrange a time to come over to Windsor Gardens and choose what you can use. or 0435128820

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Windsor Gardens
2. 1 Jul 2024
Various Vintage (eg 1960s-70s) sewing machines - Free

I have an assortment of older sewing machines (various brands or store brands) to give away.  They can go all together or you can take one.  May or may not be in working condition, some may have cord and foot/accessories and some may not. 

You can get repairs done and replacement accessories through a vintage repairman in Salisbury.

Some are dusty from shed, and all come as-is, no guarantee of anything.  Once serviced, probably useful for basic repairs or teaching children or backup machine or something like that.  Picture for example only.

Please email or TEXT 0428 263 795 to arrange to look.


3. 1 Jul 2024
3D Printing + Design

I will 3D print your designs using my 3D printer. Alternatively, I can design simple 3D models (custom stands, hooks, broken part replacement) and print them for you.

I have designed and printed:

Custom wall stands for vinyl records, Wall hooks for tools, Replacement arms for sunglasses, Headphone stands, Shed multiboard for storage, plastic feet for chair legs.

U30 / hour + material cost
4. 1 Jul 2024
Simple Leather Work + Repair

I will make and repair simple leather goods. I have made wallets, ebook covers, passport folders, phone cases, wet formed sheaths and repaired bags, UGGs and more.

U35 / hour + material costs
5. 27 Jun 2024

Many baskets, all shapes and sizes.

Unable to load a photo so best to come and take a look at Windsor Gardens.  Will be moved on elsewhere if no interest, so let me know asap please. or 0435128820. 

Open to any offers.

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Windsor Gardens
6. 27 Jun 2024
Large dehydrator

13 tray dehydrator, includes 4 mesh sheets, 16 solid sheets (for drying meals etc), instructions. I bought it many years ago via LETS.  It shows its age but still works well. 

Unable to load a photo so best to come and take a look at Windsor Gardens. or 0435128820. 

Open to any offers.

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Windsor Gardens
7. 26 Jun 2024
Stoneground Wholemeal Rye Flour

I have more than 1 kg of this wholemeal rye flour, which I bought before I knew my digestion can't tolerate rye.

It's free because it expired in March 2024, but I just checked it and it is fine.

Collect from Felixstow (BYO container) or from the One Planet Market (BYO container)

For someone who loves baking
8. 26 Jun 2024
Silicone Tubes

Dowsil Silicone sanitity sealant

mould & Mildue resistant

3 colours  Alabaster, Almond Ivory & Pale Beige

carton 20 tubes $50 

1/2 carton  10 tubes $25

Great for all those jobs around the house can be used in much more than bathrooms - various best before dates all still perfectly good for use save on new prices

units ,cash , barter or trade welcome

collection from Gawler

9. 26 Jun 2024
Bric a brac stall August Reto vintage camping etc

Variety on offer decluttering bargains 

stall at August market 

I …….40
10. 25 Jun 2024
Electric comb for head lice

V-Comb for head lice with a packet of filters.  Only used a few times. Information about how this works at Retails for approx $60. I live in Strathalbyn and can leave at Magill for collection.

11. 25 Jun 2024
Printer Cartridges

3 printer cartridges - black, yellow and magenta for Epson SP and WorkForce printers as per printer numbers on labels in photo. I live in Strathalbyn and they can be collected from Magill.

12. 25 Jun 2024

I have some Clivia plants at least that is what I was told (left by previous house owner) to sell for units I will endeavour to get a photo of them.


New Town, Kadina
13. 23 Jun 2024
Fruit and nut trees

Malabar chestnut seedlings also known as Saba nut.

Papaya seedlings

Two grafted kiwi fruit both grafted bearing male and female branches for pollination



5 - 30 units
14. 21 Jun 2024
Food Dehydrator

Round, diameter approx 400mm. extra trays

15. 19 Jun 2024
Carpet Shampoo-er Kirby G6 Vacuum Cleaner

Kirby Upright Micron Magic G6 Upright  Hepa Filtration Unit (barely used) .. excelent condition (maybe a little dusty) .. all original accessories included .. Excelent working condition (barely used) .. Owner Service Details included as is easy to follow big font owners manual with illustrations and easy to follow illustrations .. 

This Kirby model has never really been suceeded .. and Kirby will still take this model as a trade-in! 

Carpet Cleaning & Shampooing is an excelent way to make some money on the side! (even more pics available on request)

16. 19 Jun 2024
Kirby G6 Carpet Shampooer & Vacuum Cleaner

Kirby Upright Micron Magic G6 Upright  Hepa Filtration Unit (barely used) .. excelent condition (maybe a little dusty) .. all original accessories included .. Excelent working condition (barely used) .. Owner Service Details included as is easy to follow big font owners manual with illustrations and easy to follow illustrations .. 

This Kirby model has never really been suceeded .. and Kirby will still take this model as a trade-in! 

Carpet Cleaning & Shampooing is an excelent way to make some money on the side! (even more pics available on request)

17. 19 Jun 2024
Kirby G6 Vacuum Cleaner & Carpet Shampoo-er

Kirby Upright Micron Magic G6 Upright  Hepa Filtration Unit (barely used) .. excelent condition (maybe a little dusty) .. all original accessories included .. Excelent working condition (barely used) .. Owner Service Details included as is easy to follow big font owners manual with illustrations and easy to follow illustrations .. 

This Kirby model has never really been suceeded .. and Kirby will still take this model as a trade-in! 

Carpet Cleaning & Shampooing is an excelent way to make some money on the side! (even more pics available on request)


18. 31 May 2024
Automatic Acoustic door seals

Door seals usually used to reduce noise and as fire stop

U85 each
19. 31 May 2024
Wine Jacobs Creek new unopened

Open photo

We are teetotal so passing on this unwanted gift.

Jabocs Creek Our Limited Release Barossa Field Blend 2021 

I looked it up and it says it retails at $35, make an offer if you're interested.  Windsor Gardens. or 0435128820

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Windsor Gardens
20. 30 May 2024
Organic limes

We have lots of organic limes.  Collect from Windsor Gardens. or 0435128820

2 for 1 unit
Windsor Gardens
21. 27 May 2024

Very large cycad. Will have to be lifted, it will be quite heavy. Please make an offer. 

Make an offer.
Hillier (near Gawler)
22. 11 May 2024
Organic Fertiliser Concentrate

Fertiliser Concentrate natural orgainic -

will need to dilute down for use - will vary depending on use.  10:1  or 20:1

1L  $5 

5L  $20

10L $35

Trades , LETS units or cash welcome

New Batches Now Avaliable

Gawler Based



Services, olive Oil, cooking oils
23. 3 May 2024

Professional quality videos for businesses, families, events and musicians.

24. 3 May 2024

I offer one on one yoga classes for people with any skill level. These include asana (movement practice), pranayama (breathing) and meditation.

25. 3 May 2024

I do professional photoshoots for families, events, artists/musicians and businesses. For every hour you get 25-50 photos depending on the project.

26. 1 May 2024
Large garden pots

I'm gradually emptying my large garden pots and this is the first of them.  If you click on the heading, i.e. Large garden pots, the image should appear.  Advertising elsewhere so let me know soon if you're interested. Windsor Gardens or 0435128820.  

Open photo

Windsor Gardens
27. 1 May 2024
Shade cloth

Shade cloth, various sizes, from free to a few units for larger pieces. I've used them for protecting various crops in the summer. If you click on the heading, i.e. Shade cloth, the image should appear.  Collect from Windsor Gardens sueandrewslets@gmail or 0435128820

Open photo

Windsor Gardens
28. 25 Apr 2024
Red hot pokers - Kniphofia

Red Hot poker plants.

This herbaceous perennial produces flowers that are both whimsical and architectural. Also known as torch lily, red hot poker blooms intermittently from late spring until fall, adding bold texture and color to the garden. Exceptionally easy to grow , red hot poker works for just about any full-sun planting spot.

Play with shape and texture when choosing planting companions for red hot poker. In contrast with its bold, upright flower spikes, a host of mounding plants with curved leaves and flowers make excellent planting companions.

I am offering 2 opportunities - this one with all points and you will see another offering with half points, half cash.

Pick up Hahndorf or from Pirie Street, Adelaide most Sunday mornings at 10.00am by arrangement.



29. 25 Apr 2024
Red hot pokers - Kniphofia

Hi all

I just love this plant. It is colourful, easy to grow and a good size. Not too big, not too small. It attracts birds and looks great as a cut flower or in tubs. Spring, summer bloom and handles the hot weather.

You will be provided with a plant in a bag that you can divide the plant or have it as it comes.

This herbaceous perennial produces flowers that are both whimsical and architectural. Also known as torch lily, red hot poker blooms intermittently from late spring until fall, adding bold texture and color to the garden. Exceptionally easy to grow with a wide hardiness range of Zones 5-9, red hot poker works for just about any full-sun planting spot.

Play with shape and texture when choosing planting companions for red hot poker. In contrast with its bold, upright flower spikes, a host of mounding plants with curved leaves and flowers make excellent planting companions.

Pick up Hahndorf or most Sunday mornings from Pirie Street, Adelaide at 10.00am.


Lucky you!

$20 20 points
30. 23 Apr 2024
2 metal mop wringers buckets - NEED REPAIR

I have 2 wringer buckets to give to someone who has metal work skills to fix them.  Basically the same style.  In one, the rollers do not stay put with the pressure of the wet mop, and in the other, the entire wringer mechanism has lifted off the bucket - may require to be soldered back on to bucket or something of the sort.

I have bought a replacement bucket so I don't need these.  If you can repair these, you are welcome to use them or fix and sell, whatever you like. I don't want to just scrap them though.

Please email or you can text 0428 263 795.  Pick up from Campbelltown.

31. 2 Apr 2024
Portable gas stove

Portable gas stove in very good condition is available to buy. With two cartiridges of Butane gas. Excellent for camping, picnicing and emergencies during blackouts.

I know we all need to get off gas, but best to use up gas already bottled.

32. 31 Mar 2024
Breadmaker - secondhand

Palsonic Bread making machine.  Given to me a few years ago, and I have not used it.  I am told it worked well.  No manual but apparently it is like others of its kind and if someone has used one, they can use this one.

Dusty from shed, I wiped it for photo, but you will want to clean it more thoroughly before using.

Pick up only from Campbelltown.  Email please -

33. 26 Mar 2024
Exercise bike - free

My housemate wishes to give away his exercise bike.  As far as we know, it works.  He is too tall to fit on it, and it is just taking up space here.

You are welcome to it for free.  But he is also amenable to a small food offering or something, if you feel inclined. 

You must collect it yourself - we cannot provide transport. Located in Campbelltown. Please email or TEXT 0428 263 795 to arrange. OR email or TEXT 0427 211 678.

34. 16 Mar 2024

alocasia- edible elephant ear; loquat; succulent- mother of thousands

Walkley Heights
35. 29 Feb 2024

Choc chip u1.50 or $1.50
Ginger snap u1 or $1
Butter cookies u1 or $1

$/u 1 - 1.50
36. 26 Feb 2024
Garden tools - long handled


photos available

5 each
37. 26 Feb 2024
Hand Mower

Good condition.

photo available

38. 8 Feb 2024
Hope's Cafe

Based at the top of the Norwood Parade is Hope's Cafe, an inclusive and welcoming cafe open on Wed, Thurs and Fri between 10am and 3pm.  

Barista coffee and some snacks....meals offered later in the year :) 

All coffees and drinks can be purchased with LETS points.

Ie, barista coffee - 2U

Lots of activities onsite and things to do and people to meet.  Hope to see you soon! 

Beulah Park
39. 1 Feb 2024
Organic Meyer Lemons

I have a very prolific tree with delicious lemons.

40. 1 Feb 2024
Organic Rosemary And Other Herbs.

Fresh from my garden

41. 1 Feb 2024
Clothing And House Hold Items In Moderation, In Good Condition

Depending on policy, items at reasonable points charge. At a later time I may be able to offer creativity workshops.

42. 31 Jan 2024

Recently harvested seeds from my last self-seeded crop:

  • Italian flat leaf parsley
  • Silverbeet
  • Birdseye chilli
  • Calendula
  • Cherry tomatoes

I have other seeds (from packets) that may be a little old but should still be good, eg rocket, spinach, asst tomato varieties. Let me know if you're after something particular.

1 unit per pack (about a tsp)

I can bring to One Planet Market or collect from Salisbury North.

Contact if intererested.


Salisbury North
43. 29 Jan 2024
LETS stallholders at Crafers West during Easter

I am reaching out to see if any LETS member wants to have a free info stall for our open garden on our property at 12 Ising Road, Crafers West on the Easter weekend Sat 30/3, Sun 31/3 and Mon 1/4, 10am-4pm.

This event will be a fundraiser for a community theatre production. We will have live music, stalls, sustainability themed workshops and we would love to have some more stalls on board to make it a special event!

For more information and to choose which date suits you, call Caspian on 0415937893 or email 


Crafers West
44. 25 Jan 2024
Cot mattress slightly used

I have a cot mattress for someone.  It's got some dust marks on it from storage.  Has been thoroughly vacuumed but the dirt left a few marks. No body fluids etc. Might suit car camping or play mattress etc.

It is a fibre mattress with structure in it, not just the foam pieces.  Stitching and structure seems decent.

Please make an offer if you're interested.  I am not looking for much for it.

Email or text 0428 263 795. Pick up only from Campbelltown.

45. 25 Jan 2024
About a dozen tiny brown glass bottles from essential oils

  1. Would anyone like a dozen or so small brown glass bottles, previously used to store essential oils.  You'd need to pick up, and clean them yourself. There might be more as I keep sorting through things.

Please email or text 0428263795. Pick up only from Campbelltown.

46. 24 Jan 2024
Veggies, herbs and native plants

Perennial vegetables: Okinawan spinach, perennial leeks, walking onions, French sorrel, perennial chicory

Herbs: Oregano, Vietnamese mint, vars of mint, Siberian chives, chives, coconut geranium, Pyrethrum daisy, thyme, winter honeysuckle, Afghani sage, Brahmi

Natives: Eremophila, winter berry, native raspberry, appleberry 


Fruit trees: white anzac peach, nectarine, Hick's Fancy black mulberry, saba nut, acerola cherry

4 - 15 units
47. 29 Dec 2023
Bread making machine

Old , rarely used and working bread making machine

Henley Beach
48. 7 Dec 2023

I spin yarn

U2/ meter
49. 7 Dec 2023
Garden Helper

I know a little bit but I should be able to help

U25/ hour
50. 6 Dec 2023
Bike - Womens Frame - Merida Hybrid

Women's Frame XS Merida Crossway 20D Bike.

Hybrid tyres (road x mountain bike) for durability.

Suspension for a smooth ride.

Disk brakes for extra Safety.

2019 Model, Comes with serial number, booklet and receipt, purchased NEW in December 2018 for $700! 

Only ridden a few times - dropped once and has 2x small scratches at back of frame - more photos are available upon request.

Shimano parts and 8 Speed gears

Comes with spare tubes for tyre punctures (never had to use them) and extra padded saddle/ seat for extra comfort.

More Photos available upon request.

Comes as is. In great condition.

$350 units or dollars or mixture.

Pickup Gawler.

(i don't ride it - been sitting in the shed for 2 years. I prefer road bikes)



U350 ONO
Gawler West
51. 5 Dec 2023
Home And Garden Help, Driving Elderly To And From, Dog Walking

I can assist in cleaning, garden maintenance, setting up veg patches, travel support, dog walking

U35-40/hr depending on equipment
Salisbury East
52. 5 Dec 2023
Fitness Classes And Personal Training

I have experience in regular and over 50 fitness training, I can come to you with equipment as a mobile trainer

Salisbury East
53. 5 Dec 2023
General Labor Eg Fruit Picking, Assist Tradies

Provide an extra pair of hands and assist in safe practices

Salisbury East
54. 2 Dec 2023
Galaxy A8 Protective Cover

Galaxy A8 Protective Standing Cover (Samsung).  As new, still in original packaging & never opened.  Black.

Safeguard your compatible tablet from the rigours of daily use while also making it easy to position at optimum viewing angles with the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 Protective Stand Cover.

Key Features
  • Multi-layered inner shell and rugged outer slipcover provides optimum protection from minor drops and bumps
  • Free stop hinge allows for quickly finding the ideal angle when watching a movie or making video calls
  • Hinge features a magnet attachment, which snaps shut when not in use
  • Designed for the Galaxy Tab A8.

Apparently,  it's $59 at Hardly Normal.   Seeking 8U and $7.

North Adelaide
55. 30 Nov 2023

I have many Aloe Vera plants, I will pot them up ready to go

Unit cost will vary with the size of the plant 2 units for a small plant and 4 units for a larger plant

2 or 4
New Town, Kadina
56. 1 Nov 2023

Six hardwood rails 50 X 70mm - no nails, open to offers

57. 1 Nov 2023
M/cycle Helmet

Size S 54 -57cm good condition

58. 1 Nov 2023
Plumbing Fittings

Taps, galv and copper pipe - open to offers

59. 31 Oct 2023
Hand made soaps, with or without fragrance

A packaged and optionally fragranced product available either as a single block for 5u/$ or minis in packs

Salisbury Downs
60. 29 Oct 2023
Dish Scrubbies

Knitlon Crocheted product for washing dishes

61. 29 Oct 2023
Hair Scrunchies

Cotton/elastic hair bands

62. 29 Oct 2023
Picture Frames

Budget and custom

63. 29 Oct 2023
Denture tablets


2 units
Flinders Park
64. 27 Oct 2023
Beeswax food wraps

Bought from a LETS member when visiting Tasmania.  3 sizes, unused

Windsor Gardens
65. 27 Oct 2023
Plant cuttings - various

I have many plants that I can offer cuttings from, mincluding jelly beans, donkey's tail, epiphylums, tradescantia, succulents, baby's tears, balsam, begonias, monstera.  

Depending on what you want
66. 21 Oct 2023

Indoor plants

Andrews Farm
67. 21 Oct 2023

New jewellery

Andrews Farm
68. 21 Oct 2023

Various seed

Andrews Farm
69. 20 Oct 2023


70. 20 Oct 2023
Retro Exercise Bike

1980s retro exercise bike, white with purple. Heavy.

71. 20 Oct 2023
Garden Cooking


72. 20 Oct 2023


73. 12 Oct 2023
Wax/soy Melts With Fragrance for burners

A packaged and fragranced product available either as a single block for 4u/$, or 3 for 10u/$

Salisbury Downs
74. 27 Sep 2023

Strawberry plants - lots available. Please phone 0491 624 158 for more information. Thanks.

Hillier (near Gawler)
75. 17 Sep 2023
Hair Cut

Hair cut

St Agnes
76. 16 Sep 2023
Food Grade Storage Barrels

Food Grade Storage Barrels  great for long term storage water and air tight. clean inside and ready for use.

light weight steel/ aluminuim with ring lock lid

approx 200L  

Dimensions 100cm x 50 cm 

can fit in most cars

Trade Value $20

  • Cash/ LETS
  • trade 
  • LETS units 


Collection is from Gawler or delivery by arrangement (extra cost apply )

Oils , seeds ,health products, orgainic food
77. 15 Sep 2023
Four Oaks Market - Last Sat Of The Month 10am to 2pm

Offering sites for stall holders - first market sat 28 oct , 10am -2pm Supporting radio,print and social media advertising campaign - powered sites by neg.  Live local musians will be playing ,pony rides for  the kids ,kids zoo -peacocks ,an emu called Eddy,wallabies,goats,sheep -you get the  idea . unlimited parking with easy access to areana,the barn in the backgroud is a cafe with all amenities. feel free to phone me for more info Graham 0415 438 336 site address : four Oaks farm - 23 Downing rd - Littlehampton S A

U10 /site fee
78. 11 Sep 2023
Rosemary Plants

Recent cuttings of rosemary plants that have rooted

North Adelaide
79. 11 Sep 2023
Mini Cabbage Seedlings

6 mini cabbage seedlings

North Adelaide
80. 11 Sep 2023
Enamel Please Shut The Gate Sign

Enamel Sign that has been removed from a fence says ‘please shut the gate’

North Adelaide
81. 10 Sep 2023
Party And Event Hire

Full hire service within the party industry. Every thing from chairs, tables to marquees and music. Weddings parties and more - delivery service available. negotiable per hire

82. 26 Jul 2023

My approach is informed by a Transpersonal perspective, using a number of modalities, including hypnotherapy. For more info refer to my website:

U80 / hour
83. 24 Jul 2023

In season floral bunches

84. 24 Jul 2023
Home Made Produce

Various foods made GF sugar free etc

85. 24 Jul 2023

In season floral bunches

86. 24 Jul 2023
Home Made Produce

Various foods made GF sugar free etc

87. 24 Jul 2023

Clivia, agapanthus

88. 24 Jul 2023
Computer Repairs

Repairs and service to computers

140 per hour
89. 19 Jul 2023

Crochet top tea-towels, 8 units for doubles, 6 units for singles and 4 units for small ones. Phone or send a message for colours and patterns. 0491 624 158. Thanks.

Hillier (near Gawler)
90. 14 Jun 2023

VS Hairdryer Pro Dry 2300 (hardly used). Can take to the market and try it out. 

Hillier (near Gawler)
91. 10 Jun 2023
Bathroom Tiles Offcuts

Wall and floor tiles offcuts. Mostly 600mm X 220-280mm. See photos for colour. Two kinds of finish: gloss for wall and silk for floor. Suit splash back or small area. Also some small offcuts which may be used for art/craft. Contractor would take them to the landfill otherwise.

Useful for small renovation jobs
92. 1 Jun 2023

Various books on gardening, health, etc.

Let me know if you need more details about any of the titles shown

3 each
Windsor Gardens
93. 16 May 2023

2 litre EasiYo yoghurt maker. Hardly used. Simple to use.

94. 30 Apr 2023
Spray bottles

empty used spray bottles (held cleaning fluid. rinsed)

Spray bottles
95. 30 Apr 2023
Embroidery cotton

Hillier (near Gawler)
96. 12 Apr 2023
Saved Seeds - veggies flowers and herbs

Hi everyone,

I have a selection of seeds saved from my garden made up into small packets to share.

Currently have:

Flat leaf parsley

Red russian kale

Sunflower mix

Silverbeet -fordhook giant


Mixed lettuce

Holly hocks mixed colour

Calendula /Pot marigold -orange and yellow

Mixed lettuce

Broad Beans

Golden Nugget Pumpkin

1/2 a unit per packet, or 3 packets for 1 unit

Packets have about 1 tsp of small seeds (eg., parsley or flowers), and about 5-6 larger seeds (eg., broad beans or pumpkin)

Pick up at my home in Ridgehaven or One Planet Market

0419 937 894

or message me on facebook - Jessica Dianne

Happy Trading :) 

97. 12 Apr 2023
Mulled wine spice packs

I have created these small packs of spices for making mulled wine (or juice).

Simply throw the contents in a pot with a bottle of nice red wine, orange or apple juice and a glug of brandy (or liqueur of choice) and warm slowly on low. This works well in a slow cooker! When ready to serve add a stick of cinnamon or a dried citrus slice. A lovely indulgence on cool winter evenings.

I can supply a larger packet if you want to make a big batch. I'm also happy to pack in a paper bag if you are cutting out plastic.

I can bring to One Planet Market or collect from Salisbury North.

Please contact if interested.

Salisbury North
98. 1 Apr 2023
Digger's Club seeds

I have an assortment of Diggers seeds that I'm happy to share. 

Holden Hill
99. 23 Mar 2023
Artemis tea light holder - pink with gold tassels

Artemis tea light holder - pink with gold tassels.

6 items for sale 2 units + $2 each

Pick up from Murray Bridge. Or Mount Barker by negotiation on days I'm working. Please email on initial contact. 

2 units + $2 cash
100. 6 Mar 2023
Various potted suculent plants

Hello, I have various potted succulents to trade, 1-3 units each

Pick up at my home in Ridgehaven, or One Planet Market

0419 937 894

Or please message me on the LETS facebook group (Jessica Dianne)

Happy Trading!


1-3 units
101. 26 Feb 2023
Vayeah Scented Soy Candle

Two Vayeah scented (lemon, orange, vanilla) soy candles. Still in box. 40 hr burn time. 10u each.

102. 11 Feb 2023
10-Packs of new squeeze bottles for sauces etc 12oz/341ml

New lidded squeeze 341mls or 12 fl oz condiments bottles with removable top, still in bulk packaging (10 bottles/dispenser lids per pack). Semi opaque.

Unused, most still in closed hygienic packaging, food grade. Bought for experimenting with home made sugar-free syrups and sauces; we now have plenty. You could use them for food products, or for supplies like paint, or whatever you like really.

Photo doesn't show much but I am happy to send more photos if you're interested.

For your information, they cost approx $3 per bottle to buy from supplier new; trades negotiable, units or other. You can buy one, a few or lots.

Please make an offer.  Contact me by email or TEXT 0428 263 795 - please do not send a message through CES as we seem to miss a lot of messages.

103. 11 Feb 2023

Bunches for cooking or propagation

104. 8 Feb 2023
Assorted protein powders - please read carefully

Bought by family, not able to use because of some of the ingredients changing. Aussie Bodies, and other brands.

Some of these have been opened and some of the contents used. Some of them are unopened.  There are a couple of other flavours, a couple of duplicates, and some that are a different brand.  A shopping bag of conntainers in total.

Past their best before date, but stored in clean dry area.

If you think you can make use of these, I am open to negotiation once you've seen what's there.

105. 26 Jan 2023
Lots of Lovely Kumquats

Kumquats starting to ripen on the tree. Great for jams, peel added to salads, juice as dressings, seasoning in stir fry, preserved or dried for use in hot drinks. 

5 / small mushroom bag
106. 13 Jan 2023
100% cotton face scrubbies

Handmade 100% cotton face scrubbies. Soft and luxurious, great for makeup removal or grubby kids faces. Each scrubbie is approx. 8cm diameter and fully machine washable.

5 units each, a set of three for 12 units, or 10 in a jar for 40 units.

Assorted colours - purple, magenta, black, dark grey, light grey, aubergine, off white. Mix and match. Other colours by request.

I can bring to One Planet Market or collect from Salisbury North.

Please email

Salisbury North
107. 10 Jan 2023
Cottage garden plant cuttings

We have a rather rambling cottage style permaculture garden including various bird and butterfly attracting species - salvias, buddleia, etc. All easy to propagate and hardy. So anyone is welcome to arrange a time to come over and have a browse and take cuttings. I don't cope with the heat so it needs to be during mild weather please.

Contact me on 0435128820 or

Contact me
Windsor Gardens
108. 1 Jan 2023
Worm Juice


2L Full Plastic Containers - SHAKE & (dilute 1/4), and 250ml per Standard Watering Can - for best results. You will be well rewarded : providing you have a soil with a fairly neutral PH, you can expect your VegeGarden to double its productivity! 


you will still need to Water your Vege Gardens, but as a bonus, you should eventually need less water because as your garden grows, you will be weeding and transplanting such that as your garden grows some plants will grow and become your canopy : this way you will be in a better position to encourage your younger plants to come on especially in the warmer weather.

              FREE DELIVERY ON 4 X2L BOTTLES OF WORM JUICE                     ( Within a 25km Radius of One Planet Market Payneham )

                  Free Non Obligation Recommendation or/& Quote

If you would like some in-house lessons on all of this or if you would like your of any or disgarded compost bins converted to ActiveWorm compostors, dont hesitate to contact me and have me come to you with free Advise or a Free Quote!

109. 30 Nov 2022
Springfields Juniper Oil 11ml

Juniper is a detoxifying essential oil with a sharp and therapeutic aroma. Used in a carrier oil it is useful for muscle aches and skin irritations.


Juniperus communis (berries) (Juniper essential oil)

Call or SMS Jodie 0403583430 to arrange collection (no emails thanks).

Pick-up only from Gawler, postage option is not available.

25 units
110. 20 Nov 2022
Cutlery pouch

Handmade cutlery pouch with utensils for keeping in your handbag or car. Don't use the plastic ones from the takeaway shop! Made from sturdy machine washable fabric. Check print - asst colours, please ask.

20U with utensils.

I can bring to One Planet Market or pick up from Salisbury North. Will post for an extra 2 units.

Please email me at if interested

Salisbury North
111. 7 Nov 2022
DoTerra Pure Essential Oils

Various high-quality pure essential oils (single oils and oil blends). If you can't see your preferred oil you listed, please get in touch and I can advise on unit/cash exchange rate.

Contact: Jodie 0403583430

Pick-up from Gawler

Single Oils:

Bergamot Mint 15ml - 17units+$17cash,

Cedarwood 15ml - 15units+$15cash,

Clary Sage 15ml - 40units+$40cash,

Clove 15ml - 15units+$15cash,

Copaiba 15ml - 36units+$36cash,

Frankincense 15ml - 64units+$64cash,

Grapefruit 15ml - 16units+$16cash,

Lavender 15ml - 21units+$21cash,

Lemon 15ml - 11units+$11cash,

Lemongrass 15ml - 10units+$10cash,

Lime 15ml - 12units+$12cash,

Oregano 15ml - 23units+$23cash,

Peppermint 15ml - 20units+$20cash,

Rosemary 15ml - 16units+$16cash,

Tangerine 15ml - 16units+$16cash,

Tea Tree 15ml - 19units+$19cash,

Wild Orange 15ml - 10units+$10cash,

Oil Blends:

Aromatouch 15ml - 24units+$24cash,

Balance 15ml - 20units+$20cash,

Citrus Bliss 15ml - 20units+$20cash,

ClaryCalm Roll-on 10ml - 26units+$26cash,

Easy Air 15ml - 20units+$20cash,

Ice Blue 5ml - 30units+$30cash,

Lavender Peace 15ml - 28units+$28cash,

On Guard 15ml - 31units+$31cash,

Smart & Sassy 15ml - 22units+$22cash

50/50 units/cash - varies per product. Check listing for details
112. 2 Nov 2022
Infrared Sauna

Benefits you may experience in our Full-Spectrum Infrared Sauna include:

  • Supports weight loss (burn up to 600 calories in one visit!)
  • Increased metabolism
  • Soothes sore muscles
  • Supports Immune Function
  • Detoxification and purification
  • Improves appearance of cellulite
  • Eases joint pain and stiffness
  • Stress and fatigue reduction
  • Improved skin tone and elasticity
  • Improves general function of organs and body systems
  • Chromotherapy (colour light therapy)

Appointments are: 30min, 45min and 60min (50/50 units/cash)

30mins 20 units & $20 cash

45mins 25 units & $25 cash

60mins 30 units & $30 cash

All enquiries and bookings, contact: Jodie (08) 7228 7077

30mins 20units+$20cash, 45mins 25units+25cash, 60mins 30units+$30cash
113. 29 Oct 2022
Large stock pot very good condition

Flinders Park
114. 19 Oct 2022
Egg cartons

I have a stack of egg cartons I'd love to give away rather than bin. Pickup Mile End

Pickup Mile End
Mile End
115. 4 Oct 2022
Knitted items made to order

I can knit most things, work best from a pattern, prefer simple designs (They are usually quicker!) 

Units charged will usually depend on the estimated value of the producct rather than hours worked. $s charged also only if I have to supply materials, but better you supply material that you like. 

Do you have some yarn that you would like made up into something useful? 

116. 5 Sep 2022
Childrens Balance Board handmade in Hahndorf


My husband hand makes and crafts Balance Boards in our family garage here in Hahndorf. Very popular for children's balance, calming, right and left brain development etc.

We have some in stock but at the moment are offering one child's balance board to suit up to 5 year old. Half units have cash 60/60.

Please contact via

117. 31 Aug 2022
Toilet bombs

I make fizzing toilet bombs. Just pop one in the toilet bowl and let it fizz. Once dissolved, give the bowl a quick scrub and flush. Great for a refresh in between heavy duty scrubs, or pop one in before guests arrive to leave the smallest room smelling fresh. I usually make them with eucalyptus essential oil, but I can do other fragrances on request.

1 jar of 15 bombs for 10U.

I can bring to One Planet Market or collect from Salisbury North. Please email me at to order.

Salisbury North
118. 28 Aug 2022

I currently have:

  • strawberry runners
  • mondo grass
  • dianella
  • citronella or rosemary cuttings (strike readily)

I can bring to One Planet Market or collect from Salisbury North.

Please email me at if interested

Salisbury North
119. 23 Aug 2022
Personal Cutlery Kits

Handmade cutlery roll with utensils for keeping in your handbag or car. Don't use the plastic ones from the takeaway shop! Made from sturdy machine washable fabric. Jungle print but I have other fabrics.

20U empty or 25U with utensils.

I can bring to One Planet Market or pick up from Salisbury North. Will post for an extra 2 units.

Please email me at if interested

Salisbury North
120. 23 Aug 2022
Proof Reading

I can proof read manuscripts, documents, school assignments etc for spelling, grammatical, or continuity errors and offer corrections and/or suggestions. Email your file to for a quote.

Salisbury North
121. 7 Aug 2022
Steam cleaner for hard surfaces, bathrooms etc

This is a little steam cleaning machine that you plug in and carry around with the shoulder strap - the idea is to disinfect floors, tiles and bathroom surfaces etc with it,  very clean without added products.  I think it's got a couple of different head attachments, the shoulder strap and so on.  I've lost the original box and manual, so it's packed all together in a random box.

Comes as-is; I'm not going to test it again.  I did use it some years back (wasn't really what we needed for a particular job), and it's been packed away in a box in shed since then.

If someone wants to offer units or trade some food products / something I can use in the garden, that would be great.

Please contact me directly - or TEXT 0428 263 795.  Pick up in Campbelltown.

122. 1 Jul 2022
Books (garden and home tips etc)

I need to part with some of my books mostly on gardening and home tips, etc. Organic gardening, household and kitchen tips, extraordinary uses for ordinary things, etc. etc.

Come and have a browse at my home Windsor Gardens and make an offer. or 0435128820 to arrange a convenient time

Make an offer
Windsor Gardens
123. 26 Jun 2022
Crochet top tea towels

Crochet top tea towels in a variety of designs 10 units each or 4 units each if you provide the tea towel (5 units each for small ones in plain colors). I buy the teatowels from Best and Less.

10 units each
Hillier (near Gawler)
124. 6 Mar 2022
Shoulder pulley


125. 31 Jan 2022
Salvia blue

This is a fairly tall blue salvia. It spreads in the garden with underground rhizomes. If anyone would like a rooted plant please contact me to make arrangements. I will only pull it up when you arrive to collect it. Note that it does spread, so its best to keep it in a pot if you dont want it to spread in your garden. Very hardy and attracts bees and butterflies.

Please contact me directly at or 0435128820 Windsor Gardens

Windsor Gardens
126. 9 Jan 2022
Graphic Design Software

Using Windows 95? Coreldraw Graphics Suite is a top design, drawing and photo editing software suite for Windows, used by professionals. Version 7 special edition. Includes CorelDraw 7, Corel PhotoPaint plus OCR and Scanning utilities, clipart images and TrueType fonts.

Legal copy. On CD. Includes manual.

Not compatible with Windows 10.

127. 7 Dec 2021
Home Made Deoderant

Creme deoderant.

No wax, No aluminium, No palm oil.

Ingredients: Organic coconut oil; Bi-carb ; Arrowroot/Tapioca Flour; Shea Butter; Essential Oil.

Large = 7 units. Should last 2-3 months with daily use. Use a pea size under armpit. Includes an applicator.

Available in scents: Lemon & Lavender 

Can post to you - $10 including postage 

Gawler West
128. 14 Nov 2021
Jam, Marmalade, Sauce, and Chutney

Hi everyone,

An update on my current stock as of 30/6/24


Peach Jam (low sugar)

Balsamic Fig & Apple Chutney

Spiced Pear & Apple Jam

Quince & Apple Jam

Citrus Marmalade (Grapefruit, Lemon, Lime, Orange)

Plum Paste

Quince Paste


Prices vary depending on size

PIck up at my home in Ridgehaven or One Planet Market

0419 937 894

Or please message me on the LETS facebook group (Jessica Dianne)

Happy Trading!

2-7 depending on size
129. 5 Nov 2021
Lamp shade

Dusky pink lampshade made of thick glass with lovely patterning on it. In excellent condition. 12.5 cm diameter at flared base. I'm unsure if it is antique or reproduction. Possibly antique as it was hanging on a very old chain in the old house I moved into.

130. 15 Oct 2021
Cocktail accessories

Get ready for Mothers Day celebrations with the latest amazing addition to gin, wine and cocktails.

Slivers of assorted dried fruit and juniper berries to add a face-lift and zing to your drinks. Great for parties! and get-togethers.  Kids love them in a bowl of punch!! Phone orders welcome.

From 6U
131. 15 Oct 2021
Preserves and new offerings

Still adding to my collection of preserves; focusing on introducing indigenous and seasonal foods: when available. eg  quondong & apple jam, Cape gooseberry with Lemon Myrtle jam, Cape gooseberry & mango jam, Cape gooseberry & passionfruit jam, Lilly pilly jam, plum jam, kumquat ad orange marmalade, loquate chutney, pepino chutney, lemon & orange curds, passionfruit curd, pickled veggies, dried herb, olives and more.

Currently offering lovely fruit jams and preserves fresh from this seasons bounty-- figs, fejoas, marmalades, plums, kumquats, decadent pomegranate syrup!!


132. 22 Aug 2021
Dichondra Ground Cover (lawn alternative)

Hi all,

I have a lovely yard full of Dichondra Repens (also known as Tom Thumb Lawn), it's a ground cover and works well as a lawn replacement.

I have plenty to share if anyone is interested, I can dig out a big handful (or a few handfuls) with roots for you to plant in your garden.

I am located in Ridgehaven, or can bring to the One Planet Market for you.

I planted mine from a bunch of seedlings, it took about 6 months to fill in, and that was about 2 years ago and I have never had to mow it. I have trimmed the edges once or twice to keep things looking neat.

Some more information on this plant:

Feel free to contact me with any queries
0419 937 894

Or message me on the LETS Facebook group (Jessica Dianne)

Happy trading :)

2 each large handful
133. 30 Apr 2021
Large 4.5m*3m gazebo / shade tent for borrowing

I have a large Oztrail gazebo / shade tent 4.5m * 3m. I am willing to offer it for borrowing by careful people for house parties, camping weekends etc. It makes good cover for a campsite - tested to great satisfaction on a camping trip.

It is large and heavy - when all packed together it's about 30kg. It fits in my station wagon by putting one of the back seats down. If you do not have a vehicle that will fit it, I may be willing to deliver and help set up for an extra contribution; otherwise there may be other people in LETS who can help with delivery and assembly. Takes about 4 people to set up easily, but I have dismantled and packed it by myself (nor recommended but possible).

It comes with pegs to go into the ground. They are removed with a claw hammer. If you want to use it on the beach or where there's no solid ground, you would need to get water weights or similar (not supplied). You could also use it inside, eg at an indoor market or display stall in a hall or gym.

No side panels supplied - frame and cover only, as shown in picture.

It is in excellent condition (protective bag is rather battered), and if it is damaged, I ask that it is repaired to full working standard or proprietary parts replaced as necessary.

40U for weekend or equivalent - negotiable
134. 19 Jan 2021
Information on viral hepatitis treatment & management

Hepatitis SA is funded by SA Health to provide information, support and education on viral hepatitis, to all South Australians. We focus particularly on hepatitis B and hepatitis C.

We have educators and peer support workers provide credible, up to date information on

- hepatitis C testing and cure

- hepatitis B prevention and management

- general information on liver health.

Free, CONFIDENTIAL telephone information and support on 1800 437 222 or face to face (by appointment).

Free, CONFIDENTIAL online chat on Just click on the Chat button at the bottom of the page.

135. 29 Dec 2020
Henley Beach photo, 1900's.

A nice, clear photo of Henley Beach foreshore, circa 1900's. Neatly mounted in green board; photo approx 275 mm wide x 165 mm high, frame approx 377 mm H x 333 mm W.   15U, neg.

North Adelaide
136. 29 Dec 2020
Pleated black lampshade. Never used.

Utterly magnificent pleated black lampshade, still in original protective wrapping. Includes black electrical wire for connecting to light fitting. Conical shape: approx 485 mm at base, 150 mm opening at top, 260 mm high. Bought for a previous house, but never got around to using it.

15U. Neg.
North Adelaide
137. 25 Jun 2020
West Beach unit

Large 1 bedroom unit but sleeps 4 with living room and sunroom. Beach view and access

Henley Beach
138. 25 Jun 2020
Old wooden jumpers and blankets

Old wooden jumpers and blankets for craft projects

2-20 dep on size
Henley Beach
139. 13 Jun 2020
Sewing Kits

I'm making small sewing kits to offer. They can be ready made or made to order.

5 units each
Hillier (near Gawler)
140. 5 Feb 2020
Womens' shoes

Vegan Shoes "Verity Brogue" Eco Meko shoes from Vegan Wares. Made from microfibre, not leather. Size is US ladies 8 / UK 6. As new. Purchased online and too small. Can send more photos. Retails for $165.00 see

141. 30 May 2019
Who Gives A Crap Toilet Paper

Individually paper-wrapped rolls made from recycled paper.

Single roll 2 units

3 rolls 5 units

6 rolls 10 units

Available at markets and catch ups or by arrangement,

142. 31 Dec 2018
Bedrooms own bathroom

East Maitland not far from Newcastle and the Hunter Valley. spare room with queen bed, also have a single bed. Own bathroom.  Victoria Street train station a short walk. Short term guests thanks

50 first night then 40
East Maitland
143. 28 Feb 2018
Advice For Homeschooling

I have worked as a governess, teacher's aide, personal tutor, taught literacy and computing to adults and I homeschooled my own children for a number of years. If you would like some help and advice on choosing whether to homeschool or not, what method or style of homeschooling to use and how to get started I can help. Also if you have any general questions or troubles with home schooling please get in touch. We can meet via Skype/Zoom/FB etc for a chat.

20 units per hour
144. 24 Jan 2018
Doodle Stitching

Soft cover book Doodle Stitching, Fresh & Fun Embroidery for Beginners. Allows you to transfer your own designs into lasting works of art on material surfaces.

145. 22 Jan 2018
Free information and support on viral hepatitis

Hepatitis SA is a not-for-profit community-based organisation which provides accurate, up-to-date information on hepatitis B and hepatitis C. We are funded through SA Health and occasional grants. All our services are FREE. We provide:

- print information (online order form:; no P&H charges

- FREE CONFIDENTIAL support over the telephone (1800 437 222) or face to face (booking required. 

- Free, CONFIDENTIAL, online chat (

- updates on social media (Twitter - @hep_sa; FB - HepatitisSA)

- free information talks/presentations

- workforce training and education on viral hepatitis.

More information: or 1800 437 222

146. 29 May 2016
Drop off point

  • To facilitate trades between members who may find it difficult to meet up for the buying and selling of goods, we can offer our address at 21 McLauchlan Road, Windsor Gardens as a drop off point for delivery and collection.
  • This is a FREE service, but we do ask that you adhere to some simple rules -
  • Goods for delivery need to be labelled for the intended recipient. This is essential as there has recently been some confusion.
  • Goods need to be collected from our place within 1 week or before, please. We have limited space to store goods.
  • Its essential that both parties are aware of the arrangement. We will not be chasing people to collect their goods. If goods remain uncollected after 2 weeks or you have not been in touch to make another arrangement, we will assume you no longer want the goods and they will be disposed of.
  • Because of the problems with CES messages not always getting through please respond directly to me via text 0435128820 or email

Windsor Gardens
147. 29 May 2016
Trading tips

  • OK, so you've registered to trade or perhaps you registered some time ago but haviing a bit of trouble in getting started. If your initial offers didn't attract buyers, there's always other things to try.
  • I'm happy for you to come to our home at Windsor Gardens and spend about an hour with you. I'll show you on my laptop (or yours) how to access your online account, how to process a trade, how to look up everyone else's offers and wants (both here and interstate), give you some trading tips, etc. etc.
  • Once you get going you'll see how easy it is, so get in touch and you'll soon be trading.
  • This is a FREE service.

Because of the problems with CES messages not always getting through please respond directly to me via text 0435128820 or email

Windsor Gardens
148. 29 May 2016
Hessian sacks

We can sometimes get hessian sacks (used for coffee beans). I use them in my worm farm and also when germinating some seedlings like carrot which like to be kept moist. I saw some being offered for sale as potato sacks - sprouted potato/s in the bottom and keep hilling them up as they grow, then empty the bag to harvest. You may have other uses. Sometimes they have a nice design so you could perhaps use them in craft projects.

Because of the problems with CES messages not always getting through please respond directly to me via text 0435128820 or email

Windsor Gardens
149. 29 May 2016
Curry leaves

To help create an authentic Indian flavour to your curries you need to add some curry leaves.

Because of the problems with CES messages not always getting through please respond directly to me via text 0435128820 or email

2u per bunch
Windsor Gardens
150. 26 May 2016
Paper Shredder for hire

Do you need a shredder occasionally to shred confidential papers? I have one collecting dust in between uses. In the interests in reducing the use of the earth's resources I am happy to lend it out for other people to use.

151. 26 May 2016
Worms and Worm juice

Worms for your Worm farm and Worm juice, available from my home in Felixstow or at One Planet Market. Worm juice is an excellent fertiliser and soil tonic. PLenty of Worms available for new farms.

5 units per 2 litre bottle of worm wee
152. 25 May 2016
Blank greeting cards

Hand-made cards made from original photographs. Available from Payneham One Planet Market or directly from me. Can be posted or a drop-off point arranged.

4U each 

3U each or 20U for pack of 7
Windsor Gardens
153. 25 May 2016
All-purpose household cleaner

Miracle all-purpose cleaner with eucalyptus.

Can be use direct from bottle or diluted 50:50 and used as a spray.

Price from 4U depending on size

1.5U per 100g
Windsor Gardens
154. 25 May 2016
Laundry liquid

Laundry liquid. Contains pure soap, washing soda, borax and water (can be made without borax if you wish to use water on garden).

1 litre 3U

2 litre 6U

3 litre 9U

Containers not filled to top, to allow shaking or stirring.

Depends on size
Windsor Gardens
155. 25 May 2016
Hand-made bread

Hand-made bread - Multigrain, wholemeal, German grain and fruit bread

1/2 loaf 5U

Whole loaf 9U

Can be frozen.

Bread rolls also available for 1.5U each


5 - 9U depending on size
Windsor Gardens
156. 25 May 2016
Family History Research-Contact To Put Name On Waiting List

I will create a six generation family pedigree tree for 150 units and $30. This is created online using, you also receive a .gedcom digital file of your family tree, all purchased certificates and all stories, pictures and documents gathered during the research. Depending on the difficulty of the research this can take two months or more.

If you would like transcripts or original copies of birth, death or marriage certificates these are to be paid for in cash prior to ordering.

I have a range of resources to assist me in research - CDs, books, subscriptions to and, Scotlands People and more.

My website is

If you are interested in having a family tree constructed for you please contact me ASAP so that I can put your name on my waiting list.

150 units plus $30
157. 25 May 2016
Photo Restoration

I can scan photos and create a restored digital image. You can either email digital photos or scans or bring photos to the One Planet Market for me to scan and restore. I will give you a disk with your restored photo or email it to you. This is a very labour intensive process so the units charged will be per hour.

20 units per hour
158. 18 May 2016
Mini cactus gardens and indoor/outdoor pot plants

Don't buy yourmum those commercial PLASTIC mini planters!!

I have a selection of mini cactus/plant gardens in stylish pots. Makes a great gift!! Contact me re selection.

Can wrap and deliver locally in area.

From 8U-20U
159. 26 Apr 2016
Violin or viola lessons

Children or adults. I am a skilled violinist - achieved AMusA level, and have been teaching for more than 8 years.

I teach in my quiet, comfortable home studio.

Lessons can be 30, 45 or 60 minutes.

U16 +$16/30mins
160. 17 Apr 2016
Printing Colour/BW

We offer printing in colour or BW. Folding A4 into DL (3 panel brochures). Also fold and staple A5 booklets.

Colour printing: 1U/page

BW printing: 1U/3 pages. Min cost 1U

Folding into DL: 1U/5 sheets/brochures Min cost 1U

A5 booklets: depends on configuration. Pl contact to discuss cost.

Trim 3-up A4 flyers into DL 1u/3 sheets (9 DLs) Min 1u.

See details
161. 17 Apr 2016
Hanging files

hanging files for filing cabinets.

10 for 2 units
162. 9 Apr 2016
Business cards

Design and print business cards to suit you. Units only. No cash. 25 units for 50 cards. 35u for 100.

25 u per 50 cards
163. 13 Feb 2016
Fruit at markets

Available when I have a surpus, will vary according to the kind of season we have.