Adelaide Local Exchange Trading System (SA)
# Date Offering Rate Area
1. 16 Oct 2021
Pond plants

I've just weeded our 'lake', a converted swimming pool and have masses of weed to offer. Includes:

Fine reeds
Azolla (floating)
Absolutely masses of water celery
Take as much as you like for U5, bring bags and buckets to take it away :)

Happy Valley
2. 16 Oct 2021
Babysitting Services


3. 15 Oct 2021
Cocktail accessories

The latest addition to gin and cocktails. Assorted dried fruit to add zing to your drinks.  Great for parties!

4. 15 Oct 2021
New offerings

Have been busily adding to my collection of preserves; focusing on  introducing indigenous foods: Quondong & apple jam, Cape gooseberry with Lemon Myrtle jam, Cape gooseberry & mango jam, Cape gooseberry & passionfruit jam, Lilly pilly jam.  From 5U. More to come!

5. 13 Oct 2021
Drop off point Adelaide Hills

I am happy to be a drop off point for people living in the Adelaide Hills.

I am at Woodside

Ph 0422468487  Libby

6. 4 Oct 2021
Ceiling fans with built-in lights

Two ceiling fans with built-in my oyster lights. Both were working when removed. One remote missing but remaining remote works for both fans. See image for colour and design. No delivery. Please message if interested.

7. 1 Oct 2021
Hobby Farm Skills

Elly's Farm Produce (Geoff & Elly) is offering to swap hobby farm skills including fencing, sheep & cattle husbandry, vegie gardening skillls, small orchard skills and poultry management for help with weeding. We would prefer to swap with people who understand that hobby farming is delightful but very hard work. Please contact us for further details. 0437775442

Weeding Help
8. 27 Sep 2021
Classic UK Comedy DVD sets available

The Rise and Fall of Reginald Perrin

Yes (Prime) Minister

Billy Connolly

Auf Wiedersehen Pet

House of Cards trilogy

Each disc is going for u10, boxed sets priced by how many DVDs.

St Morris
9. 27 Sep 2021
Single bed in private home.

I have a single bedroom available in my home in suburban Adelaide.

I'm available to also collect or drop off visitors @ airport /train, or bus.@ negotiable units.

30u p/n
10. 27 Sep 2021
Strawberry Apple Jam

Hi all,

I have some new marmalade and jams to trade, this listing is for Strawberry Apple Jam, the ingredients are:

Strawberries, Pink Lady Apple, Lemon Juice, Raw Sugar.

Price is 1-5 units depending on size.

My recycled jars have been boiled/water bathed and should be good on the shelf for awhile before opening, then I recommend keeping in the fridge :)

Pick up at my home in Ridgehaven, or I'm at work on the corner of Flinders st/Gawler place on Tues and Wed usually if that suits you better.

Please contact me with any queries any time,

0419 937 894

or message me on the LETS Facebook group (Jessica Dianne)

Thanks and happy trading!

1-5 depending on size
11. 27 Sep 2021
Mandarin Marmalade

Hi all,

I have some new marmalade and jams to trade, this listing is for Mandarin Marmalade, the ingredients are:

Mandarin, Pectin, Raw Sugar.

Price is 1-5 units depending on size.

My recycled jars have been boiled/water bathed and should be good on the shelf for awhile before opening, then I recommend keeping in the fridge :)

Pick up at my home in Ridgehaven, or I'm at work on the corner of Flinders st/Gawler place on Tues and Wed usually if that suits you better.

Please contact me with any queries any time,

0419 937 894

or message me on the LETS Facebook group (Jessica Dianne)

Thanks and happy trading!

1-5 depending on size
12. 27 Sep 2021
Citrus Marmalade

Hi all,

I have some new marmalade and jams made up to trade, this listing is for Citrus Marmalade, the ingredients are:

Grapefruit, Lemon, Orange, Raw Sugar.

Price is 1-5 units depending on size.

My recycled jars have been boiled/water bathed and should be good on the shelf for awhile before opening, then I recommend keeping in the fridge :)

Pick up at my home in Ridgehaven, or I'm at work on the corner of Flinders st/Gawler place on Tues and Wed usually if that suits you better.

Please contact me with any queries any time,

0419 937 894

or message me on the LETS Facebook group (Jessica Dianne)

Thanks and happy trading!

1-5 depending on size
13. 27 Sep 2021
Egyptian onions

Come to Woodside to

 collect some Egyptian onions. 

Or call me on 0422468487 to arrange delivery

14. 26 Sep 2021
Feel Good Films on DVD: comedies with heart

I'm offering some wonderful feel good films. I'm travelling a lot, and don't have much room in my car. 10 units each, all in superb condition.

For details, visit:

St Morris
15. 21 Sep 2021
Patterned rug

photo available. 1.6 x 1.4 m

16. 18 Sep 2021
Seedings & Potted Plants

Spring Range of seedlings Available - including Euphoria and Tobacco Plant ..all very healthy!

Contact Me for Full Current List

2 - 4
17. 18 Sep 2021
Seedings & Potted Plants

Spring Range of seedlings Available - including Euphoria and Tobacco Plant ..all very healthy!

Contact Me for Full Current List 

2 - 4
18. 8 Sep 2021
Akashic Clearing

Identify an issue, clear emotions and Akashic record related.

Mt Barker
19. 8 Sep 2021
Art Therapy

Facilitate and guide you to express issue in art for you to identify what you need to do to heal / achieve goal.

Mt Barker
20. 8 Sep 2021
Art Lesson

Step by step process to achieving art piece. (Flat or sculptural)

Mt Barker
21. 3 Sep 2021
Permaculture Course

New member, Wendy Rushbrook from Stansbury, is offering her certificated Beginners Permaculture Course at her home in October. The cost for the 2 day course is 120 units plus $120. Accommodation can be arranged as it is held on the weekend commencing 9am Saturday October 16...ending 4pm Sunday 17

Directly to Wendy 0438829523

22. 3 Sep 2021
Wanted stall holders

The first combined repair cafe and LETS trading day, is being held in the Hut Community Centre in Aldgate on Sunday 12th September. Can you come with crafts, preserves, plants, flowers or anything at all to trade? The site is the restored railway station at 1 Euston Road Aldgate from 10 until 1. 30 minutes from the CBD.
There will be food and coffee for trade and sale.
Both units and cash will be accepted on the day.
ph 0422468487 for more information.

23. 2 Sep 2021
Garden labour, design, advice

Can help with all kinds of things in the garden including phsyical labouring, advice and support about what to put where, how to design your garden, maintenance for existing garden and establishing new gardens

Torrens Park
24. 2 Sep 2021
Blue iris, ready to plant

Blue iris corms can be delivered in the city.

sms 0414253521

1 per corm
25. 29 Aug 2021

Blue and white garden hose approx 15 meters

Flinders Park
26. 28 Aug 2021
Topsy Turvy Dolls

These dolls were originally produced in the Victorian era, and are two different dolls in one. Mine are

made of 8ply Wool and measure 17cm. You can select Cotton if you prefer to order specially. That goes for

colour preference as well. For example, I have made one in Adelaide Port and Crows colours; you can

select your School or Clubs colours or special soft baby wool and colours too. My granddaughters & nieces

all received theirs as an ‘at Birth’ gift. They all stand up unsupported on the double skirts.

27. 25 Aug 2021
Blue flag iris

Freshly dug up blue flag iris corms are ready for collection or delivery from Hindmarsh Island.

SMS 0422468487 

5 corms 10 units
28. 25 Aug 2021
Growing and Gleaning

I will pick your fruit trees in exchange for a share of the produce and/or value added goods. 

Last year, I picked a neighbour's peach tree with a yield of about 25kg of peaches. I left a kg of fresh fruit and, after processing the fruit, returned a jar of peach jelly to the owner.

You provide the crop, I provide the labour
29. 22 Aug 2021

30. 22 Aug 2021
Quince Paste

Hi all,

I have some home made quince paste, ingredients are Quinces, and Sugar.

Average weight is 70-80g per piece, and I have packed them into containers with 3 pieces in each.

Asking 5 units for each container (of 3 pieces)

Happy to separate if you wish to trade for a smaller amount.

Can be frozen, but lasts forever in the fridge - if you don't eat it all right away!

Pick up at my home in Ridgehaven, or I work in the city most Tues & Weds on the corner of Flinders St & Gawler place if that suits you.


Jess @ Ridgehaven

0419 937 894

Or message me on the LETS Facebook group (Jessica Dianne)

Happy trading!

5u per container of 3 pieces
31. 22 Aug 2021
Dichondra Ground Cover (lawn alternative)

Hi all,

I have a lovely yard full of Dichondra Repens (also known as Tom Thumb Lawn), it's a ground cover and works well as a lawn replacement.

I have plenty to share if anyone is interested, I can dig out a big handful (or a few handfuls) with roots for you to plant in your garden.

I am located in Ridgehaven, but also work in the city on Flinders St/Gawler place on tues/wed so can dig out on the day and meet you at either place.

I planted mine from a bunch of seedlings, it took about 6 months to fill in, and that was about 2 years ago and I have never had to mow it. I have trimmed the edges once or twice to keep things looking neat.

Some more information on this plant:

Feel free to contact me with any queries
0419 937 894

Or message me on the LETS Facebook group (Jessica Dianne)

Happy trading :)

2 each large handful
32. 22 Aug 2021
Blood Orange Marmalade

Hi all,

I have some new marmalade and jams to trade, this listing is for Blood Orange Marmalade, the ingredients are:

Blood Oranges, Pectin, Raw Sugar.

Price is 1-5 units depending on size.

My recycled jars have been boiled/water bathed and should be good on the shelf for awhile before opening, then I recommend keeping in the fridge :)

Pick up at my home in Ridgehaven, or I'm at work on the corner of Flinders st/Gawler place on Tues and Wed usually if that suits you better.

Please contact me with any queries any time,

0419 937 894

or message me on the LETS Facebook group (Jessica Dianne)

Thanks and happy trading!

1-5 depending on size
33. 18 Aug 2021
Magnetic Mind Coaching

Guiding you to create the life you would love and recoding and resistances you have to your choice, using the superconscious field. I am a certified coach in the magnetic mind processes.

34. 18 Aug 2021
Sound Healing

Using traditional Tibetan Singing bowls and gong. Help to balance and destress. Hands on healing can be incorporated upon request.

35. 16 Aug 2021
Guest Speaker

I present a talk on decluttering with information about why it is important and how to do it effectively.

36. 12 Aug 2021
2- 4 Hours Work a Week - Home or Property Minding Service

I can provide this Periodic Service for as little as one hour a week or as much as once 4 times a week ... This service is offered for Homes or Properties in areas 30km Nth East and to 20 km radius of the Blackwood Roundabout. There is a minimum of one hour visits by arrangements ... which might included security and checking livestock, mail, crop management, etc, etc., ..

Rate is 50/50 - viz., $12.50 + 12.50 Units per hour ..

25 / hour
Coromandel East
37. 5 Aug 2021

Orange or Lemon marmalade from my home grown fruit

Happy Valley
38. 1 Aug 2021
Hand knitted Teddy bears

Teddy bears hand knitted , approx. 30 cm in yarn and stuffing. Manny colours

6 units each
Flinders Park
39. 1 Aug 2021
Offering general assistance with tasks

Sometimes I have a morning free, or some time that I could help someone. If you have a household, craft or semi-skilled job for which you'd like a little assistance or company but wouldn't bother posting on the Wants page, please contact me and I might be able to help. Maybe household tasks, transport (small station wagon) or misc small jobs.

If I can't help with that particular need, I might be able to suggest someone with the skills or qualities you require.

Units for my time, unless there are costs involved such as fuel or other supplies. I'm around the North East area, don't mind travelling a bit but if it's the other end of town, we'd need to negotiate. I'm often planning a week or three in advance, but if you have a need, it's worth asking.

Please contact me: TEXT 00428 263 795 or email - please don't send through the CES system as I seem to miss messages.

40. 29 Jul 2021
Ladies Hand Bag

Animal Skin Print Ladies Hand Bag

Flinders Park
41. 29 Jul 2021
Ladies Hand Bag

Black & Cream checked Ladies Hand Bag

Flinders Park
42. 29 Jul 2021
Ladies Hand Bag

Black & Tan Ladies Hand Bag

Flinders Park
43. 29 Jul 2021
Ladies Hand Bag

Large Black Ladies Hand Bag.

Flinders Park
44. 29 Jul 2021
Ladies Hand Bag

Cream & Pink Ladies Hand Bag

Flinders Park
45. 29 Jul 2021
Ladies Hand Bag

Black & Tan Ladies Hand Bag.

Flinders Park
46. 29 Jul 2021
Ladies Hand Bag

Black & White Ladies Handbag

Flinders Park
47. 29 Jul 2021
Travel backpack

Travel backpack on wheels. Near new. Black with a little grey on it.

48. 28 Jul 2021
You worried about COVID? Learn the many ways to protect against it

Are you worried about the Corona virus? From the mainstream media, it seems the only thing you can do is get vaccinated.

And even then, there’s no guarantee you won’t catch the virus, nor that you cannot pass it onto others.

So what can you do? Is that it? Luckily, there are many things that improve your chances against Covid 19, and other viruses.

I'm a trained Life Coach, and I coach you on all the different options you have. Many are free, and most of the rest are affordable.

Why listen to me? I also have a Cert III in Fitness as well, so I know quite a bit about nutrition, rest, and other things.

I'm 55, and the healthiest person I know.

I also race up skyscrapers for fun, so I'm pretty fit as well.

My website is

Contact me now, and we can help you improve your chances, and let go of worry and fear.

p.s. I am not a medical doctor, so I will not be covering how to treat the virus. My focus is on strengthening natural resistance.

St Morris
49. 28 Jul 2021
Vegie and flower seedlings

I have a variety of seedlings ready to plant out - Pink daisies, Blue borage (attracts bees), Pepino (small oval fruit melon flavour), Orange marigold, Chinese cabbage Tokyo Bekana (eat raw or cooked, lettuce alternative), Society Garlic (stems and flowers edible), Curly Kale (very nutritious), Chinese mustard ruby and green (mildly pungent flavour), Native senna artemisiodes (attracts small grass yellow butterfly), native cullen austrolicium (attracts chequered swallowtail butterfly).

Collect from Windsor Gardens 0435 128 820

2-5 units
Windsor Gardens
50. 27 Jul 2021
Transport goods between Keswick and Murray Bridge

I drive from Keswick (immediately next to the CBD) to Murray Bridge, usually twice a week.

If Adelaide members are interested in trading with Murray Bridge members and vice versa I can transport goods from my home to work or the other way around.

Free time is tight for me so you would need to drop off/ pick up in Keswick or Sixth Street Murray Bridge.

Contact: 0403 545 830 or

51. 20 Jul 2021
Free Toilet Paper

If you haven't been able to buy toilet paper I have some to give away. Contact me I'm in the Golden Grove/ Greenwith area.

Contact me
52. 17 Jul 2021
Shelving Unit

Grey or beige book shelf unit

53. 17 Jul 2021
Cactus Plants


54. 17 Jul 2021
Vegetable And Flower Seeds

I have some saved seeds available:

Sunflowers - mixed variety (around 4 seeds)

Flat Leaf Parsely

Climbing Beans - Blue Pole

Sweet Basil

Thai Basil

Greek Basil

Mixed Basil (the 3 varieties above mixed into one packet)

Pak Choy

3 packets of your choice for 1 unit

Happy Trading!

3 for 1 unit
55. 17 Jul 2021
Home Computing Service & Advice

Trouble with internet or trying to figure out how to do something new with your computer? I would love to help.

I work in the software industry and am comfortable with all consumer electronics. I have helped local clients to set up and troubleshoot internet connections, set up printers and smart TVs. I can provided written instructions for various computing tasks - e.g. accessing email.

I live in Highgate and I'm happy to come to your place or provide guidance by phone or email.

56. 17 Jul 2021
Tennis social lessons

Personal coaching lessons available for individuals or groups, to help improve technique.

contact me on for me information. One and a half hour sessions.

57. 17 Jul 2021
Lavender Cuttings

Cuttings for striking. Contact

3 units
Blair Athol
58. 17 Jul 2021


59. 12 Jul 2021

I can teach you meditation and relaxation techniques I am a practitioner in Crystal Dreaming, Shamanic Healing, Reiki, Esoteric Healing, Energy and Chakra balancing

Windsor Gardens
60. 12 Jul 2021

Teach you how to manage your household budget and eliminate debts quickly.

Windsor Gardens
61. 9 Jul 2021
2- 4 Hours Work a Week wanted for Sowing Repairs or Projects

Flexible hours - (by the hour) - preferabally during the week ... repairing curtins, bedding, making cushion covers, and too, shopping bags, as well as repairs and alterations

62. 4 Jul 2021
4-Burner BBQ

Have an older style BBQ to give away. Needs new hotplates/grille and could do with a new lid. Maybe the timber frame needs a new coat of paint but will be OK. Haven't used it in a long time but at last use the burners worked well. No gas bottle.

Cheap restoration
Golden Grove
63. 4 Jul 2021
Garden Rocks

We have a trailer load of garden rocks to give away - free.

Prefer pick up from Golden Grove or we can deliver locally for a fee of $40.00

Golden Grove
64. 3 Jul 2021

Have plenty of lemons at the moment

6 for 2 units

10 for 3 units

2 units
Salisbury Heights
65. 2 Jul 2021
Organic Lemons

We have our own tree that provides an abundance of lemons that is a lot for our household and don't want them to go to waste.

West Beach
66. 1 Jul 2021
Home made dog treats

I am making my own dehydrated treats for dogs. Ingredients would be food-grade meats, vegetables etc. Might be dried liver/meat, biscuits, or something like fruit leather - I am experimenting with a bunch of different things and see what works.

I am making different kinds from time to time - if I know you are looking for something particular, I might experiment with different things.

Please contact me directly as it seems I am not getting messages through the CES system -TEXT 0428 263 795 or

67. 1 Jul 2021
Use stepladder and/or sack truck

I have an aluminium stepladder, and a solid sack truck. They are available for borrowing, generally for a couple of days or a week at a time. A few units for use and safe return.

Apply your own common sense to using these things safely. :)

Please contact me directly as it seems I am not getting messages through the CES system -TEXT 0428 263 795 or

68. 1 Jul 2021
Use Our Large Washing Machine - bedding etc

We have a 9.5kg washing machine, which is big enough to fit blankets, quilts, couch covers, horse rugs and so on. You drop it off and I can run loads through for you (on a day I'm home) to save you having to wait around. Items can either be stacked wet in your basket or clean bag for you to collect, hung on our line or put through our electric dryer (with additional contribution per load).

Units for this service please - negotiable per load. If there are multiple loads, a few dollars towards water will be appreciated.

Please contact me directly as it seems I am not getting messages through the CES system -TEXT 0428 263 795 or

69. 28 Jun 2021

used green shadecloth/sarlon. approx size 180 by 180cm

Flinders Park
70. 27 Jun 2021
Oranges and Lemons

Come and help yourself to mandarins, oranges, lemons

71. 21 Jun 2021
Lugols Iodine (5ml - 25ml)

Lugol's Iodine (also known as Aqueous Iodine and Strong Iodine Solution, is a solution of Potassium Iodide in water. It is a medication, disinfectant used for a number of purposes ...Taken by mouth it is used to treat thyrotoxicosis until surgery can be carried out. ... As a disinfectant it may be applied to small wounds such as needle stick injury ... (Beware that a scab will often form very quickly - so go easy!) .. a small amount may be used for emergency disinfectant in drinking water .. etc etc... and not recommended with for pregnant women.

Much more information is provided with each bottle sold. 

5 - 20
Coromandel East
72. 21 Jun 2021
Portable clothes hanger

Light can be dismantled

Salisbury Heights
73. 21 Jun 2021
Bed raisers

Need to lift one of your beds these wooden blocks are made for that precise reason Blocks fit into each other depending on the height you want

Salisbury Heights
74. 21 Jun 2021
Purple computer desk

On wheels  

Salisbury Heights
75. 20 Jun 2021
Native bush food seeds

Fresh yam daisy seeds and rosella hibiscus seeds

3 per packet
76. 17 Jun 2021

Handmade soap, 50% olive oil, 30% Coconut Oil, 20% Rice Bran oil. Essential oil, mica colourants.

77. 17 Jun 2021

Handmade soap, 50% olive oil, 30% Coconut Oil, 20% Rice Bran oil

78. 12 Jun 2021
Are You Struggling To Create The Life You've Always Dreamt Of?

If so, I can help. I'm a Life Coach with 20 years experience. We all have blind spots, and sometimes another point of view can help you find a breakthrough to achieve your most cherished visions. Contact me for a free chat to see how I can help.

St Morris
79. 8 Jun 2021
General Gardening & Irrigation Service

I Offer This Service can be weekly, - however if lawnMowing is involved you need to provide the lawnMower! My Service is offered to areas 30km Nth&East and 10km South of Blackwood RoundAbout

Minimum of two hour Sessions by arrangement 50/50 Rate viz., $12.50 + 12.50 Units per hour ..

25 / hour
Coromandel East
80. 1 Jun 2021
Dried lime verbena leaves

We have a beautiful, large lime verbena shrub. Leaves are perfect for tea or dried/powdered in cooking. We live in Stansbury but often come to Adelaide.


SMS 0438 829 523

81. 30 May 2021
Handspinning wool fleece

teaching beginners at my studio 2 hr session one on one

please contact by email

50 units
82. 30 May 2021
Wooden coat hangers

Wooden coat hangers - 4 per unit.

4 per unit
83. 29 May 2021

Various DVDs, Ruth Rendell Cracker etc. 3 units each

3 each
Flinders Park
84. 27 May 2021

Many varieties of succulents for sale

5 units
Flinders Park
85. 27 May 2021

Various books by Jody Picoult, Dean Kontz, Maeve Binchy, Val Mcdermid and Patricia Cornwell

2 units
Flinders Park
86. 25 May 2021
Facilitating Permaculture Workshops And Courses

We hold around 3 Introduction to Permaculture weekend courses through the year, also a range of shorter workshops. Also available to speak to groups on anything related to sustainability.


SMS 0438 829 523

Please contact
87. 25 May 2021
Tutoring Online

Am a primary teacher with 25 years experience. Happy to tutor students online. Also 3 years of experience with School of the Air so accustomed to teaching that's not face to face.


SMS 0438 829 523

88. 10 May 2021
Tutoring Children Who Attend School, Homeschool

I am a teacher over over 40 years experience, last 24 years in Steiner/Waldorf education

89. 10 May 2021
Counselling-healing Conversations

I have a graduate diploma in counselling- in my practice I work with archetypes, sub-personalities, visualisations, meditation

90. 10 May 2021
Ceremonial Group Work

Healing through sharing of narratives and visualisations

91. 2 May 2021
Lip balms

Homemade natural lip balms. Made with oils and essential oils encased in cardboard tubes, no plastic!!

2 units each
92. 2 May 2021

1 hour session

93. 1 May 2021
Accommodation - travellers, artists, city appointments etc

1 furnished room in relaxed eclectic household 15 minutes from Adelaide city, on bus routes to city (incl Royal Adelaide Hospital, all city amenities) and to Paradise Interchange (bus and light rail access to Northern suburbs including major shopping, Modbury hospital, etc).
Suitable for 1 person or a couple. Comfortable double bed (space for a porta cot or mattress on the floor if needed). Basics provided - it's comfortable but not a show house. It's an older basic family house with a big yard in postwar Italian style. Suburb has all basic shops and services close by, plus good riverside parks, a swimming centre and gyms 5 mins away.
Not fancy surroundings, just somewhere basic and fairly quiet to stay in a household of 2 adults who are often home, plus a large dog & an old cat. Could suit someone coming to city for appointments etc, a traveller/tourist or a touring artist/muso. References requested. We like meeting LETS members from a variety of places. Sometimes we are sociable, and welcome guests to spend time with us and chat. Sometimes we are quiet and need to get work done.
Basic meals can be arranged separately, or you can use some fridge space and the kitchen facilities by arrangement. Basic breakfast, tea & coffee etc included in requested contribution.
Pick up from airport or other transport - negotiable; not always possible but please ask.
There may be an opportunity to do jobs for units for other LETS members while you're here - it's worth asking. Check when our various local trading days and markets are on, too.
32U (+$10 suggested contribution to bills) per night, or 95U (+ $30 suggested contribution to our bills) per whole week. Sorry, we can't generally have extra animals.
Please email: or TEXT 0428263 795 - don't send through the CES system for now, please, as I may not get your message.

Neg, depending on stay
94. 30 Apr 2021
FREE 2 Art deco club chairs

2 club chairs free for anyone who is interested in restoring them (or even throwing a blanket over and using them on the back veranda. They were beautiful, and some of the original fabric is still good ((but some bits were scratched by cats) - seems a pity to scrap them. If you want to try upholstery, this would be a lovely project, too.

Bought in 1970s/1980s from John Brown's Workshop on the Parade (diagonally opposite the corner where Hope's Cafe is now at the Wesley church). My friend is now no longer able to hold onto them as she doesn't have enough space in the current house, and they are sitting in my front hall. We would love for someone to extend their life. They are very comfortable.

Please TEXT 0428 263 795 or email thea.taylor1@gmail to contact me. Please don't send messages through the CES system here until the email system gets sorted out.

For someone who has a big enough space in their house and would love comfortable seating!
95. 30 Apr 2021
Large 4.5m*3m gazebo / shade tent for borrowing

I have recently acquired a large Oztrail gazebo / shade tent 4.5m * 3m. I am willing to offer it for borrowing by careful people for house parties, camping weekends etc. It's great shade for a campsite - recently tested to great satisfaction on a camping trip!

It is large and heavy - when all packed together it's about 30kg. It fits in my station wagon by putting one of the back seats down. If you do not have a vehicle that will fit it, I may be willing to deliver and help set up for additional contribution; otherwise there may be other people in LETS to help with delivery. Takes about 4 people to set up easily, but I have dismantled and packed it by myself.

It comes with pegs to go into the ground. They are removed with a claw hammer. If you want to use it on the beach or where there's no solid ground, you would need to get water weights or similar. You could also use it inside, eg at an indoor market or display stall in a hall or gym.

No side panels supplied - frame and cover only, as shown in picture.

It is in excellent condition, and if it is damaged, I ask that it is repaired to full working standard or proprietary parts replaced as necessary.

Please TEXT 0428 263 795 or email thea.taylor1@gmail to contact me. Please don't send messages through the CES system here until the email system gets sorted out.

25U for weekend or equivalent - negotiable
96. 24 Apr 2021
Dry Shampoo

Home made dry shampoo 15gms.

Dry shampoo is a type of shampoo which reduces hair greasiness without the need for water. It comes in powder form.

Please return the container for refilling.

97. 12 Apr 2021
Short- Term Accommodation

Accommodation in large studio on beautiful, peaceful quintessential Adelaide Hills property. Come and rejuvenate for a long weekend! Pay in units, part dollars or exchange for gardening/other help on property

98. 12 Apr 2021
Qualitative Research/writing Workshops

I am a nurse and an academic with expertise, teaching and advanced facilitation skills and experience in diverse qualitative methods.

99. 10 Apr 2021

I have hundreds of cookbooks that I would like to give away to people who would like them.

100. 1 Apr 2021
Hope's Cafe on the Parade

Hope's Cafe is part of the Spire Community, a low cost community cafe open on Wednesdays Thursdays and Fridays between 10am and 4pm. Barista coffee and meals available between 11am and 2pm. Pay half units and half cash.

Beulah Park
101. 30 Mar 2021
Watercolour landscape paintings for units

Will paint watercolour landscape for units.

102. 15 Mar 2021
Website Hosting/development/maintenance

Need help with your website? I cam help with over 20 years experience.

Pewsey Vale
103. 13 Mar 2021
Tech Support

Remote or On-Site Tech Support and General System Repairs. Windows, OS X, Linux iOS / Android

U50 / hour
Murray Bridge
104. 9 Mar 2021
Lotus Born Placenta Herbs (for Lotus Birthing)

Lotus Birthing is an ancient practice of leaving the baby attached to the placenta after birth until the umbilical cord is ready to separate from the baby's body in its own time. We practiced Lotus Birthing with both our children and have developed a special blend of herbs and pure Himalayan salt to preserve the placenta (which also stays attached) during this sacred time.

We recommend that you thoroughly research the practice before buying.

105. 9 Mar 2021
Organic Curry Powder (mild)

A mild, all-purpose organic curry spice blend. Rich in Turmeric, which is an essential spice to include in the modern diet to help fight the effect of ïnflamm-aging" in the body.

106. 9 Mar 2021
Chai Masala (Spice mix)

Fine cut organic chai spices blended with adaptogenic Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera)

Caffeine- free. Perfect for every day drinking. Ashwagandha is a herb known to help the body adapt to stress and nourishes the immune system. An essential herb to include in your daily diet for these times!

107. 9 Mar 2021
Madagascan Vanilla Beans


After using the seeds, return the vanilla beans to the testtube they come in, fill it with either vodka or brandy and wait 6 weeks for your own home brewed vanilla essence. The tube can be refilled with vodka/brandy until the beans are completely spent.

A sweet gift for someone who loves to make it themselves!

108. 8 Mar 2021

Casual baby sitting and live-out nannying

U20 / hour
Chapel Hill
109. 8 Mar 2021
Bushcraft Courses

Wild edibles Bow making Snaring Hunting Dressing animals Brain tanning Fire by friction Other primitive skills

Negotiable upon enquiry
110. 8 Mar 2021

Organic seasonal offerings

Various 3-5 units
111. 8 Mar 2021

Various herbs

112. 8 Mar 2021
Manual Lymphatic Drainage

20- 30 mins. Assists lymph flow, cleansing and detox

Pay from the heart/ offering
113. 8 Mar 2021
Juggling Magic Show

I perform a juggling magic show which goes for 30 min, can be tailored for more kid friendly occasions or more adult type ones.

Negotiable upon enquiry
Upper Sturt
114. 8 Mar 2021
Assorted Ladies Clothing

Sizes 10 - 16

5 - 50 units
115. 4 Mar 2021
Teaching Intuitive Painting, Drawing & Creative Expression

Learn how to express yourself intuitively and creatively using your choice of medium/of expression (painting, drawing, clay, music, movement etc) Find more clarity, strength, joy, courage and confidence for your life.

116. 2 Mar 2021

Large selection of secondhand book and magazines

117. 27 Feb 2021
Life Story

I have a blank document formatted to create your Life Story

Please contact via phone/text 0479 096 402

Or email me at

and I can email you a copy.

Family Research
Golden Grove
118. 15 Feb 2021

Minor alterations to garments

30.00 per hour
Christies Beach
119. 9 Feb 2021
Damascus Steel Hunting Knives

I have a number of hand/crafted Damascus steel hunting knives with leather sheaths. These knives were imported from Pakistan in the last few months for online sale. They have never been used.

120. 9 Feb 2021
Mario Brothers Figurines

I have a set of 5 Limited Edition Mario Brothers Figurines to trade. Can be traded as a set or individually.

121. 9 Feb 2021
Synthetic Leather Wallets

Synthetic Leather Wallets in Brown, Dark Blue and Black.

122. 7 Feb 2021
Infinity #2- Giclee prints.

Edition of 50 giclee prints on 300gsm silk wax coated paper.

Please see other listings for CV/ artist bio.

A4 25 units A3 40 units
Windsor Gardens
123. 7 Feb 2021
Infinity #1- Giclee prints.

Edition of 50 on 300gsm silk wax coated paper.

Please see other listings for CV/Artist bio

A4 25 units A3 40 units
Windsor Gardens
124. 7 Feb 2021
Weeping Willows

Edition of 50 Giclee print on 300gsm silk wax coated paper.

CV/ Artist bio attached.

A4 25 units A3 40 units
Windsor Gardens
125. 7 Feb 2021
She's got roots- Giclee print.

Edition of 50 on 300gsm silk wax coated paper.

Cv/Artist bio attached.

A4 25 units A3 40 units
Windsor Gardens
126. 7 Feb 2021
Indigenous ephemeral artmaking workshop

Indigenous ephemeral artmaking workshop for up to 10 people.

This workshop is designed to develope and/or nurture a meaningful connection to Country.

Please see my other listing for more details.

CV/Artist bio attached.

Windsor Gardens
127. 7 Feb 2021
Indigenous painting worshop

Indigenous painting workshop for up to 10 people. Please see my other listing for more detail.

CV/Artist bio attached.

Windsor Gardens
128. 7 Feb 2021
Indigenous weaving workshops

Weaving workshop for up to 10 people. Please see my other listings for more detail.

CV/Artist bio attached.

Windsor Gardens
129. 4 Feb 2021
Sales Appraisal

Update on local property market, appraisal in writing for bank, SMSF, divorce or hardship situation.

Para Hills
130. 4 Feb 2021
Check A Tenancy Agreement / Lease Document

Proof read a Residential tenancy agreement so that it is compliant and enforceable.

Para Hills
131. 4 Feb 2021

Check over a family budget, offer ideas of where to save or earn extra money.

Para Hills
132. 4 Feb 2021
Custom Hand Lettered Artwork

I create customised hand lettered artwork - Perfect for inspirational quotes, favourite song lyric/s or wedding vows. A great gift for upcoming special occasions, eg. Valentines Day.

Hand lettered with brush and ink on an A4 card stock Each creation takes approximately 1 to 1 1/2 hours.

Please email me if you're interested or would like to see more examples at

U40 / hour
West Beach
133. 29 Jan 2021

Lawns, pruning, rubbish removal etc

134. 29 Jan 2021

Paving, walling, irrigation, fencing

135. 29 Jan 2021
Pricavy Service:: De-google Your Android Phone

I am offering my services to help you unlock your phones's bootloader and install an Open Source Android Operating System free from Google apps and services. his service include guidance to back up and transfer files, install open source software replacements to suit your needs and support to improve your online privacy and security habits. 2 hours

West Beach
136. 29 Jan 2021
Privacy Service: De-microsoft Your Laptop/computer

I am offering my services to help you to install Linux, an Open Source Operating System free from Microsoft and other manufacturer bloatware. This service include guidance to back up and transfer files, install open source software replacements to suit your needs and support to improve your online privacy and security habits. 2 hours

West Beach
137. 29 Jan 2021
Privacy Service: Improve Your Online Privacy

Guidance and assistance in improving your online privacy and security habits. This includes addressing software choices and setup, safer social media use and general online habits to reduce online tracking, ads and other risks.

West Beach
138. 27 Jan 2021
Plants, succulents, garden plants

various succulent varieties, spider plants

Evanston Gardens
139. 27 Jan 2021
Craft items

Sewing various craft items, ie bowl cozies, bags, food covers, crochet rugs, knitting any item as required

Evanston Gardens
140. 27 Jan 2021
Artwork (indigenous Artist)

Giclee prints, woven work included jewellery. Polymer clay jewellery, paintings, Lino prints, etchings etc.

Windsor Gardens
141. 27 Jan 2021
Teaching (indigenous History, Culture, Art Making Techniques)

I am an Indigenous artist, educator and cultural advisor with an undergraduate degree and masters in Indigenous studies, as well as lived experience.

I have developed a series of workshops including painting, weaving and ephemeral art making practices in order to facilitate understanding, cultural safety and respect between all peoples. I can deliver workshops up to 10 people, and I’m happy to work one on one with individuals.

All tuition includes presentation and materials as well as tuition. I can deliver workshops at my home or yours.

130 per hour for individuals
Windsor Gardens
142. 27 Jan 2021
Smoking Ceremony

I can offer smoking ceremonies for events, homes, institutions, individuals, groups and spaces. Time includes travel to and from.

This is to facilitate healing and cultural exchange.

CV/Artist bio attached

100 per hour.
Windsor Gardens
143. 27 Jan 2021
Crochet top teatowels

Crochet top teatowels, many colours and designs available.

$4 and 6 units
Hillier (near Gawler)
144. 25 Jan 2021
Icecream maker

Used once bought from Aldi last year for 40 dollars

Salisbury Heights
145. 19 Jan 2021

Digital images, high quality portraits, commercial, family, events. Some examples at Basic Photoshop and correction/editing services.

146. 19 Jan 2021
Guitar Lessons

Beginner - intermediate, all styles classical, acoustic, slide, electric, bass.

147. 19 Jan 2021
Honey & Garden Produce

Fresh local honey and seasonal fruit & veg for sale, swap or gift economy.

148. 19 Jan 2021
Information on viral hepatitis treatment & management

Hepatitis SA is funded by SA Health to provide information, support and education on viral hepatitis, to all South Australians. We focus particularly on hepatitis B and hepatitis C.

We have educators and peer support workers provide credible, up to date information on

- hepatitis C testing and cure

- hepatitis B prevention and management

- general information on liver health.

Free, CONFIDENTIAL telephone information and support on 1800 437 222

Free, CONFIDENTIAL online chat on Just click on the Chat button at the bottom of the page.

Remember all contact and services are confidential
149. 19 Jan 2021

We can print colour or black and white copies in A4 or A3, double-sided if needed, triple panel folded DL brochures, A5 booklets up to 16 pages, A4 booklets up to 40 pages.

150. 18 Jan 2021
Web Development

Do you need a new website?  Got issues with WordPress?  Need a totally custom web based application?  I'm your girl!

With other 20 years experience in web based system development, I'd love to help you enhance your web presence.

151. 13 Jan 2021
Black solid folding screen (originally tile display) - needs assembly and covering

3-fold black heavy screen - originally used as tile display (still has one or two tile panels in it). Hinged; needs hinges screwed back on as it was dismantled for travel 5 years ago. Would look stunning with fabric in the panels and paint touched up (this would take a little bit of work) or simply as a screen / room divider with a couple of sarongs draped over (this is what I planned, but I found something else to do the job).
The photo is not very good. It's in an area where it's hard for one single photo to show the item. I have a few photos so if you're interested, please ask.
It is tall and solid. One person can lift it, but transport would require a wagon or similar/not sure if it would fit in a hatchback. If you don't have transport but want it, I could possibly negotiate to deliver it.
Happy for you to just take it, or happy to receive a small offering, eg fruit/vegetables/other useful stuff.

152. 12 Jan 2021

Look after the garden, pets, hens etc

153. 6 Jan 2021
Betamethazone valerate cream

I was prescribed this cream but never used it. It's been in the fridge since I brought it home, so even though the expiry date was June 2020, it should be fine. I'd rather it got used than go into landfill.

There are actually 2 tubes, one opened but only used once, and the other still sealed. If you are prescribed these anyway and would like some more, please take one or both.

Make an offer or free
154. 22 Dec 2020
Framed photographs

If you are interested in this item please contact admin and we will put you in contact with the seller to arrange the trade. (Seller located Cheltenham).


“Taking Time to Smell the Roses” Series & more...

Original photographs by Jane Marr

Ideal Christmas gifts

U15 each
Windsor Gardens
155. 17 Dec 2020
Checked shirt

If you are interested in this item please contact admin and we will put you in contact with the seller to arrange the trade. (Seller located Cheltenham).

Red and white checked Annie Lant shirt. Featuring self-covered buttons. Made in Australia. Size Large. 96% Cotton. 4% Spandex.

10 units.

Windsor Gardens
156. 17 Dec 2020
Grey cotton top

If you are interested in this item please contact admin and we will put you in contact with the seller to arrange the trade. (Seller located Cheltenham).

Sportscraft light grey top. 100%  Cotton. Size XL.

5 units

Windsor Gardens
157. 17 Dec 2020
Ishka top

If you are interested in this item please contact admin and we will put you in contact with the seller to arrange the trade. (Seller located Cheltenham).

Ishka top. Made in Nepal. William Morris style pattern. Size XL. 96% Polyester 4% Elastane.

20 units.

Windsor Gardens
158. 17 Dec 2020
Navy blouse

If you are interested in this item please contact admin and we will put you in contact with the seller to arrange the trade. (Seller located Cheltenham)

Navy Emerson blouse. 100% Cotton. Size 16.

5 units.

Windsor Gardens
159. 17 Dec 2020
Zebra print blouse

If you are interested in this item please contact admin and we will put you in contact with the seller to arrange the trade. (Seller located Cheltenham)

NONI B Zebra print blouse. Size 16. 100% Polyester

7 units.

Windsor Gardens
160. 17 Dec 2020
Totem blouse

If you are interested in this item please contact admin and we will put you in contact with the seller to arrange the trade. (Seller located Cheltenham)

TOTEM Brazilian Design black and white patterned blouse with open-cut bat-wing sleeves. Size 4 (XL) 100% Viscose/Rayon.

20 units.

Windsor Gardens
161. 17 Dec 2020
Bundarra aboriginal blouse

Bundarra Aboriginal Design black and white patterned blouse. Size 16 (closer to 14). 100% Polyester.

If you are interested in this item please contact admin and we will put you in contact with the seller to arrange the trade.  (Seller located Cheltenham)

20 units

Windsor Gardens
162. 17 Dec 2020

EVERFLEX Black Leather Sandals. As new. Size 10. RRP $49.99.

If you are interested in this item please contact admin and we will put you in contact with the seller to arrange the trade.  (Seller located Cheltenham)

20 units

Windsor Gardens
163. 17 Dec 2020
Photo cards

“Taking Time to Smell the Roses” Series. Original photograph by Jane Marr on card with envelope.

If you are interested in this item please contact admin and we will put you in contact with the seller to arrange the trade

4 units each.

Windsor Gardens
164. 10 Dec 2020
Herb Gardener

Sell herbs

Brooklyn Park
165. 27 Nov 2020
Banana pups

We have access to a clump of bananas of various sizes. If you would like a pup or two to grow yourself we can make arrangements for you to come to Windsor Gardens and dig them up.

Contact me if interested via text 0435128820 or, not via CES please.

10 each
Windsor Gardens
166. 21 Nov 2020
Farm Tours

The Pocket Sanctuary is an Arts, Health and Food Farm tucked away in a magical pocket of the Adelaide Hills. We have about 80 fruit trees, a large veggie garden, a Ginkgo Biloba Plantation and a beautiful spring-fed dam. We are passionate about growing our own food and offering a space for rejuvenation and creativity.

U80 / hour
Forest Range
167. 21 Nov 2020
Pick Your Own Organic Produce

We have about 50 different heritage apple varieties, nashi pears, red and green pears, prune plums, kiwi fruit, persimmons, rasberries, mulberries, and various seasonal vegetables in the garden. Fruits and vegetables are ripe at different times throughout Summer and Autumn. Great for preserving! feel free to contact me for to find out what is available and the unit cost.

contact me
Forest Range
168. 12 Nov 2020

Children and adult sizes

Hazelwood Park
169. 12 Nov 2020

Art books

Variable in units
170. 10 Nov 2020
Pond Weed Various Types

I have a swimming pool now converted to a wildlife haven and have heaps of excess pondweed of various types. Especially azolla and nardoo. Both Australian natives, azolla floats on the surface, nardoo has roots below water and floating leaves. Both are ferns so no flowers. Other plants too.

5 units for a carrier bag full, or basically as much as you'd like!

Happy Valley
171. 9 Nov 2020
Donation To The Spire Volunteers

The Spire volunteers work in Hope's Cafe, Goodies Op Shop, English language classes and more.

Volunteers receive LETS units vouchers which they can spend on LETS goods and services. Suggested donation is 30 units however all donations are greatfully accepted. Contact Kylie if you would like to donate:

Beulah Park
172. 9 Nov 2020
Sponsor Three English Language Lessons

Sponsor three English language lessons. The lessons are provided for refugees and asylum seekers in the community. Suggested donation is 20 units however all donations are greatfully accepted. Contact Kylie if you would like to donate:

Beulah Park
173. 9 Nov 2020
Sponsor Two Meals At Hope's Cafe

Sponsor two meals, for those who need them, at Hope's Cafe. Suggested donation is 10 units however all donations are greatfully accepted. Contact Kylie if you would like to donate:

Beulah Park
174. 4 Nov 2020
Framed Black And White 6 X4 Prints

B/W photos taken in the 80’s made into postcard prints and framed

U10 ea
175. 4 Nov 2020
Buttons In Glass Jars

Selection of buttons in various sizes and colours

U10 ea
176. 4 Nov 2020
Country Style Magazines

Collection of Country Style magazines dating back to 2005

U2 ea
177. 30 Oct 2020
Miso paste

Home made Miso that has fermented over the winter. I made this from scratch using my own Koji. Offering in jars

178. 30 Oct 2020
Dog Walking,

I had my own dog and cat when I was younger but now our lifestyle doesn't allow to have pets except we have one fish in a small pond. I would love to walk or look after your dog. I live in Crafers but also would be happy yo walk your dog around their usual tracks.

179. 30 Oct 2020
Plants, Vegetables And Seedlings

Depending on the season I can offer plants, seedlings and vegies

Will vary
180. 30 Oct 2020
Grief counselling and respite companionship

25 units per day
181. 27 Oct 2020
Reskin Djembe Drum

I can put a new skin on your djembe drum.

Upper Sturt
182. 25 Oct 2020
Soft toys Repair

 I can repair soft toys which may have limbs torn off or might need restuffing; beloved bears who need new eys or noses re stitching. Again look in your cupboards for old favourites you would like to see revived.

20 units per hour
183. 24 Sep 2020

2 Pairs of Curtains to fit Window Sizes W..260cms X H..200cms & W..180cms X H..200cms.

Flinders Park
184. 2 Aug 2020
Mulberry cuttings

Would anyone like cuttings from my mulberry tree?

You may have a couple or as many as you want; please make a small offering if you want a significant number.

The fruit is beautiful and they are excellent to grow in back yard or particularly chookyard.

Please text me on phone number supplied, or email directly at

185. 29 Jul 2020

I can repair broken/damaged ceramic or china or similar, such as ornaments, statuettes, vases. Sometimes I can replace broken areas. If you have a damaged favourite piece or family heirloom which is hidden in a cupboard, bring it in for me to look at. I would love to fix it for you.

Also I can repair soft toys which may have limbs torn off or they need restuffing; beloved bears who need eyes or noses re stitching or replaced. Again look in your cupboards for old favourites you would like to see revived.

Send me a photo of how it used to look, IOr bring it in to Market and will let you know if I can fix it.

Example is my ceramic cat, now fixed, which recently broke into 3 or 4 pieces. I made it myself many years ago while was a potter.

20ph as an example
186. 29 Jul 2020

In 2004, the " Death Cafe " movement began in Switzerland. It is now a world wide group,with branches meeting in over 50 countries.

The idea is, that people meet, in a cafe, or private home, for two hours, to discuss all aspects of of life.

This may be, the stress of being a carer, food preparation for nutritional support, basic nursing skills for the home, grief and loss, and pain management.

The emotional, spiritual, mental and physical aspects of life are covered throughout the sessions.

The preparation of an Advance Care Directive is a popular subject as are eco/ life affirming funerals.

Discussion takes place over coffee and cake.

I am happy to host an event in my home in the hills, or a cafe of your choice,

It is recommended for there to be no more than 12 people in a group...minimum 2.

I have worked in Palliative Care for over 15 years.

Please email me at or sms 0422468487

5 units per person
187. 27 Jun 2020
Therapy support

I am a university trained psychotherapist and arts therapist, and can offer a limited number of sessions for points only.  If you would like some support to deal with some of life's challenges or just grow and learn more about yourself, please contact me.  Sessions are currently conducted online via zoom, but face to face sessions can also be negotiated (South of Adelaide). 

188. 25 Jun 2020
West Beach unit

Large 1 bedroom unit but sleeps 4 with living room and sunroom. Beach view and access

Henley Beach
189. 20 Jun 2020

The girls are laying again so cackleberries are back! 

190. 30 May 2020
End of life counselling

Are you or a family member faced with a sudden diagnosis that has shaken your foundation? Zen House offers counselling with trained " doulas" who have experienced similar circumstances themselves.

Please email to or sms 0422468487

20 units per hour
191. 15 May 2020
Hills Grown Spray Free fruit, vegetables & herbs

We grow a variety of fruit trees (most still young), vegetables, and herbs. At certain times of the year, we have excess to our needs. In particular, a large amount of quinces & mulberries.

I also run a home based retail garden decor business. I am happy to sell items for part units, part dollars.

Contact me
192. 14 May 2020
LETS chats

I am happy to talk to groups of up to 8 people about the benefits of belonging to Adelaide LETS.

This can be at a place of your choice within SA.

The meetings are informal and take approximately 2 hours and are a swap for coffee and cake on the day (for the group)

The LETS host or hostess will earn 20 units for any recruits on the day.

Please email me at

or sms 0422468487

Coffee and cake
193. 5 May 2020


194. 27 Apr 2020
Double sided crochet top tea-towels

Teatowels - many more patterns and colours. I'm happy to send photos to anyone who may be interested. Thanks.

$4 and 6 units
Hillier (near Gawler)
195. 20 Apr 2020

3 units/bunch
196. 20 Apr 2020
Double bed mattress

Good condition

10 units
197. 31 Mar 2020

My Citronella Pelargonium is growing quite big I am happy to give away cuttings. It can grow quite well from a cutting and is meant to be good for keeping away flies and mosquitos.

Please contact via phone/text 0479 096 402

Give away
Golden Grove
198. 23 Feb 2020
Small office chair

Small office style chair - also commonly referred to as "student chair". Swivels, adjustable height. In good condition but only suits smaller person. Ideal for children. Can only deliver to One Planet Market.

199. 31 Jan 2020
Fresh fruit and veg and preserves

Fresh home grown fruit and veg

Preserves- dried fruit, bottled fruit

1+ neg
Henley Beach
200. 30 Jan 2020
Purple plush rug

2.5 m x 1.5m 

good condition

photo available

201. 7 Jan 2020
Gum Boots

Black Ladies Gum Boots to Ankle Size 8 Narrow fitting

Bought from Aldi's 2019 and never worn too narrow for my feet

Golden Grove
202. 28 Nov 2019
Dog bags

Clean empty dog food bags, useful for many things like compost, straw, etc. etc. Or perhaps use for some kind of craft?

Because of the problems with CES messages not always getting through please respond directly to me via text 0435128820 or email

Contact me
Windsor Gardens
203. 16 Nov 2019

Freshly made sausage rolls, apple & rhubarb crumble, pastries. Orders taken.

204. 2 Oct 2019
Polishing leather shoes and boots

Polishing black, brown or neutral leather boots. Done the old fashioned way with brush and polish. Leather school shoes, office shoes, court shoes, leather sandals, work boots, dress boots etc. No synthetics or suede. Please keep in mind that for coloured items, I can use neutral colour polish/leather dressing to care for the leather, but this won't restore colour if you have scratches or scuff marks.

6U/pair for good basic clean and polish (less per pair if you bring a few pairs together). If I need to pick up or drop off, I may ask a small cash contribution for travel costs. Otherwise, units only or mixed.

Other leather products, eg bags, briefcases or saddlery, contact me to discuss.

Please contact me or TEXT 0428 263 795, rather than contacting through the CES mailing system.

205. 20 Sep 2019
Edible plants

I have several Cape Gooseberry plants potted. This is a very hardy, drought resistant moderate climber with small sweet fruit Makes great jam or just eat fresh. Will fruit first season.

206. 10 Sep 2019

Basic drafting, plans etc

20 hour
207. 30 May 2019
Who Gives A Crap Toilet Paper

Individually paper-wrapped rolls made from recycled paper.

Single roll 2 units

3 rolls 5 units

6 rolls 10 units

Available at markets and catch ups or by arrangement,

208. 23 Jan 2019

Dressmaker , Alterations.

30 units per hour
Christies Beach
209. 31 Dec 2018
Bedrooms own bathroom

close to Newcastle and the Hunter Valley. 3 spare rooms with queen beds, 2 also have a single bed. Victoria Street train station a short walk. Short term guests thanks

50 first night then 40
East Maitland
210. 29 Dec 2018
Jade Plant

Anyone interested in a large jade in a 60cm pot . Stands around 5 foot. In pot ten units on own 5 units

10 units
Salisbury Heights
211. 2 Nov 2018
Cross Cut Shredder available for loan/hire

I am willing to hire out my under-utilised Rexel desktop-sized cross cut shredder (this is the one suitable for very sensitive documents, personal information/health details etc as it cuts the paper into small pieces that can't be easily put back together) for a few days or up to a week at a time. You pick up, shred your papers, and return it by the agreed date. Easy!

212. 29 Oct 2018
Ring Binders/Folders

We have many heavy duty ring folders / binders which we don't need any more. Some are arch lever binders others are simple 2-ring folders.

1 unit each
213. 26 Aug 2018
Vinyl chairs

Up to 6 available . 4 in good condition

Salisbury Heights
214. 1 Jul 2018
Black desk & filing cabinet

Desk 1500 x x750

215. 25 Apr 2018
Crocheted, Naturally Dyed Wool or Cotton Beanie

My beanies are one style as you see in the photo but you can choose the materials. Wool or cotton beanie dyed in madder reddish, onion skin orange, fig leaf yellow or black walnut brown. Colours are subject to availability of materials.

216. 20 Apr 2018
Repair or Recover soft furnishings & Clothing

I can recover damaged soft coverings on smallish items of furniture like chairs, stools, or other removeable things like sofa covers or chair coverings. I have before and after pictures if necessary. Send me a picture on email. or bring an example to Saturday Market; I would need to see item first hand.

Or call me o 0419147742 and we can discuss.


20 units per hour
217. 1 Apr 2018

Lots of preserves available;

Beetroot relish

Pickled red cabbage

Giardiniera (Italian pickled vegetables)

Various chutneys

Sweet chilli sauce (not hot - kids love it)

Variety of jams (Lilly Pilly, lilly pilly & strawberry, Plum, mulberry, quince & lilly pilly, cape gooseberry

Lemon curd (no egg)

Marmalades (several kinds), cumquat jam/marmalade

Assorted fruit leathers - very healthy and so good for the kiddies. Sugar and preservative free.

Fruit leathers including vegetables (kids will never know!)

Healthy Snack Packs - using seasonal dried fruits and, nuts and seeds. Sugar and preservative free.

Dried herbs (check out the celery leaf - you'll never use parsley again!)

Crystalised citrus peel. Many culinary uses or just eat from the pack.

Dried citrus zest.

218. 11 Mar 2018
VHS video tape cases

We have two boxes of empty VHS videotape cases. Seems like a really bad idea to dump them. If you have use for them, please let me know.

219. 28 Feb 2018
Advice For Starting Homeschooling

I have worked as a governess, teacher's aide, personal tutor, taught literacy and computing to adults and I homeschooled my own children for a number of years. If you would like some help and advice on choosing whether to homeschool or not, what method or style of homeschooling to use and how to get started I can help. We can meet via Skype/Zoom/FB etc for a discussion.

20 units per hour
220. 17 Feb 2018
DVD Covers

We have some empty DVD covers available.

standard covers that can hold up to 2 DVDs (5 covers for 1 unit)

4 covers which can hold 10 DVDs each (3 units each)

4 that can hold 4 DVDs each (2 units each)

3 units
Golden Grove
221. 27 Jan 2018
Kefir, fermented milk

Kefir grains and fact sheet. All you need to make your own kefir. Just add milk and let ferment overnight.

222. 22 Jan 2018
Free information and support on viral hepatitis

Hepatitis SA is a not-for-profit community-based organisation which provides accurate, up-to-date information on hepatitis B and hepatitis C. We are funded through SA Health and occasional grants. All our services are FREE of charge. We provide:

- print information (online order form:; no P&H charges

- support over the telephone (1800 437 222)

- facilitated support groups at Port Adelaide and Kent Town

- online information (

- updates on social media (Twitter - @hep_sa; FB  - HepatitisSA)

- weekly SMART recovery groups

- free information talks/presentations

- workforce training and education on viral hepatitis

More information: or 1800 437 222

223. 8 Aug 2017
Organically grown vegies

Fresh assorted salad and baby greens.

Spinach/silverbeet, Okinara spinich, kale.

3U bag/bunch
224. 16 Jun 2017
Cabin bag

Strong cabin size bag with strap. In excellent condition, used once. "Antler" Brand.

225. 2 Apr 2017
Mosaic work = Plaques/small Table Tops etc made to order

Mosaic House-Number or Names Tiles/Plaques/Table tops/Or anything else you'd like in Mosaic.

I would love to transform your old old table tops or dressers,with Mosaics designs or motifs of your choice to brighten them up. See picture of crab table

I can also make "to order" Mosaic Tiled House-number or House Name plaques. Size is 20cm x 14cm, Plus a longer thinner to suit a house Name.

Just give me a photograph of preferred motif, (for example) ying/yang or a picture; or any changes in colour or even Black & White: , Have a look at Sue Andrew's house number for example. Almost anything you like can be updated with mosaics . Please send me an email picture or give me a call on 0419 147 742 - Cheers Helen Burcham

Units/ hour
226. 26 Mar 2017

I have a Number of rectangle/square lilac/purple tiles, could be used for tiling walls or bathrooms or an outdoor room such as a shed or studio

Please contact via phone or text 0479 096 402

1 unit each
Golden Grove
227. 19 Mar 2017
Fruit trees, herbs and vegie seedlings

Herbs: various oreganos, various thymes, winter tarragon, chives, various mints, pineapple sage, culinary sage, rosemary, Vietnamese mint, marjoram, comfrey, dittany of crete, winter savory, French sorrel, tansy, curryleaf tree, Okinawan spinach, santolina, walking onion

Climbers: pandorea, hardenbergia

Fruiting plants: cape gooseberry, mulberry (Hick's Fancy), pomegranate (Wonderful), goldmine nectarine, white anzac peach, fig

Lilies: sacred lily of the incas, haemanthus, spider lily, rain lilies, velthemia

U3 - U10
228. 5 Jan 2017

Pen and Pencil Holders made from recycled materials, food tin sprayed with black paint and then the outside covered in ribbon and used stamps or used stamps only

Please contact via phone or text 0479 096 402

1 unit + $1
Golden Grove
229. 1 Oct 2016
Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap - lucky dip - garbage bag full. Pick up Modbury during business hours or Newton outside business hours. Can also bring to markets.

230. 26 Jul 2016
Lavender Bags and Rosemary Bags

Small lavender bags to hang in wardrobe or put in drawers. Good to keep moths and Silverfish etc away.

Or for when storing your woolies away after the winter months. or just to sweeten your linen Cupboard

Also Rosemary dried. Good for Hair Rinse

3 units
231. 29 May 2016
Drop off point

  • To facilitate trades between members who may find it difficult to meet up for the buying and selling of goods, we can offer our address at 21 McLauchlan Road, Windsor Gardens as a drop off point for delivery and collection.
  • This is a FREE service, but we do ask that you adhere to some simple rules -
  • Goods for delivery need to be labelled for the intended recipient. This is essential as there has recently been some confusion.
  • Goods need to be collected from our place within 1 week or before, please. We have limited space to store goods.
  • Its essential that both parties are aware of the arrangement. We will not be chasing people to collect their goods. If goods remain uncollected after 2 weeks or you have not been in touch to make another arrangement, we will assume you no longer want the goods and they will be disposed of.
  • Because of the problems with CES messages not always getting through please respond directly to me via text 0435128820 or email

Windsor Gardens
232. 29 May 2016
Trading tips

  • OK, so you've registered to trade or perhaps you registered some time ago but haviing a bit of trouble in getting started. If your initial offers didn't attract buyers, there's always other things to try.
  • I'm happy for you to come to our home at Windsor Gardens and spend about an hour with you. I'll show you on my laptop (or yours) how to access your online account, how to process a trade, how to look up everyone else's offers and wants (both here and interstate), give you some trading tips, etc. etc.
  • Once you get going you'll see how easy it is, so get in touch and you'll soon be trading.
  • This is a FREE service.

Because of the problems with CES messages not always getting through please respond directly to me via text 0435128820 or email

Windsor Gardens
233. 29 May 2016
Hessian sacks

We can sometimes get hessian sacks (used for coffee beans). I use them in my worm farm and also when germinating some seedlings like carrot which like to be kept moist. I saw some being offered for sale as potato sacks - sprouted potato/s in the bottom and keep hilling them up as they grow, then empty the bag to harvest. You may have other uses. Sometimes they have a nice design so you could perhaps use them in craft projects.

Because of the problems with CES messages not always getting through please respond directly to me via text 0435128820 or email

Windsor Gardens
234. 29 May 2016
Curry leaves

To help create an authentic Indian flavour to your curries you need to add some curry leaves.

Because of the problems with CES messages not always getting through please respond directly to me via text 0435128820 or email

2u per bunch
Windsor Gardens
235. 26 May 2016
Membership of Sustainable Communities SA

Membership of Sustainable Communities is now due for renewal. If you would like to join now is an excellent time to do so.

Sustainable Communities SA is a non profit membership based community organisation. The focus of activity is on individual and household behaviour change towards living a one planet lifestyle and bringing people together to to rebuild more cooperative, human scale, resilient and ecologically sustainable communities.

We have many local groups who support each other in both personal change and community activity. Currently we have active groups in Unley, Felixstow/Klemzig, Blackwood, Mt Gambier, with the Joslin group running Essential Edibles swap and share.

In our community groups we look at our use of the earth's resources, like energy, water, food, housing, transport, waste and at our community connections. In our society we use more than our fair share, so we need to reduce our own consumption and change it to more renewable and sustainable methods. We also encourage our families, friends, neighbours and communities to do so too. We create cooperative community activities like the One Planet Market to do this. We have fun and make friends and connections along the way.

See our website:

10 per year
236. 26 May 2016
Market tent for hire

For Hire:

Blue shade canopy, 3m x 3m. Has 3 sides if wanted, but no floor. Suitable for shade or rain cover for a market stall etc. Self supporting structure, no guy ropes, comes with all necessary weights and is in very good condition. Available for daily hire for units or dollars plus units. The hirer is responsible for returning it in a clean dry state with no damage.. If there is damage the hirer is responsible for repairs done to a professional standard.

$10 and 10 units, or 20 units
237. 26 May 2016
Paper Shredder for hire

Do you need a shredder occasionally to shred confidential papers? I have one collecting dust in between uses. In the interests in reducing the use of the earth's resources I am happy to lend it out for other people to use.

238. 26 May 2016
Worms and Worm juice

Worms for your Worm farm and Worm juice, available from my home in Felixstow or at One Planet Market. Worm juice is an excellent fertiliser. Worms available for new farms.

I have plenty of worm juice again

5 units per 2 litre bottle of worm wee
239. 25 May 2016
Blank greeting cards

Hand-made cards made from original photographs. Available from Payneham One Planet Market, LETS shop at Windsor Gardens or directly from me. Can be posted or a drop-off point arranged.

3U each or 20U for a gift pack of 7.

3U each or 20U for pack of 7
Windsor Gardens
240. 25 May 2016
Cashew paste

Cashew paste contains raw cashews and canola or rice bran oil. Delicious spread on bread or toast.

Available at Payneham One Planet Market (pleaae order beforehand) or by contacting me directly.

Price varies, depending on size (4U per 100g)

4U per 100g
Windsor Gardens
241. 25 May 2016
All-purpose household cleaner

Miracle all-purpose cleaner with eucalyptus.

Can be use direct from bottle or diluted 50:50 and used as a spray.

Price from 4U depending on size

1U per 100g
Windsor Gardens
242. 25 May 2016
Gift packs of hand-made cards

Hand-made cards using my own photographs. Pack of 7 cards in cellophane bag tied with ribbon.

Each pack contains 7 different cards with a theme of eg flowers, reflections, leaves, scenery, animals. I can also make up assorted collections (any number of cards) to order.

Available from Payneham Market, LETS shop, pick-up from my home or by mail (cost of postage extra). Let me know in advance what theme you would like.

Windsor Gardens
243. 25 May 2016
Laundry liquid

Laundry liquid. Contains pure soap, washing soda, borax and water (can be made without borax if you wish to use water on garden). I can add eucalyptus or tea tree oil if you wish.

1 litre 2U

2 litre 4U

3 litre 6U

Containers not filled to top, to allow shaking or stirring.

Depends on size
Windsor Gardens
244. 25 May 2016
Hand-made bread

Hand-made bread - Multigrain, wholemeal, German grain and fruit bread

Low yeast content.

Can be frozen.

Bread rolls also available for 1.5U each

Half loaves 4.5U

U7 or 9 depending on size
Windsor Gardens
245. 25 May 2016
Drink Bottle Covers

No more condensation rings left on your furniture or soggy things in your handbag.

Covers are made of acrylic yarn so are easily washable.

You can see more pictures on my Facebook page

You don't need a Facebook account to be able to see the photos.

246. 25 May 2016
Family History Research-Contact To Put Name On Waiting List

I will create a six generation family pedigree tree for 150 units and $30. This is created online using, you also receive a .gedcom digital file of your family tree, all purchased certificates and all stories, pictures and documents gathered during the research. Depending on the difficulty of the research this can take two months or more.

If you would like transcripts or original copies of birth, death or marriage certificates these are to be paid for in cash prior to ordering.

I have a range of resources to assist me in research - CDs, books, subscriptions to and, Scotlands People and more.

My website is

If you are interested in having a family tree constructed for you please contact me ASAP so that I can put your name on my waiting list.

150 units plus $30
247. 25 May 2016
Photo Restoration

I can scan photos and create a restored digital image. You can either email digital photos or scans or bring photos to the One Planet Market for me to scan and restore. I will give you a disk with your restored photo or email it to you. This is a very labour intensive process so the units charged will be per hour.

20 units per hour
248. 25 May 2016

Crocheted adult hats. I have a variety of original crocheted, embellished hats woolen, cotton or acrylic yarn which I bring to the market or I can also post them.

You can see more pictures on my Facebook page

You don't need a Facebook account to be able to see the photos.

249. 25 May 2016
Crocheted Mobile Phone Pouch

Crocheted mobile phone pouch with strap to hang around neck.

Assorted colours, made from acrylic yarn for easy washability.

You can see more pictures on my Facebook page

You don't need a Facebook account to be able to see the photos.

250. 25 May 2016
Blog Setup

Do you have a hobby or issue you're passionate about and would like to share it with the world? A blog is a great way to do this. I can set up a blog for you and teach you how to use it or I can show you how to set one up and you do it yourself. There are free blog sites such as and or you can purchase a domain name and web hosting and host your own blog. I can help you with either of these scenarios. My blog is at Kylie's Genes Blog

20 units per hour
251. 21 May 2016
Out-of-date calendars

I collect old calendars as the photos and/or art work are beautiful. The paper is good quality and excellent for origami and other paper crafts. I am happy to bring my collection to a market.

252. 18 May 2016
Mini cactus gardens and indoor/outdoor pot plants

Selection of mini cactus/plant gardens in stylish pots. Great as gift!! Can wrap and deliver in area.

From 8U-20U
253. 3 May 2016
Various potplants

Indoor and outdoor established plants: spider, succulents, cactii, salvia.

From 3U
254. 26 Apr 2016
Bears - Knitting with love

Hand Knitted bears 11 cm, 9 cm and 5cm -see picture (or a set of three Mum, Bub & Doll) orders taken with special colours to your request. Bears can be "just bears" or I can add clothes as in Paddington Bear or other special animals like Dogs or cats .

I will also take orders for preferred colour black bear, brown bear & clothing combinations.

See you at the Payneham Markets 3rd Saturday of each month

15 units for large
255. 26 Apr 2016
Live Classical Music

For your special event. Can play solo violin or in duets or string quartet. My quartet is called Octavia String Quartet.

Final price will depend on number of musicians, amount of music required, and whether any special requests affect the amount of preparation required.

My comusicians may prefer cash if they are not LETS members.

256. 26 Apr 2016
Violin or viola lessons

Children or adults. I am a skilled violinist - achieved AMusA level.

I teach in my quiet, comfortable home studio, as well as at a local primary school as a Private Music Instructor.

Lessons can be 30, 45 or 60 minutes.

U15 +$15/30mins
257. 17 Apr 2016
Hanging files

hanging files for filing cabinets.

5 for 2 units
258. 15 Apr 2016
Laminate Posters, photos, newspaper cuttings etc

Willing to Laminate A4 size posters. photos, newspaper cuttings, whatever items for Lets units

Please contact via phone/text 0479 096 402

Golden Grove
259. 9 Apr 2016
Succulent cuttings

A box of 20 -30 succulent cuttings with at least 15 different varieties . Give us a call if interested and I will cut for you. Pickup

12 units
Salisbury Heights
260. 9 Apr 2016
Business cards

Design and print business cards to suit you. Units only. No cash. 25 units for 50 cards. 35u for 100.

25 u per 50 cards
261. 2 Feb 2016
Drop-off Point

To help with trading between different areas/groups, I am available as a drop-off point for goods, in Happy Valley.

Please contact me to let me know you will be using the drop-off point and I will give you my address.

Also please mark the goods with the recipient's name, and arrange for them to collect promptly.

Happy Valley
262. 2 Feb 2016
Loan of Fowlers Vacola electric preserving unit

I have a Fowlers Vacola stainless steel, thermostatically controlled preserving unit - ie water bath that heats the water to your choice of temp, up to boiling. It can also be used as a very large tea urn, with 34 litre capacity. Check out this link, it is the second one of the two described.

It is perfect for bottling your home grown fruits and tomatoes ("high acid") but not suitable for bottling veg or meats ("low acid") which require canning under pressure for food safety.

10 units per 4 day loan.

10 units per 4 day loan
Happy Valley
263. 13 Dec 2015
Inspirational Posters

Inspirational Quotes, Poems or Sayings on A4 Laminated Posters

Please contact via Phone/text 0479 096 402

Or email me at

And I can email you a selection to choose from.

Golden Grove