Adelaide Local Exchange Trading System
# Date Offering Rate Area
1. 20 Apr 2019
Passion fruit seedlings

Have seedlings comming up in my garden.

I have two in my garden that produce fruit came from same seedings.

2. 20 Apr 2019
Doggie treats

Nutritious dried dog and puppy food.  Selection of meats, chicken, offal, grains and vegetables. No additives or salt.

3. 19 Apr 2019
Fancy trilock security door

This is used but good condition. I bought it second hand hoping to replace ours then I learnt that not all doors are the same size lol. This one is 2045mm x 810mm wide.

There is no key for the lock though.

Pick up is Elizabeth Grove

Elizabeth Grove
4. 19 Apr 2019
Tri lock security door

This is used but good condition, there is some small holes. I bought it second hand hoping to replace ours then I learnt that not all doors are the same size lol.

So this one is 2045mm x 810mm wide.

There is no key for the lock though.

Pick up is Elizabeth Grove

Elizabeth Grove
5. 19 Apr 2019
Dr Who set

I have a Dr Who cap from last years showbags, a little squashed but not used.

And Dr Who backpacks, both used and could do with a clean. Has our dog hair on it sorry but both good bags just not my daughters thing anymore.

Pick up Elizabeth Grove

Elizabeth Grove
6. 19 Apr 2019
Slow cooker

This is well used and needs a clean. The handle on one side is cracked but this doesnt affect the use. Works well Im just too tired to scrub it clean when I dont want it.

Pick up Elizabeth Grove.

Elizabeth Grove
7. 19 Apr 2019
Tiger wall hanging

This is beautiful, was in daughters room but shes now changed her mind. Good condition.

Pick up Elizabeth Grove

Elizabeth Grove
8. 19 Apr 2019
Slipknot flag

Daughter had this on her wall so could need a wash, otherwise good condition. 

Pick up Elizabeth Grove.

Elizabeth Grove
9. 19 Apr 2019
Queen size doona cover

Queen size doona cover, cream colour with pastel coloured flower pattern.

10. 15 Apr 2019
Compost bin

I have rescued a compost bin from being chucked out. It is a tall narrow bin, rather than a gleddes bin. 140cm circumference at the top, 170cm at the base.

10 units finders fee
11. 7 Apr 2019
Tv antenna

I have a tv antenna, as far as I know it's in working condition. Taken down because it was positioned badly and we don't use it. Someone else might find use for it

12. 31 Mar 2019
3D printer filament offcuts

These are leftovers from my son's 3D printing venture, ABS plastic (same as Lego bricks) in colours mostly grey, blue, white, black, some yellow and orange - see photos. Pieces I pulled out to sample were a couple of metres long. Maybe they could be used for a weaving project? We failed to find a way to recycle them so if we can find a use for them that's nearly as good. On offer is one of those small wheely bins pretty much full of a tangled mess of it!

Happy Valley
13. 31 Mar 2019

2 Pairs of Bath Towels, 1 blue & 1 Green in very good condition.

Flinders Park
14. 28 Mar 2019
Scanning photos, vinyl records

Would you like some old photos scanned to have digital copies

or would you like your vinyl records digitized (for personal use only re copyright) to play them on other devices?

St Peters
15. 28 Mar 2019
Garden Lattice

i have two sheets of square wooden lattice frames and one of fan shaped lattice if anyone wants them. Square lattice is approximately 1.5m square, the fan is about 2m tall. From a neighbour's garden.

16. 17 Mar 2019
Garden Help

Willing to help with Gardening. Please contact me on phone.

contact me
17. 17 Mar 2019

Alignment and clearing of energy fields in the body.

U40 / hour
18. 17 Mar 2019
Crystal And Gemstone Bracelets

Various colours and types of crystals / gemstones. ex moonstone, clear and strawberry quartz

U5 - u8 ea
19. 17 Mar 2019

Swan bush, mixed / deep red hollyhock, mixed sweet peas, large double teddy bear sunflowers

U2 / 40
20. 14 Mar 2019
Coffee Percolator.

Ronson coffee machine,  12(?)-cup capacity.  works well but no longer needed and I have no space for it in the new kitchen.

21. 14 Mar 2019
Fancy bathroom scales.

"Salter" Health Station Plus.  Model 9102.  Measures personal weight, body fat, total body water, Basal Metabolic Rate, muscle mass and BMI (Body Mass Index);  stores the personal data for up to 10 users.  Recently bought a new battery, hence part Units and part dollars.  Comes with manual;  all in good condition.  No longer needed.

Latest equivalent new model seems to be around $120.  See 

12 Units plus $7.
North Adelaide
22. 12 Mar 2019

Large ironing board with covering in good condition.

23. 2 Mar 2019

I can offer babysitting services, with experience in both a childcare and home environment.

Bellevue Heights
24. 2 Mar 2019
Baked Goods

I can offer baked goods, such as biscuits and brownies.

Bellevue Heights
25. 2 Mar 2019

I can write memoirs for interested parties.

Bellevue Heights
26. 28 Feb 2019
Off-cuts and samples of curtain fabric

I am trying to de-clutter and have a large bag of assorted curtain fabrics which have been given to me over the years. I have used much of it for making bags and other crafty things. There are small, medium and a few larger pieces. I used a lot of the smaller pieces for patchwork. I am happy to give it away in small or large quantities.

Windsor Gardens
27. 28 Feb 2019
Avocado seeds

32 avocado seeds, cleaned, useful for dying cloth (or for the other purpose . . . ).

North Adelaide
28. 28 Feb 2019
Glass Jars

12 glass jars, suitable for jams, pickles, etc.

29. 25 Feb 2019
ECH Management

No detail provided

Contact me
30. 22 Feb 2019

I have some stock plants for sale

Walkley Heights
31. 21 Feb 2019
Drawstring produce bags

Gauze produce bags with a drawstring. Washable, light as a feather . will not impinge on weight of goods at checkout. Sewn on an overlocker, so the seams won't give way.

$3.00 for two or $2.00 each
Windsor Gardens
32. 18 Feb 2019
Miniature sculptures

“The Girls are back in Town”

I hand sculpture these little hens out of modelling clay.

They make lovely gifts as they are presented in a paper mache gift box, or you may just like one for yourself as they are very cute.

25 units each
Mitchell Park
33. 15 Feb 2019

Never used Australian made "Wild Country" backpack/picnic set comprising of:

2 plates, 2 plastic goblets,, 2 knives, forks, spoons, bottle opener, padded cooler wine bottle bag, sealable pockets for mobile, cash etc. 

12 units
34. 9 Feb 2019
Gardening Australia Magazines

My collection of Gardening Australia magazines is gathering dust and I'd love to pass them on to anyone who is interested. All together I have full sets of magazines for 2016 and 2017 plus half sets (6 months+) for 2014 and 2018. They are all in good condition and the yearly sets have indexes. Thye would make an excellent addition to community garden libraries.

Gardeners and community gardens
35. 30 Jan 2019

all fabrics , cottonssilk/naturtal fibres/wools/embriodery/ all good for crafts

36. 30 Jan 2019
Craft, gardening,cooking,travel,fashion etc

rare and valuable, collected overseas mainly USA, Canada

37. 28 Jan 2019
Meerkat sleepingbag onezee

Bought at Aldi last year and used once, it was a must have for daughter who finally realised it was not as comfortable as her normal sleeping bag.

Size small 5.1 ft to 5.6ft

156-169cm height

85-95cm chest

85-105cm hip

Great condition

Pick up Elizabeth Grove

Elizabeth Grove
38. 27 Jan 2019

Large range of succulents available.

39. 27 Jan 2019

Foot reflexology - benefits the whole body and brings the body

back into balance.

- one hour session

25 units and $25
St Peters
40. 27 Jan 2019
Psychotherapy, Counselling, Arts Psychotherapy

Counselling, coaching, support. As an experienced Psychotherapist, Arts Psychotherapist, Disability specialist and Clinical Supervisor I can provide support to assist you through challenging times in your life, even if you live remotely, have a disability or transport issues which make accessing face to face services difficult. If you are 'on the road' I can still meet with you regularly via skype, or another online webconference in order to work with you and provide consistent support. I am also a trained Supervisor and can provide Supervision online. Glenda is an Arts Psychotherapist with relevant tertiary qualifications including Neuroscience, Disability studies and Arts Therapy, and has completed extensive further professional development training over the past 20 years. She is a professional member of ANZACATA and holds clinical indemnity insurance with BMS. Glenda has had a number of arts therapists roles in the past, working with a variety of client groups and organizations, including Palliative Care at the Women's and Children's Hospital, and in Mental Health services. Glenda is currently a guest lecturer and assignment marker at Flinders University and Adelaide University, and she teaches in the Bachelor of Arts Psychotherapy program for Ikon Institute of Australia. Prior to her semi-retirement she was Head of School for Ikon Australia. For the past three years Glenda has worked extensively with Social Workers in Mongolia to develop arts based programs for children and adults in significant need. She has peer reviewed for the Psychotherapy and Counselling Journal Australia, and provides online and face to face arts Psychotherapy, clinical supervision and professional development training to other clinicians across Australia and abroad.

41. 23 Jan 2019
Microwave preserving.

I have had many requests to show people how I preserve fruit in my microwave. This can be in my home or theirs. Please ph 0411588734 ONLY after March 23rd 2019 to arrange times. One person at a time or a small group.

Negotiable-depending on time needed. Happy to accept all units or 50/50 to suit you.
42. 23 Jan 2019
Non leather sandals size 36 (Aus 5)womens

Non-leather sandals, brand new, from mail order (Innovations code TCSB)

Adjust at toe, instep and heel, very comfortable but a bit too long for my size.

43. 23 Jan 2019
Kombucha SCOBY

Kombucha is a fermented probiotic beverage. You can make your own using tea, sugar and a SCOBY. A SCOBY is a thick, rubbery and cloudy mass that aids the fermentation process. We have several healthy ones available for 10 units each with pick up from the CBD. Please note, you will need your own jar, big enough to brew your kombucha. 

44. 23 Jan 2019

This jewellery is all handcrafted by me. As well as selling it at the One Planet Market, I have been selling my jewellery for many years at the Pepper Street Gallery and Gallery M.

This jewellery makes a lovely gift, or a present for yourself.

I gain a lot of enjoyment from sharing it with other people.

Mitchell Park
45. 23 Jan 2019
Jewellery Repairs

I repair simple beaded jewellery. If you have a beaded necklace, bracelet or earrings that need repairing or remaking, please see me at the One Planet Market or contact me directly. If you have some beads and an idea for something you would like to have made, I may be able to help.

The necklace pictured is made from clear glass vintage beads which I bought at an op shop, and combined with some black glass beads. I finished it off with a fob clasp which makes the necklace easy to put on and take off.

As advertised
Mitchell Park
46. 23 Jan 2019

Dressmaker , patternmaker. Alterations. Upcycled fashion.

30 units per hour
Christies Beach
47. 23 Jan 2019
Maroon round table cloth

Plain maroon round table cloth, 172cms diameter. In good condition. Probably non-iron.

48. 17 Jan 2019

Can edit documents as well as design promotional material or other booklets.

Clarence Gardens
49. 17 Jan 2019
Web Admin

Assistance with web maintenance.

Clarence Gardens
50. 14 Jan 2019
Tietop net produce bags

$1 and 1 unit each.
Happy to negotiate a price on orders for multiple bags .
Can bring to market but please advise in advance if you require numbers as supply can be quickly depleted by demand
at shops who stock our bags.

1 unit and $1
51. 10 Jan 2019
Cafe and Catering

Cakes, biscuits, finger food(s), desserts.  Gluten-free and nut free welcome.

I can provide these for dinner parties, cafes, afternoon/morning teas, birthday/other celebrations.

All items made to order, and can deliver to 15 km raduis from Brompton

50% cash; 50% units
52. 10 Jan 2019
Transport (car only)

I can transport goods and people within the metropolitan area. Phone best contact; at least 1/2 days' notice preferred.

Mileage is cash; transport units/dollars 

Mileage: $0.70/km; transport negotiated
53. 7 Jan 2019
Cafe Worker

Volunteer in Hope's Cafe, Beulah Park

54. 7 Jan 2019

Bountiful flowers from our garden at most times of the year

55. 7 Jan 2019
Greeting Cards

Handmade greeting cards

56. 5 Jan 2019
Used Pond Liner

Used Pond Liner, still waterproof. Size L 175 cms X W 115 cms.

Flinders Park
57. 31 Dec 2018
Bedrooms own bathroom

close to Newcastle and the Hunter Valley. 3 spare rooms with queen beds, 2 also have a single bed. Victoria Street train station a short walk. Short term guests thanks

50 first night then 40
East Maitland
58. 30 Dec 2018
3 Foam Boxes with lids

Previously used for dry ice. Have been stored in cupboard. Lids fit firmly. Good for drinks at a party, or transporting food eg to picnic.

575W, 290H, 385D (size of a largeish microwave)

59. 30 Dec 2018
3D Metal Picture

Framed, 3D pressed metal picture. Wire on back for hanging.

60. 29 Dec 2018
Jade Plant

Anyone interested in a large jade in a 60cm pot . Stands around 5 foot. In pot ten units on own 5 units

10 units
Salisbury Heights
61. 28 Dec 2018
Earrings for pearced ears

Pretty yellow and pink earrings for pearced ears. Brand new.

62. 28 Dec 2018
Cloth Hat

Cherry Red with cream trim.  Very pretty but not my style and not being worn.  Fully lined.

63. 28 Dec 2018
Collier's Encyclopedia (Set) FREE

Use for anything you like - craft/multimedia/repurposing/covering other books/informative wrapping paper/reading in the WC. These were good in their day. Covers in good condition.

64. 28 Dec 2018
Reflective Dog Harness - Medium Dog

Dog harness, sold as a large but did not fit my smaller Labrador and definitely does not go around the German Shepherd.  Maybe large Spaniel or Staffy size?

Has plastic clips, and rings on the back to clip the lead on.  Got this for night time at the beach - hopefully someone else can make use of it.

65. 28 Dec 2018
Womens clothing bundles Size 14

I have a few shopping bags worth of women's clothing (most are approx size 14 but some are a little smaller or larger).  Mostly good to very good condition but not new. A few are more used.  Clean but not ironed and most have been stored in the cupboard for a while.

Tops, pants, skirts etc.  Probably most are casual styles or work casual.

I don't want to photograph each item separately so am happy to trade by the bag.  Will take offers in units per bag.  Obviously you can pass along what does not suit your needs out of a bag.

66. 20 Dec 2018

Small jobs

contact me
Port Norlunga
67. 19 Dec 2018
Design Consultation

Set Design, Interior Design, Landscape Design

68. 19 Dec 2018

Alice Springs - short term accommodation for young travellers in exchange for practical skills

69. 14 Dec 2018
Scoby For Kombucha


70. 3 Dec 2018
Tutor reading Child Sitter

I read with young people and this really helps them. I can also childcare them while I do it, and so hopefully help you too. Benefits: reading and schoolwork, life, self esteem, success.. it's hard to explain just how really amazing it is without sounding weird.I read to them From in utero, the earlier the better, to age 12 or 14 or more. This helps them a lot in all sorts of ways. With their academic work and in their future lives too.

This is hard to explain but it is real and totally beneficial. Ask to borrow my copy of MEM FOX'S book READING MAGIC. AND ALSO READ ON: Benefits: reading and schoolwork, life, self esteem, success.

Please bring them along to me and l will do this wonderful thing for them that will help them so much.
I can also childcare them while I do it, and so hopefully help you too.

Research shows that powerful brain development and empowerment happens for young people during reading with a kindly adult. Though to be honest I've heard scientists trying to talk about this phenomenon and really I think they're just trying to think of reasons why it could possibly have the wonderful effects that it does.

We find that truly amazing things happen in young people's brains and minds when someone reads with them. It fits them for success in their life better than any other single process, not just for reading and school but for life. And it's very enjoyable for both of us.

I have three spots available in my week currently, 10-11.30am M, W & F neg. Other times are possible, just ask me about what you need and we can talk about it.

Please bring your children for childcare and I will read with them. From in utero (the easiest ones to bring) to aged 12 or 14 years or older! This will help them in school and in life, and they and I will have a lot of fun and laughter.

Tutor preschool or primary .

15 units 1 hour
71. 3 Dec 2018
Reading To Babies Or Toddlers

Reading with children is unbelievably beneficial and the younger the better. In fact one should even read to them in utero. It helps them develop language skills of course but also general thinking skills which has a flow on to other subjects. (I can Tutor and coach maths if needed.)

I am happy to babysit/give childcare to these children at the same time if they are brought to me where I live at the Bupa Aged Care Facility at the above address.

15 units/hour
72. 3 Dec 2018
The Heights school skirt, size 24

One school skirt for The Heights School. Size 24... but in my eyes it looks more like a size 18, the sizing for school uniforms is whack. I'm pretty sure the style is still current but best sight it to check... I bought this new for one of my kids about five years ago and it was never worn, but still needs a wash because it spent time at the dusty bottom of a wardrobe. 10 units. 

If you're thinking of buying it to wear as an ordinary skirt, it is a shortish pleated skirt in a grey/navy/marroon plaid poly/rayon.

73. 3 Dec 2018
3 packs temporary hair dye, red colour.

Three packs of Schwarzkopf LiveColour in Red Embers colour. I bought these about five years ago so up to you whether you think they are still OK. You could turn a fair bit of hair red with this much dye. 5 units the lot.

74. 3 Dec 2018
Bag of Mixed Ladies Clothing

One garbage bag of mixed ladies clothing, various conditons and types, size 8 to size 20.  None of them are particularly trendy or high resale value, but all of them I think have potential use left in them.  5 units the lot.

75. 2 Dec 2018
Diet, training, meal plans

From lived experience, I can guide you to whatever goals you may desire whether it is weight loss, bodybuilding, muscle toning, clean eating or healthy lifestyle. I myself have lost 29kg in 18 weeks and adopted a clean eating life. I will customize a plan for your individual body type, goal, food preference and lifestyle.
The diet that works is a diet that you enjoy. Focused on 6 meals a day, calorie and macronutrient tracking. I can work with a sedentary lifestyle if mobility is an issue or can incorporate exercise that fits you. I will teach you to use an app to track your food every day (this is key). Fortnightly/weekly progress photographs or meetings and communication thereafter are free.

Let me help you, motivate you and TRANSFORM YOU. This is my passion!

Flinders Park
76. 1 Dec 2018
Hair Dryer

1 No: Travel Hair Dryer.

Flinders Park
77. 1 Dec 2018

13 Rocks of various shapes & sizes.

Flinders Park
78. 1 Dec 2018
Hose Reel

1No: Usable Garden Hose & Reel.

Flinders Park
79. 26 Nov 2018
Fine knit, beaded, fuchsia twin set

fine knit (med) fuchsia, beaded twin set

Rockmans brand

Excellent condition

80. 24 Nov 2018

Traditional massage, full-body or head/hands. For relaxation, sports people, busy people after too much computer time, etc. I can do a seated option if you don't have the mobility to get on the massage table.

At my house unless otherwise arranged. (Travelling much of a distance may require a small contribution in Federal currency).

Strictly non-sexual only.


81. 19 Nov 2018
Intuitive Life Coaching

Let me help you set some Life Goals and work towards achieving them. Life Coaching techniques. Oracle readings extra.

U45 / hour
82. 7 Nov 2018


83. 7 Nov 2018
Kahuna Massage


84. 7 Nov 2018
Heat Bag

Filled with rice scented with essential oils

Marion Bay
85. 7 Nov 2018
Naturally Dyed Produce Bags

Different sizes

Marion Bay
86. 7 Nov 2018

First consult 1-1.5hrs- 110 Second consult 1 hr- 80

Flagstaff Hill
87. 6 Nov 2018
Vintage And Bric A Brac

Vintage homewares, crockery , linen

88. 5 Nov 2018
Spinning Handspun Wool

Spin fibres to make Pure Wool. For example, spinning Alpaca, any sheeps wool including Finn, Riomney, Corriedale. Can do it washed or unwashed. Will Charge 20 units per 100 grams. Variations will cost extra.

89. 5 Nov 2018

Can make Beanies, & scarves. Can use either commercial or handspun wool. Beanies 25 to 30 units each. Scarves 45 units each. Variations including Lace and multi colours will cost more

90. 5 Nov 2018

Make coloured doilies, beaded table runners, christmas ornaments Just ask me. Cost will depend on size and complexity.

91. 3 Nov 2018
Free Range Eggs

Fresh and free range eggs locally produced

contact me
92. 3 Nov 2018
Exchange For Goods

We have a market shop, goods available for work exchange.

15/ hour
93. 3 Nov 2018
Music Lessons

Exchange music lesson/seesion by

94. 2 Nov 2018
Cross Cut Shredder available for loan/hire

I am willing to hire out my under-utilised Rexel desktop-sized cross cut shredder (this is the one suitable for very sensitive documents as it cuts the paper into small pieces that can't be easily put back together) for a few days at a time. You pick up, shred your papers, and return it by the agreed date. Easy!

5 per weekend / 3 days
95. 1 Nov 2018
Reception / Secretarial Work For Offices Or Events

Short term temp available for workplaces, events or other. Answering phones, receiving mail, typing and data entry and any other related tasks. Adelaide Metro area or beyond, by mutual arrangement.

96. 1 Nov 2018
Writing Difficult Letters (or Emails)

I can help you get past emotional involvement or stress and express yourself concisely in writing. Examples might be writing a letter of complaint to Council, a letter discussing/proposing conflict resolution within your family, or perhaps putting together complex instructions for a house-sitter. Base rate and then negotiated according to complexity of task. I do not give legal advice as I'm not equipped to do so.

20 minimum
97. 1 Nov 2018
Gluten-free Baking

From time to time I cook cakes/rolls etc and can make extra if there is a demand. Subject to negotiation of suitable ingredients and cooking styles.

98. 30 Oct 2018
Heirloom Vegetable & Flower Seeds, many varieties

I am happy to post seeds around Australia. I have a large range. $postage

100% LETS Units
Doughboy, Gin Gin. Qld
99. 29 Oct 2018
Ring Binders/Folders

We have many heavy duty ring folders / binders which we don't need any more. Some are arch lever binders others are simple 2-ring folders.

1 unit each
100. 29 Oct 2018

Gutter cleaning, hedging pruning lawn mowing and of course weeding and much more

101. 29 Oct 2018
Christmas Time Pet Minding

We do dog sitting over Christmas school holidays for dogs any size and age at our 1300m2 property in the hills Limit 3 dogs at the time.

102. 28 Oct 2018
It And Computer Work.

Any thing hardware or software related, Windows based computers

contact me
Morphett Vale
103. 28 Oct 2018

Most jobs.

contact me
Morphett Vale
104. 27 Oct 2018
Cook Meals

I'll cook your meals at your hone or mine but please supply the ingredients

105. 26 Oct 2018
Books, clothing, etc.

I am putting my house up for sale so have many items to give away. I do need help in the decluttering process, thanks. I live at Fullarton

Contact me
106. 25 Oct 2018
12inch Celebration Cakes

Provide a 12 inch cake for a upcoming celebration. 1 week notice needed.

107. 25 Oct 2018
Computer Repairs

Centrelink card holders 1/2 price

Repairs, upgrades and fix any problems.

Help with understanding and setting up the NBN.

Up to 60 units per hour
Kurralta Park
108. 25 Oct 2018

Flat basket - my place or yours in Metro south

From $15/hr
Aberfoyle Park
109. 25 Oct 2018

Help early primary school children with their French homework

Aberfoyle Park
110. 25 Oct 2018
Shopping And Errand

Do shopping for the Elderly

Aberfoyle Park
111. 25 Oct 2018

I am a trained chef and can cook a wide variety of dishes. I love food so I take lots of pride in my work

Flinders Park
112. 25 Oct 2018
Art Lessons

Art for a social occasion like a hens night or boom club

Henley Beach
113. 24 Oct 2018

Cooking cakes

114. 24 Oct 2018

I can type up your assignments, correspondence, reports, etc.

Hackham West
115. 24 Oct 2018
Resume Writing

Update Resume or write a new resume from scratch. Including 30 min consultation

Elizabeth Park
116. 24 Oct 2018
Career Counselling

2 x 30 minute Career Counselling Sessions

Elizabeth Park
117. 24 Oct 2018

I make cakes and cupcakes for events or birthdays or just for a treat.

Kurralta Pk
118. 24 Oct 2018
Dog Walking/fitness Program Writing

Take dogs for walks, or write fitness programs for those that can afford to pay a normal personal trainer to do so.

Woodville North
119. 24 Oct 2018
Grocery Shopping

For those that are unable to

Woodville North
120. 24 Oct 2018
Meal Making

Prepare meals from my own home. For re heating at someone else’s home (will need groceries provided and meals to be picked up)

Woodville North
121. 24 Oct 2018

I do private home cleaning

122. 24 Oct 2018

I do Commercial cleaning

123. 24 Oct 2018

End of lease cleaning

124. 24 Oct 2018
Welding/metal Work new materials

I am an experienced welding tradesperson specialising in steel , stainless steel , aluminium , brass and copper , this price category is for starting with fresh materials( for new projects ) the rate in units is for labour only the dollar figure is to cover consumables and transport . The rate is variable depending on the scale , nature and location )If materials or hire services are required to complete the project these costs will be discussed before starting as they must be paid for on top of the rate Contact me with information detailing your project .

U20-u60/ hour+ $20-$40 per hour
Christie Downs
125. 24 Oct 2018
Welding /metal Work existing materials

Re work , this category is for re working/ fixing something that someone else has made or manufatured and also includes a variable rate depending on the nature of the re work /scale and location .once again if extra materials or hire costs are involved they must be paid for ontop of the rate. ( this could be as simple as needing a tiny tackweld on a saucepan to brazing broken cast iron Items ) the rate in units will be for labour only the dollor amount is for consumables and transport .

U10-u80/ hour plus $10-$50 per hour
Christie Downs
126. 24 Oct 2018

I have taught many apprentices and have the communication skills /patience and experience to teach anyone from young to old how to safely and effectively cut , weld, drill , sand and polish metal ,

contact me
Christie Downs
127. 24 Oct 2018
Clean car

Wash car vacuum

128. 24 Oct 2018
Broom clean

Sweep, yard, bbq area

129. 24 Oct 2018
Car service

Change Plugs, Leads, filter n Oil

130. 18 Oct 2018
Microwave Oven

Fully functioning Sharp Carosel microwave oven.  Surplus from my mother's house.

College Park
131. 16 Oct 2018
Art Work

I have a variety of acrylic paintings on canvas. Various sizes and designs

132. 16 Oct 2018
Akashic Records Readings

I do energy healing and past life regressions through the Akashic Records

133. 16 Oct 2018
Art Work

Assorted sizes and prices for different abstract art and intuitive art pieces

134. 12 Oct 2018
Cardboard chest - Pirates of the Caribbean

Cardboard chest - Pirates of the Caribbean

Great as a childs gift box or art endeavours

Size: 25cm length

13cm wide

15cm height

4 @ 1U each - together or can separate

please sms 0418662201 or email if interested

135. 11 Oct 2018

I have lots of glass Jars to give away all sizes, vegemite jars, pasta sauce jars etc available for anyone who would like them

Give away
Golden Grove
136. 5 Oct 2018
Jams, chutneys, sauces


137. 5 Oct 2018

Gourmet oyster mushrooms from my micro urban mushroom farm

Elizabeth Grove
138. 5 Oct 2018

Excess seasonal fruit from my garden

Elizabeth Grove
139. 5 Oct 2018

Excess vegetable and herb seedlings from my micro nursery

3 each
Elizabeth Grove
140. 20 Sep 2018
Waterproof dog jacket

New dog jacket (tried on but never used)

Black and Red, Waterproof and streamline.

Neck 49cm, Chest 70cm, Back length 50cm, Pet weight aprox 18-25kg

Size: 4XL

if interested please sms 0418 662 201 or email..thanks

12 Units
141. 20 Sep 2018
Dog Jacket

Dog Jacket

Used - Waterproof Dog Jacket

Good condition.. 45cm in length


please sms 0418662201 or email

12 Units
142. 11 Sep 2018
Knitted and other bags

I like to knit hand and other smallish bags.

I prefer not to knit with wool unless it is recycled. I prefer alternatives ike cotton, bamboo and hemp. Synthetic of course wears well.

Bags are designed for purpose i.e size and number and kind of pockets. 

Knitted bags need lining. Although I enjoy the knitting I prefer some one else to sew the lining.

I am also happy to knit other small items if you have small amouts of yarn that you need knitted up.

According to size and materials required, negotiable
143. 11 Sep 2018
Jam and marmalade

144. 3 Sep 2018
Steering wheel brace/security

Steering wheel brace..

Working order.. only comes with one key..

please SMS 0418662201 if interested

145. 26 Aug 2018
Vinyl chairs

Up to 6 available . 4 in good condition

Salisbury Heights
146. 18 Aug 2018
Mealworm kits

Do you have chooks, fish, lizards or any other little critters that like to eat bugs?

Then you'll probably know how expensive mealworms are.

So, why buy them when you can breed them?

I will supply you with the basic breeding stock and full instructions on building a home for them that makes it easy to breed and harvest them and full instructions on their care.

You'll get 20 beetles, 30 mealworms and 20 pupae, enough food for a couple of weeks and full instructions.

All for 25 units.

The weather's cold at the moment, so breeding has slowed right down. I'm currently taking orders for a month or so's time.

Gawler South
147. 3 Aug 2018
Adjustable Office Chair

Office chair, adjustable height for seat and back. Needs to go due to space reorganisation.

148. 29 Jul 2018
Housekeeping, And Deep Cleans - I Can Help!

I am a qualified cert 4 in cleaning in maintenance, from industrial to homes.

149. 29 Jul 2018
Assisting With Day To Day Responsibilities.

Whether its a helping hand hanging out the washing, or running to the shops for the weekly shop or even escorting to appointments, I'm willing to take the time out to make it a little easier for you.

150. 28 Jul 2018

I can take care of your house and animals while you are away. 50 units or $/day. Price negotiable.

50 units or $/day Negotiable
151. 12 Jul 2018

Pot plants, indoor/patio, sweetheart vine, variegated heart shaped leaves

Munno Para
152. 28 Jun 2018
Cleaning Regular

Regular cleaning of your home. Thorough, attention to detail, set price before the job starts. 5 yrs experience.

153. 28 Jun 2018
End Of Lease Cleans.

Take away one headache of moving. We will clean your rental to the agents requirements. We can patch holes, paint, yard cleanup, tile, and much more. Yours and the agent/owner satisfaction guarenteed. Prices start at $250

154. 26 Jun 2018
Art Print

The listing is for an art print, a4 is size, printed on 300gsm paper. I can either mail it to you (for an additional shipping cost) or we can arrange a pickup

155. 7 Jun 2018
Teaching Basketry

Member of Basketry SA; can teach a variety of techniques using natural or recycled materials

156. 7 Jun 2018

I have a large variety of herbs and spices available for units or exchange.

My website is for more info.

Mount Barker
157. 7 Jun 2018
Drum Kits

I have two intermediate range drum kits for trade.

Mount Barker
158. 12 May 2018

Can run errands, pick up/delivery of small items or offer lifts for those without access to a car.

Elizabeth Downs
159. 11 May 2018

I am a photographer, I offer Portraits for private use

160. 26 Apr 2018

Hand made all soy wax fragrant candles and art work

Contact me
Windsor Gardens
161. 25 Apr 2018
Quince Paste

Home made quince paste, fantastic on the cheese board! We also eat it with roast chicken/turkey instead of cranberry sauce.

Lots of small sauce-type takeaway containers, around 50g each, U2

3 larger containers over 300g each, U10 each

Happy Valley
162. 25 Apr 2018
Crocheted, Naturally Dyed Wool or Cotton Beanie

My beanies are one style as you see in the photo but you can choose the materials. Wool or cotton beanie dyed in madder reddish, onion skin orange, fig leaf yellow or black walnut brown. Colours are subject to availability of materials.

163. 24 Apr 2018
Studio unit in a Permaculture garden in the Adelaide Hills

I have a small studio available for 2 people. It has a queen bed and kitchenette, plus an ensuite bathroom.

It is situated on the Amy Gillett cycle trail and is a 5 minute walk to the town.

Woodside has 2 hotels, 3 cafes, a take away shop, a supermarket and eclectic gift shops.

There are wineries nearby who serve lunches and tastings, a chocolate and a cheese factory to visit.

Take time out and enjoy reading a good book, walk or cycle the 26km bike track, watch DVD,s ...just relax

164. 20 Apr 2018
Repair or Recover soft furnishings

I can recover damaged soft coverings on smallish items of furniture like chairs, stools, or other removeable things asPic sofa covers or chair coverings. I have before and after pictures if necessary. Send me a picture on email. or bring an example to Saturday Market; I would need to see item first hand.

Or call me o 0419147742 and we can discuss.


20 units per hour
165. 16 Apr 2018
Canna lilies - red

Potted Canna Lilies - yellow. Tall (grows 90-150cm), fast growing and easy to manage in a variety of conditions. Makes a good back-drop or screen. Two plants per pot (approx 25cm growth) and ready to plant out.

166. 15 Apr 2018
Canna Lilies

Potted Canna Lilies - yellow. Tall (grows 90-150cm), fast growing and easy to manage in a variety of conditions. Makes a good back-drop or screen. Two plants per pot (approx 25cm growth) and ready to plant out.

167. 1 Apr 2018

Lots of preserves available;

Quince paste

Eggplant chutney

Pickles (red onion, mustard)

Sweet chilli sauce (not hot - kids love it)

Lemon curd

Poached quince

Poached pears

Rhubarb/apple pie filling

Lilly Pilly Jam

Plum Jam

Mulberry Jam

Cape Gooseberry Jam

Strawberry/balsamic fruit topping

Assorted fruit leathers - very healthy and so good for the kiddies. Sugar and preservative free.

Healthy Snack Packs - using seasonal dried fruits and, nuts and seeds. Sugar and preservative free.

168. 24 Mar 2018
Retro wallpaper with art nouveau design

Roll of retro wallpaper featuring art nouveau images. I'm unsure of the length.

Encounter Bay
169. 11 Mar 2018
VHS video tape cases

We have two boxes of empty VHS videotape cases. Seems like a really bad idea to dump them. If you have use for them, please let me know.

170. 8 Mar 2018
General Herbal Advice.

Hi! I'm an experienced kitchen herbalist. I can advise on herbs appropriate to general health issues.

We can focus on easily obtainable, local herbs - plants that you can easily find in your kitchen, garden or even local parks!

That means almost no cost , you probably have your remedy close by right now!

Gawler South
171. 28 Feb 2018
Advice For Starting Homeschooling

I have worked as a governess, teacher's aide, personal tutor, taught literacy and computing to adults and I homeschooled my own children for a number of years.  If you would like some help and advice on choosing whether to homeschool or not, what method or style of homeschooling to use and how to get started I can help.  

20 units per hour
172. 17 Feb 2018
Water softener Salt

1 unopened bag of Crown HG Water Softener Salt - 25Kg

5 units
Golden Grove
173. 17 Feb 2018
DVD Covers

We have some empty DVD covers available.

standard covers that can hold up to 2 DVDs (5 covers for 1 unit)

4 covers which can hold 10 DVDs each (3 units each)

4 that can hold 4 DVDs each (2 units each)

3 units
Golden Grove
174. 8 Feb 2018
Fire wood. Ready for this coming winter

Large quantity of fire wood from a tree lopped in 2015. Well weathered and stacked in my backyard. Suitable for open fire or large pot belly stove.Help yourself.

175. 31 Jan 2018
Pawpaw jam

These jams were made by a Queensland member and I took the opportunity to get some jars when a friend from there was visiting Adelaide. I bought a few extra in case others would like to try something a bit different to the usual jams available here. I'm offering them for the same unit price I paid.

9 per jar
Windsor Gardens
176. 22 Jan 2018
Free information and support on viral hepatitis

Hepatitis SA is a not-for-profit community-based organisation which provides accurate, up-to-date information on hepatitis B and hepatitis C. We are funded through SA Health and occasional grants. All our services are FREE of charge. We provide:

- print information (online order form:; no P&H charges

- support over the telephone (1800 437 222)

- facilitated support groups at Port Adelaide and Kent Town

- online information (

- updates on social media (Twitter - @hep_sa; FB  - HepatitisSA)

- weekly SMART recovery groups

- free information talks/presentations

- workforce training and education on viral hepatitis

More information: or 1800 437 222

177. 21 Jan 2018

Mixed set of Glasses :- Tumblers, champagne flutes and cocktail glasses

5 units
Golden Grove
178. 15 Jan 2018
Meeting Venue

Meeting venues seating either 40 or 120 people

Payneham South
179. 15 Jan 2018

Catering for large and small groups including coffee, morning and afternoon tea and meals.

Payneham South
180. 5 Jan 2018

Honey 1 kg tub

6 units plus $5

181. 5 Jan 2018
Wooden cutting boards

Medium pine cutting boards (unoiled)

182. 5 Jan 2018
Wooden cutting boards

Small pine cutting boards (unoiled)

183. 5 Jan 2018

700 g jars. 4 units plus $2

184. 26 Nov 2017
Ceramic Drink Decanter

3 units
Salisbury Heights
185. 12 Oct 2017
Book cases

Approximately 5 foot 6 by 5 foot 6 inches. a wood one. 25 units

Melamine - white 6 foot by 3 foot a bit shabby 5 units- stable enough but lost facia on a couple of shelves

5- 25 units
Salisbury Heights
186. 6 Oct 2017

Common mint, oregano, sweet majoram, sage, chives..

We have more herbs than we use and never quite enough time to dry them for future use.

Mitchell Park
187. 22 Aug 2017

Purple Irises available will need to collect or arrange delivery may be able to take them to a LETS Market

1 unit each
Golden Grove
188. 16 Aug 2017
Organic arthritis oil and cream

Home-made magnesium oil and my newly perfected cream is very good for arthritis and releives pain a stiffness. My fingers, muscles and joints are much less painful and more supple.

I use safe, quality ingredients including genuine essential oils.

189. 1 Aug 2017
New life for old implements

Have garden tools or other things that need handles attached ?or have plastic handles you want to get rid off.

Can try to weld them on, I did to a few of mine by welding.

Send me a picture and I can see what I can do.

Contact me
190. 8 Jul 2017
Typing projects

Offering to type up Essays for School and similiar projects. I also have a simple format for Life stories, I am willing to share and type up for you.

15 units @ hour
Golden Grove
191. 8 Jul 2017
Elderly Care and Assistance

I am offering to assist the Elderly or those recovering from an illness or injury with Light Housework, Meal Preparation, Shopping, Some Gardening jobs, Respite/Companionship, Travel to attend appts or a Social outing. I am a qualified Aged Care Worker Certificate 1V in Lifestyle and Leisure including Dementia training and can also offer Activities, such as Board Games, Arts and Crafts. Preferably in the North Eastern or Northern Suburbs, my availability will also depend on whether I have paid work as a nanny at the time. I have a DCSI clearance, National Police Check, Current Provide First Aid and CPR

20 units @ hour
Golden Grove
192. 8 Jul 2017

Offering Nanny work or Babysitting in your home or mine preferably in the North or North East Suburbs or within 1/2 car drive and depending on my availabilty as I also get paid work as a nanny/babysitter.

I can keep the children entertained with arts and crafts, reading stories or outside play. I have a Current DCSI Clearance, Child Safe Environment Training, Provide First Aid,CPR and plenty of experience as a Nanny/Babysitter

15 units @ hour
Golden Grove
193. 1 Jul 2017
Flower & Vegetable Seeds

I have a selection of seeds

Flowers: Holyhocks- various colours,, Marigolds, Sunflowers,

Vegetable/Herbs Seeds: Apple Mint; Bok Choy or Asian greens; Parsley-curly; Spinach, Cape Goosberry, Capsicum, Coriander, lettuce pick & grow, Sweet Corn,and more. J

JUST ASK, or come to Payneham Markets. 0419 147 742

2.50 units per packet
194. 18 Jun 2017
Selling goods at One PLanet Market

If you have food, garden produce or goods you have made that you would like to sell for money at the One Planet Market, our Produce Stall can sell them for you. Take them to the stall on the day with prices marked and the stall holders will sell them and you can collect unsold goods and money at the end of the market. This stall is about increasing the viability of the local economy.

195. 16 Jun 2017
Cabin bag

Strong cabin size bag in excellent condition.

196. 16 Jun 2017
Cycling bag and pants

Good quality professional cycling bag (over the shoulder) New. See also women's cycling pants (below). Will accept 8U for the two.

5U or 8U
197. 11 May 2017
House numbers

We have a large number of house numbers  (every number except number 1) all other numbers available. They sell at Bunnings for $4.95 each.

1 unit each
Murray Bridge
198. 2 May 2017
Connecting the North to Eastern suburbs!

Hi everyone!

I am happy to provide a free service to CES members to help facilitate trades between our Northern members and Inner North East. (and beyond!)

If distance has ever stopped you from trading I'm here to help!!

I drive from Salisbury Heights to Windsor Gardens area every weekday, twice a day.  

You are welcome to leave your items for trade at my house and I can drop them  at Sue's for pick up by your tradee  (week days only!)

The only thing I ask is that your item is clearly labelled with who it is for to make it easy for myself and Sue to identify and organise.

If you want to leave things in the 'shop' at Sue's for trade feel free to use me as your courier too!

Please just contact me to let me know you are dropping something off.

Happy trading!

Salisbury Heights
199. 30 Apr 2017
Driving Help

Anyone needing someone to pick up medication and or shopping can help out

Just work out a time with me and it'll happen

I'd like to be reimbursed for petrol and time

U13/$12 per hour
West Croydon
200. 2 Apr 2017
MosaicTiled House Number/Name Plaques/Table Tops made to order

Mosaic House-Number or Names Tiles/Plaques/Table tops/Or anything else you'd like in Mosaic.

I transform old table tops or dressers,with Mosaics designs or motifs to brighten them it up. See picture of crab table

I can also make "to order" Mosaic Tiled House-number or House Name plaques. Size is 20cm x 14cm, Plus a longer thinner to suit a house Name.

Just give me a photograph of preferred motif, (for example) ying/yang or a picture; or any changes in colour or even Black & White: , Have a look at Sue Andrew's house number for example. Almost anything you like can be updated with mosaics . Please send me an email picture or give me a call on 0419 147 742 - Cheers Helen Burcham

20 Units
201. 28 Mar 2017
Sewing. Repairs, Alterations, Made To Measure, Upcycling

I draft patterns, made to measure garments. I will sew and fit according to your designs. I also upcycle vintage clothing for purchase.

Christies Beach
202. 26 Mar 2017

White Calla Lilies available

One unit
Golden Grove
203. 26 Mar 2017

I have a Number of rectangle/square lilac/purple tiles, could be used for tiling walls bathrooms or mosaics etc

Please contact for further information and if interested

1 unit
Golden Grove
204. 19 Mar 2017
Fruit trees, herbs and vegie seedlings

Herbs: various oreganos, various thymes, winter tarragon, chives, garlic chives, pennyroyal, various mints, pineapple sage, rosemary (blue or pink), cardamon, Vietnamese mint, marjoram, comfrey, dittany of crete, tansy, curryleaf tree, Brazilian spinach, Okinawan spinach, burnjelly plant, Herb Robert, dill, santolina, olive herb, winter savory, creeping savory, wood sage, valerian, angelica, costmary

Flowers: lavenders, ornamental sages, ornamental oregano, correa, clerodendron, swan river daisies

Vegetables: tree onions, seedlings of lettuce, broccoli, golden silverbeet, bok choy, pak choy, tomato, cucumber, Okinawan spinach, bulbine lilies,

Fruiting plants: strawberries, pineberries, strasberries, alpine berries, cape gooseberry, chilean guava, native raspberry, muntries, strawberry guava, mulberry (Wick's Fancy), pomegranate (Wonderful), goldmine nectarine, white desert peach, gingko, ice cream bean tree, Nanking cherry, strawberry guava

U3 - U10
205. 13 Mar 2017
2 X 45cm Aquariums

They are in a bit of a mess and may be missing one or more of the glass top pieces

5 each
206. 5 Jan 2017

Pen and Pencil Holders made from recycled materials, food tin covered in ribbon and used stamps or used stamps only

1 unit + $1
Golden Grove
207. 5 Jan 2017

Lots of Aloe Vera plants available Large and small

1unit for small and 2 units for large
Golden Grove
208. 2 Jan 2017
2 litre plastic drink bottles

Happy to save for collection or to bring to markets.  If anyone wants 2 litre milk bottles I will save rather than recycle. We have about 10/fortnight.

209. 30 Nov 2016
Colour embellished Hessian Carry Bags / Sewing Repairs

I am making new Multi Coloured Carry Bags hand embellished with Multi-coloured Fabrics and some more lHeavy Duty Linen with coloured medalions. they will be similar to picture

I can make to order, within 2 weeks, let me know if you have a colour preference

I also do sewing and alerations. Just call on 0419 147 742

Have a look at the Saturday Markets at Paynneham - picture

10 Units
210. 22 Oct 2016
Teaching Literacy

I have been tutoring in literacy for 25 years. I have taught both children and adults to read, spell and write . I also teach ESL.

211. 22 Oct 2016
Knitting Lessons

Basic knitting skills . ii would love to teach you to knit. I have plenty of wool and needles you can use to start with. Knitting is a very useful skill if you have young children as you can make good quality garments at relatively little cost.

212. 26 Jul 2016
Lavender Bags and Rosemary Bags

Small lavender bags to hang in wardrobe or put in drawers. Good to keep moths and Silverfish etc away.

Or for when storing your woolies away after the winter months. or just to sweeten your linen Cupboard

Also Rosemary dried. Good for Hair Rinse

3 units
213. 24 Jun 2016
You help me and I help you

My skills are many and varied.

I am happy to offer 5 units to anyone who refers me to another for the services I offer.

You may choose to save them to use, pay for my services or gift to others.

The units are as follows,

25U/hr or 20 concession/pension(aged and DSP). That includes travel time.

Pretty simple really.

Sharing the love



Windsor Gardens
214. 8 Jun 2016
Home maintenance

Hi friendsl.

I can do most of what is required to maintain, fix or upgrade most properties within fifteen kilometres of windsor gardens. I have many tools and comprehensive knowledge that I am happy to share.

All weed control is chemical free. you are able to maintain the integrity of your soil.Very nice :)

I have a 7x4 heavy duty trailer, lawn mower, whipper snipper, slasher, electric chainsaw and brush cutter amogst many other tools and equipment.

Thanks for having a look.

B :)

U25 or 20 for low income
Windsor Gardens
215. 8 Jun 2016

I have a 7 x 4 ( 750KG) trailer for use for moving anything. I can deliver and pick up. pensioner concessions(20u/$) apply.

my labour is also for hire.

Go LETS :)

Windsor Gardens
216. 8 Jun 2016
Guitar and vocal teacher. filming and DVD production

Welcome to

When you find what you are looking for, please contact me on 0438181754, 82664137 or

Guitar Tuition

Since 1988 I have performed in different bands. since 2000 I have been tutoring guitars (electric, acoustic and bass) and vocals in a variety of schools, at my home (by audition only) and exclusive in house private tuition.

As of October 2010 I have also been conducting online lessons.

My passion extends back further than memory and has always been the driving force behind my motivations.

I accept all people who have a genuine desire to fulfil their ambition to be as great a guitarist, vocalist or musician in general, regardless of their level of skill. I truly know what it is like when you are a novice and the challenges to be met and can assist.

My style of tuition is universal and modern using contemporary software and hardware all quite simply utilized.

I have guitars and amps for hire also

Private tuition is available via audition only. Don't worry about your level of skill. It does not matter to me if you have a good attitude.and the first lesson is FREE!

Videography & Photography

The other part of this equation is videography and creative video production.

I continue to film and produce DVD's for many bands, gatherings, major events including volunteer work with conservation groups.

I specialize in performances of bands in particular! Parties, weddings independent film and many other occasions are in the bag also. Let’s walk.

Experienced in capturing live performances, including audio, video and stills.

  • 2006,2007,2008 Junior Rock Eisteddfod at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre
  • 2006, 2007 and 2008 Rock Eisteddfod Challenge (JRock)
  • Numerous live and local band performances.
  • Weddings

Sound Engineering

  • Live mixing & recording
  • Studio mixing & recording

25 units per hour or 15/half hour
Windsor Gardens
217. 6 Jun 2016

We have new hardware items we are selling for a friend. Items include Cut off disks, wood screws, spring clamps, fence post toppers, hose fittings and other assorted items.

Various 1-5 units
Murray Bridge
218. 29 May 2016
Drop off point

  • To facilitate trades between members who may find it difficult to meet up for the buying and selling of goods, we can offer our address in Windsor Gardens as a drop off point for delivery and collection.
  • This is a FREE service, but we do ask that you adhere to some simple rules -
  • Goods for delivery need to be labelled for the intended recipient. This is essential as there has recently been some confusion.
  • Goods need to be collected from our place within 2 weeks, please. We have limited space to store goods.
  • Its essential that both parties are aware of the arrangement. We will not be chasing people to collect their goods. If goods remain uncollected after 2 weeks or you have not been in touch to make another arrangement, we will assume you no longer want the goods and they will be disposed of.

Windsor Gardens
219. 29 May 2016
Trading tips

  • OK, so you've registered to trade or perhaps you registered some time ago but haviing a bit of trouble in getting started. If your initial offers didn't attract buyers, there's always other things to try.
  • I'm happy for you to come to our home at Windsor Gardens and spend about an hour with you. I'll show you on my laptop (or yours) how to access your online account, how to process a trade, how to look up everyone else's offers and wants (both here and interstate), give you some trading tips, etc. etc.
  • Once you get going you'll see how easy it is, so get in touch and you'll soon be trading.
  • This is a FREE service.

Windsor Gardens
220. 29 May 2016
Hessian sacks

We can sometimes get hessian sacks (used for coffee beans). I use them in my worm farm and also when germinating some seedlings like carrot which like to be kept moist. I saw some being offered for sale as potato sacks - sprouted potato/s in the bottom and keep hilling them up as they grow, then empty the bag to harvest. You may have other uses. Sometimes they have a nice design so you could perhaps use them in craft projects.

Windsor Gardens
221. 29 May 2016
Use of Diggers Seeds membership

I have a Diggers Seeds Club membership and am willing to use my members discount to obtain seeds, plants, etc. for you. Some seeds and plants are only available to members.

To view their latest catalogue go to\_Lowres.pdf

I don't want any units for this service, but you need to pay before I obtain the seeds or plants for you.

Contact me
Windsor Gardens
222. 29 May 2016
Curry leaves

To help create an authentic Indian flavour to your curries you need to add some curry leaves.

2u per bunch
Windsor Gardens
223. 29 May 2016
Invitation to lunch and/or garden

Would you like to join us for a casual, simple vegetarian lunch at our home in Windsor Gardens? If its a sunny day, it will probably be cooked in our sun oven.

AND/OR - you may like to have a tour around our permaculture/cottage garden (we are by no means expert and its a lot of trial and error but you may like some cuttings or seedlings).

You can also browse the LETS shop while you're here and get some tuition in using the CES online system if that would help you with trading.

If you like to use public transport, we are a 20-30 min. ride from the city, route 281, stop 23.

Windsor Gardens
224. 26 May 2016
Membership of Sustainable Communities SA

Membership of Sustainable Communities is now due for renewal. If you would like to join now is an excellent time to do so.

Sustainable Communities SA is a non profit membership based community organisation. The focus of activity is on individual and household behaviour change towards living a one planet lifestyle and bringing people together to to rebuild more cooperative, human scale, resilient and ecologically sustainable communities.

We have many local groups who support each other in both personal change and community activity. Currently we have active groups in Unley, Felixstow/Klemzig, Blackwood, Mt Gambier, with the Joslin group running Essential Edibles swap and share.

In our community groups we look at our use of the earth's resources, like energy, water, food, housing, transport, waste and at our community connections. In our society we use more than our fair share, so we need to reduce our own consumption and change it to more renewable and sustainable methods. We also encourage our families, friends, neighbours and communities to do so too. We create cooperative community activities like the One Planet Market to do this. We have fun and make friends and connections along the way.

See our website:

10 per year
225. 26 May 2016
Market tent for hire

For Hire:

Blue shade canopy, 3m x 3m. Has 3 sides if wanted, but no floor. Suitable for shade or rain cover for a market stall etc. Self supporting structure, no guy ropes, comes with all necessary weights and is in very good condition. Available for daily hire for units or dollars plus units. The hirer is responsible for returning it in a clean dry state with no damage.. If there is damage the hirer is responsible for repairs done to a professional standard.

$10 and 10 units, or 20 units
226. 26 May 2016
Paper Shredder for hire

Do you need a shredder occasionally to shred confidential papers? I have one collecting dust in between uses. In the interests in reducing the use of the earth's resources I am happy to lend it out for other people to use.

227. 26 May 2016
Worms and Worm juice

Worms for your Worm farm and Worm juice, available from my home in Felixstow or at One Planet Market. Worm juice is an excellent fertiliser. Worms available for new farms.

I have plenty of worm juice again

5 units per 2 litre bottle of worm wee
228. 25 May 2016
Crocheted pot scrubbers

Made from acrylic yarn & nylon ribbon. Using my stash so colours will vary & this will not be an ongoing offer once I have used up my existing resources.
Sizes do vary slightl. Machine washable.

Hoping to get some to The Spire on the 8th even though I am not attending

4 units each
229. 25 May 2016
Blank greeting cards

Hand-made cards made from original photographs. Available from Payneham One Planet Market, LETS shop at Windsor Gardens or directly from me. Can be posted or a drop-off point arranged.

3U each or 20U for a gift pack of 7.

3U each or 20U for pack of 7
Windsor Gardens
230. 25 May 2016
Cashew paste

Cashew paste contains raw cashews and rice bran oil. Delicious spread on bread or toast.

Available at Payneham One Planet Market (pleaae order beforehand) or by contacting me directly.

Price varies, depending on size (4U per 100g)

4U per 100g
Windsor Gardens
231. 25 May 2016
Fabric bowls

Fabric bowls approx 11x11cm (small) or 14x14cm (large).

Ideal for gifts.

Available at Payneham market, LETS shop in Windsor Gardens or directly from me.

U13 (small) U14 (large)
Windsor Gardens
232. 25 May 2016
All-purpose household cleaner

Miracle all-purpose cleaner with eucalyptus.

Can be use direct from bottle or diluted 50:50 and used as a spray.

Price from 4U depending on size

1U per 100g
Windsor Gardens
233. 25 May 2016
Gift packs of hand-made cards

Hand-made cards using my own photographs. Pack of 7 cards in cellophane bag tied with ribbon.

Each pack contains 7 different cards with a theme of eg flowers, reflections, leaves, scenery, animals. I can also make up assorted collections (any number of cards) to order.

Available from Payneham Market, LETS shop, pick-up from my home or by mail (cost of postage extra). Let me know in advance what theme you would like.

Windsor Gardens
234. 25 May 2016
Laundry liquid

Laundry liquid. Contains pure soap, washing soda, borax and water (can be made without borax if you wish to use water on garden). I can add eucalyptus or tea tree oil if you wish.

1 litre 2U

2 litre 4U

3 litre 6U

Containers not filled to top, to allow shaking or stirring.

Depends on size
Windsor Gardens
235. 25 May 2016
Hand-made bread

Hand-made bread - Multigrain, wholemeal, German grain and fruit bread

Low yeast content.

Can be frozen.

Bread rolls also available for 1.5U each

Half loaves 4.5U

U7 or 9 depending on size
Windsor Gardens
236. 25 May 2016
Drink Bottle Covers

No more condensation rings left on your furniture or soggy things in your handbag.

Covers are made of acrylic yarn so are easily washable.

You can see more pictures on my Facebook page

You don't need a Facebook account to be able to see the photos.

237. 25 May 2016
Family History Research-Contact To Put Name On Waiting List

I will create a six generation family pedigree tree for 150 units. This is created online using, you also receive a .gedcom digital file of your family tree, all purchased certificates and all stories, pictures and documents gathered during the research. Depending on the difficulty of the research this can take two months or more.

If you would like transcripts or original copies of birth, death or marriage certificates these are to be paid for in cash prior to ordering.

I have a range of resources to assist me in research - CDs, books, subscriptions to and, Scotlands People and more.

My website is

If you are interested in having a family tree constructed for you please contact me ASAP so that I can put your name on my waiting list.

238. 25 May 2016
Photo Restoration

I can scan photos and create a restored digital image. You can either email digital photos or scans or bring photos to the One Planet Market for me to scan and restore. I will give you a disk with your restored photo or email it to you. This is a very labour intensive process so the units charged will be per hour.

20 units per hour
239. 25 May 2016
Website Design & Maintenance

Would you like a website for your business, community or sporting group or maybe to showcase your hobby? I can make you a site with photo galleries, music & video players, contact forms and more. I use WordPress as the content management system for websites I design and I can teach you how to maintain your site or I can do it for you.

Domain name registration and website hosting are separate costs which need to be paid in cash.

Sites which I have designed recently are Saving Graves Australia, Full Tilt Janis and A Bag And A Hat

20 units per hour
240. 25 May 2016

Crocheted adult hats. I have a variety of original crocheted, embellished hats woolen, cotton or acrylic yarn which I bring to the market or I can also post them.

You can see more pictures on my Facebook page

You don't need a Facebook account to be able to see the photos.

241. 25 May 2016
Crocheted Mobile Phone Pouch

Crocheted mobile phone pouch with strap to hang around neck.

Assorted colours, made from acrylic yarn for easy washability.

You can see more pictures on my Facebook page

You don't need a Facebook account to be able to see the photos.

242. 25 May 2016
Blog Setup

Do you have a hobby or issue you're passionate about and would like to share it with the world? A blog is a great way to do this. I can set up a blog for you and teach you how to use it or I can show you how to set one up and you do it yourself. There are free blog sites such as and or you can purchase a domain name and web hosting and host your own blog. I can help you with either of these scenarios. My blog is at Kylie's Genes Blog

20 units per hour
243. 21 May 2016
Orange net bags

I collect the net bags that oranges come in and am happy to share my excess.

Fruit growers especially citrus
244. 21 May 2016
Out-of-date calendars

I also collect old calendars as the photos and/or art work are beautiful. The paper is good quality and excellent for origami and other paper crafts.

3 for 1 unit
245. 18 May 2016
Mini cactus gardens and indoor/outdoor pot plants

Selection of mini cactus gardens and indoor/patio plants in stylish pots - good gift idea. for Mother's Day. Can gift wrap and deliver in area.

From 8U-20U
246. 11 May 2016
Dog minding

I'm offering dog minding at my home.....but you would need to be ok with my having a permanent adopted greyhound....hence a medium to large dog would be suitable to babysit while you are away at my own home....

U10/$10 per day/night
West Croydon
247. 11 May 2016
Knitted Winter Fingerless Football Mittens

Anyone have cold about some knitted winter fingerless mittens either in football colours or colours of your choice.....let me know if you are interested

West Croydon
248. 11 May 2016
Crocheted knee rugs

If your cold on these cooler about a crocheted knee rug done in the colours of your choosing or even in your sports team colours...let me know will be happy to help out....

U20 & $20
West Croydon
249. 2 May 2016
Homemade Calendula Salve/Rub

This wonderful salve/rub is made from calendula infused ricebran oil and beeswax.

Calendula is beneficial for a multitude of ailments:

- When applied topically it's one of the best herbs for treating skin issues like burns, inflammation, cuts, scrapes, bruises, bug bites and stings, minor wounds, diaper rash, conjunctivitis, eczema, psoriasis, athletes foot and acne

- It works just like any anti-fungal, antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory

- As powerful as it is against these ailments, it's also gentle enough to use of babies, children and animals

- To add to the healing properties of this oil, I add a soothing blend of certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils.

15 Units
250. 26 Apr 2016
Bears - Knitting & Crochet with love

Hand Knitted bears 11 cm, 9 cm and 5cm -see picture (or a set of three Mum, Bub & Doll) orders taken with special colours to your request. Bears can be "just bears" or I can add clothes as in Paddington Bear or other special bears or wolves .

I will also take orders for preferred colour black bear, brown bear & clothing combinations.

See you at the Payneham Markets 3rd Saturday of each month

5 to 20 units size dependant
251. 26 Apr 2016
Knitted Upside Down Dolls (Topsy Turvy)

Hand Knitted Topsy Turvey Dollls (or Upside Down Dolls) aprox 17cm. Currrently in stock I have 1xlight brunette w Aqua dress turnover is Dark Redhead.Lilac dress. 2nd is Redhead withYellow dress & Red Flowers, turnover to Purple, Yellow & Lilac dress. 3rd is Bright Redhead with Green dress, turnoveer to Dark Brunnette with Sky blue dress. All with contrasting trims.

I will make to your preferred colour combinations approximately 2-3 weeks.-

I have some mohair pale aqua or pale lilain stock delivery time -

Also Red/White and Moss Green, in various combinations can be made these are Cotton.

Will bring to next Sustainable communities Market .

Give me a call on 0419 147 742 - Helen

10 units
252. 26 Apr 2016
Live Classical Music

For your special event. Can play solo violin or in duets or string quartet. My quartet is called Octavia String Quartet.

Final price will depend on number of musicians, amount of music required, and whether any special requests affect the amount of preparation required.

My comusicians may prefer cash if they are not LETS members.

253. 26 Apr 2016
Violin or viola lessons

Children or adults. I am a skilled violinist - achieved AMusA level.

I teach in my quiet, comfortable home studio, as well as at a local primary school as a Private Music Instructor.

Lessons can be 30, 45 or 60 minutes.

U15 +$15/30mins
254. 17 Apr 2016
Hanging files

hanging files for filing cabinets.

5 for 2 units
255. 15 Apr 2016
Laminate Posters, photos, newspaper cuttings etc

Willing to Laminate A4 size posters. photos, newspaper cuttings, whatever items for Lets units

Golden Grove
256. 9 Apr 2016
Succulent cuttings

A box of 15-30 succulent cuttings with at least 15 different varieties . Give us a call if interested and I will cut for you. Can bring to market at payneham if you want

Salisbury Heights
257. 9 Apr 2016
Business cards

Design and print business cards to suit you. Units only. No cash. 23 units for 50 cards.

25 u per 50 cards
258. 9 Apr 2016
World War one magazines

World War one magazines Take all for ten dollars

10 unit s
Salisbury Heights
259. 9 Apr 2016
Military Modelling Books

Too numerous to list

Can email list if you are interested

5-30 units
Salisbury Heights
260. 10 Mar 2016

Roses in pots. Colours include - Pink, Mauve, Yellow, Apricot and Red.

5 units each
Murray Bridge
261. 1 Mar 2016
Temporary accomodation

I have accomodation in the north east of Adelaide aproximately 8 km's from the GPO.

One large room and a smaller room in a large house( enough for three/four people maximum). separate shower/toilet and two meals( extra 5 units/day) upon request for a maximum of one week per casual visit or up to 4 weeks for the right person.

I would prefer to just do units also.

I intend to travel Europe soon and want to build up my points so I can hang with LETS members round the world.

Windsor Gardens
262. 29 Feb 2016

Various earrings, see pic

2 per set
Windsor Gardens
263. 2 Feb 2016
Jams, Brinjal Pickle, Sweet Chilli Sauce

** My jams and pickles are often available from the LETS shop, please check what stocks they have if I'm too far away from you for pickup **

Brinjal Pickle - The Indian Brinjal Pickle is a favourite recipe of ours and always seems to 'disappear' quickly. It is sweet, spicy, fairly hot and perfect with poppadums. From my home grown, organic eggplants.

Apricot jam - from my home grown, organic apricots.

Strawberry jam

Sweet Chilli Sauce from my organically grown chillies

U5 - U8 per jar
Happy Valley
264. 2 Feb 2016
Drop-off Point

To help with trading between different areas/groups, I am available as a drop-off point for goods, in Happy Valley.

Please contact me to let me know you will be using the drop-off point and I will give you my address.

Also please mark the goods with the recipient's name, and arrange for them to collect promptly.

Happy Valley
265. 2 Feb 2016
Wicking poly box kit

Everything you need to set up a self-watering mini-garden in a polystyrene broccoli box, except the soil. The concept is that a water reservoir below the soil allows water to wick up and keep the plant roots moist. There is very little evaporation so it is also a very economical way to water your plants.

Kit includes:
Poly box
Reservoir infill - usually juice or milk bottles
Watering tube
Geotextile layer to separate reservoir from soil
Full instructions to make more wicking poly boxes
Full instructions to make a full-sized wicking veggie bed in your garden

I have been using wicking beds for many years, the full size ones are indispensible if you have invasive tree roots! The small ones are perfect to try out the idea, or if you are renting and need a portable garden, or maybe as a gift to someone keen to start gardening.

Happy Valley
266. 2 Feb 2016
Loan of Fowlers Vacola electric preserving unit

I have a Fowlers Vacola stainless steel, thermostatically controlled preserving unit - ie water bath that heats the water to your choice of temp, up to boiling. It can also be used as a very large tea urn, with 34 litre capacity. Check out this link, it is the second one of the two described.

It is perfect for bottling your home grown fruits and tomatoes ("high acid") but not suitable for bottling veg or meats ("low acid") which require canning under pressure for food safety.

10 units per 4 day loan.

10 units per 4 day loan
Happy Valley
267. 2 Feb 2016
Loan of egg incubator for chickens, quail etc

I have an incubator which will hatch up to 24 chicken eggs at a time, it has automatic egg turning, the model is Janoel 24.

When I am not using it I am happy to loan it out. U25 for the 3ish weeks it takes to hatch a batch of eggs.

Happy Valley
268. 23 Jan 2016
Bedroom Suite

Beautiful bedroom suite with inlaid wood and marble.

Consists of Bed with ends (no mattress).

Two bedside tables.

One dressing table. top inlaid with marble - requires new mirror or can be used without mirror, still has backing board.

Five door wardrobe, middle door inlaid with marble.

Unusual piece - quality workmanship, beautiful suite.

269. 31 Dec 2015
Laundry powder

Homemade laundry powder

This homemade laundry powder won't produce mass suds like commercial cleaners, but it has the cleaning power that will remove dirt just as well... If not better!

This is a laundry powder with amazing dirt removing power!

You only need to use 1 teaspoon for a front loader or 3 teaspoons for a top loader!

5 - 10 units per jar depending on the size. (1 unit per 100grams)

5 - 10 units
270. 13 Dec 2015
Inspirational Posters

Inspirational Quotes, Poems or Sayings on A4 Laminated Posters

Golden Grove
271. 13 Dec 2015
Herbal bath tea salts

A new addition to my range of handmade bath salts... A bath tea.

Containing the same blend of ingredients in my bath salts, but with the addition of all natural herb and plant extracts.

Just like a herbal tea, it will infuse in your bath releasing the scents and aromatherapy benefits.

10 Units
272. 9 Oct 2015
Meditation/Yoga Detox Weekend Retreat

The next retreat is on 30th nov to 2 dec 2018 at Largs Bay, across the road from the beach. Meditation and yoga twice a day, deep relaxation, delicious vegetarian food (vegan also), one day fasting with veg/ft juice and vege broth, classes, beach walks, free time, fun, cooking class, sharing, songs, kiirtan. Accomodation is in single rooms. Suitable for beginners/and or those already doing meditation. All welcome. half units half dollars or all units, or any combination of dollars and units you like, $/units295 , $/units275 concession. Further concessions are available in exchange for helping in kitchen etc.

295u or 275u concessionor could be some dollars if you want
273. 5 Oct 2015
Preserved fruit

Jams, chutneys, dried fruit

Henley Beach
274. 4 Oct 2015
Fresh fruit and veg

Homegrown fruit and veg

3 units per serve
Henley Beach