Adelaide Local Exchange Trading System
# Added Details
1 16 Dec 2018
House and outside help

Hi I’d love some help with de cluttering any advice would be appreciated happy to pay U25/hour 

plus some help with getting a trellis put back up in car port as it was brought down by a recent thunderstorm thanks happy to pay units 25/hour thanks

2 14 Dec 2018
Homemade, Traditional Thai Green Curry

I’ll drop off and pick up my pot

3 9 Dec 2018
A ginger beer plant

One working ginger beer plant wanted


4 6 Dec 2018
Wax covers

Wanted..6 sets of waxed food covers of various sizes to give as Christmas presents

5 5 Dec 2018
Loan of Mulching machine (with or without operator)

I have some smallish loads of last year's prunings that are currently just taking up space.  If you have a mulcher and are interested to come and do the job here with your own machine, that would be great. It's probably about an hour's work.

6 5 Dec 2018
Someone to look at a not-currently working camera

I have a couple of older digital cameras that I'd like someone to take a look at.  They were given to me, and 1 has a jammed card slot.  I'd like to see if I can get 1 working to be able to use it.  Any camera/electronics wiz available?

7 3 Dec 2018
Help To Declutter My Room In Bupa Aged Care Facility.

My room has definitely become unacceptably cluttered but I have not been able to solve this problem. Some people have a gift for this sort of thing. I need the help of one of them.

8 3 Dec 2018
Transport To Library & Shopping.

I live at the address given above. I need help a couple of times a week to go to the library or to go shopping in the area here. But I badly need someone with a car who is willing to pick me up and take me where I need to go. I'm happy to offer a similar rate to the one I'm charging in my offers, 25/hour.

9 3 Dec 2018
General Helper.

Since a major stroke in 2016 I am quite a bit crippled. I can get out and about that but it is all very difficult for me and I'm very clumsy and klutzy wherever I go. Everything I think of that I want or need to do is difficult for me. I often need someone who would just come and help. Again similar rate 25/hour.

10 4 Nov 2018
Howard Kasschau Piano Course Book 5

Does anyone have a copy of Howard Kasschau Piano Course Book 5, Step by Step Mastery of the Piano (Schirmer, N.Y) that they could sell or hire out?

Picture is of Book 4, but I believe Book 5 has a similar cover.

Happy to pay either dollars or LETS units to cover postage.


11 31 Oct 2018
Old stretch fabric

At our community garden we use old stretch fabric (old T shirts, stretch leggings, etc.) to make into plant ties, so if you have any lying around we could make use of it.

12 30 Oct 2018
Water Kephir Grains

Does anyone have any water kephir grains I could have? Thanks

13 25 Oct 2018

Need help with decluttering ready for move. I am selling my place and would appreciate some help with packing have heaps to give away

14 25 Oct 2018
Indoor plants

Love to add more indoor plants including any air plants that I may not already have. Would be a bonus if already in a pot. Can collect in metro or city depending on location .  

15 24 Oct 2018
Yarn (not Wool)

Any type of full coloured Yarn not used with attached labels, either bamboo, cotton, acrylic or tshirt yarns. No wool blends

16 22 Oct 2018

Thimbles - will look at any type eg. plastic, metal etc. maybe someone has picked one up on their travels and no longer wants it. I would be interested. Thanks.

17 22 Oct 2018

Embroidery discs for a Brother (Snoopy) embroidery machine.

18 2 Oct 2018
Gutter and lichen clean

I need someone young and fit to remove leaves from a shed's gutters. I can supply the ladder. I have lichen on the galvanized iron of the bullnosed verandah of a tiny railway cottage which may need a pressure cleaner? 30 units per hour plus an extra 30 to cover travel to the Adelaide Hills. After October 11 please

19 1 Oct 2018
Variegated Snake plants

Does anyone have any variegated snake plants  I could have.  and/or peace lily. I am wanting plants from the list of plants  in the Nasa research for indoor plants which improve the air quality and remove toxins. Thanks 

20 1 Oct 2018
Fruit and vegetables

I am wanting fruit and vegetables from members gardens. I live in Felixstow Thank you

21 28 Sep 2018
Tuition for Apple Iphone6

During my visit to visit relatives in WA I was given my niece's old Apple I phone 6 which is a bit more modern than my old Windows phone. I'm getting there slowly but could do with some tuition. If you are familiar with this phone and live not too far from me at Windsor Gardens perhaps you could give me some help.

22 26 Sep 2018
Looking for a Cleaner

Hi im looking for someone to clean fortnightly. Just bathroom, toilet, laundry and vaccumm living area. 

23 11 Sep 2018

24 6 Aug 2018
Looking for Potassium hydroxide


I'm looking for potassium hydroxide to make liquid soaps. It seems difficult and expensive to get it online, so I'm reaching out to local soapmakers.

If you have some to spare or, even better, a reliable local supplier, I'd be very happy and shower you with units.



25 15 Jul 2018
Posting For Helen Burcham

HELP ME IF YOU CAN!  I've lost the stone from my engagement ring, from 20 odd years ago! So I'm asking whether anyone has any old, broken, unimportant or non-romantic jewellery pieces with a small pink ruby-like gem which might replace my stone.  We've been to a manufacturing jeweller who says he cannot source anything ruby-like. I can’t supply a picture as the jeweller has it at present.


Please give me a call if you think you can help, Helen 0419 147 742

26 7 Jul 2018
Purple bougainvillea

Does anyone have a flowering purple bougainvillea, preferably an old long established plant which is unlikely to be a modern cultivar. Some bougainvilleas have betacyanins in their flowers and I'm wanting to collect for a researcher.

27 14 May 2018
Lidded bucket - 5 litres

Seeking a 5litre bucket with lid in good condition.

Like the ones containing icecream or similar.

28 30 Apr 2018
Soda Stream Machine

I am looking for a Soda Stream or similar so I can make my own soda water.

29 22 Apr 2018
Wanted: Tillandsias

Looking for all different types of tillandsias/air plants please. Will pay postage in $$$

Also after some unusual succulents to extend my small collection

30 5 Apr 2018
Organic fruit and veg

Would like to get some organic fruit and veg

31 30 Mar 2018

Does anyone have any pomegranates to spare?

32 30 Mar 2018
Polypipe wanted please

Hi all,

I have just taken on management of a 50 tree orchard as part of my farm, and am looking to net as many trees as possible using polypipe for the frames. (I'm doing this for free so am hoping to be able to keep costs down!)

Obviously I need a fair bit, so would be greatful for any available


many thanks


33 24 Mar 2018
Catchup Hosts

We are always looking for Catchup Hosts. 

For those who haven't yet been to a catchup, these are low key affairs in a member's home or venue they have arranged.  Usually its on the first Wednesday of the month from 10am-noon, but this is flexible if the host prefers a different day and time.  Members bring along goods to trade and there's time to sit and chat (unlike markets which are often rather busy and noisy).  All the host needs to provide is somewhere to sit and put the kettle on for a cuppa.  Members bring a plate of something to share for morning tea.  Hosts sometimes choose to have a shared lunch or offer to cater lunch for a small unit charge - its all flexible.

Its a great way to meet and get to know fellow members.  Quite often this leads to trading which you hadn't even thought about. 

Do let us know if you'd like to put your hand up.  


34 22 Mar 2018
Book - Mick's Archaeology

I'm looking for a copy of Mick Aston's book "Mick's Archaeology" to own or borrow, Time Team fans will know who this is.

35 4 Mar 2018
Garden help and sampling

Weeding, pruning, planting help and takeaway produce to eat and/or enjoy, eg fruit, veg, herbs, flowers, cuttings, seedlings

25u/hr possible half units half cash

36 21 Jan 2018
Collecting berries of Malabar spinach

Take part in a great research project for a new food. I am aiming to collect as many dried Malabar spinach berries as possible this autumn. This is for a Polish chemist in Krakow who is analysing the betacyanins in the purple berries to assess their nutritional value - they may be a new super food. If you are growing Malabar spinach all that is needed is for you to pick the berries when they are purple and dry them in the sun or in a dehydrator. You can either give them to me at the OPM or post them to me at 42 Essex Street Goodwood 5034. I am happy to pay units for this.

37 19 Jan 2018
Car or bike

Car or bike equal value to swap for flooring installer service

38 1 Sep 2017
Fowlers vacola lid

i am looking for two fowlers vacola LIDS to fit no.19 bottles and RINGS if possible. They are quite small.

39 28 May 2017
Open Fire Hot Plate

I'm looking for a hot plate like the one in the picture.

40 27 Feb 2017
Silk rovings

Does anyone have any silk rovings suitable for craft work (eg felting)? Any colour or quantity as I am experimenting.

41 31 Dec 2016
Violin or viola sheet music or accessories

Any level, almost any condition, beginner to advanced. Piano parts optional.

I'm also looking to purchase unwanted fractional and full-size violins and accessories such as shoulder rests, chin rests, spare strings, cases etc.

42 28 Nov 2016
DK Books

I'm looking for DK books for my grandchildren.  4 year old is very interested in how things work, geography, craft, cars etc.

43 29 Aug 2016
Needle felting machine

I am looking for a needle felting machine to buy or borrow.

44 25 May 2016
Storage Bins or Tubs

Plastic or wooden storage containers with lids or baskets (without handles)

45 25 May 2016
1980s Compilation Albums

cds 80s pop. eg. Best Of 80s

46 25 May 2016
Musicals on DVD or CD

Stage musicals - Rogers & Hammerstein, Andrew Lloyd Weber...

On DVD or soundtracks on CD

47 25 May 2016
Local History Books, Booklets, CDs

Local History Books, Booklets, Brochures of South Australia, Australia, England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany.

48 25 May 2016
Genealogy Books or Magazines

Genealogy books or magazines - Australia and UK

49 26 Apr 2016
Fresh produce - fruit and vegetables

I'm interested in -

fruit - Granny Smith apples, peaches, nectarines, pears, apricots, pomegranates

vegetables - beans, carrots, pumpkin, zucchini, snow peas, sugar snaps, sweet potoatoes, potatoes, cabbage, leeks, onions, garlic, beetroot



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