Community Exchange Network Tasmania (CENTs)
# Added Details
1 22 Mar 2018

I’m looking for fertilised Faverolles eggs for cents

2 21 Mar 2018

I would like a massage (neck and shoulders)

I am interested in Offerings in 100% CENTs only

3 18 Mar 2018
Brush Cutting blackberries

I have a brush cutter with various attachments. Looking to work with someone to clear up sections of my property.

Happy to limit sessions to a couple of hours if need be, equally happy to work till a designated area is cleaned up.

4 14 Mar 2018
Laying And/or Meat Chickens

Looking to buy 4+ meat and/or laying chickens or fertile eggs

5 14 Mar 2018
Fruit Trees

Will consider any fruit or variety as long as long as it's a healthy tree

6 14 Mar 2018
Permaculture Design

Currently designing our new urban property and would love someone with there PDC to check it out and help us fine tune our design.

7 13 Mar 2018
Cleaning and painting.

I am looking for someone to clean walls and ceiling in Loungeroom and Kitchen. Also wall prep and painting of study and entry room. I will provide paint. Can also contribute to fuel costs as appropriate. Located Exeter. 20 minutes drive from Launceston. 50 minutes from Devonport.

8 11 Mar 2018


9 11 Mar 2018
Handy Person

Mostly household maintenance

10 8 Mar 2018
Culturing Vegan Cheeses

I am looking to learn how to culture vegan cheese, has anyone had success and would be willing to teach me?

11 8 Mar 2018
Leather/canvas Working Instruction

I would like to learn how to work with heavy materials such as canvas and vegan leathers. I don't mind if you work with real leather just as long as you don't mind that I wont be

12 8 Mar 2018
Barbering Tuition

I would like to learn the basics of babering

13 7 Mar 2018

I'm on the look out for yarrow, comfrey, lovage, marigolds, garlic seed and lupins. Please give me a shout if you have any spares

14 4 Mar 2018
Laying hens

Looking for laying hens, ideal if quite tame as they will be loved as pets.

15 25 Feb 2018
Glass jars with metal lids

Wanting some glass jars for bottling fuits and jams - can be any size but particularly large for bottling whole fruit. Can pick up in Launceston area. Thanks.

16 24 Feb 2018

Require someone to paint eaves, spouting etc of small unit before winter. With thanks....

17 15 Feb 2018
Bike Servicing

I have a ladies bicycle that has been garaged for a number of years (cob webs and all). It needs to see the light of day again and therefore requires a good "tune/clean/oil up" . I'm not aware of it needing any work as such just a competent service to get me back on the road again. The seat may need attention or replacement (I can't remember which) Can you help? I'm happy to pay $ for any parts necessary.

18 9 Feb 2018

hi I am needing some assistance with gardening , laying mulch etc 

19 31 Jan 2018
Needing Launceston Accommodation for our visiting artsists

We have visitors from all over the world visiting our studio in Launceston. On occassion these would be artsists, collectors, workshop attendees and even temporary employees.

We would like some accomodation in the Launceston Area.

Do you have a Room, Granny Flat, Sleep Out, Bungalow, Shack that you'd be willing to rent out at a reasonable rate?

Always negotiable and plenty of notice will be given.


20 30 Jan 2018
Silversmiths tools wanted

If you have given up the trade and want to part with your tools please contact me.

21 29 Jan 2018
Wool carding

I need someone to card sheep fleeces for me.

22 23 Jan 2018
Sanding and Painting

Would love some help with sanding on external window frames and painting inside artist studio. 

23 22 Jan 2018
Bicycle pump and levers

Anyone have a bike pump (normal car tyre valve), and tyre levers?

Thanks in advance for all replies.

24 21 Jan 2018
Window Cleaning

I require some window cleaning to be completed at my home. Some are high and require a ladder which I can provide and therefore you should be ok with being up a ladder (for your own safety). They do not all need to be done at the same time so can be a work in progress.

25 17 Jan 2018

I would like assistance with some gardening.

It involves weeding, mulching, planting, and  moving manferns and rocks to build a water feature.

26 14 Jan 2018
Wooden box with compartments

I'd love some wooden boxes with compartments for sorting the Lego in our household.

Do you have any spare, like the tea box pictured or anything similar?


27 10 Jan 2018

I am interested in a good supply of firewood to be delivered to Devonport (Can also collect). Happy to pay $ for delivery.

28 28 Dec 2017
Wanted: rocks or pavers

I want to finish of some garden edging. Would like smallish rocks or pavers. Launceston area. I can collect. Pay with CENTS

29 26 Dec 2017
Book shelf

I'm looking for a light coloured timber bookshelf similar to the one shown here. I do not want anything painted thank you

30 20 Dec 2017
Sliding Doors

We require 2 x sliding doors for use in a hothouse in our community garden. Can you please contact us if you can help out.

31 9 Dec 2017

Wanted: children's gum boots, size 2,3 or 4.

Any condition, as long as they are waterproof!

32 4 Dec 2017

I'm looking for a bicycle

33 2 Dec 2017
Plastic Injection Moulds

I would like to get some advice on creating inexpensive injection moulds for plastics.

Please give me a call to let me know your experience and any assistance you may be able to offer.

34 10 Oct 2017

Wanted Garlic when ready, Need to make more fermented garlic, so keen to get a few kgs. Thanks.

35 10 Oct 2017
Bees wax

Wanted Beeswax, Happy to either do half and hald or all CENTS, Thanks.

36 5 Oct 2017
Cotton fabric/sheets etc


photo is example only interested in all colours and patterns

37 30 Sep 2017
Help with garden

Any help gratefully received, here in Oldina, or Wynyard, mainly weeding.

38 25 Sep 2017
Need help with garden

I need help to keep up with our large block in Forth. Chronically sick husband can no longer do any work and I can't manage. 

39 13 Sep 2017
Soap Dispensers

Pretty porcelain or glass soap dispensers, in as good as new condition

40 1 May 2017
Tarot Cards

I would like to Purchase unwanted Tarot cards.

I am willing to look at any deck you have but would like a Rider Waite deck and any Italian deck if possible.


Sam McGrath

41 3 Apr 2017
Garden clean up and mowing

i really need someone who can assist me with weeding and mowing and pruning......i am a pensioner and cannot do it myself...i am in St Helens...east coast.


For more information write to