Community Exchange Network Tasmania (CENTs)
# Added Details
1 15 Jul 2018

I would like to learn from someone experienced with grafting.

2 15 Jul 2018
Grafting Scions

Looking for many different varieties

3 15 Jul 2018
Seeds, Cuttings Etc

Looking for a variety of plants that will grow from cuttings.

4 12 Jul 2018
Lawn Mowing

I need my lawn mow in GEEVESTON - I got lawn mower

5 12 Jul 2018

I need help with how to grow veges in raise garden beds

6 12 Jul 2018

I need help with small maintenance around my place

7 7 Jul 2018
Boots or shoes

Wanted: Some boots or shoes, preferably blunstones or some other hard soled workboot which I can chop the heel off of. Its ok if they're a bit rough so long as the sole is intact and they don't have big holes in them.The size I need is EUR42, about 273mm from the back of the heel to front of the big toe plus a bit of room for socks.

8 4 Jul 2018
Mechanical hair clippers

Wanted: an old-style working (new or used) mechanical hand operated (ie: non electric) hair clipper.

9 3 Jul 2018
Book 'The Wall'

Hi would anyone have a copy of 'The Wall' (Tasmania) they would be interested in selling?

10 2 Jul 2018
Lemon verbena

I'm looking for a lemon verbena plant please

11 2 Jul 2018
Door mats

Wanted: 2 - 3 reasonable condition door mats for use outdoors.

12 1 Jul 2018
Learn welding

I would love to learn basic welding so I can create some recycled pieces for my garden. Willing to travel. Thanks

13 26 Jun 2018
Cnc Cutting

We are looking for someone able to cut plywood with a CNC cutter to help us make furniture.

14 24 Jun 2018
To Learn Butchery/Home Kill Skills

I have taught myself to process chickens. But would like to learn some more skills in how to handle safely and humanly process animals for personal consumption.

15 24 Jun 2018
To Learn Hunting/fishing Skills

I have taught myself to process chickens. But would like to learn some hunting and fishing skills.

16 24 Jun 2018
Milk Kefir Grain

Would like to get a Milk Kefir Grain as ours has disappeared.

17 24 Jun 2018
Want to practice hand milking goats/cows/sheep

 My partner and I have previously hand milked animals while WWOOFing in NZ and would like to get some practice and to meet some nice people and animals while where at it.

18 23 Jun 2018
Want to practice hand milking goats/cows/sheep

My partner and I have previously hand milked animals while WWOOFing in NZ and would like to get some practice and to meet some nice people and animals while where at it.

19 23 Jun 2018
Kefir Grain

Would like to get a Kefir Grain as ours has disappeared.


20 21 Jun 2018
Pine resin

I'm looking for some pine resin. Do you any?

21 21 Jun 2018
Bees wax

Looking for beeswax to make food wraps

22 21 Jun 2018
Straw bales for chicken coop

Looking for straw bale local to sheffield.

23 17 Jun 2018
Wasabi root

wanted a single wasabi root for own use

24 2 Jun 2018
Kombucha and Jun SCOBYs

I am looking for a kombucha or jun scoby so I can continue brewing my own fermented tea. I am in Launceston.

25 2 Jun 2018
Coconut, Tallow or Other Oils/Fats for Soap Making

I am a soap maker in Launceston looking for a local source of fats for my craft, either from Tassie providers or anyone liquidating their stock. Acceptable fats include:

Olive Oil (pomace oil is fine, nothing fancy)

Coconut oil

Tallow (rendered beef or lamb fat)

Lard (rendered hog fat)

Raw Suet/Lard (unrendered fats MUST be frozen fresh- I don't want rancid fat!)

Shea Butter/Cocoa Butter

26 2 Jun 2018
Double futon

For our bed , we have one with a combination of foam layers and cotton that's  firm with softer layers added .



27 29 May 2018
Wooden map drawers

I am an artist working in paper. I need a set of map drawers to store my paper and paintings. Happy to consider all offers but prefer the older style of wooden drawers.

28 29 May 2018
Paint Inside Or Outside Of House In Parts That Need Doing.

Need some painting on outside of the house on weatherboard. We already have the paint.

29 29 May 2018
Wallpaper Small Office

Need someone to strip wall paper and put more on walls. Need a person who has their own equipment.

30 27 May 2018
Water kefir and Milk Kefir grains wanted

I am looking for both WATER and MILK Kefir grains.


31 14 May 2018
Indoor Plants

Indoor plants; ferns, palms, chain of hearts, spider plant (for example).

32 9 May 2018
Wood shavings for compost toilet

A large bag (e.g. 10-20L) of dry wood shavings, preferably not eucalyptus.  Not sawdust but something allowing for aeration.  Thanks in advance for replies.

33 4 May 2018
TRACE CHAINS wanted (from a horse harnes)

A set of TRACE CHAINS for horse haines (from a horse harness).
Just the chains.

34 30 Apr 2018
Driver mentoring

I'm seeking some assistance with learner driver practice.

I'm learning to drive on my 'L2' plates and need to log 20 more hours to reach the 50 hours needed before I can sit for my P plates.

If you are a licensed driver, calm and patient, and have some time to help out in the passenger seat, that would be much appreciated!   

I am licensed to drive automatics only.  We could use my car from Wivenhoe in Burnie, or if we use your car I could travel to you and would pay for petrol.

I'll pay 25 cents an hour for your time, so if you want to go for an easy bushwalk somewhere perhaps, or want to go to the markets or maybe just to Woollies, weekend or weekday, I'm in!  

35 23 Apr 2018
Large compost bin

Do you have a spare compost bin? Large size would be preferred.

36 22 Apr 2018
Wanted: Tillandsias

Looking for all different types of tillandsias/air plants please. Will pay postage in $$$

Also after some unusual succulents to extend my small collection

37 5 Apr 2018
Sheep manure


wanted:  sheep manure. maybe 2 bags. can collect. I live Perth/Launceston area. TIA

38 13 Mar 2018
Cleaning and painting.

I am looking for someone to clean walls and ceiling in Loungeroom and Kitchen. Also wall prep and painting of study and entry room. I will provide paint. Can also contribute to fuel costs as appropriate. Located Exeter. 20 minutes drive from Launceston. 50 minutes from Devonport.

39 9 Feb 2018

hi I am needing some assistance with gardening , laying mulch etc 

40 31 Jan 2018
Needing Launceston Accommodation for our visiting artsists

We have visitors from all over the world visiting our studio in Launceston. On occassion these would be artsists, collectors, workshop attendees and even temporary employees.

We would like some accomodation in the Launceston Area.

Do you have a Room, Granny Flat, Sleep Out, Bungalow, Shack that you'd be willing to rent out at a reasonable rate?

Always negotiable and plenty of notice will be given.


41 29 Jan 2018
Wool carding

I need someone to card sheep fleeces for me.

42 17 Jan 2018

I would like assistance with some gardening.

It involves weeding, mulching, planting, and  moving manferns and rocks to build a water feature.

43 14 Jan 2018
Wooden box with compartments

I'd love some wooden boxes with compartments for sorting the Lego in our household.

Do you have any spare, like the tea box pictured or anything similar?


44 10 Jan 2018

I'm in need of a good supply of dry firewood to be delivered to Devonport. Happy to pay $ for delivery. Needing asap. Thank you.

45 28 Dec 2017
Wanted: rocks or pavers

I want to finish of some garden edging. Would like smallish rocks or pavers. Launceston area. I can collect. Pay with CENTS

46 20 Dec 2017
Sliding Doors

We require 2 x sliding doors for use in a hothouse in our community garden. Can you please contact us if you can help out.

47 30 Sep 2017
Help with garden

Any help gratefully received, here in Oldina, or Wynyard, mainly weeding.

For more information write to