Community Exchange Network Tasmania (CENTs)
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1 14 Nov 2018

My 10 year old daughter has her own violin and was receiving two lessons per week through her primary school, but since moving schools she no longer has access to a violin teacher and is pining away!

I am an art teacher (also musical, and learning cello) with some CENTS to spend. We are looking for someone who would provide violin lessons for CENTS, or who would be willing to swap some violin lessons for some art lessons, in the Burnie area.

Please help me to get my daughter playing her violin again, the instrument is feeling sad and neglected under my daughter's bed.


2 11 Nov 2018
Help Installing Fence Posts

I am building a fence from recycled tyres. I need physical help installing the upright fence posts

3 11 Nov 2018
Mushroom compost

I would love some mushroom compost

4 11 Nov 2018
Window Cleaning

I have many windows requiring cleaning using my home made chemical free window cleaner.

5 11 Nov 2018
IBC water tanks

IBC water tanks wanted. Food grade with known history (no chemicals please) for a bore water Fe+3 treatment plant at the Nubeen Eco-village.

Call Tony Buckle 0439669358

6 5 Nov 2018

We have a medium-sized plastering job to do in Penguin, part of two walls.

Happy to pay part CENTs, part $ or happy for you to recommend someone for $.


7 2 Nov 2018
Pekin Female Duck

Wanted, younger female Pekin (purebred) female duck

8 30 Oct 2018

i am trying to track down some purple orach seeds :) 

9 28 Oct 2018
Egg cartons

Egg cartons needed as I have chickens who are laying and am selling dozens of eggs, but don't seem to get the cartons back.

10 27 Oct 2018
Frame for children's swing

Does anyone have any old children's swings no longer being used? .. can be a bit wrecked. I'd like to make a greenhouse using two A frame swings. Thanks.

11 22 Oct 2018

I require a storage area for around 4 months, length of time is negotiable. May be shorter or longer. Weekly fee can be combination of Cents/$. Any area around North West coast considered. Approximately around 3 X 3 metres. Has to be protected from weather. Thankyou.

12 20 Oct 2018
Violin, full-size

Maybe this "Want" will be sitting on CENTs for a few years before anyone responds....

I'd like to hear from anyone who owns a full-size violin, which they'd be willing to sell to me.  Please describe the violin in detail, including whether it has a case, bow, strings, chinrest, brand / maker's label, rosin, shoulder rest and so forth.  Also, I would be very appreciative of clear photos of the full-size violin to the email:
Also, I'd like to come and see if it's playable.  Thanks in advance for replies.

13 19 Oct 2018
House and pet sitting Nth/West Tasmania

We need a pet and house sitter. Please see our advert on :

Also in offerings as 'swap.'

14 18 Oct 2018

Looking for very good condition kayak, junior plastic (usually yellow, blue or even green) or a two-seater of similar design (I used one of these in NZ) on top seating only, with or without paddles. Kindest regards

15 18 Oct 2018
Hanging baskets

Do you have hanging baskets you no longer use or want - happy to take them off your hands.

16 11 Oct 2018
Embroidery thread & calico cloth

I would like embroidery threads and calico for craft projects

17 8 Oct 2018
Wanted - Canoe

Wanted - a canoe :)
(...not a kyack)

18 8 Oct 2018
Clarinet Music Lessons

19 4 Oct 2018

I have a stainless steel sieve/strainer which has had it's handle break off. I need it re-welded back on. Can you help?

20 4 Oct 2018

I am without my own transport so would appreciate occasional transport. I don't use a computer so would be grateful if you could call or text me if you may be able to assist.

21 26 Sep 2018
Books: Lord of the Rings

Hi, we are looking for the last two books in the Lord of the Rings series, The Two Towers and The Return of the King.

Happy to borrow or buy.

We are often in Burnie, Heybridge and Penguin.


22 26 Sep 2018
Books: Harry Potter series

If you are finished with the Harry Potter series of books, we'd love to have them.

We are often in Burnie, Heybridge and Penguin.

23 26 Sep 2018
Help with weeding

I would like some assistance with weeding in my garden thank you

24 25 Sep 2018
Woodchip mulch

I would like fine woodchip mulch for my garden and paths

25 10 Sep 2018
Yoga teacher for Penguin please

Hi, would you like to teach yoga at the RESEED Centre in Penguin?

Monday mornings would be great.

Other times welcome too.

Small room hire charge to support you through setting up here.


Email or call 6435 4559

26 8 Sep 2018
Cardboard tubes

I would like to post / transport artworks in these.

Sturdy, ~40cm long, ~10cm diameter.

27 2 Sep 2018

Hi Im looking for pvc pipes and guttering - lengths minimum 1m, a reasonable condition and no holes.

28 26 Aug 2018
Help with Gardening

I need help with gardening and gardening tips - if you know PERMACULTURE this is handy

29 26 Aug 2018


I need my lawn mow in GEEVESTON - I got lawn mower

30 25 Aug 2018
HDMI-HDMI Cable 2~3m Long



If any one has a spare HDMI(type A - standard) to HDMI(type A - standard) cable aroud 2~3m long that they no longer need let me know thanks


see (type A - standard)

31 9 Aug 2018
Heritage Fencing - Green

Wanted - a length of heritage style fencing with the looped top - green plastic covered.  Need 8 metres in length.  

32 9 Aug 2018

Hi, I would like to get cuttings or plant of night jessamine, it is not a jasmine it is a cestrum nocturnum is it's botanical name. I am also looking for bilberry which is same family as blueberries and also elderberry the fruiting one, I have elder flower but I would love the fruiting one, also would love cuttings or plant of scullcap herb, meadowsweet and ladies mantle also bloodroot Cheers Jae

33 7 Aug 2018
Builder or handyperson

Builder or handyperson required to help me & hubby build a new toilet outside our existing bathroom. Weatherboard house. Anyone with basic building knowledge; we are prepared to do most of the labour but just need someone who can guide and reassure us that we're doing it right.

We will hire a licensed plumber to actually fit the new toilet, but any knowledge of plumbing would clearly be a bonus.

34 7 Aug 2018

If you have a campervan that sits and does nothing for most of the year, perhaps you would consider hiring it to me for CENTs for a few weeks? I would prefer a reasonably small one, and only have a regular licence so definitely nothing that requires more than that. Old is fine as I'm not looking to pay anything near commercial rates (or I would just hire one commercially.) All CENTs or 50/50 Ç/$ or anything in between would be acceptable and of course I would pay for all fuel and maintenance whilst away (but not for major things that are due anyway!)

The time frame and period is negotiable, but probably during Autumn-Winter 2019. My plan is to drive to Perth (WA) to see my (grown up) children, and hopefully take a little of the "stuff" that they have stored at my house :)

However I might also consider short trips within Tasmania at anytime.

35 28 Jul 2018
Experienced/Qualified Landscaper

Planning for a retaining wall (sleepers) will have a concrete footing with reo bars for additional strength and stability. I require a professional level finish. Mixed payment options, all materials paid $. Let me know rates etc for a late summer scheduling.

36 17 Jul 2018
WANTED - Spice/Nut Grinder & Magic Bullet Blender

Help please..

A lady in our community is unable to consume foods that are not ground up and desperately requires a little grinder for nuts and other nutritious foods and a small blender (magic bullet or nutri bullet) too so she can manage to eat well.
Would you happen to have a anything like that sitting in the cupboard not being used - that you would like to trade?

37 1 Jul 2018
Learn welding

I would love to learn basic welding so I can create some recycled pieces for my garden. Willing to travel. Thanks

38 24 Jun 2018
To Learn Hunting/fishing Skills

I have taught myself to process chickens. But would like to learn some hunting and fishing skills.

39 2 Jun 2018
Kombucha and Jun SCOBYs

I am looking for a kombucha or jun scoby so I can continue brewing my own fermented tea. I am in Launceston.

40 2 Jun 2018
Coconut, Tallow or Other Oils/Fats for Soap Making

I am a soap maker in Launceston looking for a local source of fats for my craft, either from Tassie providers or anyone liquidating their stock. Acceptable fats include:

Olive Oil (pomace oil is fine, nothing fancy)

Coconut oil

Tallow (rendered beef or lamb fat)

Lard (rendered hog fat)

Raw Suet/Lard (unrendered fats MUST be frozen fresh- I don't want rancid fat!)

Shea Butter/Cocoa Butter

41 22 Apr 2018
Wanted: Tillandsias

Looking for all different types of tillandsias/air plants please. Will pay postage in $$$

Also after some unusual succulents to extend my small collection

42 16 Apr 2018
MONTHLY 2 hr+ gardener

Could be in exchange for all sorts of (ethical) things... just ask!

43 13 Mar 2018
Cleaning and painting.

I am looking for someone to clean walls and ceiling in Loungeroom and Kitchen. Also wall prep and painting of study and entry room. I will provide paint. Can also contribute to fuel costs as appropriate. Located Exeter. 20 minutes drive from Launceston. 50 minutes from Devonport.

44 9 Feb 2018

hi I am needing some assistance with gardening , laying mulch etc 

45 31 Jan 2018
Needing Launceston Accommodation for our visiting artsists

We have visitors from all over the world visiting our studio in Launceston. On occassion these would be artsists, collectors, workshop attendees and even temporary employees.

We would like some accomodation in the Launceston Area.

Do you have a Room, Granny Flat, Sleep Out, Bungalow, Shack that you'd be willing to rent out at a reasonable rate?

Always negotiable and plenty of notice will be given.


46 14 Jan 2018
Wooden box with compartments

I'd love some wooden boxes with compartments for sorting the Lego in our household.

Do you have any spare, like the tea box pictured or anything similar?


47 20 Dec 2017
Sliding Doors

We require 2 x sliding doors for use in a hothouse in our community garden. Can you please contact us if you can help out.

For more information write to