Community Exchange Network Tasmania (CENTs)
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1 24 May 2019
Can we borrow your electric mower?

Do you have an electric lawn mower?

Could we borrow it for a short while (eg just a couple of days) to try it out?

We are wondering about buying one but would appreciate having a go first.


2 21 May 2019
Wordpress website tuition, social Media marketing HELP

I would like some assistance with completing my website.

I currently have a wordpress site and I want to link in Eventbrite ticketing, have Mailchimp email linkage and a subscriber button added. etc

I would also like tuition on Social media marketing.

I am based in North Motton on the NW Coast.

3 10 May 2019
Help on my farm

Labour and assistance on my produce farm near Wynyard

4 10 May 2019
Large plant pots wanted

Do you have any spare large plant pots?

Plastic ones are fine.

We are looking for 25cm diameter and larger.

It's for a 'growing vegies in pots' workshop later this year.

They can be left at the RESEED Centre in Penguin marked 'Michelle', or we can arrange pick up / drop off in Burnie or Heybridge.

Let us know if you'd like to donate or would like CENTs for them.


5 10 May 2019

Pastured full free range chook eggs. In exchange for what’s in the veggie patch. Huon Valley

6 10 May 2019
Tools And Fencing Supplies.

Garden tools and fencing supplies (stakes, poles, chicken wire, etc. Inexchange garden labour or hobby farm work (no dairy or meat). Huon Valley.

7 10 May 2019
Garden Supplies Or Laying Chooks

Need garden supplies, mulch, silage, compost soil, seeds, hay bales. Or laying chooks. In exchange for day time pet sitting or dog walking. Huon Valley

8 6 May 2019
Land lease wanted for tiny home! Around South of Hobart

I'd love to rent land for my tiny home south of Hobart, around Kingston area or a bit further.
(Wired NBN would be fanastic though as I run a business online).

Running water and electicity would be fantastic.
Privacy is a must as I don't want to be in your space.
Must be flat and have access so I can have the home towed in (it is on a semi trailer so towed by a primer).
My home is 40ft, and I would build a temporary deck around it, plant vegie gardens etc, make a little home for our family.
I have two young children whom I homeschool. We are vegatarian. We are very natural minded and respectful.

Let me know if you have something suitable or know of someone who does!
Will pay weekly rent in cash.

9 25 Apr 2019
Howard Kasschau Piano Course Book 5

Does anyone have a copy of Howard Kasschau Piano Course Book 5, Step by Step Mastery of the Piano (Schirmer, N.Y) that they could sell or hire out?

The picture is of Book 4, but I believe Book 5 has a similar cover.  Unfortunately it is out of print and seems to be unavailable.

Happy to pay either dollars or cents to cover postage.


10 22 Apr 2019
Garden rock for landscaping

Hi, I'm looking for various rocks for garden edging etc

11 2 Apr 2019
Weekly housework needed

I am looking for someone to do 2 hours/week housework on a regular basis at Lower Barrington. Days and times are negotiable.

12 1 Apr 2019

Looking for softwood - smallish quantity fine for craft projects

willow, native cherry or other green wood

13 25 Mar 2019
Broken umbrellas

I re-use the material from broken umbrellas.

Feel free to drop them at the RESEED Centre (mark them 'Michelle') or to me in Heybridge (email me for the address).

I don't mind if it's been pulled out of a bin :) especially if it's lovely colours.

14 22 Mar 2019
Laptop computer

I am looking for a small or smallish portable laptop computer in good condition

15 22 Mar 2019
I-phone 5 or 6

I am needing an i-phone 5 or 6 in good working order if you have one spare, preferably with a cover - many thanks:)

16 18 Mar 2019
Computer mouse, wireless network adapter.

Looking for a mouse and a wireless network adapter.

17 5 Mar 2019
Can anyone rebuild laptops?

Please help! I have 5 old laptops, some working, some broken, that all have different things wrong with them. Some were very expensive and hot stuff in their day, and may only need minor repairs. Other working parts could be salvaged from the broken machines to fix others....

I know it's possible, but my go-to laptop fixer lives in England!

If this is a job that you think you can take on, please contact me. Experienced techies only though please, no tinkerers! My husband can tinker but I really want an expert on the job.


18 9 Feb 2019
Planter Stand

Do you have a 3 tiered type planter stand you don't need that I could buy for cents?

Old and rusted is OK, I can paint it up:)

Many thanks, Kath

19 31 Jan 2019
Garden maintenance

I am in need of help to weed and tidy my garden.  Also pick up and spread mulch for me, and dig and spread compost.  Would be great if you had a ute or towbar (I have a trailer) to pick up mulch for me and occasionally do a trip to the local tip.

20 30 Jan 2019

We would like to boost our chicken numbers and require 2 more. Breed is not so much a worry, but with a few years of laying to go go would be ideal.

21 30 Jan 2019
Water Tank

We are in need of garden water tanks; the 1000L squares or slimline varieties. 

22 29 Jan 2019

The CENTs Community Chest exists to assist it's members to trade in CENTs should they find themselves in hardship/crisis. This community service is made possible by the generous donations received from CENTs members. Community resilience at it's best!

We invite donations from all members to this worthwhile cause. ALL applications for Community Chest CENTs are assessed on an individual needs basis (subject to available CENTs). Members may apply for assistance having firstly exhausted their own CENTs debit limit fully. Contact our Administrator to apply.

23 24 Jan 2019
Trees & Plants

Hi in the coming months if you have an excess of; mulberry tree (black English), blueberry bushes,  a persimmon (Yeman/nightingale) or winter seedlings; brassicas these are varieties I am looking for.

24 21 Jan 2019
Local Area Coordinator

We are currently seeking Local Area Coordinators (LAC) around the state.  The role of a LAC is to act as a local focal point for trading in a geographic area. They are responsible for promoting CENTs in their local community, assisting local traders with their accounts, organising a quarterly trading event (with assistance from the Administrator) and to build a network of community resilience fostering networking opportunities, relationship building and a common sense promotion to enhance trading between CENTs members.  A stipend is available to LACs for the work they do to support the above objectives.  If you would like to discuss this opportunity further please do not hesitate to contact Tania on 0458 078 455 (Administrator)

25 17 Jan 2019
Shavings for composting toilet

I'd like wood shavings, please.  It's to help break down humanure in my composting toilet compost pile, which will later be used under fruit trees, etc.  So the shavings need to be free of toxic chemicals (no shavings from treated pine, for example).  I find wood shavings work better than paper pellets, or sawdust.

26 13 Jan 2019
Dry bags and assorted hiking gear

just putting it out there - dry bags, day bag etc

27 7 Jan 2019

Small, colourful stickers for children wanted, please.

28 2 Jan 2019

Buddhist center urgently needs someone who can put in a couple of door jams and hang the doors, thnaks if you can help or suggest someone who can.

29 1 Jan 2019

Any potatoes, pumpkins, peas etc. 

30 15 Dec 2018

We are getting overrun with hay!

Our tractor is currently being repaired and in the mean time one of our paddocks has become seriously overgrown and needs tending.

We really need someone to cut and bale our long hay for us- please help!

We can pay in CENTS or pay in hay bales. Please contact me for more details.

31 11 Dec 2018
Ride on mower and / or large lawn mower

Just thought I'd try...

We'd like a ride on mower and / or large lawn mower for the RESEED Centre in Penguin.

In good working order.

Happy to consider part $ part CENTs.


32 11 Dec 2018
Help to fix my dynamo light

I have dynamo lights on my bike, front and rear.

They haven't worked for a long time.

Would you like to try and fix them for me?

I can send more details if you are interested.

We are in Heybridge.

33 26 Nov 2018
Steel pipes

i require a quantity of steel pipes ,round or sq ,rectangular 8 ft + long

34 14 Nov 2018

My 10 year old daughter has her own violin and was receiving two lessons per week through her primary school, but since moving schools she no longer has access to a violin teacher and is pining away!

I am an art teacher (also musical, and learning cello) with some CENTS to spend. We are looking for someone who would provide violin lessons for CENTS, or who would be willing to swap some violin lessons for some art lessons, in the Burnie area.

Please help me to get my daughter playing her violin again, the instrument is feeling sad and neglected under my daughter's bed.


35 30 Sep 2018
Rouen Ducks or ducklings

We'd like some more Rouen ducks. 2 or 3.

I'd be pleased to hear from you about where I might find one if you don't have one yourself.

We are in Heybridge.

If you don't have Rouens we'd also be happy to borrow 2 or 3 of your ducks to clean our garden of snails.

As long as they don't fly over fences.

36 26 Sep 2018
Help with weeding

I would like some assistance with weeding in my garden thank you

37 26 Aug 2018
Help with Gardening

I need help with gardening and gardening tips - if you know PERMACULTURE this is handy

38 26 Aug 2018


I need my lawn mow in GEEVESTON - I got lawn mower

39 9 Aug 2018
Heritage Fencing - Green

Wanted - a length of heritage style fencing with the looped top - green plastic covered.  Need 8 metres in length.  

40 1 Jul 2018
Learn welding

I would love to learn basic welding so I can create some recycled pieces for my garden. Willing to travel. Thanks

41 2 Jun 2018
Kombucha and Jun SCOBYs

I am looking for a kombucha or jun scoby so I can continue brewing my own fermented tea. I am in Launceston.

42 2 Jun 2018
Coconut, Tallow or Other Oils/Fats for Soap Making

I am a soap maker in Launceston looking for a local source of fats for my craft, either from Tassie providers or anyone liquidating their stock. Acceptable fats include:

Olive Oil (pomace oil is fine, nothing fancy)

Coconut oil

Tallow (rendered beef or lamb fat)

Lard (rendered hog fat)

Raw Suet/Lard (unrendered fats MUST be frozen fresh- I don't want rancid fat!)

Shea Butter/Cocoa Butter

43 9 Dec 2017

Wanted: children's gum boots, size 5 or 6.

Any condition, as long as they are waterproof!

For more information write to