Community Exchange Network Tasmania (CENTs)
# Added Details
1 19 Oct 2017
General Labour

Someone to help with some general labour around the garden

2 10 Oct 2017

Wanted Garlic when ready, Need to make more fermented garlic, so keen to get a few kgs. Thanks.

3 10 Oct 2017
Bees wax

Wanted Beeswax, Happy to either do half and hald or all CENTS, Thanks.

4 7 Oct 2017
Dark Christmas Fruit Cake

With Christmas hot on our heels I'm looking for a sensational dark fruit cake to feed my hungry troops come Christmas time.


5 6 Oct 2017

1 need a pathway built through my garden. I have a path already delineated but it is just soil. I have access to some recycled roof tiles. Anyone up for building me a pathway? It will be about 20m in length about 1m wide. Up for any suggestions. The more rustic the better (handlaid stone etc) Thank you.

6 5 Oct 2017
Cotton fabric/sheets etc


photo is example only interested in all colours and patterns

7 4 Oct 2017

I'm looking for someone to replace my tin roof

8 30 Sep 2017
Help with garden

Any help gratefully received, here in Oldina, or Wynyard, mainly weeding.

9 28 Sep 2017
Tadpoles wanted for frog pond

After some Tadpoles for a small frog pond set up. Northern Tasmania, Devonport and surrounds, but not as far as Burnie or Launceston thanks.

10 27 Sep 2017
Sound equipment

I'm looking to hire or buy sound equipment to use once a month at a dance event in Snug, needs to be able to be plugged into my phone.

11 25 Sep 2017

Experienced massage therapist.

12 25 Sep 2017
Need help with garden

I need help to keep up with our large block in Forth. Chronically sick husband can no longer do any work and I can't manage. 

13 22 Sep 2017
Pearl the white grey hound wants a home,Please adopt her.

Pearl is 4 years old and loves to have a family and other dog to lay with. She is being desexed on Monday so cost will have to be cash for the vet fee, $350:00. She has two collors and tow coats, a bed and lots of loves and kisses. She sleeps 70% of the day and like a play other times. She is genle with chickens and lambs but considers cats and rabits food. Please adopt Pearl. Skype me if you want to see her. mayflycyberstar

14 21 Sep 2017
Housesitting Christmas to mid Jan - Penguin/Burnie/Wynyard Area

Do you need someone reliable to mind your place, look after your animals and water your plants over the Christmas New Year period?

I am seeking a housesit or sits in the Penguin/Burnie/Wynyard area from 22 December 2017 (or a little before this) to approximately 15 January 2018.

I have three and a half years' experience housesitting, excellent references, and have a current police check.

Would prefer a sit where animals don't need to be fed more than twice a day, and where dog(s) travel happily in the car. I would like to be within 15 to 20 mins driving distance of Burnie or Penguin if possible.

Payment would be in the form of the accommodation in return for home/garden/animal care.



tel. 0404685885, email

15 19 Sep 2017
Hessian sacks

Would you have any hessian sacks to spare? Wanted for garden use so dirty ones are ok. Thanks.

16 16 Sep 2017
Good News Youtubes

Live Well Tasmania ia seeking someone who would like to be paid CENTs for compiling youtube videos which show the amazing work that community groups are doing. We know there is significant work that is happening in building a more sustainable world, but it tends to get overwhelmed by all the bad news stories. Contact Robin on 142 461 724 or

17 16 Sep 2017
Seeking assistance for Live Well Tasmania

We are seeking your participation! You can be paid CENTs to serve as a Committee member. If you are interested please contact Robin on 0421 461 724 or

18 14 Sep 2017
Chicken wire in good condition for covering a hooped garden

 Meduim to heavy gage chicken wire to add to mine for covering a hooped veggie garden .

my garden will need about 17 metres of it and I am trying to use good recycled than buy new .

19 14 Sep 2017
Stone steps to link my deck with the garden below about half a metre .

i will supply the exact measurements . It's only about half a metre . Does anyone have some suitable stone and or can help build them ? I am in Nubeena .

20 13 Sep 2017
Soap Dispensers

Pretty porcelain or glass soap dispensers, in as good as new condition

21 13 Sep 2017
Small Utensils

wanted utensils for crafting; funnels, slender blender, old pots, glass jug or/and bowls, measuring cups/spoons clean and safe for reuse.

22 11 Sep 2017


Does anyone in this great cents community have any spare packing boxes in good conditon that they no longer want or need. We are moving in the near future and would love some if you have them spare. We live in the Hobart area of town but can collect them if withing a 20KM radius

Please contact me on : 0400 234 145


23 8 Sep 2017
Gardening assistance

I have heaps of gardening related work that needs doing. Weeding, edging, some pruning. Let me know how you can help out thanks

24 8 Sep 2017
WANTED Tuition on a Spinning Wheel

Would someone experienced be able to teach me how to use a spinning wheel that I have jsut acquired.
I'm located at Wilmot in the North West and can travelling a bit.

25 7 Sep 2017

Looking for a few old bath tubs for outdoor garden / greywater filtering use.

26 13 Aug 2017
I-Phone 6

Crossing fingers you have upgraded your iphone to a 7 or 8 and therefore have a spare iphone6. If that's you Admin is in need of a phone for CENTs Administration.

27 6 Aug 2017
Mac book pro repairs

Hi, can you help me get my Mac Book Pro laptop running smoothly again?

It's running slow and temperamental since I downloaded a new OS.

I'm in Heybridge, also often in Burnie and Penguin.



28 4 Aug 2017
Children's gumboots

Children's gumboots wanted, size 2, 3 or 4.

29 2 Aug 2017
Bacon/meat Slicer

Does anyone have an electric bacon slicer that I could borrow for the day? Happy to leave a cash deposit and payment in CENTS or veges. Thanks

30 1 Aug 2017
Food processor

Wanting a food processor to chop and process dates and nuts etc

into energy balls.  Anybody got one they don't use anymore?


31 14 Jul 2017
Glass jars and bottles

Wanted GLASS bottles and Jars

  1. small salve size jars see picture
  2. Passata style bottles or large spring valley glass juice bottles
  3. schweppes 300ml soft drink bottles

if you can get them to Ulverstone drop off point that would be fabulous otherwise let me know and I will arrange pick up. thanks again..

32 21 May 2017
Hanging Pots

Hanging pots, reasonable wear and tear ok.



33 8 May 2017
Australian Animal/Marsupial Art Print or Painting

Looking for an art print or original painting that will complement two I already have. Needs to be roughly A2 size (420 x 594 mm), colour (not a black and white sketch), wood framed or unframed. One of the two this will hang with is a John Gould opossum, the other is a painting of two ringtail possums in a tree... so perhaps no more possums! A kangaroo, wallaby, echidna, wombat, quoll, etc., would be considered.

34 1 May 2017
Tarot Cards

I would like to Purchase unwanted Tarot cards.

I am willing to look at any deck you have but would like a Rider Waite deck and any Italian deck if possible.


Sam McGrath

35 27 Apr 2017
Video Editing

We are looking for someone to edit video footage taken at the National CES Conference from 2015. If you have the skills to do this please get in touch.



36 3 Apr 2017
Garden clean up and mowing

i really need someone who can assist me with weeding and mowing and pruning......i am a pensioner and cannot do it myself...i am in St Helens...east coast.


37 26 Mar 2017
Ladies Bike

Am looking for a ladies bike suitable for a fairly tall person (I'm 5 foot 8 in - 173cm), that preferably has room for a basket at the back or front. I'd use this bike for shopping and short trips, so just a very basic bike would be great .

38 23 Mar 2017
'Triple' bunk bed

bunk with a single top and double bottom.

with or without mattresses.

wood preferred, but anything considered.



39 26 Feb 2017
Burning LP record to CD

My nephew has fallen in love with my late Hungarian father's Gypsy 'Csardas' record and would love a copy on CD.

Is there anyone in the Burnie area who can burn it to CD?

40 25 Jan 2017

Does anyone have a load of dry hardwood?
Or a couple of loads?
Or even some rounds?

Delivered (Wilmot) would be good - or I can pick it up.

41 2 Jan 2017
Wanting someone to weed garden bed

I have 2 garden beds that are in desperate need to weeding. 

One is around 5 meters long, the other is very long and slim. 

Willing to negotiate cents. 

Huon area

42 28 Dec 2016
WANTED Rolls of Wax Paper

Does anyone have any rolls of good old fashioned wax paper?
Doesn't have to be full rolls.
I'm happy with whatever quantity you may have.
Please not folded or creased wax paper.

43 31 Oct 2016
Shack or holiday house close to the beach for a week ASAP :)

Hi there, 

I am wanting to take my children away somewhere different for a week. I have 5 young boys (1, 6, 8, 11 and 12)

We love the beach, and bushwalking as well as exploring the local areas. It would need to have a queen bed for me and my 2 littlest boys, as well as another 2-3 single beds. I'm happy to bring an inflatable mattress or 2 if there is a shortage of beds. 

Does not need to have a TV or phone reception. We are looking for somewhere to disconnect from the outside world and reconnect as a family. 

We are clean and respectful and will look after your property.

Hoping someone can help us out :) Thank you for looking. 


44 14 May 2016
Fruiting Shrubs

Blueberry shrubs/plants please.

45 14 May 2016
Plumbing Supplies

Largish pvc pipes and/or pvc elbows, not for plumbing use, so second hand or leftovers welcome of approx beginning lengths 1m and above, no obvious holes etc


For more information write to