Wide Bay Burnett Community Exchange QLD
# Added Details
1 3 Feb 2019
GYMPIE - WANTED - Furniture

Queen Size Mattress & Dining Table And Chairs.

2 3 Feb 2019

Hay or lucerne bales.

3 1 Feb 2019
HERVEY BAY - WANTED Outside cleaning patio windows pressure spray available and detergents

Outside cleaning patio windows,

pressure spray available and detergents

4 1 Feb 2019
HERVEY BAY - WANTED Painting handy man new doors need painting toilet and bathrooms

Painting HAndy man new doors need painting toilet and bathrooms

5 1 Feb 2019
HERVEY BAY - WANTED House keeping Spring clean monthly would be good

house keeping Spring clean monthly would be good

6 1 Feb 2019
HERVEY BAY - WANTED - Gardener to clean up Gardens

Gardener to clean up Gardens

7 1 Feb 2019

Sugar Cane mulch for garden Mulch. 20-30 Bales Delivered if possible

8 1 Feb 2019

To be better at Gardening lol this place is a mess

9 20 Jan 2019

Looking for rats and mice to feed to pythons

10 13 Jan 2019
GYMPIE - WANTED - Handyman

I have a few odd jobs: disconnecting my wash tubs and reconnecting a single tub, switching my back door so it swings inside instead of out and cutting a hole in a wall that has a cavity behind to make a broom cupboard

11 7 Jan 2019
GOOMERI - WANTED - Home Handyman

To build shower toilet block 3x2.5. mt Block concrete floor.

12 16 Dec 2018

Looking for variety of fresh veges, plants that we can grow in our garden included. Special consideration given to vege types not commonly found in supermarkets such as Endive, Purple Carrot, Hickory etc.

13 16 Dec 2018

Looking for fresh beef, lamb or chicken that can be frozen for future consumption.

14 14 Nov 2018

Wanted violins for an art project, do not need to work.

15 14 Nov 2018
HERVEY BAY - WANTED - Art Supplies, Acrylic, Metallic Paints, inks,

Acrylic, metallic paints, inks, alcohol inks etc

16 14 Nov 2018
HERVEY BAY - WANTED - Fabric For Patchwork Or Childrens Clothes Min 1 Metre

Patchwork or childrens clothes min 1 metre

17 14 Nov 2018
HERVEY BAY - WANTED Fruit, Veges, Plants

Plants, fruit veges etc I Am Keen On Succulents

18 8 Nov 2018

We bought this house last year and there is a horrid smell from the bathroom drains. We have tried all sorts of things and nothing has worked. Help needed please.

Thanks Vonnie.

19 28 Oct 2018
WONDAI - WANTED - Sand & paint back patio

Sand & paint (2 coats) to timber support parts of the back patio roof

20 24 Oct 2018

21 23 Oct 2018
WONDAI - WANTED - Helping Hand Odd Jobs

I need a helping hand with small jobs around the house eg rehang clothes line, dismantle shade cloth, weeding, advice re landscaping,

22 23 Oct 2018

Looking for someone to fix several holes in my walls.

23 21 Oct 2018
RAINBOW BEACH - WANTED - Lawn Mower Service

Need mower looked at. Have replaced starter cable; spark plug and filter. Done oil change. Still won't start. Was a reliable old girl and don't want to trash her.

24 17 Oct 2018
WANTED - Kitchen Utensils


25 23 Sep 2018
CHILDERS - WANTED - Help With Gardening And Minor Home Maintenance

Hang pictures, minor repairs, garden tidy-ups and small reticulation problems.

26 18 Sep 2018
KILKIVAN - WANTED - Aluminium Windows

Aluminium windows with frames

27 18 Sep 2018
KILKIVAN - WANTED - Shipping Container

20 ft shipping container

28 18 Sep 2018
KILKIVAN - WANTED - Solar Inverter & Batteries

Want inverter, batteries

29 17 Sep 2018
WIDE BAY BURNETT areas - WANTED - Your land to hunt for feral pests

We are looking for places to hunt I’m willing to help out with feral pest problems you may have. Pigeons, rabbits, foxes, wild dogs, pigs & deer. I'm fully insured and have passed the volunteer equivalent to a contract shooter test. Give me a call if you are in need or willing to host me on your property. Thanks I charge F100 p/day

30 15 Sep 2018
TOOGOOM - WANTED - Handyman Services

Handyman services

31 15 Sep 2018
TOOGOOM - WANTED: Exchange & Swap plants

32 12 Sep 2018
NANANGO - WANTED - House / Pet Sitter

From time to time I have to travel to visit family. Thanks in advance for any help. I have two cats and two budgies.

33 17 Jul 2018
NANANGO - WANTED - Plasterer

Need a plasterer to do finishing work on house all plaster boards are up just needs the finishing touches

34 17 Jul 2018

Help with tiling floors in home

35 2 Jul 2018
GIN GIN - WANTED - Seasonal Garden Produce

In season fruits and vegetable.

36 24 Jun 2018
BUNDABERG - WANTED - Plant Exchanges

Succulents, cacti and most types of plants

37 24 Jun 2018
BUNDABERG - WANTED - Car Cleaning/detailing

Full inside and outside cleaning of my car and ute

38 24 Jun 2018
BUNDABERG - WANTED - Children's Toys/outdoor Toys/play Sets/cubby House Etc (particularly For Age 1 Upwards For Boys))

Any good condition toys (for my Grandsons) suitable for age 1+

39 23 Jun 2018
MARYBOROUGH - WANTED - Gutter Cleaning

Large Queenslander, too high for us. Needs gutters cleaned.

40 23 Jun 2018

Gutters and other related work required. eg timber holding gutters needs fixing etc

41 11 Jun 2018
GYMPIE - WANTED - Farm Machinery, Equipment & Wood

1. I am wanting farming equipment of all shapes and sizes

2. I am also looking for a Backhoe or tractor with bucket

3. Interested in hardwood panelling, old stair rails etc.

42 11 Jun 2018

Interested in hardwood panelling, old stair rails etc.

43 3 Jun 2018
WONDAI - WANTED - Photography Lessons

Beginner Basics

44 3 Jun 2018
NANANGO - WANTED - Compost/garden Starter

Looking for large quantity of good quality garden starter (soil/compost) to start a large veggie patch with.

45 1 Jun 2018
GLENWOOD - WANTED - Mechanical Work

46 1 Jun 2018
GLENWOOD - WANTED - House Cleaning

47 1 Jun 2018
GLENWOOD - WANTED - Construction Or General Labour

48 24 May 2018
MARYBOROUGH - WANTED - Lawn Mowing/ Gardening

Lawn mowing and wippersnippering edges and small amount of gardening

49 12 May 2018

50 12 May 2018
ALDERSHOT - WANTED - Home Grown Vegetables

home grown vegetables

51 7 May 2018
WONDAI - WANTED - Home made Pickles, Relish, Chutney, Sauces

Pickles, Relish, Sauces, Chutney

52 7 May 2018
MURGON - WANTED Jams, Pickles, Garlic, Produce

MURGON - WANTED Jams, Pickles, Garlic, Produce

53 6 May 2018
GIN GIN- WANTED - Produce : Eggs, Fruits, Veg, Meat

Eggs, fruits, veg, meat

54 6 May 2018
GIN GIN - WANTED - Wild Honey, Coffee Beans

Wild honey & Ground Coffee Beans

55 4 May 2018
GIN GIN - WANTED - Local Fruits / veg / eggs / meats

I’m looking for local fruits, veg, eggs, honey, grains(coffee etc) and meats.

56 4 May 2018
GIN GIN - WANTED - Leftover Rock-blocks Or Bricks

Needing a quantity of BessaBlocks or leftover house bricks to use in my garden. Anyone have any laying around?

57 4 May 2018
GIN GIN - WANTED Rideon Lawn Mower

Anyone have a rideon in great working order willing to let a pensioner pay it off with fortnightly payments?

58 6 Apr 2018

Wanted Milk Kefir

59 5 Apr 2018
GIN GIN - WANTED - BARTER for plants/trees or homegrown veggies

I have Yucca Plants in 10in pots - striking plant, drought tolerant & Fig Trees in 6in pots - grows into a large tree (as shown)

WANTED Barter for: Other plants/trees or homegrown veggies

60 25 Mar 2018
WONDAI - WANTED - Outside Window clean

61 17 Mar 2018
GIN GIN - WANTED - Golf Buggy

Interested in golf buggies of any condition - going or not, electric or petrol. Also batteries and chargers for same.

62 17 Mar 2018
GIN GIN - WANTED - Ride On Mowers

Have you a ride on mower in the shed that you never use anymore? Interested in a barter?

63 15 Mar 2018
WONDAI - WANTED - Shed Tidyup & Declutter for fix it space

I need physical help to tidy up my 2 bay shed. Not a lot in it but I want to move things around & make preparations for CES users to use the space for a Fix it space.

Repairing an item in todays economy can have a positive effect on your budget and the environment. Many items today are not manufactured to be repaired as companies would prefer to have you throw out the broken item and buy a new one. This doesn't help in our shortage of landfills, energy use, or consumption of raw materials. So before you toss that old lamp in the trash think about getting it repaired.

64 6 Mar 2018
WONDAI - WANTED - Ear Candling

In Wondai, I have the candles, need someone to watch over me while I do it.

65 2 Mar 2018
GOOD NIGHT - WANTED - Handyman Help

Laying carpet, timber work, lawn and grounds maintenance

66 1 Mar 2018
BARGARA - WANTED - Fruit & Vegetables

I am looking for fruit and or vegetables. Preferably lemon, limes, kefir lime, any vegetables.

67 1 Mar 2018
BARGARA - WANTED - Fruit Trees & Herb Plants

I am looking for plants to grow for my garden.

68 1 Mar 2018

Need I say more. I miss my chooks!!! Maybe I’ll be able to have my own soon :-)

69 28 Jan 2018
WONDAI - WANTED - garden watering when I'm away

garden watering once or twice a week, any these times

Wed 7am to 8am or 5pm to 6pm

Fri 7am to 8am or 5pm to 6pm

Sun 7am to 8am or 5pm to 6pm

70 15 Sep 2017

71 1 Sep 2017
GIN GIN - WANTED - Car Servicing, Rust Work, Painting

Any assistance with vehicles appreciated

72 29 Aug 2017
WONDAI - WANTED - Builder Garden Wall & fence, raised garden bed

Support wall at the front of my house, with fence above built

raised garden bed inside it,

Planted up with native flowering schrubs & plants

Can pay $$s for materials, fuel to travel etc

(camp spot in my backyard to save on travel costs, use of big shed)

73 14 Aug 2017
GYMPIE - WANTED Produce & Fruit

74 12 Aug 2017

Poor quality or weedy ok for it's mulch role.

75 6 Aug 2017
MURGON: WANTED Building Skills

76 6 Aug 2017
MURGON - WANTED Mechanic Skills

77 6 Aug 2017
MURGON - WANTED Accounting Skills

78 6 Aug 2017
MURGON - WANTED People to help plant trees (August/September)

79 19 Jun 2017
TORQUAY - WANTED - Housecleaning

80 27 Mar 2017
SEQ WANTED: Stall Holders Heal Yourself Expos in SEQ

The You Can Heal Yourself Foundation, runs expos across SE Qld

Bookings essential, Book your stall space early to avoid dissappointment.

81 6 Mar 2017
WIDE BAY & BURNETT - WANTED: PR & Advertising on Facebook groups - all areas

PR & advertising person for the CES on FB groups

anyone in Gympie, Wide Bay, Nth & Sth Burnett want to take this on ?

Favours Paid

82 1 Mar 2017
SEQ - Donations of Favours for worthy causes or people

We're asking for donations of Favours for worthy causes or people from CES users with +Favours in their a/c. The Favours in this account may be gifted to non-members & members to spend. Send request to Admin at gympces@gmail.com

How the Community Chest operates:

"Any CES User can donate any amount to it. CES Users who are having a hard time can ask for up to 50Fvs to help them through the hard time.

The one condition is that it must be spent within 4 weeks of being awarded. At the end o the 4 weeks, any unspent funds are returned to the Community Chest."

83 18 Feb 2017


84 29 Sep 2016
WONDAI - WANTED: Gardening, weeding, mulching

gardening, weeding, mulching

85 10 Aug 2016
WONDAI: WANTED House Painting - Internal

Internal house painting

86 10 Aug 2016
WONDAI - WANTED: Food: Organic Fruit & Veggies, Sour Dough Bread

Fruit & Veggies, sour dough bread

87 10 Aug 2016
WONDAI - WANTED: Hairdressing


88 27 Jul 2016
KINGAROY - WANTED: Gardening items

Interested in plants, seedlings, compost etc anything for the garden basically. Also interested in some point of lay hens. Must be hens since I am in town and can not have roosters. :)

89 23 Jul 2016
ALL AREAS - We're Having a Membership Drive. How can you help? 

Are you looking for a way to unite our community; meet more people; have more friends?

Then we have an opening for you.

The WideBayBurnett Community Exchange is looking to gain new members. Now is a great time while regular currencies are being choked. & unemployment is high.

We are looking for a person(s) who feels at ease conversing with others and has skills in canvassing, informing and signing up new members without being pushy.

You earn 20 Favours BONUS when you recommend that local people in our area register with us & type your "name &/or ID" in the section "Tell us how you heard about.........?" The system will pay you the existing member F20 Bonus.

90 23 Jul 2016

Do you want to help your Community Exchange? - Become a Local Area Contact (LAC)

Can you help? In each locality we need at least one person who has enough experience for people who have no computer and are running a paper-based system for their trading.

Non-computerised members may need to:

- join up on paper, or a libary computer;

- get the forms they need to keep their paper based trading records

- get a brochure

- drop off their trading sheets/slips for an LAC to process;

(WideBayBurnett CES does not offer a printing and posting service. Why? there are no membership $fees to cover these $expenses.)

Members without computers need to arrange to see current offers, wants and announcements or events calendars either by using their local library computers & printers, or by getting help from another member/friend with a computer.

The LAC receives a payment of F25 for each new registered CES user/member they assist to subscribe to WBB CES. Any other expenses in Favours or $$s are negotiable between the current member & the new member.

91 23 Jul 2016

From the Admin User Guide: "Local Area Co-ordinators are trusted users who are granted the ability to manage the accounts of others without having to know their passwords. In a sense they operate as 'branches of the bank' for those who do not have computers and those who do not wish to or are unable to manage their own accounts.

They are 'local area' because the aim is to have at least one co-ordinator in each sub-area to service those who do not have direct access to a computer.

The administrator grants co-ordinator status to users simply by marking them as such in their account profiles. Co-ordinators have access to a special co-ordinator's interface through their normal accounts. This is a cut-down administrative interface providing them with all the tools they need to manage the accounts of others. They are able to enter trades, offerings, wants, announcements and perform other actions such as printing out statements and offerings and wants lists. The interface also gives them access to a range of forms that can be printed for those who prefer to deal with paper.

92 14 Jul 2016
Be aware - Food Licensing Laws apply

Food Licensing Laws apply for Sth Burnett: http://www.southburnett.qld.gov.au/food-packs

and probably also in the WideBay, Nth Burnett & Gympie areas, contact your local Council for further info

93 12 Apr 2016
WONDAI - WANTED: Housecleaning outside tiled Patio area

Inside, &/or outside cleaning, windows & patio areas

94 12 Apr 2016
WONDAI - WANTED: Car Cleaning, inside & out

I have an enjo car cleaning kit. uses no soapy suds etc, easier to clean

95 12 Apr 2016
WONDAI - WANTED: Beauty Therapy: Facials, Pedicure, Waxing etc

96 12 Apr 2016
WONDAI - WANTED: Massage: Reflexology, Pulsing, Deep Tissue, Shiatsu etc

97 12 Apr 2016
WONDAI - WANTED: Foot Reflexology & Foot Spa detox & Pedicure, Foot Massage

98 12 Apr 2016
WONDAI - WANTED: Produce, Home-Grown Veggies, Fruit, Avocados

Fresh Fruit & Vegetables & Avocados

99 12 Apr 2016
WONDAI - WANTED: House cleaning

100 12 Apr 2016
WIDE BAY & BURNETT- Community groups can join CES as an organization

We welcome other community groups who join as an organization and can then access such things as business services (marketing, data entry, web services, some training options, and more) and also offer their volunteers rewards in the form of community credits (favours). Admin can provide an information session for your group.

For more information write to info@communityexchange.net.au