Added Details
3 Oct 2023
Kitchen Scales wanted

My new found love of cooking requires me to use kitchen scales. If you are not using yours, I am happy to pay part cash for it. 

3 Oct 2023
Bathroom Scales

I like to watch my weight - it's better than TV! Need bathroom scales that will go as far as 150kg or more. Willing to pay part cash. 

21 Sep 2023
Large fishing tackle box with compartments

looking for a large fishing tackle box or similar with multiple compartments for my son to store his metal detecting finds. 




21 Sep 2023
Ironing board

seeking ironing board

no rust,

folds for storage,

fully functional etc... 



14 Sep 2023
Wanted to Buy house and/or Land

Dear LETS Folk

I have been trawling the mainstream real estate websites, social media and gumtree for a couple of years now with no luck and increasing frustration to find an affordable block or home to buy for our family in the following areas - Atherton-Malanda-Yungaburra-Herberton and anywhere in between or not too far from these townships and Mareeba to Mt Molloy to Mount Carbine. The sale would need to meet whatever the legal requirements are for us to own the block/ home.

We are looking for:

Land - Minimum 1 acre on seperate title and access, prefer some bush and fenced but not essential, access to services good but would consider off-grid, prefer between $50,000-$75,000 neg  (can be cash and could include bartles) 

House - Minimum 3 bdrm (3rd bedroom could be study/ sleepout etc) in livable condition, on seperate title and access, prefer no cement sheet/ aesbestos, prefer between $150,000-$175,000 neg (can be cash and could include bartles)  


Chelsey, Pat, Sol and Rinan

14 Sep 2023
Scrap Metal for art

I am looking for any scrap metal for my new weld art hobby. Old farm scrap metal like discs, tines, springs, wheels, old tools, steel bar, large bolts etc are great to work with. 

I am happy to pay bartles and I will dismantle and/or collect from anywhere on the tablelands. 

Making animals out of scrap is a great channel of energies. 

11 Sep 2023
Blues Brothers

Does anybody have ¨the Blues Brothers¨ on DVD for me to buy/borrow?

7 Sep 2023

New member Emilienne would like to access raw milk and organic food please - located in Kuranda.

7 Sep 2023
Garden Help

New member Satya would like some garden help please!

4 Sep 2023
Clothing and Shoes for girl 7-8 years

Wanted: summer clothes size 7/8 & winter clothes size 8 & shoes size 12-13-1 (kids) please.

4 Sep 2023
Interior House Painting

I'm looking for someone to paint interior walls.  We can do cleaning/prep and moving things.  I also need ceilings painted.  Lowset house but raked ceilings inside.  Can be done room by room (preferred).  Offering $30 + 60B per hour.  Located Tarzali.

4 Sep 2023
Cleaning - windows, walls, fans etc

I'm still looking for someone to come and spring clean - windows, walls, fans, doors, ceilings etc.  It can be done in small sessions over several weeks - doesn't have to be completed all at once!  Located Tarzali. Offering $30 + 50B per hour.

4 Sep 2023
Car cleaning

I'm looking for someone to wash my small SUV at Tarzali on a regular basis (monthly?) and also vacuum/wipe if possible.  Can pay B and $.

4 Sep 2023
House sitting wanted

Mature single lady with own transport.   Clean, tidy, neat, quiet.   Likes pets and basic gardening.   Contact Louisa for more info

2 Sep 2023
Aquaculture water tanks for fish

Hi, seeking any sort of aquaculture (poly or fiberglass) fish tanks 2000, 5000 or 10,000lts. 


Can offer part cash/ bartles and fresh Barramundi

2 Sep 2023
Handyman to build a bedroom, renovate bus, finish my dam jetty

I have lots to do on our Barramundi farm (located in Biboohra) and could do with a hand to help complete the following over the next few months:

1. build a bedroom under the varandah. (Have most of the materials ready to go including windows, doors, corregated iron and timber).

2. renovate an old 1970s bus into accomodation for my son. It already has a seperate kitchen and bedroom. Needs to be cleaned out and renovated, painted, some metal work, new flooring, lots of silicone and rust proofing I expect. Also like to build a pergolga, add water tank etc.  I have plenty of ideas.  :)

3. finish off my half built jetty into my farm dam and/ or extend it. I have all hardwood  timber ready to go.

Can pay 30b/hr +fresh Barramundi + willing to let someone camp on the property for free to do some or all of the above.

2 Sep 2023
Seeking Square mesh wire

Seeking any size Square mesh wire and chicken wire to help keep my goats in. Any lengths or mesh size.

28 Aug 2023
Second hand besser blocks

Looking for some besser blocks for DIY project here.  Bartles and or some $$

28 Aug 2023
Malabar spinach cuttings

does anyone have malabar spinach and could drop cuttings or seed (preferably cuttings) off to Malanda DOP?

24 Aug 2023
Bath Tubs or troughs

After a few bath tubs/troughs for planting purposes. So doesn't need to be fancy.

24 Aug 2023
Aibika plants

Specifically the red arrow and crinkle narrow leaf

24 Aug 2023
Wanted: Ski helmets and snow googles

Going on a ski holiday and wanting 3 ski helmets and 4 snow googles in good condition. Happy to pay $ postage if further away.

22 Aug 2023
Mulch wanted

half a m2 plus would be good, prefer woodchips or mulched vegetation.  Will pick up.  

16 Aug 2023

I would love help in my garden in Malanda 

1. Someone to dig 4 post holes 

2. Someone to work with me to prune and put prunings through the shredder.

14 Aug 2023
Wanted: Ski clothes

Ski pants and jacket  in womens size XS or kids size 12 or 14 -> for a petit 13 year old

Thermals, long sleeve and pants in womens size S  or 6, 8 and 10

Thermals in mens size M

gloves for skiing small women size and medium mens size and small 13 year old

ski goggles 3x

ski socks

9 Aug 2023
BARF for cat


has anyone in LETS Land experience with feeding their cat a raw meat diet? I'm new to cats and a vegetarian myself, so there is never any leftover meat in our household. However our cat Bean is not really into the tinned cat food and he hungryly keeps the house awake at night.

  • Does anyone has a good raw meat recipe for cats? Preferably for a thermomix.
  • Where do I get the (hopefully cheap) ingredients from? Bucher?
  • OR: is someone able to cater for my cat? Make patties for the freezer and I pay $ for the ingredients + generous amount of Bartles for your time and skills. As a vegetarian I'm not really keen on preparing any kind of meat myself.

Any suggestions are very much appreciated! (He's staying indoors at night time, so is not encouraged to hunt for food)

7 Aug 2023
Something to play cassettes

Hi all, I am in need asap of something that will play cassette tapes. I don't care if it is a hi-end stereo component (I have all the cables) or a micro system or a hand held recorder that plays back. Anything that works well would be great. I can pick it up depending on where you are. Thanks, Deborah

21 Jul 2023
Whipper Snipping Required

Whipper Snipping needed - BYO or use ours.  Offering 50B + $20 per hour.  Acreage with lots of edges.

21 Jul 2023
Pet sitter Tarzali

Looking for occasional care for animals in Tarzali if we go away.  1 Jersey steer (needs water and 'hello'), 1 cat (food, water and company), 12 chickens (food, water, check for eggs - no rooster).  Live-in, or visit.

21 Jul 2023
Beehive maintenance

Looking for help to repair and maintain our beehives which have been neglected for some time.  We have suits, equipment, and some spare parts.  Located in Tarzali.

21 Jul 2023

Wanted: clean burning hardwood firewood, preferably split small for a little pot belly stove.  Also kindling - split or collected up to 20cm long please! Delivery to Tarzali ideal!

15 Jul 2023
Sit on mower

Would like to purchase a  Sit on mower in good mowing condition

15 Jul 2023
Egg Chair

Would like to purchase an Egg chair with or without stand.

14 Jul 2023
Gardening and Handyman

New member Didi is looking for help with gardening and handyman jobs in Malanda.

10 Jul 2023
Weeding - labour in Walkamin

Offering B30/hr for gardening in Walkamin - light weeding/spraying with organic weedicide, mulching.

Negotiable on hours/days

Can contribute to fuel for travel if required

Contact me on: 0419 729 732

2 Jul 2023
Coffee grinder

In need of a coffee grinder as the motor of mine burned out

5 Jun 2023

Wanted to buy for Bartles - seedlings and plants (edible) for the Community Garden at ECHO in Malanda please.

Particularly after: pigeon pea plants, celery taro, lebanese/land cress, arrowroot (not Qld, the other one), cranberry hibiscus  plants, and various herbs.

5 Jun 2023
Kids books

Wanted to buy for Bartles - books for kids for the Free Book shelves at the Neighbourhood House in Malanda (I will donate these, so low cost preferred).

5 Jun 2023
Garden tools

Wanted to buy for Bartles - garden tools for our community garden at ECHO in Malanda please.

5 Jun 2023
Labour for gardening projects

New members Rosie & Tarpan are looking for help with their garden in Ravenshoe.  Contact them if you can assist.

5 Jun 2023
Home maintenance

Contact new members Rosie & Tarpan if you can assist with home maintenance, cleaning outside of house and other labour.

5 Jun 2023
Building renovation

Are you able to assist new members Heather & Duncan with their building renovations? Please contact them directly.

30 Apr 2023

Would like to purchase some potted plants to resell on my plant stall in Malanda. Will pay 3 to 5Bartles each.

30 Apr 2023

Would likle to purchase honey please

30 Apr 2023
Veggie Seedling

looking for some veggie seedling for now or later in the year to add to my patch. Please keep me in mind if you have surplus.

30 Apr 2023
Car interior/exterior cleaning surplies

any unwanted car cleaning supplies you want to pass on?

30 Apr 2023
Sit on mower

good working sit on mower needed please.

30 Apr 2023
Tall cat scratch tower

Would like to get our cat a very tall scratch tower if you have one that might only collecting dust at your place.

30 Apr 2023
Compost worms

In need of compost worms to restart my 3 worm farms.

30 Apr 2023
Passionfruit, Oranges, pink Grapefruits plus any veggies

Please give me a shout if you have a surplus of Passionfruit, Oranges, pink Grapefruits. Also happy to purchase any other fruit except bananas.

If you have beans to share, tomatoes, silverbeet, eggplants or any others please get in touch.

16 Apr 2023
Fresh Food Kuranda area and surrounds

New member Tin is offering transport and is seeking fresh food: organic produce, dairy, meat, seafood & eggs.  Please contact with what you have to offer.

16 Apr 2023
Cat sitter/ Boarding required

Hi, I need a cat boarding place/ sitter for the next school holidays in June and again in December/January. (just to clarify: Cat needs to go to your place)

Our cat Bean is only 5month old, very friendly and listens to his name. Likes to play and cuddles. Mainly indoors

Please contact me if you are interested in a "part time" cat and can help out. Happy to pay Bartles ect.

27 Feb 2023

I'm getting my veggie garden slowly back in shape. Would anyone have veggie seedlings over the next weeks/6 months?

Very much after Kohl Rabi, water loving Tomatoes, beans, sweet corn, peas, lettuce, capsicums and eggplants, shallotts, Italian basil

Also in need of Jerusalem artichoke plants, sage, rosemary, Black Salsify (not sure if it grows here in the tropics...)

26 Feb 2023
Greenhouse. New or used is fine.

Drop off in Atherton please.



26 Feb 2023
Weeding and trimming of trees

Ongoing work in Atherton as needed.



26 Feb 2023
A chest to store dead wood in for winter.

As long as it can close properly as it will be stored outside.


Please email me if you have something big enough to hold wood for burning.



22 Feb 2023
Labour - planting

Help with planting required!  Contact me if you can assist.

22 Feb 2023

Garden help sometimes needed in my large garden.

22 Feb 2023
Edible Plants and Seeds

Plants and seeds wanted for Bartles.  Located Kuranda. Creating an edible food forest and garden ..looking for anything to grow thats edible and gardening soil....greenhouse etc 

22 Dec 2022
Egg shells

Would like any eggs shells please. No need to break up as I give them to my hens in pieces. (need to be frozen or dried, as I cannot use moldy ones). thank you.

11 Nov 2022
Old analogue T.V. sets

In working order to use with vintage gameplayers

15 Oct 2022
Fruit & Veggies wanted

any fruit except bananas would be great. Grapefruit, oranges, avos, pineapples, nuts.

Any vegetables...

18 Oct 2016
Tours of tropical vegie and flower gardens in Oct 2016

Hi - When I'm on holidays around Australia,  I would love to have a tour of permaculture properties, local botanical gardens etc.   I'm from Melbourne and am often free to travel, so if there are times of the year that work for you, let me know.    I teach sustainable gardening in Melbourne - love compost sorting, edible weeds etc.  Can pay for petrol and LETS points for your time.   I also teach dance and cook, so can make myself useful.  ID is DVNS 1985

0438 580 889 (Vodaphone)