Added Details
20 Apr 2021
Duck eggs

Hi does anybody have any duck eggs, 2 dozen, I am in Walkamin but can collect from Malanda DOP on Mondays or Atherton depending on the day.

18 Apr 2021
Soldering iron

soldering iron for for mending audio leads...

18 Apr 2021
Music recording equipment

music recording equipment

16 Apr 2021
Lift or chill out place in Cairns for this Saturday 17th April

Hi, Hoping to find a lift from Cairns airport to Malanda this Saturday 17th April for 3 people + 3 suitcases. Arriving 6pm at the airport. Maybe we are lucky. Happy to pay Bartles/Dollar$.
**** Would also appreciate a place to chill in Cairns from 6-10pm until being picked up.****

15 Apr 2021
To rent your goat.

I'd like to find a way of sorting out my crazy glycine weed, so if you want to loan out your goat or similar medium sized weed eater, I'd be happy to have him/her stay for an afternoon each month or two.


Paula and Douglas

14 Apr 2021
Weeding vege beds

I would like somebody to come and weed 2 vegie beds for me.  Paying B30 /hr plus fuel for travel to Walkamin.

I have all of the tools you will need, but bring your own gloves.

Happy to accommodate times to suit you, week days or weekends, early mornings as well.  I believe the job would take approx 4 hrs but happy for whatever time somebody is able to spend to get ready for planting this season.

13 Apr 2021
Books for teenage girl

we're after the following book series or any individual titles from them:

The Baby-Sitters Club by Ann M Martin

Unicorn Academy by Julie Sykes

Fairy Realm by Emily Rodda

The Famous Five by Enid Blyton

Silver Dolphins by Summer Waters

Secret Kingdom by Rosie Banks

Secret Princes by Rosie Banks

Bindi Wildlife Adventures by Jess Black

Bindi Behind the Scenes

Animal Rescue by Tina Nolan

Puppy Patrol by Jenny Dale

Pet Trouble by T T Sutherland

RSPCA Animal Tales by Jess Black

Pet Hotel by Kate Finch

Violet Mackerel's... Anna Branford

Seahorse Stars by Zuzu Singer

Ella and Olivia by Yvette Poshoglian

Dream Dogs by Aimee Harper

Zoe's Rescue Zoo by Amelia Cobb

The Puppy Place by Ellen Miles

Hey Jack by Sally Rippin

Billie B Brown by Sally Rippin

A Billie B Brown Mystery by Sally Rippin

The Littlest Angel Lily by Elizabeth Pulford

thanks in advance!!

12 Apr 2021
Director's chairs

I'm looking for one or two american style director's chairs. Frame only is ok. Should be in reasonable condition.

11 Apr 2021
Mosaic wanted

along edge of our front veranda - about 15m long with wavy outside edge.    Concrete base is there.   We have some tiles but not enough.   If you have photos of your work, that's be great.   Thinking of nature theme.    Please advise your conditions, timelines etc. Thanks

5 Apr 2021
Kerosene lantern

looking for a kerosene lantern in SAFE working order. Not after an antique!  thanks. 

4 Apr 2021
Comfrey Plants

I am chasing comfrey plants. Rooted 'cuttings' are fine. I can take up to 20 and can collect from Malanda DOP.


Thanks in advance. is best contact.

3 Apr 2021
Soy Wax Candles

If anyone makes soy wax candles, preferably with essential oils or unscented, I'd be keen to purchase some!

27 Mar 2021
World Globe

Hi, Looking for a globe for an art project. Approx 30cm diameter, preferably on a stand. Will be painted so surface doesn't need to be perfect. thanks

24 Mar 2021
Embroidery or screenprinting

I was wondering if anyone has a sewing machine and can do some embroidery or can screen print 40-50 of a design for me? I'll pay and supply materials, wanting someone with the equipment and skills

22 Mar 2021
Roofing iron

looking for roofing iron for raise garden beds for my mobility restricted wife

21 Mar 2021
Outdoor setting.

Outdoor setting... In Atherton. Thanks.

20 Mar 2021

One off or regular - paying 20B + $20 for good workers.  Need help with windows, walls, floors, ceilings, cobwebs, cupboards etc while I'm studying and working full time in 2021.  Located in Tarzali.  Monday to Wednesday suit me best, followed by weekends.  You can bring your child/ren by negotiation.  Low set house on farm.

20 Mar 2021
Dinosaur resources - lower primary

Wanted to buy (not borrow) for Bartles - dinosaur resources to suit lower primary level please.

20 Mar 2021
Girls size 5/6 clothes and size 9/10 shoes

Wanted in good condition - girls' size 5-6 clothing and size 9 & 10 shoes please.

20 Mar 2021
Car Wash & Interior Clean

I don't need fancy detailing, but my car needs a good wash, vac and wipe, including door tracks etc.  It's a van, but just with 2 rows of seats.  Prefer if you can come to me (Tarzali).  I have a carport area where you can work in the shade.  Happy to pay 50/50 up to 40B/hr (or $20+20B) for your time.  I can supply cloths, soap, vacuum, hose, etc etc.

20 Mar 2021
Narrow long side table

Wanting a long, narrow side table or coffee table to put next to lounge chair. I don't have a lot of space so need it narrow. Picture to give you an idea of what I'm after. 100% Bartles

17 Mar 2021

Would love to pay someone bartles for regular Accupuncture treatment from a qualified practitioner

17 Mar 2021
Car detailing

wanted car detailing for inside and out of my car

17 Mar 2021
Moccona Jars of all sizes with lids

Moccona jars with lids for use for food storage so not been used with harsh chemicals please

17 Mar 2021
Battery powered camping lantern or citronella torches

Wanted battery powered camping lantern or citronella torches

17 Mar 2021
Banana bags

wanted - bags to cover bananas from pests

17 Mar 2021
Outdoor setting

Wanted outdoor setting in good condition along with delivery

17 Mar 2021
Cd rack

Wanted a cd rack in good condition

17 Mar 2021
Anti-mould gel or wax

wanted aroma mould deterring gels/wax or beads - needed to keep a closed space mould free - no sprays  please - must be slow release and must be natural 

17 Mar 2021
Hanging baskets or large ceramic/terracotta pots in good condition

Wanted metal frame hanging baskets - no lining ok

40cm or larger ceramic or terracotta pots

17 Mar 2021
Pool table

Looking for functional pool table.

half B/half $

17 Mar 2021
Couch, sofa bed

looking for simple style (not chunky) couch and/or sofa bed to be used in liveable shed- single and/or multi seater. Ideally (perfect world scenario) vinyl or leather so can be wiped/cleaned for mould in our soggy season. Some $ contribution is possible for the 'perfect' couch!

extra $ for delivery..... if delivery is a possibility.

17 Mar 2021
Option to hire YOU and your ute or trailer for deliveries

I  have a small car and no trailer. Recently I have been looking at to find a furniture etc but always give up when it comes to figuring out how to get it delivered economically.

sometimes there are items on LETS which I want but delivery puts a halt to purchase. 

I would love to know if someone on the Southern Tablelands would be willing to let me pay you in Bartles (30B/hr) for periodically picking up a bulkier purchases on the tablelands and delivering to Evelyn (between Millaa and Ravenshoe). 

Happy to pay $ for petrol. 

I am not happy to be responsible for your vehicle so would prefer NOT to hire ute without YOU driving it!


17 Mar 2021
Wheel barrow and delivery option!!!

My wheelbarrow is on its last legs (or wheel) - its like pushing a jelly fish (despite having a new well inflated tube). 

keen for another wheelbarrow or a gardening cart. 

if you have a frame which is fine, I have a spare tray - which if size matches could be attached. 

definitely prefer plastic tray. 



17 Mar 2021
Sewing patterns and fabric

Ruby, who is 10, has developed a love for sewing. We are looking for beginner sewing patterns. She is tall enough that we can fairly easily work with adult/women's patterns or teenager patterns.

Dresses, tops, shorts, pants etc.. 

we are also looking for fabric which is easy to sew -eg, cotton (nothing stretchy etc)


thanks xx

15 Mar 2021
Fabric and doilies

White cotton, calico and white pure cotton doilies 

15 Mar 2021
Sleeping gear

2 x Doona cover, 2 x sheets and  4 x pillowcases Queen size must be 100% pure cotton. Dark colours any deign.

11 Mar 2021
Jaboticaba Tree plant

I am after a Jaboticaba tree plant please.

9 Mar 2021
Seeking Matthew Reilly books please

I am looking for Matthew Reilly Books:

Scarecrow series: any or all.

Ice Station

Area 7


Scarecrow Returns

Jack West Jr Series:

Seven Deadly (Ancient) Wonders

The Six Sacred Stones

The 5 Greatest Warriors

The Three Secret Cities

The Two Lost Mountains

Also Glenn Cooper:

Library Of The Dead

Thank you and have a great day :-)





7 Mar 2021
Wanted: plastic bottles

Need plastic soft drink bottles to use in garden to protect seedlings from eating my veggies.

6 Mar 2021
Wanted: Gardener

I can't keep up with the weeds and other plants. It's a jungle.

Mainly weeding and trimming.



6 Mar 2021
Wanted: Cleaner for House Spring Cleaning

I'd like someone to help me with spring cleaning our house. Walls and ceilings inside rooms and verandah area.


6 Mar 2021
Wanted: House Cleaner for Mopping floors fortnightly

On a regular fortnightly basis I'd like someone to clean the floors in our house. Vacuuming and mopping. Inside the house and verandah. Will take about 2 hours.

Centrally located in Malanda.



6 Mar 2021
Wanted: fruit & Veggies

Hi I'm especially after Dragon fruit and passionfruit to eat. But also after pineapple, coconut.... No bananas though.

Pumpkin please if you have and other veggies... Zucchini, capsicums, tomatoes...

6 Mar 2021
Old lino

If you are renovating and ripping up old lino or similar, I'd love to get some fairly large pieces. I want to use them to protect the floor from paint spills while I'm doing flow painting. 

4 Mar 2021
IBCs (1000L Plastic Pods)

Chasing one or two IBCs, can pickup. Wanted for veggie beds so can't have had poisons or oil in them (chemical fertiliser is fine). Will pay 250Bea if they're in good nick.

2 Mar 2021
Wanted: Property or Vacant land

Looking to buy house on acreage or vacant land.

Malanda or Lake Eacham area. Rainforest block, creek, quiet area.

Paying B500 if you know someone that is keen on selling and will lead us finding our forever home.

2 Mar 2021
Commercial Kitchens

Looking for commercial kitchens in or close to Atherton that I can use for a couple of hours at a time in exchange for Bartles and/or products made in the kitchen. 

28 Feb 2021
Scientific calculator

scientific calculator for year 10 student...

27 Feb 2021
The Cheeky Possum

The Cheeky Possum at 78 Grigg Street (was the Octopi Garden) is interested in a handyperson, social companionship, seedlings, fruit & veg, and possibly a monthly trade event.  Pop in and see Lori and discuss the possibilities!  It'll be great to have this space as part of our LETS community once again!

19 Feb 2021
Heirloom seeds

would love to get some heirloom fruit and veg seeds

19 Feb 2021
Heirloom seeds

would love to get some heirloom fruit and veg seeds

13 Feb 2021
Egg cartons


I am looking for egg cartons in good condition.


9 Feb 2021
Looking for Borage

I have not been successful in obtaining any borage plant or seeds. If you have any spare, please contact me.

6 Feb 2021
Plants and Garden

New members would like:
fruit trees
veg seeds and seedlings
wood chipper
tree felling
general labour (yard)
... please!  Contact Om & Helen if you can assist.  Tolga.

3 Feb 2021
Help with Calendar

I need someone to assist with the calendar please.  It's helpful if you are a Facebook User, as this medium gets the most response when we request events.
This is the process:
call out for events - FB, Wants, email
collate into doc
get it proof-read by another admin
save as pdf
email out pdf
upload pdf to
post and pin pdf to FB group
create fb events for each event
... repeat.
Token Bartle amount paid per month.


30 Jan 2021
Piano lessons

Wanting to find someone to teach my grandson grandson piano. We have the piano. Now need lessons.( only one grandson).comp. has died so using mobile.ugh.

22 Jan 2021
Tropical Fruit Tree Wish List

I am chasing the following fruiting plants/trees or reliable propagating material from them please. I can collect easily from Malanda DOP at any time or elsewhere by arrangement.


If you don't have the plant but know of someone or somewhere that does, leads are also highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Please email directly to


Persimmon (Fuyu & Izu)


Purple Mangosteen


Low Chill Chestnut (Reilly Low Chill & Low Chill Winchester)

Governor's Plum (grafted, thornless if possible)

Small Leafed Tamarind

Cedar Bay Cherry

Kiwiberry (Issai self-pollinating)

Keriberry (I am aware of the weed warning.)


Serviceberry/Saskatoon berry


18 Jan 2021
Rice Cooker

I'm chasing a rice cooker in working condition. It doesn't need to be handsome and perfect, just functional. A small one is preferred but I'm not fussy.


Please email directly to

12 Jan 2021

We are always on the lookout for pumpkins so please consider us if you have a surplus. Not fussy about variety.


Please email directly to Can collect from Malanda DOP anytime or elsewhere by arrangement.

4 Jan 2021
Student desk and chair.

Student desk and chair for teenager and his computer.

3 Jan 2021
Compostable Products wanted

My compost worms are in need of a regular supply of compost. I can supply the buckets. Willing to collect from Atherton, Malanda, Yungaburra, and Herberton. Willing to pay 5B for suitable compost.

3 Jan 2021
Compost barrel

Wanting a compost barrel for 100% bartles. Wanting to get my compost up off the ground from pests. Picture for an idea of what I'm looking for. 

14 Dec 2020
Fresh Honey

Wanted some fresh honey from the hive, would like to get 1 ltr tub.

6 Dec 2020
Various Wants

New member Tom can remove unwanted cars, trailers, motorbikes, tinnys, outboard motors... He also wants a post hole digger and fishing gear. Can you assist? (listed by admin)

5 Dec 2020
Battery operated aerators

We're expecting a lot of tadpoles to come in this year and if we lose power from a cyclone or other wet weather damage, we will need lots and lots of battery powered aerators to keep all our tadpole rescue tanks going.  We cannot afford to buy these as donations have been very low this year.  We are looking to borrow aerators for the wet season.  If you have one you could loan us - perhaps for 1B per week - or if you have one you don't want anymore, please contact us before the wet season starts.  The aerators must be working (you wouldn't believe how many brand new aerators we have bought that did not even work!!!).  thanks.

30 Nov 2020
Plants or seeds-Theobroma grandiflorum (CUPUACU)

I am looking for seeds (fresh) or seedlings of the Cupuacu plant. Native to Brazil.

30 Nov 2020
Rainforest Fruit Trees

Chasing various edible rainforest plants for revegetating several areas on our farm-seeds or seedlings.

Lemon aspen-Acronychia acidula

Finger limes

Myrtles-Cinnamon, Anise (Syzygium anisatum), Lemon (Backhousia citriodora)

Bunya pines-Araucaria bidwilli

Davidson Plum-Davidsonia pruriens

Tamarind-Boonjie and Bernies

Atherton Oaks-Athertonia diversifolia

Blushwood-Fontainea picrosperma

Cape Your Lilly Pilly-Syzygium aqueum

Red Back Australian Ginger-Alpinia caerulea ‘Atherton’

29 Nov 2020

I'm after this particular Calathea.

Willing to travel to pick up.

29 Nov 2020
Children's clothing

We're after tops and bottoms for a 14 year old girl and a 10 year old boy

not keen on bling or branding, please, plain and simple is best

thank you in advance!

29 Nov 2020
Rental for elderly couple, march '21 onwards

My elderly parents are now planning to arrive at the Tablelands in june '21. They'll be looking for a 6 to 12 month rental, ideally towards the southern end of the tablelands.

they are clean and tidy, do not smoke or drink, very quiet :)

they have a dog which is not particularly freindly toward children or other dogs :(

thanks in advance for any news, if you know of something that might suit

28 Nov 2020
Size 6 and 7 boys or gender neutral shirts and shorts. Size 12 and 13 boys shoes

Still in reasonable condition please. 

Email me if possible.

12 Nov 2020

Looking for lemons, chilli, ginger & yucan.

2 Nov 2020

we're after two swags for children aged 10 and 13 ... not sure what sizes they come in, but can be single adult size for them to grow into... thanks in advance!

2 Nov 2020
Bookshelf and bookends

Looking for a full sized bookshelf please...

we also would like lots of bookends, like in the picture or anything similar that does the same job

I'm also needing wall hangers for two ukeleles and a small guitar please

thanks in advance!

12 Oct 2020
Palsonic remote control.

Hoping to be lucky: looking for a Palsonic remote control for Television. 

Or a good working TV with working remote control, bigish screen.

8 Oct 2020
Colour printing

I have lots of excellent veggie gardening advice available including colourful showy planting calnedars and photos of plant varieties and I would like to be able to provide this for Bartles but don't have access to a colour printer. Would you be willing to print for me for Bartles?

10 Sep 2020
FISH Gold fish, guppies ect

I am looking to add some fish to my tank that holds gold fish, rainbows & black widows. I would like to add some more gold fish, guppies & other compatible fish. Not too small as I don't want them eaten. :-) 

4 Sep 2020
Chicken wire

Looking for short lengths of chicken wire to keep the scrub fowl and the wallabies off my plants! They are even climbing into the raised beds to eat all the leaves off everything. Time to 'raise the bar'. Looking for lengths of chicken wire at least 2 metres long. Ta.

31 Aug 2020
Begonia plants

 I'm chasing some pretty leave Begonias all sizes and colours. Keen on plants or but  happy to pay Bartles for some leave cuttings  to raise my own

13 Jul 2020
Playing our organ



Douglas loves people playing on a piano or similar. He first fell in love with Gary's guitar at the events, but now enjoys sitting do wen next to another person as they play. I have the organ which can also sound like other instruments (synthesizer?). So if you are free for an hour or so between Thursdays 9am and Saturdays 3pm, please email me. For some reason I can't edit my phone number at the moment!



9 Jul 2020
Workers needed on farm


We are needing help on our permaculture farm with mowing, brush cutting, weeding, raking and other such duties. Please contact us to arrange a day that suits. If we get enough interest we will organise a busy bee.

In central Ravenshoe.

25 bartles per hour

Thank you,

7 Jul 2020
Wanted: portable gazebo

In need of an easy pop up gazebo. 3x3m.

I still have an older model that is very stiff, heavy and simply a pain in the bum.

7 Jul 2020
Wanted: String Succulents

I'm after several hanging string succulents:

String of Hearts

String of Turtles

String of Buttons

String of bananas

String of Dolphins

String of Tears

String of Pearls

9 Jun 2020
Fly screens and window wanted

Trying to patch up my old queenslander flyscreens holes and windows without screens. Seeking aluminium fly screens of the following sizes & colours (if possible):

- 850h x 720w (black)

- 1190h x 660w (bronze)

- 1120h x 410w (bronze)

- bathroom sliding window with glass 470 h x 60 w (any colour, frosted or clear glass)

- roll of flyscreen or big scraps to match above sizes.

(I dont mind spray painting them if a different colour or cutting them down if bigger measurements).

prefer to pay bartles.



9 Jun 2020
Yard work for bartles


seeking to find someone interested to assit me work in the vegtable gardens for 1/2 day or full day from time to time. Can pay 30B/ hr:

Jobs avaialble:

light weeding, planting seeds, potting plants, add aquaponic grow bed additions, compost, mulching, add garden beds, chicken water drinker, fencing, shed tidy up. Just give me a kick to get things how I need it and grow more food. You might have other project ideas for me also.

Weekends I can work with you. Weekdays ill get you started and you can work solo as I have a day job.

8 May 2020

Would love some fresh water fish for my fish tank. No predators please. Thank you.

5 May 2020
Water Kefir Grains

Seeking viable water kefir grains. I can collect from the Malanda DOP on arrangement. Please email

27 Apr 2020
Fruit and Vege

Would love fruit and vege from back yards :) happy to do a weekly run to pick up?

thank you!

7 Nov 2018
Guitar cables

guitar amp cables. non working or working... all for the cause of learning how to mend them