Added Details
26 May 2022
Fire poker

Fire poker wanted ! 

25 May 2022
Car rental

I have family visiting from the 5th of July to the 26th July and we need another vehicle to move around with. Nothing fancy needed. 

25 May 2022
Tin opener

Anyone that has a TIN-OPENER spare?

25 May 2022
Garden: Raised Garden Beds

I'll consider various materials and sizes. Negotiable bartles.

19 May 2022
Clothes mending - (outside of area is ok- transport avail)

Hi, Please respond if you are outside of my northern beaches area as I believe that there are members who provide pickups between areas.


Clothes mending required. I have a small bag of a few items that need basic mending, such as buttons, zipper replacement, maybe a hem or 2. 


Thanks very much 


15 May 2022
Solar Panel Clean


I live off grid and urgently need my roof top solar panels cleaned.

I have a ladder and all things necessary to complete the job.

I just need your time.

Single story home.  29 panels.

Will pay 30B per hour (should take about an hour) or 50/50 cash.

 If the gutters are full of leaves you might like to do that too.


14 May 2022
Cd shelving

Cd shelving good condition

14 May 2022
Besser blocks

15 or so dbl or 30 single Besser blocks

12 May 2022
Australorp Rooster

We are after an Australorp rooster, to add to our flock.

8 May 2022
Tree Ferns etc

Wanted - some Tree Ferns,Fan Palms,King Ferns,Elephant Ears potted and thriving

7 May 2022
Ceramic coffee percolator

I am interested in a ceramic percolator instead of the metal ones used on the stove top now.  Do you have an old one in your kitchen cupboard that is not used?  Please let me know.  Will travel to collect.

5 May 2022

looking for (any kind) of calipers, although the one in the photo is prefered

5 May 2022

I would like a marquee so I can use it for a stall at markets

1 May 2022
Slow cooker, esky

I have a slow cooker that I got on LETS and I love it so much and use it so much, I want another one. (so I can have meals going in one and stock in another).

Do you have a slow cooker that's not getting much use? (Happy to pay bartles or bartles+dollars if that helps.)

I also could use another medium to large esky. Do you have one cluttering up the garage that you'd like to exchange for bartles? I need it to be in good working condition, but scuffed up on the outside is ok.

I can collect at Malanda DOP or in Atherton by arrangement.


29 Apr 2022
Hand-me-downs for 11 year old boy

We're after hand me down clothing for an 11 year old boy, especially tough shorts for outdoor play, and long pants.

Can collect at Malanda DOP or in Atherton by arrangement.

Thanks in advance!!

25 Apr 2022
Seeds - Trees, shrubs, vines

Always on the lookout for seeds for my nursery (fairly large amounts). Natives, shrubs, trees, vines, fruit trees. Let me know what you have and how many bartles you want, or if you're not sure I'll make an offer! I'm happy to extract the seeds myself from the fruit. Cheers

21 Apr 2022
Chicken wire

Does anyone have a few extra spare metres of chicken wire to extend my vegie garden . l think about 5 metres would do it. =)

19 Apr 2022
Ipod Nano 7

We are chasing an iPod Nano 7th generation in very good, working condition. We can reset to factory settings. Recharge chords and headphones aren't needed.

Do you have one lurking in the cupboard that you don't use? My son would love to give it a new home.

Please email

17 Apr 2022
Corner shelf

Wanting a small corner 2 tier shelf.for bathroom bench.

14 Apr 2022
Music teacher

Looking for a music teacher for my two homeschooled children please.  We have a violin, piano and ukelele at home.

14 Apr 2022
Japanese tutor

Looking for a Japanese tutor for my two homeschooled children please.

12 Apr 2022
Electric (Leaf)

Would like to purchase a cordless electric blower. Thanks.

1 Apr 2022
Cleaning job

Looking for a cleaner in Kewarra Beach

29 Mar 2022
Wanted: Thermomix cooking books

I'm new to Thermomix and would like to purchase a copy of the small ring book "A Taste of Vegetarian" or the bigger "Everyday Cookbook". 

24 Mar 2022
Wanted: Paper guillotine

In need of a paper guillotine, for all the many projects...

And blank lables to print on.

24 Mar 2022
Wanted: Bubble wrap and Post-iit-boxes

I'm after some

-clean bubble wrap or paper packing wrap

-Australia Post boxes (from the When it packs it posts range), all sizes, would like to reuse your old boxes and cut on dollar costs. Also after unused Australia Post satchels, maybe you stocked up on too many...

-big rolls of clear sticky tape (for parcels)


23 Mar 2022
Wanted: Lemon Aspen, Davidson Plum, Lemon Myrtle

Would like to purchase bush tucker fruit:

about 1kg Lemon Aspen

500g-1kg Lemon Myrtle leaves

1-2kg Davidson plum

20 Mar 2022
Wanted for Community Centre: free food

Hi!  I'm working at the Neighbourhood House run by ECHO in Malanda and I've made a Free Food stall at the front door, which is going really well.  If you'd ever like to share excess produce, please drop it off 9-5 Mon to Thu or 9-4 Fri to 11-15 Eacham Place, Malanda. Or I may be able to collect it.
We also collect all pantry items, toiletries, baby items etc for our Emergency Relief services, so please contact us if you have donations we can use there (items must be undamaged and in-date).

20 Mar 2022
Water Chestnuts

Seeking to try growing water chesnuts. If you have any id love to swap or buy as many plants as you have to spare. I have lots of aquaponic gardens and would liek to try in various mediums to see what works best so I can add to my aquaponics course. 

16 Mar 2022
Wanted: Fans

Would like some bigger desk fans that can swivel. I hope running fans in the rooms will help with fighting off mold. Not really keen on the tall stand up fans but will consider everything at this point. Thanks!

15 Mar 2022
Scientific Calculator

In need of 2 scientific caculators for school. In good working condition please.

14 Mar 2022
Size 6 and 7 girls clothes and 11 and 12 shoes

We'd love any outgrown size 6 and 7 clothes and kids' size 11 and 12 shoes please!

13 Mar 2022

Someone that knows, how to recover gold, silver and all other materials from old computers, without using dangerous chemicals and refine them to highest purity level or karat. Please text me. Thanks.

10 Mar 2022
Bunk bed, bookshelves, sets of drawers

we're in need of a bunk bed thats single on both levels, to replace one thats double at the bottom and takes up too much space

we're also still chasing shelving for books

and sets of drawers

happy to pay part dollars if it helps

thanks in advance!

10 Mar 2022

Pure cotton sarongs in good condition

thank you

4 Mar 2022
Looking for a push bike

Wanting a larger push bike with fat tyres.( we live on a gravel road) bartles or $ or both

28 Feb 2022
Trivial Pursuit board game/Murder Mystery parts

On the off chance that someone out there has these things tucked away in a cupboard - we are chasing (1) some more recent questions to supplement our 1986!! version of Trivial Pursuit and (2) character cards for "The Chicago Caper" (How to Host a Murder) or maybe any complete "How to Host a Murder" set.  

24 Feb 2022
Walking stick - wood

Wanted for 100% 

Wooden Walking Stick 

24 Feb 2022
Filing Cabinet - metal

Wanted for 100% bartels 

2 drawer metal filing cabinet in good condition.

23 Feb 2022
Davidson Plum Trees

Would like to plant around 10 trees of Davidson plum. Good size seedlings wanted, please.

23 Feb 2022
Wanted: Aquarium gravel

Coloured coated aquarium gravel wanted, any colours, up to 10kg.

23 Feb 2022
Wanted: Mangoes

Fresh mangoes or frozen mangoes or even better dried mangoes wanted. Must be picked (processed) and delivered to Malanda DOP. Not able to handle mangoes due to Urushiol sensitivity.


1 Feb 2022
Wooden Chairs

We are seeking wooden dining chairs in sturdy, usuable condition. They will be used on a verandah so don't needy to be matching, just sturdy. We can repaint or varnish if needed.

Please email

28 Jan 2022
Wanted: Cleaning car

I'd like someone to clean my small car inside and out. It has been used transporting bunya cones, so also has sap all over it. It will be a big job.

28 Jan 2022
Personal trainer

Jana would like to work on her back flips and needs a personal trainer to archieve her goals.

Maybe someone close to Malanda is experienced and can assist. Jana is small, light and bendy.

28 Jan 2022
Wanted: Plants in pots

I"d like to purchase established plants that are already potted up. This can range from pretty plants, Succulents, orchids, Heliconias to veggie plants and fruit trees.

They are for my Plant stall in Malanda and will be available to buy for Dollar$ or Bartles.

My plants on the stall are mainly priced $5 each, so I'm looking to spend between 3-5Bartles each.

Show me what you got. Thanks!!

27 Jan 2022
Hollow Logs

Looking for Hollow Logs for a reforestation project.  Any diameter, any type of wood, but needs to be 3m long.  Doesn't need to be attractive!



8 Jan 2022
HORSE books/literature

My daughters will be doing an equine unit for school this year. We are looking for all manner of horse books. 

Horse evolution, role in history, horse stories, horse breeds, Understanding horses, working with horses, horse behaviour etc.. 

If you have something you think may be suitable, please text or email me the book title and author. 

0484 684 341 or


2 Jan 2022
Citrus juice

i am always looking for fresh lemon and lime juice.

if you juice them, I can supply bottles and $5 plus 10B per litre.

25 Dec 2021
Wanted: Nintendo Switch

Our kids discovered Nintendo switch and are keen on more games and maybe even a console or controller. let us know what you have. Thanks!

22 Dec 2021
Wanted: everything Anime / Manga

We are having an Anime/Manga fan in our household and are interested in purchasing everything Anime: books, movies, series, clothes, figurines, jewlery, posters ect.

17 Dec 2021
Outdoor setting

Outdoor setting or set of chairs  - minimum 4, chairs.  No plastic please.

25 Nov 2021

All my stash of analogue TV's have died and I'm now using this tiny little portable dvd player to watch dvd's. Looking for TV's - preferably analogue but will have to cope with flatscreens if there are no more analogues around (please note - nothing giant - I need to be able to lift it by myself). Thanks.

25 Nov 2021
Director's chairs

Several of our American style directors chairs have bit the dust and we are now short of chairs for visitors. Looking for directors chairs in reasonable condition. Ok if it is just the frame, we have some spare fabrics for them. Thanks.

14 Nov 2021
Fresh produce / food products

Wanted: fresh produce and other food products

14 Nov 2021
Small Chest Freezers - Not Working

Looking for small chests freezers - in good condition, but not working. Happy to pay whatever bartels you want for them.

4 Nov 2021
Hills Hoist Clothes Line

Wanted an old fashioned Hills Hoist Clothes line, doesn't need to have the line, can be frame only for 100% bartles.

3 Nov 2021
Wanted: Strawberry plants

Please keep me in mind when you clean out your strawberry patch.  I am in need of a heap of plants for my plant stall all year round.

2 Nov 2021

Looking for someone who can classify our rainforest trees. 

26 Oct 2021
Jams, preserves

Hi, we're after jams and preserves please, anything homemade. We're particularly keen on anything with a low sugar content (I know, tricky with jams, but one can ask). Thanks in advance!

14 Aug 2021
Plastic mats

Looking for bigger size woven plastic mats for camping.

14 Aug 2021
Pop up gazebo

Would like to purchase a gazebo. Easy Pop up but not too flimsy. 

14 Aug 2021
Inline skates / Roller Skates

Needed a pair of inline skates or/and roller skates in women size 7.5 / 8. Needs to be in excellent rolling condition for serious skating.

6 Aug 2021
Fruit tree seedlings

we are looking for fruit trees - rambutan; lychee (or longan); guava; strawberry guava; moringa; mulberry x3; Thanks.

19 Dec 2020
Toys, games, puzzles

Wanted for 6 year old:
* puzzles - especially Ravensburger ones up to 200 pieces
* quality books about animals and the world around us
* Aboriginal & Torres Strait author/illustrator kids' picture books
* art/craft supplies (prefer no plastic/glitter/foam etc)
* realistic plastic Aussie animals & insects etc for imaginary play/learning
* dress up items size 6 to 10 years
* Lower Primary teaching resources, games, books, etc on the Human Body, Weather, Seasons, Insects, and Space
... thank you!

30 Nov 2020
Rainforest Fruit Trees

Chasing various edible rainforest plants for revegetating several areas on our farm-seeds or seedlings.

Lemon aspen-Acronychia acidula

Finger limes

Myrtles-Cinnamon, Anise (Syzygium anisatum), Lemon (Backhousia citriodora)

Bunya pines-Araucaria bidwilli

Davidson Plum-Davidsonia pruriens

Tamarind-Boonjie and Bernies

Atherton Oaks-Athertonia diversifolia

Blushwood-Fontainea picrosperma

Cape Your Lilly Pilly-Syzygium aqueum

9 Jun 2020
45B/ hr offered for helping me with gardening in REDLYNCH


seeking to find an assistant interested in vegetable gardening/ aquaponics to assit me work in the vegtable and Aquaponics gardens for a day or two within the next few weeks .

Can pay 45B/ hr. Work is in REDLYNCH and available now.

Jobs avaialble:

light weeding, planting seeds, potting plants, add aquaponic grow bed additions, compost, mulching, add garden beds, chicken water drinker, fencing, shed tidy up. Just give me a kick start to get things how I need it and grow more food. You might have other project ideas for me also.

Am flexible with timeing most days from now to 18th Jan 2022.

Please email or call. 0423715504 Rod