Added Details
24 Feb 2024
Good condition single bed.

I'm looking to swap/sell my queen bed for one or two single beds please. They must be in good condition.
Please text me if you want to either have a queen bed with mattress or have a single bed or two available, so we can trade!
Paula and Douglas 

24 Feb 2024

Wanting all types of mint plants.

22 Feb 2024
Foot massage

I have neuropathy in my feet, making it hard to walk and even stand.  I would love to have someone give me some regular foot massage. No qualifications or equipment needed. Just a simple foot rub to stimulate blood flow and ease pain to keep me mobile. 

21 Feb 2024
Room Divider

Hi, I am looking for a Room Divider please. In fair to excellent condition and I am happy to renovate it if it needs. I need the screen to separate my massage room from the house. Thanks Kim

21 Feb 2024
Freshwater tank fish

looking to refill our fish tank


apple snail

cherry shrimp

platty and so on

21 Feb 2024
DVD's wanted

Still looking for the following dvd's: any season of Columbo except seasons 5, 6 and 7 seasons 3 and 4 of the Partridge Family the first of the My Big Fat Greek Wedding movies season 9 of Ancient Aliens Jurassic CSI part one Rise of the Continents by Iain Stewart If you have any of these, can you let me know? Thanks.

20 Feb 2024
Garden/Yard Help

Looking for Garden/yard help. Weeding, gardening, laying pavers, tidying garden, erecting small shed. Plenty of work available.  Location Malanda.  30B plus $30 per hour.

17 Feb 2024
Stickers, washi tape and letter writing paper

my daughter has numerous international penfriends with whom she swaps stickers.

Do you have a stash of unwanted, unloved stickers and/or washi tape who are fed up with being abandoned in a dark, gloomy craft box and have penchant for international travel!? 

'cute', is the general sticker theme in demand but all will be considered! The absolute winning stickers would be, pusheen, kawaii and gurashi theme stickers! No idea what that is? Don't worry, I was oblivious until recently, too. 

Must still be sticky and the final decision is down to my 11 year old who has very specific sticker 'standards'!!!

looking for letter writing paper too or scrapbooking/embellishment supplies to decorate paper. 

a long shot perhaps, but thanks for considering! 




17 Feb 2024
Rubber matting

looking for rubber matting - in particular the type pictured, with holes - but will consider anything on offer. 

Doesn't have to be large pieces  - can be sections which have developed cracks etc -  require for chook house and yard in muddy zones. Have sucessfully utilised pieces rescued (!) from the tip less than half a square meter in size. 

Pick up is a possibility 

if a decent quantity and quality prepared to negotiate a cash component.




17 Feb 2024
Child sitter (he is 9 years old)

I have recently gotten my son back into my care every second week. I am looking for a child sitter for a couple of hours every second week that I have him. Happy to provide dollars for buying drinks etc.
Also I am looking for a person to drive us to the Atherton high school bus stop (TAFE entrance) each morning 5 days on my week as he will catch the bus again to school. Happy to pay fuel costs, prefer that you be Atherton based. He has no need for a booster seat anymore.
Please send me a text if you are interested.
Paula and Douglas

12 Feb 2024
Pressure Cooker

Wanted a pressure cooker(not an instant pot)

Any condition as long as it works

It is for sterilization only

12 Feb 2024
Bar Stool

I am looking for a swivel bar stool with a low back - good condition.

9 Feb 2024
Garlic lemons ginger

Wanting to buy garlic, lemons  ginger. Thanks.

4 Feb 2024
Vintage sewing machine

Looking for a fixer-upper, parts, or old, working-condition machine. Have a Singer 99K currently.

3 Feb 2024
Novels by: Jane Austen, Jackie French and M Gleitzman

looking for copies of Jane Austens:

Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice. 

Also interested in any of the modern 'remix' verisons of P&P. 

Looking for titles in the Morris Gleitzman Once and Then series (Titles after and including 'Maybe')

Any Jackie French Young Adult Fiction novels to suit tween - particularly those which are historically based, like the Hitler series. 

Also looking for various Young Adult Fiction (or potentially Adult Fiction) novels in the fantasy genre (not futuristic). If you send me the titles my daughter can look them up and decide if she is interested.

loads of thanks! 


1 Feb 2024
Label Printer

Would like to purchase a lable printer, like a Dymo 4XL or 5XL

and/or lables please

16 Jan 2024
Trades - plumping, building, electrical

New member Jennifer in Millaa is looking for trades assistance, can you help?

16 Jan 2024
Garden - Syntropics - Labour - Farmhand

New member Jennifer, located in Millaa is looking for outdoor help.  Contact her for more details.

27 Dec 2023
HELP! We need hands-on help here!

Innisfail appears to be a place where volunteers are unavailable and I'm falling further and further behind on my work which is now causing a lot of problems.

We have a good bartles balance (thank you to those who have donated!) so we would like to pay someone (or two) to come and help. Easy stuff but at the moment, it is all on my plate which is more than full.

* Mowing/whipper snipping a small block

* help with removable flyscreens for some of our casement windows

* simple gardening such as planting and hand weeding

* washing up plastic tanks and components

* simple office tasks like filing and writing out receipts

We're offering 30B/hr for the indoor work and 40B/hr for the outdoor tasks.

Please contact us to discuss. Thanks.

12 Dec 2023
Excess produce in Cairns wanted

If you live in or near Cairns North and have excess produce, I would be happy to pick up. 

3 Dec 2023
Gardening and Small Carpentry Jobs

New member Lidwina is located in Manunda and wanting help with gardening and small carpentry jobs please.

27 Nov 2023
Home made handbag

Durable over the shoulder handbag  with pockets..

Know how to make eco bags or handbags? Have a sewing machine? Let's talk!

27 Nov 2023
Outdoor chairs

4 comfortable upright/outdoor dining  chairs - good condition

27 Nov 2023
Pamper treatments

Would love to be treated to some hair or skin treatments, even natural DIY style..

27 Nov 2023
A bunch or 2 of flowers

Would love a regular supply of flowers.


Any combination of heliconia, gingers, costus or natives..


27 Nov 2023
Wine bottles

Preferably 750ml size and dark glass (used for red wines) - 18 approximately wanted.

27 Nov 2023
Pick up and delivery

Do you have a Ute or trailer? Traveling to Cairns and want to make some bartles plus have some cash towards fuel?


Wanting a Rhodes round bail to be delivered to Cairns

27 Nov 2023

Ruby grapefruit, lemons or limes in excess? I would love some.

27 Nov 2023
Car cleaner/interior detailing

My car would love some loving.. vacuum, wipe down and protective polish of harder surfaces. I have the products, just not the time..

19 Nov 2023

I am looking for recommedations for a supplier of fresh seafood .                        thanks

11 Nov 2023

Seeking hairdresser services please.
(Bonus if home-based or mobile.)

11 Nov 2023

New members Maia and Drew need the services of an electrician and a plumber please.

8 Nov 2023
Build a base for heavy circle of glass table

Looking for someone with the skills and tools to make a sturdy base for large round solid glass top. Will pay cash for supplies.

8 Nov 2023
Produce & bumnuts

Fresh produce close to cairns - most fruit and vegetables  - not kale.


Regular supply of bumnuts - happy to pay 50/50

27 Oct 2023

I need hhelp with a minor repair on a clothing item.

21 Sep 2023
Large fishing tackle box with compartments

looking for a large fishing tackle box or similar with multiple compartments for my son to store his metal detecting finds. 




7 Sep 2023

New member Emilienne would like to access raw milk and organic food please - located in Kuranda.

7 Sep 2023
Garden Help

New member Satya would like some garden help please!

2 Sep 2023
Aquaculture water tanks for fish

Hi, seeking any sort of aquaculture (poly or fiberglass) fish tanks 2000, 5000 or 10,000lts. 


Can offer part cash/ bartles and fresh Barramundi

2 Sep 2023
Handyman to build a bedroom, renovate bus, finish my dam jetty

I have lots to do on our Barramundi farm (located in Biboohra) and could do with a hand to help complete the following over the next few months:

1. build a bedroom under the varandah. (Have most of the materials ready to go including windows, doors, corregated iron and timber).

2. renovate an old 1970s bus into accomodation for my son. It already has a seperate kitchen and bedroom. Needs to be cleaned out and renovated, painted, some metal work, new flooring, lots of silicone and rust proofing I expect. Also like to build a pergolga, add water tank etc.  I have plenty of ideas.  :)

3. finish off my half built jetty into my farm dam and/ or extend it. I have all hardwood  timber ready to go.

Can pay 30b/hr +fresh Barramundi + willing to let someone camp on the property for free to do some or all of the above.

2 Sep 2023
Seeking Square mesh wire

Seeking any size Square mesh wire and chicken wire to help keep my goats in. Any lengths or mesh size.

15 Jul 2023
Sit on mower

Would like to purchase a  Sit on mower in good mowing condition

15 Jul 2023
Egg Chair

Would like to purchase an Egg chair with or without stand.

5 Jun 2023
Labour for gardening projects

New members Rosie & Tarpan are looking for help with their garden in Ravenshoe.  Contact them if you can assist.

5 Jun 2023
Home maintenance

Contact new members Rosie & Tarpan if you can assist with home maintenance, cleaning outside of house and other labour.

5 Jun 2023
Building renovation

Are you able to assist new members Heather & Duncan with their building renovations? Please contact them directly.

30 Apr 2023

Would like to purchase some potted plants to resell on my plant stall in Malanda. Will pay 3 to 5Bartles each.

30 Apr 2023

Would likle to purchase honey please

30 Apr 2023
Veggie Seedling

looking for some veggie seedling for now or later in the year to add to my patch. Please keep me in mind if you have surplus.

30 Apr 2023
Car interior/exterior cleaning surplies

any unwanted car cleaning supplies you want to pass on?

30 Apr 2023
Sit on mower

good working sit on mower needed please.

30 Apr 2023
Tall cat scratch tower

Would like to get our cat a very tall scratch tower if you have one that might only collecting dust at your place.

30 Apr 2023
Passionfruit, Oranges, pink Grapefruits plus any veggies

Please give me a shout if you have a surplus of Passionfruit, Oranges, pink Grapefruits. Also happy to purchase any other fruit except bananas.

If you have beans to share, tomatoes, silverbeet, eggplants or any others please get in touch.

16 Apr 2023
Fresh Food Kuranda area and surrounds

New member Tin is offering transport and is seeking fresh food: organic produce, dairy, meat, seafood & eggs.  Please contact with what you have to offer.

16 Apr 2023
Cat sitter/ Boarding required

Hi, I need a cat boarding place/ sitter for the next school holidays in June and again in December/January. (just to clarify: Cat needs to go to your place)

Our cat Bean is only 5month old, very friendly and listens to his name. Likes to play and cuddles. Mainly indoors

Please contact me if you are interested in a "part time" cat and can help out. Happy to pay Bartles ect.

22 Feb 2023
Edible Plants and Seeds

Plants and seeds wanted for Bartles.  Located Kuranda. Creating an edible food forest and garden ..looking for anything to grow thats edible and gardening soil....greenhouse etc 

11 Nov 2022
Old analogue T.V. sets

In working order to use with vintage gameplayers

18 Oct 2016
Tours of tropical vegie and flower gardens in Oct 2016

Hi - When I'm on holidays around Australia,  I would love to have a tour of permaculture properties, local botanical gardens etc.   I'm from Melbourne and am often free to travel, so if there are times of the year that work for you, let me know.    I teach sustainable gardening in Melbourne - love compost sorting, edible weeds etc.  Can pay for petrol and LETS points for your time.   I also teach dance and cook, so can make myself useful.  ID is DVNS 1985

0438 580 889 (Vodaphone)