FNQ Community Exchange
# Added Details
1 15 Feb 2018
Wanted: Transport furniture to Julatten

I'd like to get a table and a hanging cabinet transported to Julatten.

Anybody heading over to the trade at Mt Molloy on the 3rd March and could take it over from Malanda please?

2 15 Feb 2018
Wanted: Cleaner to vaccum and mop house regularly + one off spring clean

Need somebody to vaccum and mop the house fortnightly.

I also would like somebody to help me spring cleaning my house from ceilings to the floors. Inside, outside everywhere.

3 15 Feb 2018
Portable GPS for walks

Want to go on walks and like to take a GPS for tracking. Also keen to hire one or more for a weekend.

4 14 Feb 2018
Wanted: Hiring car for one day

It's Tom's birthday and he would like to play Laser tag with his friends in Cairns. But we are running short of seats in the car. Is there anybody in Malanda/Atherton/Yungaburra area who would lend us their car for a Saturday or Sunday? Paying Bartles and replacing fuel.

3rd/4th March

5 13 Feb 2018
Stand for fish tank

in need of stand for my fish tank. Minimum size 120cm x 40cm.

Could also be a solid table with these meassurments. Would prefer a low fish tank as in the picture.

6 12 Feb 2018
10 foot punt

10 foot  seat light weight aluminium punt

7 11 Feb 2018
Help Needed / Working Bee 24th March, starts 8.30am

by Admin: Catherine urgently needs to clean her shed out where she stored most of her furniture and other items when she moved from Cairns. As the shed isn't safe, council threatend to fine her - so help is needed urgently.

Please contact Catherine on 0402109818 if you can assist or can join the working bee on 24th March, starting 8.30am (alternative date would be 10th March)

Payment 25Bartles/hour , please call!

8 11 Feb 2018
Buckets with lid

Bit urgent...

In need of buckets with good fitting lids 

5l 10l 15l or bigger are very welcome


9 9 Feb 2018
Washing Soda

Always in need of washing soda

10 7 Feb 2018
Kuranda or bust!

Things are not working out so well for us at Mission Beach. Lovely spot for me and lots of sick frogs for the group to look after - but very little support and too far from cairns. The best place for us to operate is Kuranda which puts us in easy reach of the rest of the Tablelands as well as Cairns. It is also the only place in FNQ we know of that has no agriculture. We are looking at private sales and private rentals - but as always - must be chemical free. If you know of someplace that is 2 bedrooms+, unfurnished, landline phone, mains power, no gas - please let us know. We are happy to share a property so a caretaker's cottage on a larger property is fine. Bartles will be availble as a finder's fee if you tell us about a property we are able to move into. Thanks for your help, Cheers, Deborah at the frog hospital PS - if nothing can be found in Kuranda, Malanda area is our next choice.

11 7 Feb 2018

Geese - Aussie Settler, Pilgrim, Sebastapol, Pomeranian etc

Big home, on acreage

Permanent water, permanent green grass

Loving home

No limit to numbers

12 7 Feb 2018
King Size Bed - 4 Post

Looking for a 4 poster King Sized Bed.

13 6 Feb 2018
Car wash

B50 for the person willing to clean our car iside and out.


Does not have to be proffessional, Responsible children can apply too.

small car but dirty 

Shampoing or waxing not neccesary

Bucket, sponge,cloths, vacuum cleaner are here to use

Disclaimer, our car is dirtier than the photo provided. lol

14 6 Feb 2018
TOY cars

Always on the look-out for

TOY CARS, trucks, motorbikes, boats, planes.

Matchbox, Hot Wheels, Lesney, Tomica, Dinky Toys, Majorette,Siku.

Single ones, lots, collections...

ANY condition

15 6 Feb 2018
Lp records aka vinyl

I'm always on the look-out for 1960's, "70's, 80's and "90's lp records.

Both albums and singles

45 and 33 RPM


NOT Classic/Opera

16 5 Feb 2018
U2 cd's

I like to rip some (older) U2 tunes

If you have cd's that I can borrow, please....

war, boy, rattle and hum, joshua tree,unforgetable fire, under a blood red sky and/or october

17 5 Feb 2018
Wanted - large plant pots

Any large plant pots - basic nursery pots are fine

18 5 Feb 2018
Wanted: Cafe blinds

In need of a new cafe blind, size: 280cm wide x 210cm long


size: 140cm wide x 210cm long

19 5 Feb 2018
Wanted: single coffee plunger

In need of single coffee plunger(s)

20 5 Feb 2018
Skoby for kamboucha

skoby anyone? Mine went off when overseas.

21 3 Feb 2018
Nigella seeds

Does anyone have Nigella seeds?



22 2 Feb 2018
Wanted: Thermometer

Would like to get a new outside thermometer. Accurate and good looking please.

23 1 Feb 2018
Wanted: Plumber to connect Dish washer

The dish washer I bought 3 months ago is still not connected.

Please, we need somebody with experience to do the job.

24 1 Feb 2018
Manure for my veggie patch!

The bigger the better if you have some on hand:) If you're able to drop it off at my place that'd be great as I don't drive.


25 1 Feb 2018
Moving and disposing of a washing machine.

Can anyone be able to drop by my place with a trolley and take away my dead washing machine? Atherton area. Please text or ring me if possible. Happy to pay 100% bartles.


26 31 Jan 2018
Red pawpaw trees

red pawpaw trees if any one has some seedlings. I have had no lucky striking the seed the last few years.

27 31 Jan 2018
Fig trees

looking for cuttings or plants of and type of edible figs. 

28 31 Jan 2018
Looking for Borage and Yacon

I am looking for borage and yacon plants. You can never have enough edible plants! Somehow I lost mine when I reorganised my garden. 

29 29 Jan 2018
Junk Yards/Collections and Deceased estates

Im interested in antique machinery, tools, tiles, timber, old collections in garages and sheds that need sorting. Im interested in "picking" through deceased estates, farm sheds, anything that may contain interesting historical things, etc.

30 29 Jan 2018
Building Materials

Building materials needed

31 29 Jan 2018
House keeper/cleaner

Single Dad needs House Keeper/cleaner required for initial house cleanup plus ongoing weekly assistance.

32 29 Jan 2018
Earth Moving Equipment and Operator

Wanting to hire a small excavator/backhoe for half day job. Please contact me on 0428185848

33 28 Jan 2018
Facepainting books and/or materials

My kids had a brilliant time recently doing face painting on each other. The only problem is that our face painting 'paints and crayons' are pretty cheap and nasty.

would love a 'how to' book and better materials for them to use.



34 28 Jan 2018

I would like a computer that can connect to WIFI.

Play youtube, games and would like to play scratch. Looking for a newer version computer or laptop for Bartles only, please. Tom (11 years)

35 27 Jan 2018
Empty Dick Smith peanut butter jars

I am chasing empty peanut butter jars, only the Dick Smith ones as we are using them in a home made storage system so we need them all to be the same size. I can pick up from etiher Malanda or Atherton DOP.

36 26 Jan 2018
Upright Fridge or Freezer: Non-working, Glass Doors

I am chasing a fridge or freezer in decent overall condition. Must be UPRIGHT, with intact GLASS DOORS and BROKEN/ NOT WORKING.

37 25 Jan 2018
Honey and Nuts

I would like to purchase some honey and also raw nuts please if anyone has any available


38 24 Jan 2018
Extremely urgent storage space needed

Use of garage/shed space for keeping a caravan under cover for the wet season please.  It is 3.4m long in total.  2.01m wide.  Close to Mareeba if possible.

39 24 Jan 2018
Woodwork assistance

Can you please assist with small modifications to a caravan?  I can bring it to you.

40 23 Jan 2018
Single Mattress

In need of 1 or 2 single mattresses in very good condition.

41 22 Jan 2018
Flour Grinder

Looking for a flour grinder. It can be electric or hand powered.

42 17 Jan 2018


43 15 Jan 2018

Chasing some more peafowl (peahens or peacocks) to add to our menagerie.

44 12 Jan 2018
Hardwood timber length minimum 1.5m

Looking for 15 to 20 lengths of hardwood timber to make goat stand. Minimum length 1.5m. Would need to be min 40mm thick and 80mm wide.

Can pick up from Tablelands locations and perhaps Cairns...


45 12 Jan 2018
Garden Overhaul

I need help to overhaul my garden...weeding, pruning and mulching. I'm looking for someone with a bit of experience that I can get in and work with and learn the ropes. Male or female. All tools supplied. Would be an ongoing job for the right person.

46 11 Jan 2018
Kids' DVDs

Wanted: ABC Kids DVDs, especially older ones.  Also Winnie the Pooh please. :)

47 8 Jan 2018
Help to re-install iTunes on our PC

My technophobe husband would like some help to reinstall iTunes on our home computer.

We have talked the issue through with the unusually helpful at Apple and it seems that we have a 'system error' which is preventing the program from finishing it's instalation. The issue is, we can't find it to then fix it.

Can you come to our place (10km from Malanda) and help him out? Our mental health is at stake! ;)

48 8 Jan 2018
Tamora Pierce, The Immortals series

Would love to buy or borrow these books by Tamora Poerce for Bartles please: Wild Magic, Wolf Speaker, Emperor Mage, The Realms of the Gods.

49 8 Jan 2018
Yard maintenance

Pruning bushes, whipper snipper work, cleaning house exterior, weeding etc etc.  Will pay up to 40B/hr for the right worker.  We will supply all tools.  You supply your own safety needs.  On acreage, not a suburban garden.

50 8 Jan 2018
Interior painting and cleaning etc

In several spots we need some gaps filled, paint touched up etc. Also the (high) bathroom ceiling cleaned - and probably others if I looked! About half of it is ladder work and aren't getting around to it. :) Can pay up to 40B/hr for someone with the right skills. We will supply all tools and materials. BYO safety needs.

51 8 Jan 2018
Event Hosts Wanted!

Call out for events for March 2018...

Do you want to hold an event or workshop?

Can you assist with events?

Contact us. LETS aim for more face-to-face trading and fun in 2018.

Calendar deadline is ASAP. Please send all details, or contact me to discuss.


52 7 Jan 2018
Dog Minding and Walking

Can you please assist with dog minding and walking in Atherton?

53 7 Jan 2018
Mowing & Gardening

Can you please assist with mowing and gardening in Atherton?

54 7 Jan 2018

I need a mechanic please, I'm located in Julatten.  Can you assist?

55 7 Jan 2018
Fruit & Vegies

I'm looking for fresh produce please!  I'm located in Julatten.  Contact me with what you have available.

56 5 Jan 2018
Fertile Eggs Wanted

I'm after about 10 fertile eggs for my broody Australorp X hen please. Darker coloured birds do better here due to birds of prey. Let me know what you have available please?

57 5 Jan 2018
Lemons, Avocados and Honey

Would love to be able to get any of these for bartles if possible.

58 4 Jan 2018
TV Cabinet

Wanted - White and pale timber (eg: pine) entertainment unit / tv cabinet...  Up to 1.5m wide.  Not too modern or lightweight, not too big.  Something like the one pictured...

Alternatively a pale timber unit that won't be too fiddly to paint the bottom section white to match our existing dining setting.

59 1 Jan 2018
Moccona jars

i am after your used moccona coffee jars.

any size!


thanks, patti

60 30 Dec 2017
Garden help

I am after another keen garden helper, regular or semi-regular (can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly).

We are a fledgling permaculture farm near Millaa Millaa and you are physically fit, enjoy working outdoors and can cope with rain or heat, garden experience a bonus but not necessary

15 to 25 B per hour depending on your capacity; $ or food in exchange for fuel to get here is negotiable.

61 30 Dec 2017
Fencing and garden equipment

We are always after the following fencing / building items:

Star pickets / steel pickets

plastic / fibre glass electric fence pegs

electric tape (not too old and full of rusted / worn sections that dont carry a current)

poly pipe (especially the thicker diameters)

chicken wire (must be in useable condition, not all torn and tangled)

wire mesh other than chicken wire

Steel pipe, can be no longer functional as pipe

lengths of steel / angle iron, channel iron, etc

lengths of chain, longer is better

62 27 Dec 2017
Garden help

i am always looking for self-starters to pull the endless weeds at our place in peeramon.

i now have a flame throwing weed killer to offer a keen person with pyromaniac tendencies.

25B per hour or cash/bartle mix.

job for life!


63 27 Dec 2017
Paintshop pro instruction book

i am about to purchase Paintshop Pro 2018 and would love a user-guide/book to help me along.

anyone able to help out?


64 26 Dec 2017
Snorkel and mask

Finn is super keen to get his hands on snorkel and mask (child size) if anyone should have something suitable.



65 24 Dec 2017
Garden Maintenance.

Regular garden maintenance, monthly, 2 hours B neg. From late January 2018

66 24 Dec 2017
Wanted: Fingerlime plant

I have a big backyard & currently filling it up with fruit trees.  Id really love a finger lime, would rather a red one, but any will do!  

Or if you have any other fruit trees for sale I may be interested in them too!

67 24 Dec 2017
Wanted kombucha scoby & kefir grains

Want to buy some kefir grains, milk & or water and a kombucha scoby.  

68 23 Dec 2017
Fresh fruit and vege's

Alwags looking for Fresh Fruit and Vege's

Ravenshoe area

69 19 Dec 2017
Comfrey plants, divisions or plantable root pieces

Comfrey plants, divisions or plantable root pieces up to 50 duvisions.

70 19 Dec 2017

looking for kid or adult kyak which is water-safe. Can pick up from Cairns or Tablelands.

at present somebody always gets left on-shore - sob sob sob, it would be nice to change this!


71 17 Dec 2017
Garden Labourer Wanted

Jobs that need doing: Weeding, digging a pond, help with collecting cardboard and using this in garden.

72 17 Dec 2017
Local Food

Wanted - so we can offer more Services through LETS - one-off or regular purchases of:

Fresh fruit & veg: lemons, limes, oranges, most tropical fruit, avocado, potato, sweet potato, pumpkin, mild chillis, onions, garlic, fresh herbs, some leafy greens (we grow some), etc


Meat, milk, other dairy products

Nuts other than macadamias

Bread & other baked goods, meals, some preserves, dried fruit, snacks, mayo/aioli, bliss balls etc

73 13 Dec 2017
Fresh Fruit Wanted

We are increasing our fruit purchases but prefer to pay Bartles. Looking for fruit in season from the Tablelands and from Cairns. Text me with Offers. 0439 914 876.

74 13 Dec 2017
Animal shelter building material

- Rigid, minimum 2m length steel poles for framework. OR copper logs × 6

- Up to 4 corrugated iron sheets in good  condition - water tight 1.5m length ideal.

- Large plastic level base buckets -to fill with cement for weighting × 6

75 13 Dec 2017
Dwarf sugar banana pups/suckers - cairns

Dwarf sugar banana pups/suckers  - cairns  - 2 or 3.

76 13 Dec 2017
Spices & herbs

Home grown:

Frozen or fresh sliced lemongrass bulb.

Dried cut lemongrass leaf

Fresh or frozen Green peppercorn

Fresh or frozen tamarind pulp

Fresh or frozen ginger

Fresh or frozen mango turmeric

Fresh or frozen cilantro



77 13 Dec 2017
Fresh fruit produce

Home grown Fresh fruit produce - cairns area

Green coconut



Packaged/ prepared crunchy jackfruit

Red pawpaw


Passionfruit - red 

Oval kumquat 

Finger lime


78 13 Dec 2017
Moringa leaf bunches

Fresh large bunch of moringa leaf/ weekly supply to cairn area

79 13 Dec 2017
Low - no sugar fruit preserve

Low to no sugar home made fruit preserves. 

Cairns area delivery

80 13 Dec 2017

Hot chillies  are thriving, 

Am after: 

Bell chilli


Banana chilli 

Sweet italian chilli




Chillies fresh/frozen

Seeds or plants




81 13 Dec 2017
Push mower - good working order

After a good working order  push mower, light weight and basicor old welcome  as long as it is in good working order and serviced.

82 13 Dec 2017
Terracotta, ceramic or cement pots

30cm diameter minimum non plastic  pots with drainage hole.

Up to 6.

83 11 Dec 2017
Cleaning and Office Work

I require help with office work, and cleaning.  Are you able to assist?  Located in Cairns.

84 11 Dec 2017
Compost tumbler

Anyone got a Compost maker / tumbler anywhere sitting around and not using it

I am looking for one , wink , wink

85 3 Dec 2017

I'd like some maccadamias for bartles please, delivered to Irene's in Atherton.

86 2 Dec 2017
Sellers needed to sell carnivorous plants

Carnivorous plants with a self watering wick system for easy care. The plants have beautiful leaves and flowers. They make ideal gifts and eat pests. There is a wide range. See more information at http://www.advantagein.com/cp/

Sellers are needed. Marketing possibilities include; at the local markets, at shops or on the Internet. I can send you papers or an email or Facebook message that you can share. You could do it on a commission basis without having to buy the plants.

Ph (07) 4095 5447 or (07) 4095 4354.

87 26 Nov 2017

Wanted Aibika (also know as Queensland Greens, amongst others) leaves for eating now. But preferably would also love some planting material, cuttings, seeds or propagated plants ready to go.

88 25 Nov 2017
Shade Cloth

Wondering if anyone would have any shade cloth  thanks

89 22 Nov 2017
Footrot Flats Comics

I'd love to buy some Footrot Flats comic books for the next generation to enjoy. Good condition (ie. cover intact and all pages present) please but well read is fine.



90 18 Nov 2017
Boy board shorts

Tom needs some shorts size 5-6 . he prefer board shorts but any will be good. Must be in good condition. Thank you

91 9 Nov 2017

Wanted a PIANO suitable for a nursing home. It would be good to have a piano for singing and for people to play their music.

92 8 Nov 2017
Electronic Keyboard

Does any one have a keyboard that they don't want anymore?  I would love to have one for bartles or a mix of bartles and cash so please let me know. Thanks

93 4 Nov 2017
Worm farm

would love a good working worm farm

94 3 Nov 2017
Silkie Chickens

Wondering if anyone has some Silkie Chickens Available

Please and Thank you

95 1 Nov 2017
Hessian/Burlap/potato sacks

I am in need to old hessian/burlap to use as smoker fuel (for beekeeping). Old and slightly rotten is perfect! I dont care about its condition as it is to be burnt either way. So please don't dump those old potato sacks when they tear and go rotten!

96 19 Oct 2017
Small indoor trampoline

Would like to purchase a small, low, indoor trampoline for exercise.

97 16 Oct 2017
Gerberas and Hippeastrums

I'm chasing crowns and bulbs of old fasioned gerberas (like the one pictured) and more unusual hippeastrums. Do you have any beauties that you'd like to share? I'd also be interested in swapping what I have too.

I can collect from the Atherton, Malanda, Millaa, Yungaburra area or further afield by arrangement.

98 12 Oct 2017
Handyman/woman for gardening maintenance

Hi we moving out our house and we gonna rent it. I need someone to do some maintenance in the garden as I dont want it all dead or overgrown when we come back. The tenants gonna mow the lawn and whipper sniper but I would like someone to check for irrigation problemes changing time on timer to suits the weather replacing or cleaning any blocked sprinklers. I would prefer do the weding without spray but if you use spray that alright too. Mulching 2 or 3 time a year. Little prunning and trimming. What else I am not sure just maintening . There is a food forest area where you could benefit from it as well, Of course what you take will have to be replanted for further harvest it is not just a take situation for tumeric by exemple for mangoes of course it doesnt need to be replanted. I will pay part cash part bartle but I need invoice for the $ if not only bartles it is fine too. Contact me with your rate . Come have a look at the proprety and we go from there. 

99 2 Oct 2017
Goat milk

looking for  regular supply of raw goat milk please. 

100 2 Oct 2017
Strong hard working person

Looking for a strong hard working person who can use a vacuum. I have a wooden home which is loved by dust and spiders.  I am looking for someone interested in vacuuming the outside. It is a huge job so it would be over a long period of time. (regular weekends if interested?)

Happy for a yong person.. we are safe.. LOL

20b / hour

101 29 Sep 2017

cleaner wanted for 3-4 hours fournightly for 10bht $15 an hour

102 29 Sep 2017
Website Updating

I need help with updating a website please.  

103 18 Sep 2017
Car port Frames

Would anyone have any carport frames, with or without the top, is fine, Thanks

104 18 Sep 2017
Ford Au

Looking for Ford Wagons, Whole or for parts

2000 - 2006 Models


105 18 Sep 2017
Chicken Pens

Wondering if anyone has any chicken pens, or cages

106 17 Sep 2017
Wildlife sound recording

There is a sound I miss from the Tablelands - I would love to have a short recording if you think you can do it for me please? wav or mp3 format

Brolgas flying over - difficult to record this purring trilling sound because they're so distant when they fly over, but perhaps you can get up close in one of the swamps.

107 17 Sep 2017
Create a mobile phone app for a game

This is a fun project for a programmer - could it be you? A new board game inventor needs an app to go with it for making scoring easier. It seems quite a straightforward system so I think it wouldn't be difficult if app-creation is one of your skills. Please contact me.

108 10 Sep 2017
Pepper grinder

Looking for a pepper grinder that will grind very fine. (MIne is only doing chunks)

109 9 Sep 2017
Plucking machine

Does anyone have a plucking machine that they aren't using anymore?  Happy to pay part cash part bartles.  Need it to be suitable for ducks.

110 8 Sep 2017
Pouches for laminator

If you don't have a laminator anymore but still pouches laying around I would be happy to purchase them.

111 25 Aug 2017
Naked Neck Rooster

Looking for a replacement roo-our girls are missing their Naked Neck hubby. Would prefer a homogenous boy but a small bib fine.

112 14 Jul 2017
Donkey- hot water system

Hi everyone!

I need help building a donkey or some other simple hot water system for my bush block in Silver Valley, out of Ravenshoe.  I want something cheap, effective and efficient, using second hand materials as much as possible.  Does anyone have experience who can help me please?  Name your price.  Happy with bartles/cash if you prefer.

Thanks,  Twiggy

113 11 Jul 2017
Looking for space for BEEHIVES

Hi all, I am returning to being a full time beekeeper. As a result I am wanting hive sites in North Queensland. I am wanting a bit of space where the hives will not be distrubed and will not bother anyone. I would be needing space for 4 to 12 hives in most sites, possibly more if you are amenable.

Especially interested in areas around Speewah, mount Molloy and anywhere with paperbarks! Having said that I will look at all locations.

What is in it for you?

I am happy to pay in honey, or bartles, and would love to teach you and your family all about beekeeping. If you are really interested I could help you set up your own hive.

If you are interested or have any questions please call me: Julian 40968262 or e-mail cockerel_wood@yahoo.com.au



114 14 Jun 2017
Wiltshire horn Sheep

Wiltshire Horn Sheep wanted.

115 9 Jun 2017
Pots 6 inch

6 inch pots thanks

116 3 Jun 2017
Dog kennel

For our 9 year old kelpie:)

117 14 May 2017
Packing boxes

I need some cardboard boxes to pack the house

118 28 Apr 2017

high enough for dresses

119 4 Apr 2017
Teak tree leaf for dyeing

or any other dye leaves - Madder etc

120 23 Mar 2017
Mountain Bike

Looking for a mountain bike in good condition if anybody has one hiding away in their sheds? :P

121 1 Mar 2017
Blood donors for my mosquito hordes , will supply machete

And while you are fighting them off , I need some weeds hacked down , and plants rescued .

Awesome scenery and food/fruit provided 30B / hour

My Jungle is getting a bit out of control and I need some intrepid explorers to see if it is still there

122 1 Mar 2017
Native trees & shrubs tubestock for re-veg projects.

Wanted lots of local native plants for ongoing revegetation projects , mainly down here on the coast .

Some projects up on the tablelands . 'One Tree matters'

You may have seen my mates project south of the Tully river on the new section of the Bruce Hwy .

He has a big presence on facebook 'brettacorp' and I want to help him by buying plants for his projects with my excess bartles.

I will get him joined up soon and get him to come to a trade day asap

123 23 Feb 2017
Heliconias, Orchids, succulents

Like to add more types of Heliconias and gingers to my garden.

Also looking for succulents and orchids. Cuttings very welcome

124 2 Jan 2017

Would love some:

Hoyas, Orchids & Aerial plants


Crows nest


blue & purple agapanthus, clivias


Grevillieas especially: Grevillea ground covers


Juniperus ground cover


EDIBLES - perennial basil, perennial capsicum, chicory, pale green variety of okinowa

125 26 Nov 2016
Car washing

Can you wash my car for Bartles? I'm in Atherton for work Monday to Wednesdays so it would suit me if I could drop it off to you and then walk to work. I'd like it to be well cleaned both outside and vacuumed inside and I'll pay 25B an hour for the best job you can do.

126 4 Oct 2016
Books to purchase: Septimus Heap, Harry Potter, TodhunterMoon

I'm chasing the following books to purchase:

  • Queste - Septimus Heap series by Angie Sage
  • Fyre - Septimus Heap series by Angie Sage
  • TodHunterMoon series - all book -by Angie Sage

  • Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix - J K Rowling

127 30 May 2016
Home made black tights

I have very long legs and like to spend all winter wearing plain black tights but they are very difficult to come by in my size. Would someone be able to make me quality stretchy tights for Bartles? I would pay for the material if you would go and buy it for me. I have many sets of tights in various states of disrepair that you could use as a pattern.

128 18 Apr 2016
Stationary for school, Year 3 and year 6

Do you have leftover stationary? Maybe exercise books, pens, scrap books...?

I would be happy if I could get as many items as possible for Bartles. Goods need to be in new condition. (not a problem if a name is on the cover, but shouldn't be used inside)

Needed are:

24 HB pencils (good quality)

4x red/ blue / black biros

1x Artline mapping pen 0.4 - black

soft erasers

8x glue sticks

7x highlighters in different colours

9x whitboard markers multicolours

2pkts felt pens

2pkts colouring pencils

4x Scrapbooks

3x A4 year3/4 exercise books (red & blue lined) 96 pages

3 "Olympic Playbooks" (10mmruled & plain scrapbooks)

14x A4 blue lined exercise books 96 pages

4x A4 grid books 10mm squares

1x A4 Visual arts diary

4 reams A4 white paper

4 boxes tissues

1x Sharp EL240 calculator

USB sticks

TEXT Books:

New Sound Waves National Edition Student Book 6

New Sound Waves National Edition Student Book 3

Writing time 6 practise book

Writing time 3 practise book

129 22 Mar 2016
Round bottomed colander

It seems that my colanders never really work because the flat bottom holds some water. I'd love a stainless steel round bottomed one but happy for plastic too.

For more information write to info@communityexchange.net.au