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1 19 Jan 2019
DVDs the Young Ones and Men Behaving Badly and Monty Python

Does anyone have a DVD or two of:

Men Behaving Badly

The Young Ones

Monty Python

my kids are showing a liking for British humour...eeek.... so it might be time to turn them on to the hard-core stuff!!!!


2 19 Jan 2019
Looking for Massage Room to rent

Hi all, I'm looking for a private and small room to practice Remedial Massage in exchange for $/Bartles. Negotiable. I would prefer a room close to Atherton Town centre. Please call 0409 333 155 to discuss Thank you, Eli

3 19 Jan 2019
Excercise ball

I'm after a large exercise ball please.

4 18 Jan 2019

Rebounder wanted - like a mini trampoline but designed for exercise.

5 18 Jan 2019
Mower Catchers

Looking for Mower Catchers

Would need to be in the Ravenshoe, Malanda, Atherton Area. 

Or able to be dropped off at one of those drop off points  


6 18 Jan 2019
Fish shaped cookie cutter

Want to purchase or borrow a fish shaped cookie cutter for my son's fishing themed party.

7 17 Jan 2019
Concrete/ terracotta pots - Large only

I am wanting some large pots for the garden (no plastic) please.

8 15 Jan 2019
Looking for a rental


I am looking for a rental in the Tablelands. My Children rent in Millaa but the house they are in gets too much mould. My daughter is 25yr old and a mother to a 2.5yr old. My son is 18yrs and works full time.

They have 2 small birds and one well behaved dog, which spends most of her time at my house with my dogs. 

They are clean, house proud and very tidy. My daughter also keeps her yard well maintained.

They can supply a great referance from their current landlord who will miss them dearly I’m sure.

Looking for a 3 bedroom and max rent would be $250.

Thank you.

9 15 Jan 2019
2 wooden stools

I am seeking two wooden stools (Only looking for the style displayed in the photo) Thank you 

10 15 Jan 2019
Music instruments

I am looking for children's music instruments such as small bongo drums, clap sticks, shakers ect that are in good condition. Thanks in advance (=

11 14 Jan 2019
Pokemon tins

Would like some Pokemon Tins , for my grandson. If you have any tins that are not required, please let me know. Thanks.

12 14 Jan 2019
Spice or Coffee Grinder

I would like a coffee / spice / nut / seed grinder... whatever it's called I would like a grinder that grinds a small amount of seeds and spices.

Was originally thinking I wanted an electric grinder but would also be happy with a hand grinder, so either option would suit.

Thank you

13 14 Jan 2019
Moringa Tree, Seedling or Seeds


We would like some Moringa trees, maybe seedlings or seeds... would be happy with either.


14 6 Jan 2019

Hi.  Looking for Mowers, going or not


15 5 Jan 2019
Star pickets

l am after 4-6 star pickets and some chicken wire if anyone has some spare lying around l could put them to good use. =)

16 5 Jan 2019
Tranpoline springs

Need as many trapoline springs I can find after a group of adults streched my kids trampoline.

17 5 Jan 2019
Worm farm

In need of a worm farm and worms. thanks

18 5 Jan 2019
Packing boxes and paper

We are moving house and need packing boxes and butchers paper.

19 5 Jan 2019
Pavers, rocks, stones

For my project to turn an ugly bank into terraces. Will pay with Bartles only.

20 4 Jan 2019
Shakespear's HAMLET and/or ROMEO AND JULIET

Seeking a copy of Romeo and Juliet and/or Hamlet for our school curriculum



21 3 Jan 2019
Fresh Local Produce

I'm wanting to buy eggs, meat, vegetables and honey - contact me with what you have.

22 3 Jan 2019
Native Trees & Seeds

Looking for native trees and seeds - list of specific species to follow.

23 2 Jan 2019
Delivery person for What's On Magazine

Looking for a delivery person in each town that we deliver our magazines. Must have a car or trolly to carry the mags as they are heavy.

Wanting one person per town:

Mareeba, Kuranda, Atherton

Payment is per hour, 25B, work is approximately one hour per month.

24 2 Jan 2019
Bush survival education materials including bush tucker books

I am planning to do a unit on Bush Survial (including bush/forest, ocean and desert landscapes) for the kid's school this year.

I am very interested in any resources anyone may have (prefer to own, not to borrow) about bush survival, first aid, bush tucker, navigation etc...

Thanks very much

25 2 Jan 2019
Flower cutting stamp wanted

I want to borrow a cutting stamp in the shape of a daisy- type flower. Must be around 60 to 70 mm wide. 

26 2 Jan 2019
Chai tea

Do you make a nice blend?

would LOVE to try it.


27 1 Jan 2019
Queen size mattress

Looking for a queen size mattress. Thank u.

28 31 Dec 2018

Weekly supply of 6 eggs

29 31 Dec 2018
Leaf Blower Rechargable

I’d like to borrow a leaf blower early new year when things dry out to tidy up the yard. Rechargable only as I have an electric one but I have a big yard and don’t want to buy a longer extension cord

30 29 Dec 2018
Black metal and glass coffee/side/hall table/s

I'm looking for a smallish coffee table, small side table and/or narrow hall table in black metal with glass please, something like what's pictured. Modern style preferred.

31 29 Dec 2018
Girls' size 3-4 clothing and size 6-7 shoes

I'm looking for girls' size 3 and 4 clothing and 6 and 7 (small) shoes please.  All seasons.

32 26 Dec 2018
Electric fence post

Hi all,

We are looking for electric fence posts like in the photo please. We need those ones because we have miniatures and need to use several strands. If you have any spare or collecting dust our little miniatures would appreciate it. 

Thank you

33 26 Dec 2018

I am looking for somebody to help out on a regular basis with gardening/weeding/pruning/spreading hay.  I live in Walkamin and as I work fulltime would have to be on the weekend.



34 26 Dec 2018
Wanted: Building material for a cubby house

Jana would love to get a cubby house. If you still have an unwanted one we would like that please. Otherwise we are motivated to build our own. but we are still in need of

  • floor boards for the cubby and for a deck
  • corrigated iron for a roof
  • 1 small door
  • timber for door and window frames
  • 3 windows, 1 bigger, 2 smaller
  • straight tie connectors
  • angle tie connectors
  • nails, screws
  • pavers
  • stairs with 2 or 3 steps
  • low fence
  • flower/planting boxes

Let us know, what recycleable building material you've got and what you think would come in handy :-)


35 25 Dec 2018
Bookshelf, filing cabinet, manilla folders

I really would love to have another bookshelf.

And a filing cabinet please, in useable condition, 2 or 3 drawers.

And to go in the filing cabinet, some manilla folders please.

Thank you in advance!

36 25 Dec 2018
Ukelele in usable condition

I plan to learn to play well enough to join a ukelele group.

37 20 Dec 2018
Glass sliding doors

Clear glass sliding doors ( or tinted) either with a single sliding door, or double sliding doors required for shed renovations.

38 18 Dec 2018

Desperately seeking lemons.

39 14 Dec 2018
Linux user?

Hi all,

We are in need of a linux user familiar with software installations and some minor hardware issues (sharing two computers via a modem router; cable for cd drive).  We're still at Mission Beach but need some help soon!  Please contact us with your 'compensation requirements'.  Thanks.

40 12 Dec 2018
Craft supplies - natural

For projects with young children - natural art supplies such as feathers, smooth stones, seed pods, brown paper, new paper bags, twine, hessian, calico, silk, fleece, undyed yarn, shells, wooden beads...

41 10 Dec 2018
Land, multiple occupancy, share purchase


Bit of a wild want but ya never know.

I currently rent, off grid, alternative dwelling in bush so quite comfortable with that style of life.

I would like to have a permanent home that I own

Looking for a share purchase, multiple occupancy that type of thing.

Pref wet ish area of Tablelands as currently in very dry fire prone area.

I have a Permaculture design certificate and I'm reasonably useful lol

I am not looking at sharing living space more an acreage situation where folk have their own plot and home.

I do not have a deposit but am employed in Atherton for same business for nearly 9 


42 10 Dec 2018
Old gazebo frame

I am looking for a gazebo frame, it's ok if it's a bit bent and wont stand up to folding up and down, I need it for another purpose where it will be up all the time. I dont need the cover just the frame.


43 10 Dec 2018
Fruit tree net

Hi im looking for a net that would be thrown over a fruit tree to prevent bird attack, it doesnt matter if it needs repairs.

44 10 Dec 2018
Cotton fabric / material

Cotton or other natural fibre fabric.

Can be small pieces say 30cm x 30cm and up

Would look at offcuts, remnants and fat quarters

Could recycle fabric but it needs to be 100% cotton and not stretch fabric.

Any print would be fine.

45 9 Dec 2018
Anything fishing

Do you have fishing equipment gathering dust? My toddler has asked for anything fishing for his birthday:

- rods, reels, sinkers, line, lures, plastic baits, kids sunnies

- fishing toys, toy boats, fishing books, or anything that can be used to go on imaginary fishing trips!

46 9 Dec 2018

looking for soap for B thank you 

47 9 Dec 2018
Bees wax

bees wax looking for a small amount of beeswax for a project up to 1 kilo 

48 8 Dec 2018
Wanted: Flute

Jana will begin playing the flute next year at school. Therefore we are looking to purchase or borrow (for 1 year) a flute.

49 8 Dec 2018
Wide-mouthed glass jars

I'll be making chunky green mango pickle and I need a lot of wide mouthed glass jars so that it's easier to get the chunks in the jar while the pickle is still hot. Salsa jars are perfect as are big Vegemite jars. Also love very big jars like olive jars so long as the opening is wider than usual. I have a lot of my own lids so can use good jars even if no lids. Dont need any jars with normal or small sized openings or any jars that won't form a pressure seal thanks!

50 6 Dec 2018
Wanted: Monty Python's Life of Brian

Does anybody have the Life of Brian on DVD or USB?

51 6 Dec 2018
Yungaburra school uniform

Need Yungaburra school uniform shirts, dresses. SIze 12. 

52 3 Dec 2018
Floor lamp

Looking a floor lamp in modern, simple style please.

53 29 Nov 2018
Kneeling study chair

Seeking a kneeling study chair, will consider normal good quality study chair. Thank you

54 28 Nov 2018
Tent poles, shade cloth, fence posts

You know that old tent in the garage thats all moth eaten and falling apart? When you are ready to let it go, can I buy the TENT POLES from you for Bartles, please? They'll help hold up shade cloth in my gardens :-)

I'm also after peices of shade cloth. Larger is better, but small is good too.

And we can always use more fence posts -- steel pickets, electric fence posts of any kind so long as they are still useable.

55 28 Nov 2018
Glass window louvres

We need glass window louvres for bartles please.

Size 710mm x 150mm

best contact 0402689859

enjoy your day ;-)

56 27 Nov 2018
Wanted: a new thief proof money box for my plant stall

I need a new money box for my plant stall. Perhaps someone can weld something simple  but heavy metal together. need to be able to lock it with a big pad lock. Doesn't need to be good looking just thief proof and able to concrete it in the ground.

57 25 Nov 2018
Garden rake AND shed broom

looking for one or two garden rakes. The plastic variety (ie, not the metal 'teeth') is fine as mostly for light work.

Prongs must be intact and plastic not brittle.

Also a shed broom - with tough bristles.


58 25 Nov 2018
Small engine projects

The new members from the Wright Clan need assistance with a small engine mechanic project.

59 25 Nov 2018
Garden help

The new members from the Wright Clan are in need of garden help. Please contact f you can assist.

60 25 Nov 2018
Pottery tools

The new members from the Wright Clan are in need of pottery tools.

61 24 Nov 2018
Wanted: someone to attach swing to tree

I'd like to hang a swing from a tree in the garden. It seems to have the perfect branche but it's so very high up that I'm not able to throw a rope over it.

Maybe somebody else has a better technique and can do it, please.

62 24 Nov 2018
Wanted: someone/electrician to install power point

I'm in need of 3 more power points in the house. If you could install them, mainly for Bartles that would be fantastic!!

63 23 Nov 2018
Wanted: Cafe blinds

Our blinds are falling apart and it would be great to get 3 new ones before the rain season starts.

64 23 Nov 2018
Wanted: someone to deleave the gutters

We need somebody who feels safe to clean our gutters. They are full with leaves. Please note we live in a highset Queenslander. the roof is on three sides about 5m above the ground. Enter on your own risk and bring safety gear.

65 23 Nov 2018
Wanted: someoe to fix/weld mirror

Help! I broke my beautiful stand-mirror. The metal stand snapped in two.

Could somebody skilled in welding have a look and maybe join it together. I'm not even sure what kind of metal it is and if it can be welded. Thanks!

66 23 Nov 2018
Wanted: someone to check gas stove & oven


I'd picked up this cute ennamel gas stove with oven years ago on a flee market.

It should run on a gas bottle but having no clue about gas stoves and how to connect the bits and pieces I never had it running.

Well, I 'd like to take it glamping on my next camp trip. So, if somebody could check it out, that would be awesome!!

67 21 Nov 2018
Electric sander

electric sander or someone to

sand down stuff for me.

68 21 Nov 2018
Garden help

i am always looking for people to weed the jungle in peeramon.

self-starters who don’t want or need supervision preferred. I like to let people just get on with their work.

cash/bartles offered and negotiable.

69 19 Nov 2018
Can & Bottle refund

Hey y'all

are you already participating in the container refund scheme? https://www.containersforchange.com.au/

If not (maybe you don't care about the 10 cents refund) or transporting your drink bottles from Malanda to Atherton doesn't work for your, then we can offer to pay you 7 Bartle-cents for each of your softdrink/beer cans/bottles.

For every can or bottle we will pay you 7 Bartle-cents

  • Simply collect all cans, plastic and glass bottles with the "10cent" symbol on it
  • remove caps (they are not accepted)
  • Rinse them out & bag them in a plastic bag (they only accept PLASTIC BAGS)
  • Drop the bags off at Malanda DOP
  • Count your bottles and charge our LETS account 7 Bartle-cents for each bottle/can

70 13 Nov 2018
Egg cartons

Looking for egg cartons  the larger ones please ( holds  15 and 18 eggs )

Must be clean

Thanks in advance

71 10 Nov 2018

Please contact new member Steve with what produce you have available.

72 10 Nov 2018
Organic Food

New member Judy would like to purchase organic produce.

73 9 Nov 2018
Mangoes for making chutney

Hi Folks, I am looking for green mangoes to make my years supply of chutney! Any variety is fine, even the "stringies" which make very good green chutney. I am happy to come and collect!

*note* please reply to me on my e-mail cockerel_wood@yahoo.com.au as I am often not near the phone.

74 7 Nov 2018
Guitar cables

guitar amp cables.

75 5 Nov 2018
Pond / water feature assistance

Looking for some one familiar with ponds and aquaponics to work with me to refresh and reactivate the pond.  I had cleaned it all out ready for reinvigorating, but the pond has since filled up again with rain.  The main aim is to stop the cane toads breeding in it.  So I am envisage growing water spinich or lotus int eh pond.  Some fish to keep the mozzie lavae adn cane toad lavae down.  Some wire over top to keep cane toads out.  As you can see Im a novice and need help with this project.  And I need advice as to how to keep maintaining it.  I dont want to breed anymore cane toads!  Barltes or mix of barltes and money.  Looking for expressions of interest. Thanks. 

76 4 Nov 2018
Howard Kasschau Piano Course Book 5

Does anyone have a copy of Howard Kasschau Piano Course Book 5, Step by Step Mastery of the Piano (Schirmer, N.Y) that they could sell or hire out?

Picture is of Book 4, but I believe Book 5 has a similar cover.

Happy to pay either dollars or CES units to cover postage.


77 3 Nov 2018

Desperately Looking for HONEY
Have my own 1kg containers.
Happy to pay 50% cash.

78 3 Nov 2018

Looking for path/garden pavers for Bartels.

20cm x 20xm or 40cm x 40cm

79 3 Nov 2018
Old/Secondhand House Bricks

Looking for old house bricks for Bartels.

Please note: we are after the ones you build brick houses with, not the cement block type.

80 28 Oct 2018

wanting wormwood please

81 28 Oct 2018
Birdseye Chillis

Looking for regular supply of birds eye chillies thank you

82 22 Oct 2018
Metal icy-pole molds

Trying to get away from plastic - looking for metal icy-pole molds

83 21 Oct 2018
Screen door mesh or screen door

looking for a screen door for single doorway.

or just screen mesh (and I can make the frame)

if you have something, pls let me know the dimensions

or send a photo and dimensions to 0484684341



84 17 Oct 2018
Wanted: Plastic water barrel tap and nut

Looking for 1-2 water barrel taps. If you have, also 2 nuts to screw them on.

85 14 Oct 2018
Wanted: laminated paper sheets

I reuse old laminated paper sheets on my plant stall. I use the blank side to write the prices with permanent marker on it. That way they whitstand the rain. They need to be without puncture marks to stay water proof.

Slowly I'm running out of the pile I accumulated from my kids school reading rewards. (They seemed to bring in every week one laminated sheet. What a waste of plastic in my opinion).

Anyway, if you have any laminated sheets with a blank back, I'd like to reuse them. Any size welcome.

86 14 Oct 2018
Wanted: Golden Cane palms... and others

Like to buy some potted plants for my plant stall for Bartles.

Interested in all sorts of plants.

Also after some Golden Cane palms: bigger plants or bigger seedlings.

87 10 Oct 2018

worms please:)

88 7 Oct 2018
Wanted: Whipper Snipper

Mark would like to purchase a good working whipper snipper for Bartles Please contact him directly via mobile 04 5839 1418. (Thanks admin)

89 5 Oct 2018
Wanted: Buttons any size

I'd like to purchase a whole heap of buttons. Any size welcome, though I'd prefer bigger ones.

Any colour, modern, retro, old, singles or pairs....

90 4 Oct 2018
Wanted dead or alive(, that means good or no good) Shovel/Spade heads

I will pay $5.00 per old used worn out rusty broken shovel or spade heads , They can have broken handles or no handles or just old used shovels or unused shovels Will trade with bartles or cash.I will pay $5.00 per shovel or 5 bartles,

91 2 Oct 2018
Person to do Sleepovers with clean dog

I'm looking for a person who is willing to sleepover at my place when I'm away for a weekend. 

92 26 Sep 2018

Always chasing more peafowl to add to our menagerie. Males or females wanted, any age.

93 16 Sep 2018
House cleaning

Doors, windows and floors


Freshwater, cairns

94 11 Sep 2018
Bubble Wrap

Looking for Bubble wrap,

Lots of it please

If it could be dropped off at Atherton or Ravenshoe Drop off point, 

Thanks so much

95 9 Sep 2018
3 way tap fitting

Looking for a tap fitting that attaches to the tap and turns into a 3 way fitting for 3 hoses  


96 5 Sep 2018
Melamine (plastic) Plates and Bowls, metal cutlery


We'd like to collect some plates and bowls, knives, forks and spoons to make a box or two of these to have at LETS events and to make available for hire for other events. Our box of mugs has been very useful already!

If you have any melamine (hard plastic that doesn't scratch easily) dinner plates, small plates or bowls, or metal cutlery to spare, please leave them at any DOP with "Admin - Malanda" on the transport slip. We're willing to pay Bartles for these items. They don't need to match, but they should be in good, clean condition and be easily stackable into a plastic lidded box.

Melamine is the type of plastic that children's dinnerware is often made of.

Thank you for your assistance! Bel

97 31 Aug 2018
Clothes hangers

Need more clothes hangers

98 28 Aug 2018
Massages or Acupuncture

Body , Foot Massage or Acupuncture for 100% Bartles please , I live in Kewarra Beach, so in Cairns area

99 28 Aug 2018
CD player and Docking Station for iPhone

either CD player or docking station for iPhone, or a combination would be the ideal

100 21 Aug 2018
Pumpkins Please

We use a lot of pumpkin and would love to buy some for bartles if you have excess. I can collect from the Atherton or Malanda DOPs most times. Please contact via email melita.read@bigpond.com


Thanks in advance.

101 16 Aug 2018
Mugs, teaspoons

We're looking for second hand mugs with no cracks or chips and metal teaspoons so we can keep "LET'S SHARE MUGS" boxes at more Drop Off Points across FNQ to be hired for events for Bartles and to use at LETS events.

Can you help us build our collections? Please send mugs to Atherton or Malanda DOPs and label them "LETS mugs" or similar. We can pay Bartles for mugs, please make arrangements before delivery.

102 16 Aug 2018
Garden helper

I'm looking for people to help me work in my big veggie garden and orchard in Wondecla. I pay 25B per hour and I am home Thursday to Sundays so can fit in with when it suits you.

103 14 Aug 2018

Looking for someone to lend a hand with various projects please?

104 14 Aug 2018

Is there a carpenter or someone with carpentry skills who can help us with a project please?

105 14 Aug 2018
Fencing and Building Material

Wanted - fencing materials and building materials.  What do you have to offer?

106 11 Aug 2018
Carpenter or handyman to finish off small project

I need someone to plane or sand a small project made from timber.  Can you assist?

107 3 Aug 2018
Shopping Bags

Do you have excess "green" bags or shopping bags you don't use because they are the wrong size or shape?  In Malanda there's a great initiative called Jaz Bagz - https://www.facebook.com/keepmalandacleanjazbagz.  We encourage you to either drop any excess bags you have into the Donations section of the Jaz Bagz box outside SPAR supermarket, or leave them at any LETS DOP with "Jaz Bagz Malanda" pinned to them somehow, and we'll make sure they get circulating!  No use hoarding excess shopping bags in your cupboard or car boot - get them out there to be used!

108 3 Aug 2018
LETS Library

Is anyone out there really keen to take stock of our library?  It's currently housed at Irene & Peter's Atherton DOP, which is a good place for it.  Ideally someone would check on the box quarterly and follow up items that have been with one User for quite awhile.  Perhaps it can come to some of our events again?

We also welcome donations to the library - books, magazines & DVDs of high quality which relate to FNQ CES and what we do.  Check the library list here: http://www.fnqces.org/extras/lets-library/ for ideas.  Admin are willing to pay Bartles for suitable items.

109 1 Aug 2018
Exercise Bike

Do you have an exercise bike in your garage or house you no longer use? Looking for one with with moveable arms that has a tension adjustment that allows for varying the difficulty.

110 22 Jul 2018
Wanted: Free Fruit for Malanda school

If you have too much fruit and can't sell it on, please drop them off at Malanda primary school Tuck shop or at Malanda DOP. Oranges, grape fruits, mandarins, paw paws, bananas ect.

They give them out for free to the kids and seems like there is never enough fruit donated. Some of the kids are always hungry for free fruit, even grapefruit finds a hungry mouth in no time.

I'm not able to pick any fruit myself from your place/trees but am happy to transport from Atherton and Malanda DOP to the school.

Thanks, Katrin

111 21 Jul 2018
Once a month mowing

I have a small yard and if you have a car, a mower and time on your hands I'm happy to pay your fuel and mower fuel cost as well as the bartle rate for mowing. It needs doing now (21/7) as it's starting to get a grow on! :)




Paula and douglas

112 24 Jun 2018
Pet Carriers

Looking for pet carriers

Like the ones used to take pets to the vet or airline carriers


113 19 Jun 2018
Need urgent: Uniform Shirts - Malanda Highschool

Looking for Malanda Highschool Shirts in size 10/12/14 ish. Also Highschool jacket or jumper. Shorts always welcome too :-)

All in good second hand condition or new needed for next school year.

So, please keep my son Tom in mind if your child has grown out of theirs. Cheers!

114 15 Jun 2018
Books for pre-teens / teens and adults

I'm looking for these books:

- The Patterning Instinct by Jeremy Lent - to borrow or buy

- Anything by Gill Lewis

- Charles Eisenstein - I'm particularly after Sacred Economics please to borrow or buy

- Joseph Chilton Pearce and Michael Mendizza - Magical Parent Magical Child - to borrow or buy
- Anything by Katy Bowan
- Celebrating Christmas Together and Christmas Stories Together by Estelle Bryer and Janni Nicol
- The Healing Forces of Music by RAndallMcClellam
Thanks in advance!

115 22 May 2018
Wanted: bees wax and organic olive oil

In need of up to 1kg bees wax for making comfrey ointment and repairing a didgeridoo

and about 3liter organic olive oil.

116 20 May 2018

Looking for some fencing and star pickets


117 21 Apr 2018
Emu or ostrich egg(s)

would like to egg an emu or ostrich egg(s) for collection,


118 16 Apr 2018
Single Drawer Dishwasher

Single drawer dishwasher

119 16 Apr 2018
King Size Bed Linen

King size bed sheets and doona wanted. Clean and good quality.

120 16 Apr 2018
Edible Mushroom Spores

Shiitake -Japanese or Australian


Any Australian Tropical Edible varieties

121 9 Apr 2018
Sauerkraut & Kimchi

Hello everyone, wanting a regular supply of Sauerkrout & Kimchi. 


thank you :)

122 3 Apr 2018
Wanted: Calculator

For an experiment Tom needs a battery operated calculator. Doesn't need to be working but needs to be battery operated. (not solar)

123 29 Mar 2018
Wanted: Wheel barrow

In need of a wheelbarrow. Needs to be in working condition, please. Please contact Lyndra by phone.


124 7 Mar 2018

Would anyone have any water proof Tarps


125 26 Feb 2018
King size bed and mattress

Looking for solid king (double) size bed frame with slates and mattress in very good/ near new condition.

126 7 Feb 2018

Geese - Aussie Settler, Pilgrim, Sebastapol, Pomeranian etc

Big home, on acreage

Permanent water, permanent green grass

Loving home

No limit to numbers

127 1 Feb 2018
Manure for my veggie patch!

The bigger the better if you have some on hand:) If you're able to drop it off at my place that'd be great as I don't drive.


128 23 Dec 2017
Fresh fruit and vege's

Alwags looking for Fresh Fruit and Vege's

Ravenshoe area

129 18 Sep 2017
Car port Frames

Would anyone have any carport frames, with or without the top, is fine, Thanks

130 18 Sep 2017
Chicken Pens

Wondering if anyone has any chicken pens, or cages

For more information write to info@communityexchange.net.au