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1 18 Jun 2019

Looking for food for Bartles

Would need to be able to be dropped off at Ravenshoe Lets Shed, or in the town area, as we have no car .

or can be dropped off to Atherton Lets shed, ( Melinda can pick up for us )


2 17 Jun 2019
Wooden toys and educational things


Looking for wooden toys and educational supplies. Please text or email if you have anything!! Thank you

3 17 Jun 2019
Tree Lopping

Tree Lopping for a tree in an awkward position over a shed.  Has suffered some damage in a past storm.

4 17 Jun 2019
Metal cds , dvds

please no metallica... but yes to thrash, death, black, sludge, groove, etc

5 17 Jun 2019
Audio recording eqipment

 cables,, mics, ummm headphones, workshops, knowledge, anything else you can think of 

6 16 Jun 2019
Bread maker

We are looking for a breadmaker, as it is for daily use it has to be in a good clean condition. If you have one available that you would like to sell for bartles, please email me a photo and the price. 

7 16 Jun 2019
Wagon Wheel for a Prop

I am chasing a wagon wheel to be used as a prop in a local highschool musical. It will only be needed for a few weeks and will then be returned. Must be in good condition please.


Please email melita.read@bigpond.com

8 15 Jun 2019
Bike Helmet

Hi, Wondering if anyone has a Bike Helmet, to suit a man.

Got a Bike ready to ride, but no helmet.


9 15 Jun 2019
Wanted: wall clock

In need of a simple wall clock. Plastic would be good as I like to hang it in a sheltered area outside. Numbers would be great but not a must.

10 14 Jun 2019
Boys Clothes - good condition size 16

Wanted boys clothes size 16 in good condition. Short, TShirts, Jackets, PJs, Winter clothing. Could I please see pictures of items. 

11 14 Jun 2019
Tin cans, tin cutters, needle-nosed pliers, sewing needles

I'm looking for the following items please:

  • 1 large tin can with its lid, think the largest size coffee can you can find.

  • 2 regular sized tin cans, like from backed beans or coconut milk or cream, if it had liquid in it it would be 400ml. These dont need their lids.

  • Tin cutters/metal snips something like the ones pictured in here: https://www.canstockphoto.com/images-photos/tin-snips.html

  • Small needle-nosed pliers

  • Small wire cutter pliers

  • Large/long sewing needles with eyes to fit about a 1mm thread (a variety of eye sizes is ok)

  • Strong nylon thread, thicker than normal sewing thread, 1mm thick or thereabouts is good

  • Thin wire, 0.7 mm and up to about 2mm. No rusted wire please.

  • Beads. Plain and simple ones, round, various sizes but not more than 9mm from outside edge to outside edge (assuming you are looking at the bead lying on a table with its hole through the middle facing up

I can collect items from Atherton or Malanda DOP - thanks in advance!

12 13 Jun 2019
Teach me how to prepare a BAS?

it’s high time I learned how to do this myself for my business.

anybody out there with expertise in how to prep a BAS who has some time to teach me?

13 13 Jun 2019
Kayak, Canoe, Dinghy

Looking for small boat for one or two.  First preference would be a small dinghy but interested in Kayak or Canoe too.  Prefer something not too heavy to handle.


14 13 Jun 2019
3 metre length of 250mm or 200mm PVC PIPE BARTLES AND OR $

15 11 Jun 2019
Crochet hooks for loan or buy?

Am delivering classes of door hangers on Friday 14th/21 June and would love to have  a crochet hook for at least half of the class. So in total I would ideally have 26 or 13 for half the class:) I could give them back to you in a couple of weeks in exchange for a pumpkin or help with art project/proof-reading. Or I could just buy them with B's. Thanks

16 10 Jun 2019

Does anybody have Deadwood Season 3 on DVD? TIA

17 10 Jun 2019
Cleaner for Kewarra Beach

Floors , Windows , bathroom and dusting 

Anyone can help me please ? Pay part dollars as well! 


18 8 Jun 2019
Roof iron

Hi.  I'm currently looking for some used corrugated iron.  It's for lining a craft studio.  I need about 8 - 10 sheets.  Hopefully I can get some with 'character' like nail holes, rust etc.  Also I am looking for an old wooden door, like the kind you see in old dairies, or dunnies.  Not sure what these are worth, but I have Bartles to spend.

19 8 Jun 2019
Native trees

Native trees such as Lily Pily etc ...photos please 

20 8 Jun 2019
Small dresser

solid timber vanity/ dresser suitable for bathroom vanity in shouse.

approx 1m wide ...photos please if you have anything suitable 

21 8 Jun 2019
Guinea pigs wanted

My son Jacob has almost finished his guinea pig hutch and now is looking for a pair of guineas. Would prefer a boy and girl but will look at any offers.

22 7 Jun 2019
Transport of item from Lafews Cairns, to Atherton or Malanda

there is (I hope) a coffee grinder sitting waiting for me at Lafews teahouse. Is there anyone travelling via there up to the tablelands that would like to earn some bartles bringing it up with them? Thanks in advance!

23 6 Jun 2019
Frozen Meals & Baking

Do you like bulk cooking? I'm keen to get some frozen meals & baking in my freezer, can supply some containers if needed (smaller serves preferred - standard rectangle take-away container size). Curries, stews, pies, pasta sauce, soups, muffins, cookies and other. No special dietary needs, just nothing too spicy. Can pay some $ toward ingredients, and/or supply some ingredients. Thanks!

24 6 Jun 2019
Wanted: oven gloves

In need of a pair of oven gloves an 2 pairs of really big pot holders to use at the oven. The ones I used in the past weren't heat resistant enough, so I'm keen on something good functioning.

25 5 Jun 2019
Cassava, sweet leaf, blueberry, mulberry, elderberry, kaffir lime cuttings wanted

Looking for blueberry, mulberry, elderberry, cassava, kaffir lime and sweet leaf cuttings please.

26 5 Jun 2019
Wanted: frozen mangoes or/ and apple sauce

Family would like to purchase frozen mangoes. Already processed: skinned, pitted and frozen in small containers.

Or apple sauce frozen or preserved in jars.

27 5 Jun 2019
Wanted: Vanity unit

Looking for 1-2 free standing vanity units. Like in the picture with porcelain sink. Thanks!

28 5 Jun 2019
Wanted: "The Settlers of Catan" Board Game

Julie & Steve introduced our family to Catan and we would like to purchase our own game. Please contact us if you have one collecting dust you'd like to sell on.

29 4 Jun 2019
Plants wanted

im after some plants suitable for tropical garden, hardy groundcovers, 

succulents, tillandsias, gingers, colourful broms, alocasias, fiddleback fig etc.

30 4 Jun 2019
Cleaning windows

my windows (mostly louvred) & screens need cleaning frequently and I need assistance occasionally please

31 4 Jun 2019
Computer help

i have a new Apple Mac Pro laptop & struggling to understand the iPhoto program,

how to use Canva on it, for starters.

would love someone who’s all across Mac and can assist me at an affordable rate please.



32 3 Jun 2019
Garden Help

would like someone to come and help with weeding & pruning at an affordable rate

33 3 Jun 2019
Old garden tools, shovels, spates etc wanted

Mainly metal shovels and spates without wooden handles wanted for making sculptures. Can be old and rusty. Drop off at Steve's stall at the Yungaburra markets or at one of the DOPoints. Happy to pay Bartles or up to $5 each in ca$h.

34 3 Jun 2019
Delivery Driver wanted!

The Realfood Network is looking for a reliable person who can deliver and pick up produce from Cairns to the Tablelands and return. This is a long term position and labour/assistance will be paid in fresh local produce. Please contact Chris directly to discuss. Ph 041 460 8234

35 3 Jun 2019
Fruit, Vegetables & produce

Please contact new member Sunny if you have fresh produce available in the moment.

36 2 Jun 2019

thai/licorace Basil

37 2 Jun 2019
2 person Caravan

We are needing a caravan, in good clean, liveable condition, big enough for two people to sleep, with a dining / eating area, to put on our own property for around 6 weeks whilst the building of our home is being completed.  I would prefer 100% Bartels but am open to a mixed offer if the right caravan is available.  Our property is on a quiet street in Mareeba.  Do you have a caravan that is not being used at present that could suit us?  Please email me asap if you do.


Maria Gillies (m: 0421 210 136)

38 2 Jun 2019

Long shot

But wondering if there are any cars for Bartles

We don't have a car

Haven't had for over a month


39 1 Jun 2019
Ladies sz 9 low heeled/ flat boots

Anyone have some sz 9 low heeled boots to sell for bartles?

Happy to pay 50B for a decent pair or more if they're really nice. They don't have to be in new condition but not scungy please! (:

Pic just for attention.

40 31 May 2019
Help needed

During the rainyseason my garden got a bit out of hand! Still lots of weeding, pruning and whipper-snipping to be done!

Looking for someone to give me a hand, tools supplied. Will pay 30 bartles/hour.

My place is in Mareeba. 

Looking forward to hear from you :-))

41 30 May 2019

Would anyone in cairns area have any firewood or kindling suitable for a backyard fire pit. We don’t need heaps, just enough to toast some marshmallows! 

42 30 May 2019
Vegetable or herb seedlings/seeds

Would anyone have any seeds or seedlings they would like to exchange? I live in the cairns area, so need to withstand our climate. 

43 30 May 2019
Shell for a hermit crab

In need of 1-2 shells for my hermit crab. He really is in need of a bigger house but seems like he prefers a shell in the shape of his old one. If you have a "snail" shell (like in the picture) layig around with an opening of 2-3cm and would like to part with it, please contact me.

44 30 May 2019
Painting caravan external

Hi, I am looking for help to paint the external of a caravan.  25 bartles per hour.  Will pay more if experienced or have own painting equipment.  Quick workers only please.  Thank you.

45 30 May 2019
Cleaning work

Need help cleaning around house, and cleaning the inside of an old caravan.  25 barltes an hour.  Using only natural products.  Only quick workers please!  Thank you.

46 30 May 2019
Need help around yard

Hello, I am on a 4.2 acre mini permaculture farm in Ravenshoe.  I need help with weeding, brushcutting, clearing paths, repairing net over veggie patch and other assorted yard cleanup jobs.  Quick workers only please!  Thank you.   25 bartles per hour.

47 29 May 2019
Demolishing Cubby House

I need help to empty a cubbyhouse that's been used as a potting/storage shed for years.

And then we need to dump/rehome most of the contents.

And then we need to demolish the cubby, but retain any useable parts as I'd like to create a new, more simple version.  It's made of wood, fibro and metal.  I'm pretty sure we'd have all the tools needed here.  It's sort of tucked into an area with lots of trees, but we can trim those back for easy access.

Offering 30B per hour for able-bodied assistance.

48 28 May 2019

Mandarines and lemons wanted Please.

49 27 May 2019
Wanted: Dragon fruit

Looking for some dragon fruit to eat. Red, pink or yellow. Not keen on white ones

50 26 May 2019

one electric kettle would be appreciated.

51 26 May 2019
Electric piano/keyboard

Looking for an electric piano (no toy)

good working condition

Must have a headphone connection

52 22 May 2019

Looking to locate two lost titles from our LETS Library please....


The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho




How The Rich Destroyed The Earth by Herve Kempf


If you have either of these, please leave them at a DOP with LETS LIBRARY on them clearly, so they can be returned to the Atherton LETS DOP and re-circulated through our Library Box.

53 22 May 2019
Pumpkins Please

My family and I use lots of pumpkins and would love to buy any of your excess. I can collect from Atherton or malanda DOPs.


Thanks in advance. melita.read@bigpond.com

54 18 May 2019
Cabbage Patch Dolls

I am chasing old cabbage patch dolls or other plastic baby/toddler dolls with heads larger than an adult fist in size. These will be used for a craft project so please don't offer beloved treasures. Thanks in advance.


Please email directly, melita.read@bigpond.com

55 18 May 2019
Lake Eacham swimming buddy

I live in Malanda.

56 16 May 2019
Dandelion seeds

Dandelion seeds wanted please.

57 12 May 2019
Travel info

Reece and I are planning a long trip later on in the year that will take us down through Qld, NSW to Victoria, across the channel to Tassie and then to SA.  We are looking for any tips, places to stay, markets etc where we can connect with like minded people and spend our bartles.  Has anyone any recent information?  

58 11 May 2019
Table and chairs

I am looking for a small to medium kitchen table and chairs, for my mother who has just moved from a furnished to an unfurnished unit.


59 10 May 2019

Regular supply of home laid eggs for cairns pick up

60 10 May 2019
Star picket

4 - 6 strong and straight star pickets 

61 6 May 2019

Aloe vera plants as many as possible. 

Plantain banana suckers as many as possible.

Bromeliads and cactus for a dedicated prickly garden...so large varieties would be best.

Moringa seeds...LOTS please.

Different ginger varieties both edible and ornamental.

I can pick up from most places.

62 4 May 2019
Battle ship ... or any other co-ordinates game

non -violent version!!?

63 4 May 2019
Solar system toys

Anything that will teach rotation, revolution, axis etc for grade 3 students.

64 4 May 2019
3D shapes

For my 3rd grade class. They can be the shapes themselves or folded into shapes. Whatever you have to discuss cylinders, cubes, prisms etc

65 2 May 2019
Computer running Windows XP

Wanted Older style desktop computer which is running Windows XP.

66 30 Apr 2019
IPhones docking station

Something to dock the iPhones to listen to the music and if it has a radio, even better 

What have you got, let me know please!

67 30 Apr 2019

Has anyone got Kale, and is able to drop at Malanda or Atherton before Saturday 22.6., or is coming to the winter Trade in Wongabel? Thanks

Also would love any fruit and veggies you got spare , specially avocados contact me thanks

68 30 Apr 2019
Dog for the weekend

Hi there.

Just putting it out there,if you have a loveable dog and are going away for the weekend,then maybe the dog could stay at our house to give my young son time with a dog.

He loves dogs,but it is not possible to have a dog for him full time.

Hope my son gets lucky...

69 28 Apr 2019
Wanted: Monopoly card game

I'm after the card game version of Monopoly.

70 28 Apr 2019
Benchtop Oven

Benchtop oven - with or without hotplates on top.  The portable type that you can plug into a power point please, similar to that pictured.

71 28 Apr 2019
Swing Arm TV Wall Mount

An adjustable arm/mount to put a TV on the wall please.

72 28 Apr 2019
Black cube unit

Black cube storage unit in very good to new condition please.

73 28 Apr 2019
Tall pantry and/or broom cupboard

Single door pantry and/or broom cupboard - the white melamine type often found in hardware stores and cheaper furniture shops.  In very good to new condition please.

74 28 Apr 2019
Benchtop Hotplate

Single or double hotplate electric portable cooker please.  The type that go on the benchtop and plug in, similar to picture.

75 27 Apr 2019
Solar Panel

I would Like A Solar Panel With A Power Socket, Or A Usb Port.

So If You Have A Working Solar Panel, I would Like to Buy It!



76 26 Apr 2019
Camp fridge and solar panel

Seeking a fridge that plugs into 12v and a solar panel to plug into car battery

77 24 Apr 2019
Tent poles and water proof tarp

in need of 12 tent poles, prefer telascope poles and a big water proof tarp

78 24 Apr 2019
Playstation 2 memory card

playstaion 2 only please


79 23 Apr 2019
Wanted: secure money box for road side stall

I need someone who can make me a heavy metal money box for my road side stall. Needs to be secure and strong to attach a big pad lock.  **** Urgently needed please ****

80 18 Apr 2019
White Ceramic Crockery

Chasing PLAIN white ceramic crockery in excellent condition.  Doesn't have to be a set - single items are okay.  Just has to be plain, and in near-new condition (for a project).

81 15 Apr 2019
Wanted: Rhubarb crowns

I would like to purchase some rhubarb crowns.

82 13 Apr 2019
Old towels and bathmats

Here's an excuse to refresh your linen cupboard! I'm looking for old cotton towels, bathmats, doona covers etc. for bartles, to use as biodegradable weedmat. Must be cotton or other natural fibre. Thanks!

83 1 Apr 2019
Wanted: range hood

Looking for a good working range hood. 90cm x 30cm with lights please.

84 1 Apr 2019
Roller skates for kids

we're after a pair of size 3 or 4 rollerskates and a pair sized 5 or 6. Thanks in advance!

85 1 Apr 2019
Wanted: someone to repair/maintain clocks

I have 2 mechanical clocks that need maintenance. Is there someone that knows about clocks or knows a good clock maker in the $-world?

86 30 Mar 2019
Audio recordings

wanting some guiding lessons or workshop in recording live music for c.d prep . I have audacity program but finding it difficult to understand.

87 30 Mar 2019
Soldering eg.amp wires

just requesting workshop or priavate lesson  on soldering wires in say speake, guitars, mics

88 23 Mar 2019
Pussy Willow

Looking for Pussy Willow [ genus Salix Caprea] or grey willow cuttings. Thank you. 

89 18 Mar 2019
Machinery Hire

Loan of machinery - eg: tractor or backhoe for one day (can offer bartles/cash combination or labour in exchange)

90 18 Mar 2019

Excess fruit and veg

91 16 Mar 2019
Partridge Family

I'm looking for series 3 and 4 of the Partridge Family (already have 1 and 2).  Thanks.  :)

92 15 Mar 2019
Metal hanging baskets/frames

Non plastic metal hanging baskets - doesnt matter if there is no liner, but chain and frame in tact please

93 15 Mar 2019
Hessian potato sacks

would love about 15 strong hessian potato sacks

94 15 Mar 2019

all kinds of wonderful tilandsias for my garden please

95 15 Mar 2019
Dried herbs and spices

After dehydrated produce especially herbs and spices - basil, oregano, dill, mint, etc.

No supermarket herbs and spices please

96 15 Mar 2019
Recycled clothing bag

I would love a new handbag made from recycled clothing.. has to be strong.  

97 10 Mar 2019
Rooster and chooks

Looking for rooster and chooks please

98 8 Mar 2019
Clean 400G Moconna Jars4 Recycling



clean 400G ex Moconna Coffee Jars 

These jars are proving ideal for cool storage of herbs like Brahmi -

Easy to spot too when searching the fridge for a healthy meal.

I can pick up from any TBCE Drop Off Point 

- Neil

99 7 Mar 2019
Toys, Books etc for Preschool Age

To suit 3-6 years - wooden toys & puzzles, books, preschool learning games, sandpit toys, outdoor toys, play kitchen items, dollhouse accessories, playdough tools, craft materials, duplo etc.  Prefer quality over quantity, not much plastic or overly commercial/branded items.

100 7 Mar 2019
Artificial Grass

Approx 1m x 30cm of artificial grass in good clean condition please, for alongside the dollhouse.

101 2 Mar 2019
Wanted: Seedless grape vine plant

Would like to plant some seedless table grapes.

Does anybody have plants or can give me cuttings (if seedless grow from cuttings and isn't grafted on).

102 1 Mar 2019
Futurama/Simpsons/american dad/southpark/family guy dvd

Looking to buy DVD's 


the Simpsons

family guy

american dad

southpark and such

Lots'n'lots  :P

103 23 Feb 2019
Indigenous Australian Picture Books for Children

We're chasing picture books of dreaming stories and other indigneous-themed picture books for younger children please!

104 18 Feb 2019

I'm chasing an old bush bash mower. Nothing flash don't need catcher. 

105 6 Feb 2019

Need some Fencing ASAP



106 5 Feb 2019
Half size guitar for 8 year old.

Looking for a half size guitar as Ruby would like to learn with Finn !




107 5 Feb 2019
Indonesian language materials

We are looking for Indonesian language books of any form - dictionaries, text books, pocket guides etc... to suit beginners.

We are using a fabulous app for our lessons but it doesn't offer any indication of how the words are written, so we would like to supplement the app with some written materials. 



108 1 Feb 2019
Wooden Bowls and Woven Baskets

Looking for small wooden bowls or boxes and natural woven baskets for pretend play, storage and holding craft items with little ones.  Prefer good quality type over mass-produced.

109 28 Jan 2019
Jack fruit

woud love some

110 18 Jan 2019
Mower Catchers

Looking for Mower Catchers

Would need to be in the Ravenshoe, Malanda, Atherton Area. 

Or able to be dropped off at one of those drop off points  


111 15 Jan 2019
Music instruments

I am looking for children's music instruments such as small bongo drums, clap sticks, shakers ect that are in good condition. Thanks in advance (=

112 5 Jan 2019
Worm farm

In need of a worm farm and worms. thanks

113 5 Jan 2019
Rocks, stones

For my project to turn an ugly bank into terraces. Will pay with Bartles only.

114 3 Jan 2019
Fresh Local Produce

I'm wanting to buy eggs, meat, vegetables and honey - contact me with what you have.

115 3 Jan 2019
Native Trees & Seeds

Looking for native trees and seeds - list of specific species to follow.

116 31 Dec 2018

Weekly supply of 6 eggs

117 29 Dec 2018
Black metal and glass coffee/side/hall table/s

I'm looking for a smallish coffee table, small side table and/or narrow hall table in black eg: metal with glass, something like what's pictured, or painted wood etc. Modern/plain style preferred.

118 29 Dec 2018
Girls' size 4 clothing and size small 8 shoes

I'm looking for girls' size 4 clothing and size 8 (small) shoes please. All seasons.

119 25 Dec 2018
Bookshelf, manilla folders

I really would love to have another bookshelf.

And some manilla folders please. I need manilla folders that dont have writing on the little tab at the top where you write whats in it, or that have writing there in pencil that can be rubbed out.

Thank you in advance!

120 25 Dec 2018
Ukelele in usable condition

I plan to learn to play well enough to join a ukelele group.

121 12 Dec 2018
Craft supplies - natural

For projects with young children - natural art supplies such as feathers, smooth stones, seed pods, brown paper, new paper bags, twine, hessian, calico, silk, fleece, undyed yarn, shells, wooden beads...

122 27 Nov 2018
Wanted: a new thief proof money box for my plant stall

I need a new money box for my plant stall. Perhaps someone can weld something simple  but heavy metal together. need to be able to lock it with a big pad lock. Doesn't need to be good looking just thief proof and able to concrete it in the ground.

123 7 Nov 2018
Guitar cables

guitar amp cables.

124 4 Nov 2018
Howard Kasschau Piano Course Book 5

Does anyone have a copy of Howard Kasschau Piano Course Book 5, Step by Step Mastery of the Piano (Schirmer, N.Y) that they could sell or hire out?

Picture is of Book 4, but I believe Book 5 has a similar cover.

Happy to pay either dollars or CES units to cover postage.


125 28 Oct 2018

wanting wormwood please

126 28 Oct 2018
Birdseye Chillis

Looking for regular supply of birds eye chillies thank you

127 14 Oct 2018
Wanted: laminated paper sheets

I reuse old laminated paper sheets on my plant stall. I use the blank side to write the prices with permanent marker on it. That way they whitstand the rain. They need to be without puncture marks to stay water proof.

Slowly I'm running out of the pile I accumulated from my kids school reading rewards. (They seemed to bring in every week one laminated sheet. What a waste of plastic in my opinion).

Anyway, if you have any laminated sheets with a blank back, I'd like to reuse them. Any size welcome.

128 14 Oct 2018
Wanted: Golden Cane palms... and others

Like to buy some potted plants for my plant stall for Bartles.

Interested in all sorts of plants.

Also after some Golden Cane palms: bigger plants or bigger seedlings.

129 2 Oct 2018
Person to do Sleepovers with clean dog

I'm looking for a person who is willing to sleepover at my place when I'm away for a weekend. 

130 26 Sep 2018

Always chasing more peafowl to add to our menagerie. Males or females wanted, any age.

131 9 Sep 2018
3 way tap fitting

Looking for a tap fitting that attaches to the tap and turns into a 3 way fitting for 3 hoses


132 14 Aug 2018

Looking for someone to lend a hand with various projects please?

133 14 Aug 2018

Is there a carpenter or someone with carpentry skills who can help us with a project please?

134 14 Aug 2018
Fencing and Building Material

Wanted - fencing materials and building materials.  What do you have to offer?

135 22 Jul 2018
Wanted: Free Fruit for Malanda school

If you have too much fruit and can't sell it on, please drop them off at Malanda primary school Tuck shop or at Malanda DOP. Oranges, grape fruits, mandarins, paw paws, bananas ect.

They give them out for free to the kids and seems like there is never enough fruit donated. Some of the kids are always hungry for free fruit, even grapefruit finds a hungry mouth in no time.

I'm not able to pick any fruit myself from your place/trees but am happy to transport from Atherton and Malanda DOP to the school.

Thanks, Katrin

136 21 Jul 2018
Once a month mowing

I have a small yard and if you have a car, a mower and time on your hands I'm happy to pay your fuel and mower fuel cost as well as the bartle rate for mowing. It needs doing now (21/7) as it's starting to get a grow on! :)




Paula and douglas

137 24 Jun 2018
Pet Carriers

Looking for pet carriers

Like the ones used to take pets to the vet or airline carriers


138 7 Mar 2018

Would anyone have any water proof Tarps


139 7 Feb 2018

Geese - Aussie Settler, Pilgrim, Sebastapol, Pomeranian etc

Big home, on acreage

Permanent water, permanent green grass

Loving home

No limit to numbers

140 23 Dec 2017
Fresh fruit and vege's

Alwags looking for Fresh Fruit and Vege's

Ravenshoe area

141 18 Sep 2017
Car port Frames

Would anyone have any carport frames, with or without the top, is fine, Thanks

142 18 Sep 2017
Chicken Pens

Wondering if anyone has any chicken pens, or cages

For more information write to info@communityexchange.net.au