Added Details
3 Oct 2022
Limes and/or lemons

Looking for limes or lemons to buy or bartle

30 Sep 2022
Bath tub

Wanted 2 bath Tubs and delivery to cairns

29 Sep 2022
Guppies & Gold Fish

Wanted for 100% bartles some guppies for my son's tank & gold fish for my tank. I am near Ravenshoe, but go into Atherton every few weeks & can go via Malanda for pick up. 

26 Sep 2022
General Gardening

My suburban garden has been neglected these last few years and urgently needs some plants dug up and relocated, and a pumpkin patch needs revitalising: need labour to move soil and build a mound. 

Located 17 Evans Street, Atherton

23 Sep 2022
Poultry wanted

Chasing variety of poultry: fertile eggs or birds

* Peafowl

* Geese

* Partridges

* Indian Game

17 Sep 2022
Fruit and Vege around Cairns

Would like any sort of fruit and vege other than eggplant please. Thank you! 

14 Sep 2022

Hoping to buy yacon. It should be available about now. I have ginger to plant or eat.

14 Sep 2022

Wanting to borrow a long or two small tables for a couple of weeks.

12 Sep 2022
Eggs, fruit and veg

I'd love fresh produce if you have excess:  


cucumbers, tomatoes

pumpkin, sweet potato

I can pick up from Yungaburra, Atherton or Malanda

12 Sep 2022

Wanted geese and a gander will split between bartles and cash

7 Sep 2022
2003 Toyota Hiace bull bar

Happy to pay  part cash and bartles.

3 Sep 2022
Silkworm eggs

Does anyone have any silkworm eggs. Can pay bartles and or $$$

2 Sep 2022
Stage lightning, pond fog machine, smoke machines and boom boxes wanted.

For my Halloween set up I'd like to purchase or even better hire some stage lightning (they can be small) to light up trees and create scary moving shade.

small pond foggers for indoor ponds would be great too, to make fog coming out of the eyesockets of skulls.

Smoke machines wanted to hire for the day and Boom boxes to have several music and scary noises outlets.

In need of it by 24th October for about 1 week

2 Sep 2022
Halloween Deco and Skeletons wanted

Do you still have some Halloween decoration laying around that you won't need anymore? Scary automatronics collecting dust?

I'm especially after full size skeletons and skulls.

Are you a able to make things moving or can set up a flying fox that will let a prop fly over peoples heads?

Then please get in touch!!

29 Aug 2022
Small animal cage or fish tank

the kids are after a home for a mouse... do you have a cage or aquarium you no longer need that might be suitable?

thanks in advance for your replies!

24 Aug 2022
Plastic POTS

Ruby would like pots - small preferred - to expand her succulent collection. 

0484 684 341


24 Aug 2022
Gun safe

looking for a gun safe to fit 2 guns. MUST have working lock. 

0484 684 341


24 Aug 2022
Guinea Pig Hutch

We are looking for a small guinea pig hutch in solid condition. 


Can collect from the Tablelands or Cairns by arrangement.

12 Aug 2022
Worm farm

I would like to get another worm farm to help my garden along. If anyone has a free standing one for 100% that would be great. 

15 Jul 2022
House-sitting Atherton

I am looking for someone to house-sit from time to time.  In particular on two occassions in October for a few days at a time and also possibly between now and then. 

I have two ragdoll cats.  One in particlar likes a lot of human contact and attention, so you would need to like cats.  Also have quails in two seperate chicken tractors that need to be fed twice a day and moved to fresh grass at least once a day.

Very comfortable and spacious living space

Contact me if you are interested so that we catch up to see if this is something that would work for you.  

Happy to negotiate bartles and dollars. 

13 Jul 2022
Food for Bartles Wanted


I'd love to access the following to spend my Bartles please:
mild kombucha - plain or flavoured
bread and other baked items
meals for the freezer
sweet potatoes
garlic & ginger
beans & peas
late season mandarins
... and when in season mangoes and other tropical fruit please

Happy to pay part $.

10 Jul 2022

Hi, I'm after a couple of pieces of flint for a prehistory homeschool project.

4 Jul 2022
Recycling of pens, textas, etc

I seem to remember someone mentioning on LETS that they were collecting old pens, textas, sharpies, etc, for recycling?

Can anyone point me in the right direction for that??

Thanks in advance!

1 Jul 2022

Anyone got honey please?????

1 Jul 2022
Garden help

Our Garden has overgrown with weed, need help please 

Name your price, I am sure I will agree

Kewarra Beach 


11 Jun 2022
Zip line for Halloween

I'd like to add 1 or 2 zip lines to my Halloween decorations this year. Please contact me if you know how to set one up. Preferably it needs to go over the visitors heads and resets automatically rather than pulled back by hand. (Because we don't have enough volunteers to give out candy, scare people, work the smoke machines, relight the candles....and now THE Zipline! . LOL)

11 Jun 2022
Zip line for Halloween

I'd like to add 1 or 2 zip lines to my Halloween decorations this year. Please contact me if you know how to set one up. Preferably it needs to go over the visitors heads and resets automatically rather than pulled back by hand. (Because we don't have enough volunteers to give out candy, scare people, work the smoke machines, relight the candles....and now THE Zipline! . LOL)

10 Jun 2022
House Cleaning

Want to earn a few Bartles cleaning a high-set, wooden, 1960's home?

I'm offering B40 per hour. Most cleaning supplies available. No chemicals and no bleach! 

Happy to negotiate...

Cheers, Matthias.

10 Jun 2022
Singing Teacher

Looking for someone to teach singing...  

Please get in touch if you're able to help.

9 Jun 2022

Would like to get a dryer for wet weather days. Good working condition.

4 Jun 2022
Carpenter to build table

I am looking for someone skilled to build/help build an outdoor heavy duty (rustic) table for entertaining in my backyard courtyard... I have most materials, including lengths of reclaimed timber.

l am offering B60 per hour.

Thanks, Matt.

1 Jun 2022
Handyman type services

In need of a Handyman for various jobs around the house.

1 Jun 2022
Kung Fu Teacher

Please contact if you can teach Kung Fu.

30 May 2022
Cardamom plant (s)

26 May 2022
Fire poker

Fire poker wanted ! 

19 May 2022
Clothes mending - (outside of area is ok- transport avail)

Hi, Please respond if you are outside of my northern beaches area as I believe that there are members who provide pickups between areas.


Clothes mending required. I have a small bag of a few items that need basic mending, such as buttons, zipper replacement, maybe a hem or 2. 


Thanks very much 


14 May 2022
Cd shelving

Cd shelving good condition

14 May 2022
Besser blocks

15 or so dbl or 30 single Besser blocks

8 May 2022
Tree Ferns etc

Wanted - some Tree Ferns,Fan Palms,King Ferns,Elephant Ears potted and thriving

5 May 2022

looking for (any kind) of calipers, although the one in the photo is prefered.

1 May 2022
Slow cooker, esky

I have a slow cooker that I got on LETS and I love it so much and use it so much, I want another one. (so I can have meals going in one and stock in another).

Do you have a slow cooker that's not getting much use? (Happy to pay bartles or bartles+dollars if that helps.)

I also could use another medium to large esky. Do you have one cluttering up the garage that you'd like to exchange for bartles? I need it to be in good working condition, but scuffed up on the outside is ok.

I can collect at Malanda DOP or in Atherton by arrangement.


14 Apr 2022
Music teacher

Looking for a music teacher for my two homeschooled children please.  We have a violin, piano and ukelele at home.

14 Apr 2022
Japanese tutor

Looking for a Japanese tutor for my two homeschooled children please.

12 Apr 2022
Electric (Leaf)

Would like to purchase a cordless electric blower. Thanks.

24 Feb 2022
Walking stick - wood

Wanted for 100% 

Wooden Walking Stick 

23 Feb 2022
Davidson Plum Trees

Would like to plant around 10 trees of Davidson plum. Good size seedlings wanted, please.

23 Feb 2022
Wanted: Aquarium gravel

Coloured coated aquarium gravel wanted, any colours, up to 10kg.

28 Jan 2022
Wanted: Cleaning car

I'd like someone to clean my small car inside and out. It has been used transporting bunya cones, so also has sap all over it. It will be a big job.

28 Jan 2022
Personal trainer

Jana would like to work on her back flips and needs a personal trainer to archieve her goals.

Maybe someone close to Malanda is experienced and can assist. Jana is small, light and bendy.

28 Jan 2022
Wanted: Plants in pots

I"d like to purchase established plants that are already potted up. This can range from pretty plants, Succulents, orchids, Heliconias to veggie plants and fruit trees.

They are for my Plant stall in Malanda and will be available to buy for Dollar$ or Bartles.

My plants on the stall are mainly priced $5 each, so I'm looking to spend between 3-5Bartles each.

Show me what you got. Thanks!!

8 Jan 2022
HORSE books/literature

My daughters will be doing an equine unit for school this year. We are looking for all manner of horse books. 

Horse evolution, role in history, horse stories, horse breeds, Understanding horses, working with horses, horse behaviour etc.. 

If you have something you think may be suitable, please text or email me the book title and author. 

0484 684 341 or


25 Dec 2021
Wanted: Nintendo Switch

Our kids discovered Nintendo switch and are keen on more games and maybe even a console or controller. let us know what you have. Thanks!

22 Dec 2021
Wanted: everything Anime / Manga

We are having an Anime/Manga fan in our household and are interested in purchasing everything Anime: books, movies, series, clothes, figurines, jewlery, posters ect.

17 Dec 2021
Outdoor setting

Outdoor setting or set of chairs  - minimum 4, chairs.  No plastic please.

14 Nov 2021
Fresh produce / food products

Wanted: fresh produce and other food products

14 Nov 2021
Small Chest Freezers - Not Working

Looking for small chests freezers - in good condition, but not working. Happy to pay whatever bartels you want for them.

4 Nov 2021
Hills Hoist Clothes Line

Wanted an old fashioned Hills Hoist Clothes line, doesn't need to have the line, can be frame only for 100% bartles.

3 Nov 2021
Wanted: Strawberry plants

Please keep me in mind when you clean out your strawberry patch.  I am in need of a heap of plants for my plant stall all year round.

2 Nov 2021

Looking for someone who can classify our rainforest trees. 

30 Jul 2021
Herbs and Marguerite daisy

I am seeking the following herbs/plants please:

- Wormwood (preferably rooted)

- Common, old fashioned single white Margurite daisy (rooted or cuttings). Not to be confused with shasta daisy which is a ground cover. Please see photo.

-Borage seedlings/small plants

Please email

3 Jan 2021
Compost barrel

Wanting a compost barrel for 100% bartles. Wanting to get my compost up off the ground from pests. Picture for an idea of what I'm looking for.

30 Nov 2020
Rainforest Fruit Trees

Chasing various edible rainforest plants for revegetating several areas on our farm-seeds or seedlings.

Lemon aspen-Acronychia acidula

Finger limes

Myrtles-Cinnamon, Anise (Syzygium anisatum), Lemon (Backhousia citriodora)

Bunya pines-Araucaria bidwilli

Davidson Plum-Davidsonia pruriens

Tamarind-Boonjie and Bernies

Atherton Oaks-Athertonia diversifolia

Blushwood-Fontainea picrosperma

Cape Your Lilly Pilly-Syzygium aqueum

9 Jun 2020
45B/ hr offered for helping me with gardening in REDLYNCH


seeking to find an assistant interested in vegetable gardening/ aquaponics to assit me work in the vegtable and Aquaponics gardens for a day or two within the next few weeks .

Can pay 45B/ hr. Work is in REDLYNCH and available now.

Jobs avaialble:

light weeding, planting seeds, potting plants, add aquaponic grow bed additions, compost, mulching, add garden beds, chicken water drinker, fencing, shed tidy up. Just give me a kick start to get things how I need it and grow more food. You might have other project ideas for me also.

Am flexible with timeing most days from now to 18th Jan 2022.

Please email or call. 0423715504 Rod