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1 19 Nov 2018

Im chasing some honey please... up to 1-2 kg but I’ll take smaller amounts also. I’m in the Cairns area 

2 19 Nov 2018
Can & Bottle refund

Hey y'all

are you already participating in the container refund scheme? https://www.containersforchange.com.au/

If not (maybe you don't care about the 10 cents refund) or transporting your drink bottles from Malanda to Atherton doesn't work for your, then we can offer to pay you 7 Bartle-cents for each of your softdrink/beer cans/bottles.

For every can or bottle we will pay you 7 Bartle-cents

  • Simply collect all cans, plastic and glass bottles with the "10cent" symbol on it
  • remove caps (they are not accepted)
  • Rinse them out & bag them in a plastic bag (they only accept PLASTIC BAGS)
  • Drop the bags off at Malanda DOP
  • Count your bottles and charge our LETS account 7 Bartle-cents for each bottle/can

3 17 Nov 2018
Fabric Dye Wanted

Looking for someone’s leftover fabric dyes. Got any hiding in your cupboards that you don’t plan to use?

4 16 Nov 2018
Electric guitar

electric guitar.2hunbuckers and a floating bridge

5 13 Nov 2018
Egg cartons

Looking for egg cartons  the larger ones please ( holds  15 and 18 eggs )

Must be clean

Thanks in advance

6 12 Nov 2018

We would like some pumpkins please. Thank you.

7 10 Nov 2018

Please contact new member Steve with what produce you have available.

8 10 Nov 2018
Organic Food

New member Judy would like to purchase organic produce.

9 9 Nov 2018
Mangoes for making chutney

Hi Folks, I am looking for green mangoes to make my years supply of chutney! Any variety is fine, even the "stringies" which make very good green chutney. I am happy to come and collect!

*note* please reply to me on my e-mail cockerel_wood@yahoo.com.au as I am often not near the phone.

10 9 Nov 2018
Wanted: USB Wifi adapter

I'm in need of an Wifi adapter thingy.

My (new) PC has no wifi and the modem is on the other side of the house. It's too far to run an ethernet cable to connect both.

11 8 Nov 2018
Wanted: SIMS PC game

Would like to purchase a SIMS PC game. It's going to be a Christmas present, so should be in great working condition.

12 8 Nov 2018
Wanted: Fridge

I'm quite happy with my fridge except the inside is falling apart. All the bottle shelfs in the door are broken and half the shelfs in the main section. The veggie drawer doesn't look happy either. It annoys me!!

If you have an upgrade for me, I'd like to get.

The perfect fridge wishing list: works very good, power efficent, looking great from the outside, all shelfes intact, nothing desintegrates while touching, dark or silver colour, freezer drawer/or top compartment, 2 doors, minimum 400LT

13 7 Nov 2018
Guitar cables

guitar amp cables.

14 7 Nov 2018
Electric guitar

electric guitar for  playing  metal  with 2 humbuckers. 

15 7 Nov 2018
Budget assistant

someone to help with my home budget.

16 5 Nov 2018
Pond / water feature assistance

Looking for some one familiar with ponds and aquaponics to work with me to refresh and reactivate the pond.  I had cleaned it all out ready for reinvigorating, but the pond has since filled up again with rain.  The main aim is to stop the cane toads breeding in it.  So I am envisage growing water spinich or lotus int eh pond.  Some fish to keep the mozzie lavae adn cane toad lavae down.  Some wire over top to keep cane toads out.  As you can see Im a novice and need help with this project.  And I need advice as to how to keep maintaining it.  I dont want to breed anymore cane toads!  Barltes or mix of barltes and money.  Looking for expressions of interest. Thanks. 

17 5 Nov 2018
Wanted: Ink Cartridges for HP F2275

Looking for ink cartridges, black and/or colour.

For a HP F2275 printer.

18 4 Nov 2018
Howard Kasschau Piano Course Book 5

Does anyone have a copy of Howard Kasschau Piano Course Book 5, Step by Step Mastery of the Piano (Schirmer, N.Y) that they could sell or hire out?

Picture is of Book 4, but I believe Book 5 has a similar cover.

Happy to pay either dollars or CES units to cover postage.


19 3 Nov 2018
Trellis for tomatoes.

Small amounts of trellis for small project . Thanks.

20 3 Nov 2018

Desperately Looking for HONEY
Have my own 1kg containers.
Happy to pay 50% cash.

21 3 Nov 2018

Looking for path/garden pavers for Bartels.

20cm x 20xm or 40cm x 40cm

22 3 Nov 2018
Old/Secondhand House Bricks

Looking for old house bricks for Bartels.

Please note: we are after the ones you build brick houses with, not the cement block type.

23 28 Oct 2018

wanting wormwood please

24 28 Oct 2018
Birdseye Chillis

Looking for regular supply of birds eye chillies thank you

25 22 Oct 2018
Metal icy-pole molds

Trying to get away from plastic - looking for metal icy-pole molds

26 22 Oct 2018
Cot mattress

Want a cot mattress to place underneath the one we have to make it thicker/more comfortable

27 21 Oct 2018
Screen door mesh or screen door

looking for a screen door for single doorway.

or just screen mesh (and I can make the frame)

if you have something, pls let me know the dimensions

or send a photo and dimensions to 0484684341



28 17 Oct 2018
Wanted: Plastic water barrel tap and nut

Looking for 1-2 water barrel taps. If you have, also 2 nuts to screw them on.

29 16 Oct 2018
Clothes for 11 year old girl

Our nearly-11-year-old daughter is after some denim (or similar) shorts with pockets front and back please.

She is also in need of some swimwear.

30 14 Oct 2018
Wanted: laminated paper sheets

I reuse old laminated paper sheets on my plant stall. I use the blank side to write the prices with permanent marker on it. That way they whitstand the rain. They need to be without puncture marks to stay water proof.

Slowly I'm running out of the pile I accumulated from my kids school reading rewards. (They seemed to bring in every week one laminated sheet. What a waste of plastic in my opinion).

Anyway, if you have any laminated sheets with a blank back, I'd like to reuse them. Any size welcome.

31 14 Oct 2018
Wanted: Smart phone

I'm not really happy with my iphone and would like to get a mobile that actually makes a sound when ringing. Has a touch screen, Android not Apple, is smart, hopefully takes quite good photos.

Please keep me in mind if you or your kids are upgrading for christmas.

Cheers, Katrin

32 14 Oct 2018
Wanted: Golden Cane palms... and others

Like to buy some potted plants for my plant stall for Bartles.

Interested in all sorts of plants.

Also after some Golden Cane palms: bigger plants or bigger seedlings.

33 10 Oct 2018

worms please:)

34 9 Oct 2018
Ginger and or honey

edible ginger roots to eat and grow.


35 7 Oct 2018
Wanted: Whipper Snipper

Mark would like to purchase a good working whipper snipper for Bartles Please contact him directly via mobile 04 5839 1418. (Thanks admin)

36 7 Oct 2018
Beginners guitar book

We are looking for a guitar for beginners book to suit a 12 year old.  

We HAVE the books which show chords, so now it would be good to have beginnings of putting the chords together...



37 5 Oct 2018
Wanted: Buttons any size

I'd like to purchase a whole heap of buttons. Any size welcome, though I'd prefer bigger ones.

Any colour, modern, retro, old, singles or pairs....

38 4 Oct 2018
Wanted dead or alive(, that means good or no good) Shovel/Spade heads

I will pay $5.00 per old used worn out rusty broken shovel or spade heads , They can have broken handles or no handles or just old used shovels or unused shovels Will trade with bartles or cash.I will pay $5.00 per shovel or 5 bartles,

39 3 Oct 2018
Foam single bed mattress in VGC

looking for single bed mattress for Bess.

Her bed isn't full size so I need mattress to be foam so I can cut to size (length only).

Must be proper mattress foam - mid density. 


40 3 Oct 2018
Fitted single bed sheets

looking for single bed fitted sheets for my kids.

must be in good to very good condition.



41 2 Oct 2018
Person to do Sleepovers with clean dog

I'm looking for a person who is willing to sleepover at my place when I'm away for a weekend. 

42 29 Sep 2018
Therapeutic Massage in Cairns Weekly

Therapeutic massage in Cairns weekly.

I can travel to you or you to me. I am located near Cairns Airport Monday to Wednesday. 

Can be flexible with hours, times.

No scents.

43 26 Sep 2018

Always chasing more peafowl to add to our menagerie. Males or females wanted, any age.

44 17 Sep 2018
WANTED - website help &/or swap for accommodation

I’m in need of someone to update and make some changes to our website.

In exchange for a cabin or camping

45 16 Sep 2018
House cleaning

Doors, windows and floors


Freshwater, cairns

46 11 Sep 2018
Bubble Wrap

Looking for Bubble wrap,

Lots of it please

If it could be dropped off at Atherton or Ravenshoe Drop off point, 

Thanks so much

47 9 Sep 2018
3 way tap fitting

Looking for a tap fitting that attaches to the tap and turns into a 3 way fitting for 3 hoses  


48 9 Sep 2018
Air Fryer

Wanted Air Fryer 

49 9 Sep 2018
Patchouli Oil

I am hoping to purchase Patchouli Oil.

50 5 Sep 2018
Plastic Storage Boxes

We are looking for plastic storage boxes in good condition (no broken parts) with lids that seal for our LET'S SHARE MUGS and LET'S SHARE PLATES boxes.  Willing to pay Bartles - let us know what you have.

51 5 Sep 2018
Melamine (plastic) Plates and Bowls, metal cutlery


We'd like to collect some plates and bowls, knives, forks and spoons to make a box or two of these to have at LETS events and to make available for hire for other events. Our box of mugs has been very useful already!

If you have any melamine (hard plastic that doesn't scratch easily) dinner plates, small plates or bowls, or metal cutlery to spare, please leave them at any DOP with "Admin - Malanda" on the transport slip. We're willing to pay Bartles for these items. They don't need to match, but they should be in good, clean condition and be easily stackable into a plastic lidded box.

Melamine is the type of plastic that children's dinnerware is often made of.

Thank you for your assistance! Bel

52 31 Aug 2018
Clothes hangers

Need more clothes hangers

53 29 Aug 2018
Farm animals

I can give a loving home to any orphans or un wanted animals. Very experienced in the care of most animals. Call if you need help or advise. 0498438912

54 28 Aug 2018
Fossicking equipment

my sons and I are mad keen to do more fossicking. Please if you have spare equipment or stuff you no longer need or want texted or call me. Happy with hand made or store brought. Would like to collect before my sons brithday in mid September. Kind regards Ruth

55 28 Aug 2018
Massages or Acupuncture

Body , Foot Massage or Acupuncture for 100% Bartles please , I live in Kewarra Beach, so in Cairns area

56 28 Aug 2018
CD player and Docking Station for iPhone

either CD player or docking station for iPhone, or a combination would be the ideal

57 28 Aug 2018
Shade cloth

I'm after second hand peices of shade cloth please. All sizes considered, okay if its a bit tatty but must be useable, not in shreds.

Large peices would be EXTRA appreciated.

I can also use your torn or unwanted trampoline net (the one that's supposed to stop the kids from catapulting off the trampoline, not the one they bounce on).

Thanks in advance!

58 28 Aug 2018
Oven mitts

My oven mitts are worn out and we're burning our fingers. Do you have a pair in reasonable condition that you would like to part with?

59 23 Aug 2018
Rhubarb and ginger

I would like to purchase rhubarb and ginger.Thanks.

60 21 Aug 2018
Pumpkins Please

We use a lot of pumpkin and would love to buy some for bartles if you have excess. I can collect from the Atherton or Malanda DOPs most times. Please contact via email melita.read@bigpond.com


Thanks in advance.

61 16 Aug 2018
Mugs, teaspoons

We're looking for second hand mugs with no cracks or chips and metal teaspoons so we can keep "LET'S SHARE MUGS" boxes at more Drop Off Points across FNQ to be hired for events for Bartles and to use at LETS events.

Can you help us build our collections? Please send mugs to Atherton or Malanda DOPs and label them "LETS mugs" or similar. We can pay Bartles for mugs, please make arrangements before delivery.

62 16 Aug 2018
Garden helper

I'm looking for people to help me work in my big veggie garden and orchard in Wondecla. I pay 25B per hour and I am home Thursday to Sundays so can fit in with when it suits you.

63 14 Aug 2018

Looking for someone to lend a hand with various projects please?

64 14 Aug 2018

Is there a carpenter or someone with carpentry skills who can help us with a project please?

65 14 Aug 2018
Fencing and Building Material

Wanted - fencing materials and building materials.  What do you have to offer?

66 11 Aug 2018
Carpenter or handyman to finish off small project

I need someone to plane or sand a small project made from timber.  Can you assist?

67 9 Aug 2018
Sew alternative to sebco mop replacement head

I like to use these sebco mops but I would like to cut down my use of synthetic materials. Would someone be able to sew me replacement heads to fit these handles? There is a green semi-absorbent piece that could be replaced with a strong piece of tapestry. There is a small white scratchy bit that you flip over to use to scrub at something sticky on the floor which could be replaced with a sewn in piece of luffa. In fact I'd like to get pieces of Luffa (I have heaps). In fact I would like some luffa sewn into my current mop heads because theat is the bit that wears out first. I can drop off mop head and handle to Irene's in Atherton for you to experiment and make me one to test out, and then I'd like at least 4, possibly 8 if they work really well.

68 4 Aug 2018
Adult Tricycle

Do you, or anyone you know have an adult tricycle that you no longer use?  I don't have a drivers licence and so am looking to get a tricycle to get around town (I live in Mareeba) and do my shopping.  It needs to have a panier (basket) on the back ~ Thanks 

69 3 Aug 2018
Shopping Bags

Do you have excess "green" bags or shopping bags you don't use because they are the wrong size or shape?  In Malanda there's a great initiative called Jaz Bagz - https://www.facebook.com/keepmalandacleanjazbagz.  We encourage you to either drop any excess bags you have into the Donations section of the Jaz Bagz box outside SPAR supermarket, or leave them at any LETS DOP with "Jaz Bagz Malanda" pinned to them somehow, and we'll make sure they get circulating!  No use hoarding excess shopping bags in your cupboard or car boot - get them out there to be used!

70 3 Aug 2018
LETS Library

Is anyone out there really keen to take stock of our library?  It's currently housed at Irene & Peter's Atherton DOP, which is a good place for it.  Ideally someone would check on the box quarterly and follow up items that have been with one User for quite awhile.  Perhaps it can come to some of our events again?

We also welcome donations to the library - books, magazines & DVDs of high quality which relate to FNQ CES and what we do.  Check the library list here: http://www.fnqces.org/extras/lets-library/ for ideas.  Admin are willing to pay Bartles for suitable items.

71 1 Aug 2018
Exercise Bike

Do you have an exercise bike in your garage or house you no longer use? Looking for one with with moveable arms that has a tension adjustment that allows for varying the difficulty.

72 22 Jul 2018
Wanted: Free Fruit for Malanda school

If you have too much fruit and can't sell it on, please drop them off at Malanda primary school Tuck shop or at Malanda DOP. Oranges, grape fruits, mandarins, paw paws, bananas ect.

They give them out for free to the kids and seems like there is never enough fruit donated. Some of the kids are always hungry for free fruit, even grapefruit finds a hungry mouth in no time.

I'm not able to pick any fruit myself from your place/trees but am happy to transport from Atherton and Malanda DOP to the school.

Thanks, Katrin

73 21 Jul 2018
Once a month mowing

I have a small yard and if you have a car, a mower and time on your hands I'm happy to pay your fuel and mower fuel cost as well as the bartle rate for mowing. It needs doing now (21/7) as it's starting to get a grow on! :)




Paula and douglas

74 19 Jul 2018
Spring Clean

Looking for a one-off cleaner who can do a thorough vacuum, mop, remove cobwebs, dust/wipe surfaces, do windows and screens, clean fans and lights etc. Paying 30B per hour for a couple of hours up to a full day - whatever time you can manage and whichever jobs you can do.

75 15 Jul 2018
Calico Flour bags

I am looking for some flour bags please, the calico variety suitable for 1/2, 1, 2, 5kg - so NOT huge bags. Usually they come with sewn-in ties for securing the top. If you have some of these bags available to trade please let me know.

76 3 Jul 2018
Glazed and terracotta pots - large

I'm looking for glazed and terracotta pots in most sizes and colours for a garden project. Do you have any you're no longer using?

77 24 Jun 2018
Pet Carriers

Looking for pet carriers

Like the ones used to take pets to the vet or airline carriers


78 19 Jun 2018
Uniform Shirts - Malanda Highschool

Looking for Malanda Highschool Shirts in size 10/12/14 ish. Also Highschool jacket or jumper. Shorts always welcome too :-)

All in good second hand condition or new needed for next school year.

So, please keep my son Tom in mind if your child has grown out of theirs. Cheers!

79 15 Jun 2018
Books for pre-teens / teens and adults

I'm looking for these books:

The Patterning Instinct by Jeremy Lent - to borrow or buy

Anything by Gary Paulsen (adventure books for young teens)

Laura Ingals Wilder (have read borrowed copies of most of them, would like to buy copies please)

Gill Lewis

Charles Eisenstein - I'm particularly after Sacred Economics please to borrow or buy

Joseph Chilton Pearce and Michael Mendizza - Magical Parent Magical Child - to borrow or buy
Thanks in advance!

80 12 Jun 2018
Fly screens to keep out cabbage moths

Reasonable condition (no holes) about 12 I'd say.



81 7 Jun 2018
Drying Stand for kitchen bench

I'd like someone to make me a stand for drying wax wraps and cloths, like the one pictured.  Made from ply or timber and dowel.  Round or pentagonal or hexagonal preferred.  With about 5 pegs.  Approx 400mm high.  Happy to pay $ (or source) any new materials required for this item.

82 30 May 2018

Looking for Chokos - 100% bartles.

83 22 May 2018
Pinking shears

looking for a sharp pair of good working pinking shears

84 22 May 2018
Wanted: bees wax and organic olive oil

In need of up to 1kg bees wax for making comfrey ointment and repairing a didgeridoo

and about 3liter organic olive oil.

85 20 May 2018

Looking for some fencing and star pickets


86 29 Apr 2018
Chain hoist

I am looking for a secondhand chain hoist.

I dont care how old it is or even what condition it is in just so long as it works. I will even have a look at non-functioning hoists in case they can be repaired!

I would like a lifting capacity of 500kg to 2 tonnes but even that is negotiable.

I can pay in Bartles, Bartles/cash, or even better HONEY, lots and lots of luvverley honey!

87 21 Apr 2018
Emu or ostrich egg(s)

would like to egg an emu or ostrich egg(s) for collection,


88 19 Apr 2018
Reusable drinking straws

metal or plastic

89 16 Apr 2018
Single Drawer Dishwasher

Single drawer dishwasher

90 16 Apr 2018
King Size Bed Linen

King size bed sheets and doona wanted. Clean and good quality.

91 16 Apr 2018
Edible Mushroom Spores

Shiitake -Japanese or Australian


Any Australian Tropical Edible varieties

92 9 Apr 2018
Sauerkraut & Kimchi

Hello everyone, wanting a regular supply of Sauerkrout & Kimchi. 


thank you :)

93 5 Apr 2018
Toys for 2+ year old

Looking for the following:

enamel or metal tea set items

some picture books

some art/craft items

some musical toys

We try to avoid too much branded stuff, cheap plastic, etc and prefer quality over quantity.

... thank you! :)

94 3 Apr 2018
Wanted: Calculator

For an experiment Tom needs a battery operated calculator. Doesn't need to be working but needs to be battery operated. (not solar)

95 29 Mar 2018
Wanted: Wheel barrow

In need of a wheelbarrow. Needs to be in working condition, please. Please contact Lyndra by phone.


96 7 Mar 2018

Would anyone have any water proof Tarps


97 26 Feb 2018
King size bed and mattress

Looking for solid king (double) size bed frame with slates and mattress in very good/ near new condition.

98 7 Feb 2018
Need a new spot

Things are not working out so well for us at Mission Beach. Lovely spot for me and lots of really sick frogs for the group to look after - but very little support and too far from Cairns. We would like to find someplace on the Tablelands. Speewah is highly preferred but the Malanda region is good down to Millaa.

Moving is way too expensive so this needs to be a long-term option. We are happy to help out on a property as well if the rent comes down a bit. Critical requirement is no chemical use inside the house in at least 3 years. If you know of someplace that is 2 bedrooms (or a very large 1 bed), unfurnished, landline phone, mains power, no gas - please let us know. We are happy to share a property so a caretaker's cottage on a larger property is fine. Bartles will be availble as a finder's fee if you tell us about a property we are able to move into. Thanks for your help, Cheers, Deborah at the frog hospital

99 7 Feb 2018

Geese - Aussie Settler, Pilgrim, Sebastapol, Pomeranian etc

Big home, on acreage

Permanent water, permanent green grass

Loving home

No limit to numbers

100 1 Feb 2018
Manure for my veggie patch!

The bigger the better if you have some on hand:) If you're able to drop it off at my place that'd be great as I don't drive.


101 8 Jan 2018
Interior painting and cleaning etc

In several spots we need some gaps filled, paint touched up etc. Also the (high) bathroom ceiling cleaned - and probably others if I looked! About half of it is ladder work and we aren't getting around to it. :) Can pay up to 40B/hr for someone with the right skills. We will supply all tools and materials. BYO safety needs. 50/50 $/B may be available too.

102 7 Jan 2018
Dog Minding and Walking

Can you please assist with dog minding and walking in Atherton?

103 7 Jan 2018
Mowing & Gardening

Can you please assist with mowing and gardening in Atherton?

104 23 Dec 2017
Fresh fruit and vege's

Alwags looking for Fresh Fruit and Vege's

Ravenshoe area

105 17 Dec 2017
Local Food

Wanted - so we can offer more Services through LETS - one-off or regular purchases of:

Fresh fruit & veg: lemons, limes, most tropical fruit, avocado, potato, sweet potato, pumpkin, mild chillis, onions, garlic, ginger, fresh herbs - rosemary, parsley and basil, some leafy greens (we grow some), etc.

Meat, cow's and goat's milk, other dairy products.

Nuts other than macadamias.

Bread & other baked goods, meals, some preserves, dried fruit, snacks, mayo/aioli, bliss balls etc.

Happy to pay $ for or provide ingredients.

Prefer to pickup Malanda or Atherton, but do travel to other areas.

106 11 Dec 2017
Cleaning and Office Work

I require help with office work, and cleaning.  Are you able to assist?  Located in Cairns.

107 25 Nov 2017
Shade Cloth

Wondering if anyone would have any shade cloth thanks

108 21 Sep 2017
Organic/spray free lemons

We'd love some fresh organic or spray free lemons please.

Best drop off Atherton

Best contact 0402 689 859 :-)

109 18 Sep 2017
Car port Frames

Would anyone have any carport frames, with or without the top, is fine, Thanks

110 18 Sep 2017
Chicken Pens

Wondering if anyone has any chicken pens, or cages

111 26 Jul 2017
Fertile Eggs or Chickens: Indian Game and Araucana

I am chasing some fertile eggs or birds-purebred Indian Game (bantam) or Araucana please.

112 26 Dec 2014
Australian Garlic

I need some more garlic bulbs for eating please, needs to be kept at room temperature.

best contact 0402689859

For more information write to info@communityexchange.net.au