FNQ Community Exchange (QLD)
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1 27 Sep 2020
Camping toilet

Does any body on lets own a portable camping toilet? 

I like to hire it from you for 3 days in october.

Many thanx in advance.

2 26 Sep 2020
Lomandra longifolia

Looking for a Lomandra longifolia plant. 

3 25 Sep 2020
Cleaning Air BnB

Hi!  I'd like someone to come clean our 2-room Air BnB cabin in Tarzali once a month.  I clean it between guests, but would like someone to come and do walls, fans, windows, skirting, screens etc once each month.  It's modern and uncluttered.  Has fans so you will be cool while you work.  Time needs to be flexilble between guests.  Paying $15+15B per hour, should take about 2 hours a month.  Ongoing work subject to busyness.

4 23 Sep 2020
Wanting to hire a car

Is anyone willing to hire out a car for bartles/dollars?

I have a very good driving record, don't drink or smoke, police check.

I have moved to Canberra and will be back to see family in Mareeba while housesitting in Cairns.

October 7-26th (to be confirmed)

It might work to hire it for part of the time, or weekends.
I will be housesitting so I won't be venturing far, just around Cairns and up to Mareeba to see family.

I am not sure how insurance would work. I am hoping it would be like you lending me the car and I would pay the excess if anything happened, but we could look into it.


5 22 Sep 2020
Passionfruit seedling

Would like a purple passionfruit seedling to put in garden. I can offer other plants in exchange or pay top Bartles. 

6 22 Sep 2020
Exchange chook cull labour for learning

We have an aggro rooster who needs to go (if he is not reclaimed by his original owner), and I need to learn how to despatch and process chooks effectively. Anyone doing a cull this weekend where I could help out and process ours as well?

7 20 Sep 2020

Looking for yacon and garlic.

8 16 Sep 2020
Plants wanted Dianella and Pentas

Wanted for the garden Dianella caerulea or Blue Flax Lily, and red Pentas ......lots of.

9 13 Sep 2020
Small Amounts of Paint

Wanted for garden art items... paints. Small amounts of all colours. If you have tins of paint stored away in a shed or a laundry shelf that you don't think you will use before its use by date, why not give it a second chance at life. Indoor and outdoor house paints preferred, but will try other paints as well. 

10 11 Sep 2020
Boxing Bag

Boxing bag in good condition and able to be suspended. Gloves etc would be great too!

11 11 Sep 2020

Medium to large fridge in good working order.

12 10 Sep 2020
Dog-Friendly Holiday House

4 adults, 1 child and 2 dogs looking for beach house holiday in 2021. Must be fully fenced.

13 10 Sep 2020

Looking for a barbecue for my grandchildren.

14 10 Sep 2020
Wanted: eReader device or tablet

I would like to read a few ebooks from the library. Anyone selling an ebook reader or tablet as I'd like something bigger than my smartphone but more portable than a laptop.

15 10 Sep 2020
FISH Gold fish, guppies ect

I am looking to add some fish to my tank that holds gold fish, rainbows & black widows. I would like to add some more gold fish, guppies & other compatible fish. Not too small as I don't want them eaten. :-) 

16 7 Sep 2020
Native bee keeper advice

We would like to incorporate native bees into our forested block.  We would really appreciate a visit by someone who has them now to come and suggest where will be the best siting considering the layout of the block, the weather patterns and the aerial spraying of the banana farm 1/2 km away (we are upwind most of the year).  Tried getting someone from the beekeeper assoc to come but they don't seem interested which is sad - you would think they want to encourage more people to get involved with bees.

17 7 Sep 2020
Coffee plungers - not the glass bit

I just need the plungers only - I have lots of the glass containers but I somehow wreck all the plungers.  So if you have broken the glass bit, I'd be happy to receive the plunger!  Lefew dop in Cairns is a good one for me to retrieve from if you are not in Cassa Coast.  Thanks.

18 7 Sep 2020
Wanted: planting trays

I'm after a whole heap of the small planting trays. They are approx 35x30cm. Thanks!

19 6 Sep 2020
Khaki Campbell Ducks

Would anyone have any Khaki Campbell Ducks available,

Ducklings or adults

 happy to pay part cash and part bartles

20 4 Sep 2020
Chicken wire

Looking for short lengths of chicken wire to keep the scrub fowl and the wallabies off my plants!  They are even climbing into the raised beds to eat all the leaves off everything.  Time to 'raise the bar'.  Looking for lengths of chicken wire between 1 metre long up to 8 metres.  Ta.

21 4 Sep 2020
Mini-working bee Carmoo

We are having a mini working bee in conjunction with C4 on Saturday morning, Sept. 19th from 8:30a to 11:30a followed by veggo/vegan lunch.  With the coming La Nina, we are pressed to get this WH Neighbour property cleaned up and all the new frog ponds in before November.

Lets members who come along will be paid in bartles (25B per hour).  If you are interested, please flick us an email to let us know and we can provide the exact address, where to park, and what things you would want to bring with you.  Thanks.

22 31 Aug 2020
Begonia plants

 I'm chasing some pretty leave Begonias all sizes and colours. Keen on plants or but  happy to pay Bartles for some leave cuttings  to raise my own

23 30 Aug 2020
Avocado seeds wanted

I need a big bucketful of avocado seeds for a dyeing project. Fresh or frozen ok. Happy to pay 2B per seed. Please send to Atherton DOP. 

24 30 Aug 2020
Rocks wanted

Perhaps an opportunity for children and teens to earn Bartles. I need paddock rocks from the size of chook eggs to the size of a human head. I will pay 1B for each rock up to the the size of a man's fist, 3B for the bigger ones. Any size rock with at least one flat side will get an extra 1B, regardless of size.

25 30 Aug 2020

Does anyone have mullberries for sale.???

26 29 Aug 2020
Outdoor table & chairs

I'm chasing 1-2 outdoor tables and chairs, from 2-6 seats.  Prefer glass/metal but plastic/wood might be okay too.  Needs to be in excellent condition please, for our air bnb cabin.

27 28 Aug 2020
Walnuts and Pecan nuts

Would love to get green walnuts and green pecan nuts 500g of each.

also would be greatful for a shopping bag full of walnut tree leaves and a shopping bag full of pecan nut tree leaves.

28 25 Aug 2020
Laying pullets

We would like 2 saying pullets. Than you

29 25 Aug 2020
Book about weaving with plant fibres

hi have quite a bit of lomandra and keen to know how to weave with it. 

Anyone havea  book that covers this?


0484 684 341

30 25 Aug 2020
Trailer for mower

I am looking for a trailer to use with my mower so I can get water pump to the creek. 

If it needs basic repairs will consider, happy to replace tyres/tubes etc. 

My mower is a greenfield (small) can send pic of trailer attachement if you have something which may be suitable. cannot be flimsy or the tray brittle or cracked. creek track a bumpy ride.

If you can deliver happy to pay a few more B, otherwise I will arrange transport.

Will consider some cash component for a VGC trailer. 


best to text photo/description to 0484 684 341

(I know this 'want' is a biggie, but, I live in hope... LETS has suprised me so many times, nothing seems impossible anymore!!!)


31 21 Aug 2020

I have a small coffee table that is in need of repair (broken leg) Please contact me if you are interested or need further information.


32 17 Aug 2020

Wanted to buy or hire 1 or 2 swags for local camping trips.

33 15 Aug 2020
Indoor Pot Plants (Not Plastic)

Have your indoor plants died? Have a pot or two you’d like to sell for Bartles? Looking for glazed pottery/ ceramic ones in good condition (not plastic or plain terracotta) TIA!

34 15 Aug 2020
Garlic and chillis and ginger

Hoping to buy garlic and chillis and ginger.

35 15 Aug 2020
Outdoor Table and Chairs

We are chasing a small setting for our front verandah. A table with 2-4 chairs would be great but single chairs or a table are also welcome.

Metal or solid wood please. Does not need to be fabulous condition but must be sturdy and not particle board or pudding wood. Happy to part cash, part bartles.


Please email directly to melita.read@bigpond.com

36 14 Aug 2020
Garden Helper Needed

I need a helper in the garden for tedious jobs such as weeding and tree trimming, harvesting, and rock collecting. Willing to pay top Bartles if you're the right person. 

37 12 Aug 2020
Plants wanted

I'm looking for replacements for a few plants I've lost when moving gardens about, or don't yet have:

mushroom plant (rungia)

malabar / ceylon spinach (red and green stem)

warrigal greens

native violet


monstera deliciosa

white mulberry cuttings

grape vine cuttings

lemon myrtle tree




water chestnuts

Anything small with white or red flowers...

Fruit/nut trees to add to food forest areas in Tarzali

Happy to swap for other plants or pay Bartles. Thanks!

38 12 Aug 2020
Educational Toys and Games

Looking for games and toys for preschool and lower primary level.  We're very keen to rehome your outgrown items made from natural materials, with Australian animal themes, teaching about nature etc.  We own mostly wooden toys and puzzles and prefer these to plastic items and toys with characters on them (though we do like a little Bluey and Peppa!)

39 12 Aug 2020
Worker wanted for hobby farm 20$/20B per hour

Help on hobby farm for one or two weeks, casual, flexible time, 5 km out of Ravenshoe,

starting in about 2 weeks

40 11 Aug 2020
Advice for friend about sheep and request for chooks/chicks

Are you very familiar with sheep husbandry? 

I have a friend in Tarzali who is interested in owning a small number of sheep. In particualr she would like to know of best breeds (not for meat!) in regards to wet location and also best breeds for wool/yarn purpose

Also interested in chicks for bartles- not just for laying, they have yard work to do!

thanks on behalf of Peta

(I am working on recruiting her to LETS!!! - she just got here so not ready as yet with regards to offerings etc)

41 10 Aug 2020
Temporary rental wanted from late 2020 for elderly couple

My parents are making the move to the Tablelands and are looking for somewhere to rent when they get here sometime in late 2020, while they look around for something to buy. They're elderly, very neat and tidy, and have a dog.

Any suggestions?

Can pay $ for rent, although a part bartle arrangement would be great too.

thank you in advance for any tips!

42 7 Aug 2020
Blank cds

wondering if any one has any blank Cds for recording music onto.....

43 5 Aug 2020
Wanted: Fairy Lights and Halloween decoration

Several Long string of Fairy lights wanted for Halloween decoration as I need to light up a path through the forest. Would prefer bright or warm white lights with power plug, not battery operated. Happy to purchase or borrow for Bartles.

Also wanted:

  • all your unwanted Halloween deco
  • Old or broken dolls, (heads and body parts)
  • Coffins and crosses (lol)
  • 6x 20m and longer extension cords (borrow or purchase)
  • Big size plastic insects, crabs, snakes, spiders, frogs
  • Big size skulls: pig, horse, cow, human, dog, cat...
  • Yourself: if you like to take the opportunity to scare some people on Halloween, drop Katrin a line. The 31st October will be a fun night in Malanda and we still need people to hide behind trees, lay in coffins or simply dress up & hang out around the fire.

44 5 Aug 2020
Wanted: Monkey Bar and/or Slacklines

Looking for slack lines, ninja obstacle lines or a  good size monkey bar. Wanted for Christmas or as birthday present, begin December.

45 4 Aug 2020
Horsetail, equisetum hyemale

We are looking for horsetail plant or dried please.

best contact 0402689859

have a great day ;-)

46 2 Aug 2020
Accommodation wanted - medium - long term

I need a place to live for the medium to long term.

Ideally it would be a rural place like a farm house with a shed or a liveable shed. Somewhere with enough space for a garden/chook pen and if possible, the use of a shed. Don't mind it rustic as long as the roof doesn't leak and everything works. Malanda, Yungaburra, Lake Eacham, Upper Barron areas would be great as I'm going to be working in Malanda.

Happy to pay cash entirely for rent or a combination of bartles. I can cook and help around the place as well, happy to swap skills and cook for you.

If you know of anywhere or you know of someone with a place to rent, let me know! I want to avoid real estate agents. I can supply references.



47 2 Aug 2020
Japanese Quail

Japanese Quails wanted for bartles or half bartles / half cash.

48 17 Jul 2020
Wanted: Corflute sheets and cutting

Many Corflute sheets needed, approx 15. Can have a print on them. Need in 57x 66cm.

I already scored a few sheets but need somebody who can cut them to size. As I really need them to have straight sides to fit perfectly into drawers. Maybe somebody has a cutting device/ guillotine?

49 15 Jul 2020
Wanted: Speech Therapy

My son is occasionally stuttering. Do we have a speech therapist in LETS who could assist? Or any info on speech therapy on the Tablelands would be appreciated. Seems like the speech therapy at school is not going anywhere or doesn't continue in the moment.

50 15 Jul 2020
Cat carrier

Looking for a largish cat carrier for vet trips etc.

51 13 Jul 2020
Playing our organ



Douglas loves people playing on a piano or similar. He first fell in love with Gary's guitar at the events, but now enjoys sitting do wen next to another person as they play. I have the organ which can also sound like other instruments (synthesizer?). So if you are free for an hour or so between Thursdays 9am and Saturdays 3pm, please email me. For some reason I can't edit my phone number at the moment!



52 13 Jul 2020
Wanted: Bottom mount fridge

I'm after a great working and looking 500L bottom mount fridge.

Stainless steel look or black, not white.

No broken shelving.

53 9 Jul 2020
Workers needed on farm


We are needing help on our permaculture farm with mowing, brush cutting, weeding, raking and other such duties. Please contact us to arrange a day that suits. If we get enough interest we will organise a busy bee.

In central Ravenshoe.

25 bartles per hour

Thank you,

54 7 Jul 2020
Wanted: portable gazebo

In need of an easy pop up gazebo. 3x3m.

I still have an older model that is very stiff, heavy and simply a pain in the bum.

55 7 Jul 2020
Wanted: String Succulents

I'm after several hanging string succulents:

String of Hearts

String of Turtles

String of Buttons

String of bananas

String of Dolphins

String of Tears

String of Pearls

56 7 Jul 2020
Simple Garden Arch wanted

My garden arch is falling apart and I would like to replace it.

57 2 Jul 2020
Garden pots 40cm in diameter

58 2 Jul 2020
Army figurines.

army figurines. 

the little plastic ones. 



59 1 Jul 2020
Muffin maker

Muffin maker wanted please.

60 29 Jun 2020
Figures for play

Hi! I'm chasing for a preschooler plastic or other figures for imaginative play and projects -




We'd rather buy these pre-loved than new. Thank you!

61 29 Jun 2020
House Painting

Need someone to paint the exterior of our low set hardiplank and block house. Will first need to be cleaned. It is clear of garden beds and trees etc - easy to access. We will supply all materials. Some interior painting required as well - mostly on fibro walls and timber skirting. Payment negotiable in Bartles or half cash up to 40B/hr ($20+20B) for the right worker/s.

62 29 Jun 2020
Glazed and Terracotta pots

I'm chasing glazed and terracotta pots in all sizes and colours please!

63 29 Jun 2020

I'm chasing some candles - scented, plain, soy wax, beeswax, already been used - it doesn't really matter. Do you have candles you won't be using?

64 29 Jun 2020
Wooden bowls & boxes, woven baskets

We use recycled containers made of natural materials in our homeschooling, playroom, playgroup/craft sessions etc. Do you have any wooden bowls, wooden boxes (eg that a gift set of tea bags or candles came in), sturdy/rustic woven baskets, or anything similar? See pic for an example of what I mean.

65 24 Jun 2020
Old metal cooking pot 160 mm in diameter

After 4 old cooking pots with the interior diameter of 160 mm. Don't need lids or handles. Don't have to be in great condition as I need them for using in the outside yard.  Looking for 100% bartles. 

66 22 Jun 2020
Calico bags or fabric

In need of strong Calico fabric or bags or draw string bags/ sacks. Need to be clean and prefer natural.

67 22 Jun 2020
Moccona jars

I need an ongoing supply of Moccona jars for a new project. Mainly smaller sizes:

50g, 100g and 200g

68 22 Jun 2020
Taro plants

I need a bulk load of taro plants to pot up about 50 plants for my plant stall.

69 22 Jun 2020
Fruit tree netting

The brush turkeys are always jumping into my nursery area and scratching all soil out the pots. I need netting of any kind to cover the area:

Fruit tree netting or mozzie net, even the netting surrounding hay bales are welcome. Can have holes.

70 22 Jun 2020
Strawberry plants or runners

I'd like to purchase a bulk amount of Strawberry plants/ runners please.

71 22 Jun 2020
Leaf blower

I would like to purchase a leaf blower. 

72 14 Jun 2020

Puzzles - especially beautiful quality ones like Ravensburger. Up to 100 pieces and 100% intact please (no missing pieces).

73 14 Jun 2020
Children's bike

Bike with or without training wheels to suit 4 year old girl in very good condition please!

74 12 Jun 2020
WANTED - TULLY - Fruit & Vegetables

Fruit & Vegetables

75 9 Jun 2020
Screen door wanted

Seeking an aluminium screen door with the diamond or any mesh pattern.

Any size and condition will work.

Like to put one on the greenhouse to provide me an additional access.  

76 9 Jun 2020
Fly screens and window wanted

Trying to patch up my old queenslander flyscreens holes and windows without screens. Seeking aluminium fly screens of the following sizes & colours (if possible):

- 850h x 720w (black)

- 1190h x 660w (bronze)

- 1120h x 410w (bronze)

- bathroom sliding window with glass 470 h x 60 w (any colour, frosted or clear glass)

- roll of flyscreen or big scraps to match above sizes.

(I dont mind spray painting them if a different colour or cutting them down if bigger measurements).

prefer to pay bartles.



77 9 Jun 2020
Yard work for bartles


seeking to find someone interested to assit me work in the vegtable gardens for 1/2 day or full day from time to time. Can pay 30B/ hr:

Jobs avaialble:

light weeding, planting seeds, potting plants, add aquaponic grow bed additions, compost, mulching, add garden beds, chicken water drinker, fencing, shed tidy up. Just give me a kick to get things how I need it and grow more food. You might have other project ideas for me also.

Weekends I can work with you. Weekdays ill get you started and you can work solo as I have a day job.

78 3 Jun 2020
Glass bottles

I am after glass bottles, of all colours except brown. Would especially love blues. I am making a glass bottle wall... so I need a fair amount. 


79 3 Jun 2020
Pond fish

Does anyone have extra fish in their pond? Would prefer Rainbows, but anything really... to eat the mozzies. 

80 3 Jun 2020
Wanted herb plants

I would please like plants of - 

Hawthorn berry



Scented geranium


81 30 May 2020
Yacon [yakon]

I am hoping to find some yacon out there in Lets` Land. Should be ready this time of the year.

82 28 May 2020




sweet potatoes








baked goods

frozen/bulk meals

Being able to spend our Bartles on food purchases helps us to Offer more Trade and other skills for Bartles within the system.

83 18 May 2020

Hi I'm after arcmesh, reo panels or similar to suit fencing off my vege garden from the wildlife. Please show photos if you have any. I'm in Kuranda but could collect.

84 18 May 2020
Pressure canning jars

Looking for Ball Mason pressure canning jars, wide mouth, any size.

85 13 May 2020

seeking MORE wool/yarn/acrylic for crochet (soft toy) projects.

Thick would be great. Super thin not so great.

Ta very much.

Probably easier to contact me by texting 0484 684 341

86 8 May 2020

Would love some fresh water fish for my fish tank. No predators please. Thank you.

87 8 May 2020
Wanted: Laptop

In need of two good working laptops. Ours are slowly but surely breaking apart.

88 5 May 2020
Water Kefir Grains

Seeking viable water kefir grains. I can collect from the Malanda DOP on arrangement. Please email elke88@yahoo.com

89 1 May 2020
Old or broken wheelbarrow wanted


I'm after an old wheelbarrow you no longer use.

Any condition.


90 1 May 2020
Electric Double Pie Maker

Wanted double pie maker of any colour. Just want to make pies the size you buy at the bakery for bartles.

91 27 Apr 2020
Fruit and Vege

Would love fruit and vege from back yards :) happy to do a weekly run to pick up?

thank you!

92 13 Apr 2020
Slimeline water tank

Seeking a slimline water tank 2000+ litres any colour.

Needs to be approx 500mm wide.

Happy to pay half cash and half bartles or trade.

93 8 Apr 2020
Citrus Trees - Prefer Mandarin or Orange

Searching for citrus trees for the local school garden.  Something for the kids to snack on, especially those in need.

Open to other kid friendly, easy to grow, edible anything.

94 8 Apr 2020
Pot Bound Fig Trees

Have a fig tree that has outgrown its pot?  I can retire it to a nice farm where it will provide shade to the cows.

Open to other types of trees too. 

95 1 Apr 2020
Wanted: Empty 4L vinegar bottles

I'm making my own laundry liquid and am in need of empty 4L plastic vinegar bottles.

I don't need/want empty milk or oil bottles. 4L vinegar bottles only please.

96 26 Mar 2020
Bamboo wanted

I am looking for a source of bamboo suitable for garden canes (say a little thicker than a a mans thumb on average). Either a place I can harvest these or a peice of root stock or seed.

No worries as to whether it is a clumping variety or not, I live on a farm and it cannot get far before the cattle will keep it under control.

97 23 Mar 2020
Helping hands

I need some good workers in the garden at my sub tropical permaculture farm.  

25 bartles per hour.

Thanks :)

98 22 Feb 2020
Scrabble board game

Looking for old scrabble board games, doesn't matter if some letters are missing, if you have more than one game, fantastic! the more the better ~ Thank you

99 21 Feb 2020
Plants/seeds/cuttings of gac, inca nut(Sacha inchi), or monk fruit, budleyas

100 18 Feb 2020
Wanted: Dice

I just discovered my love for dice. Any shape, colour, size wanted. Number dice, colour dice, symbol dice, points dice....

101 10 Feb 2020
Wanted: Impatiens plants

Impatiens plants in all colours wanted. Established plants or cuttings.

102 9 Feb 2020
Spring Cleaning

30B per hour for an efficient house cleaner who can do walls, ceilings, skirtings, and/or windows etc. Tarzali. Flexible about when you come. Just 1 hour or a whole week... you choose!

103 8 Feb 2020
Garden help

hi I’m after someone to help with gardening on 1 acre property Kuranda. Spreading mulch and light weeding.

104 8 Feb 2020
Bathroom vanity wanted

Hi I’m after a bathroom vanity for my daughter. Can even be older style but in good sound condition.

Would consider a solid timber cabinet too..we could mount a basin on top. Photos please

105 6 Feb 2020
Wanted: gazebo frames

Looking for 2 gazebo frames to put onto my veggie patch to keep up the netting . Can be old but need to be functional. Do the need any cover.

106 18 Jan 2020
Embroidery Yarn

Wanted all different colours of embriodery yarn for my craft projects for bartles. 

107 28 Dec 2019
Shovel, pick n wheelbarrow n buckets n barrels

after quality second hand gardening tools.

108 28 Dec 2019
Lawn mowing

2 acres flat to gentle sloping land, once a month. open to offers, bartles, money, swap for food accommodation possible.

other handy jobs may be available too.

109 16 Dec 2019
Wanted: electric pasta maker

Keen of purchasing an electric pasta machine.

110 14 Dec 2019

Gardening help required - pruning, brushcutting, weeding, harvesting, moving mulch, mowing - push and ride-on, fixing up greenhouse, repairing trellis, harvesting fruit... 30B/hr

111 9 Dec 2019
Wanted: DVD series"The 100'

All seasons please.

112 2 Dec 2019
Good condition chicken fencing

Wanted good condition chicken or fencing mesh (square).. can be already used if still strong. No short cut pieces please minimum 3 meter length requirement.

113 27 Nov 2019
Foam mattress or similar

I am looking for something like a foam (single bed) mattress to finish a couch I made for the kids. 

The mattress is needed to make the 'back rest' section. 

or similar? 

approx 2m x 1m ....OR 2 pieces of 1x1m



114 25 Nov 2019
WANTED - Speakers, Musicians, Stall Holders, Performers, Co-ordinator of the LETS / CES area of Going off Grid Festival - Imbil - September 11th & 12th, 2021

Expressions of Interest Sought Speakers, Musicians, Stall Holders, Performers + helper to co-ordinate the LETS / CES area of GOG Fest


115 10 Nov 2019
Male guinea pig, puppy

we're after a companion for our male guinea pig, who is not allowed back in with the girls! Do you have a male (or speyed female) who is looking for a home?

Also our old dog died and we're after a puppy; do you know of anyone who has puppies or a young dog looking for a home? Large breed X, short hair, not high energy and no yapping.

Thanks in advance!

116 3 Nov 2019
Columbo, Partridge Family, Ancient Aliens

Hi all, looking for the tv series Colombo on dvd but only seasons one to four (have the others). Also looking for seasons 3 and 4 of the Partridge Family.

I'm also missing season 9 of Ancient Aliens.


117 1 Nov 2019
Poly Fill Filler for stuffing toys

I would love to get some new Poly Fill Filler to use in my knitting craft. 

118 1 Nov 2019
Knitting wool/yarn, I would love to get some more balls of wool for my loom knitting to do some projects.

I would love to get some more wool for my loom knitting projects.

119 29 Oct 2019
Fishing rod

Looking for fishing rod to suit 13 year old. Must be in useable/VG condition - we can buy new fishing line. 

smaller rod suited to creek fishing and/or larger beach fishing rod. 

send photos to 0484 684 341

thanks heaps. 



120 29 Oct 2019
Bike rack for vehicle - trunk mounted

looking for a bike rack which is mounted off the trunk using straps (not tow ball) for my suzuki swift. 

If you might be able to help please send photo/s to 0484 684 341

must be in excellent condition. 



thanks very much

121 29 Sep 2019

I really would love another bookshelf please, or any size shelving for papers, books, craft materials, etc.

Thanks in advance!

122 26 Sep 2019

We need earthworms suitable for garden soil. Thank you

123 5 Sep 2019
Pavers and besser bricks

The frog hospital is continuing to make progress in restoring this property. We are now at the stage of needing pavers and besser bricks. They can be any colour or size. The smaller pavers are fine but any bigger ones (say, 30cm square or even 40cm square) would be even better.

We need any amount of besser bricks to build a small retaining wall which absolutely must go in before cyclone season. Thanks.

124 4 Jun 2019
Plants wanted

im after some plants suitable for tropical garden, hardy groundcovers,

succulents, tillandsias, gingers, colourful broms, alocasias, fiddleback fig etc.

For more information write to info@communityexchange.net.au