FNQ Community Exchange
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1 23 Mar 2019
Pussy Willow

Looking for Pussy Willow [ genus Salix Caprea] or grey willow cuttings. Thank you. 

2 22 Mar 2019
Assistance with internet and computer.

Either at my place help organizing  photos on and off compuer......at library  printing  ....and  or at the park or at your place playing on line . I would like to have a person who is good at and enjoys and knows much more than I do to help with a variety of things that crop up...important  stuff   lije saving money by  finding a way to trasfer o.s  to save $30 bank fees. Sourcing craft materials or boooks etc.

3 21 Mar 2019
3 Tier plate stand

Looking for one or twp 3 tier plate stands for presenting food, in good condition

4 19 Mar 2019
Worm Farm

Hi there, 

I am looking at setting up a worm farm for the children in my care.

I need a worm farm to be able to do this. Does anyone have one that they are no longer using.

Thank you

5 18 Mar 2019
Wanted: paint

In need of white paint for a cubby house. Inside or outdoor all welcome.  

6 18 Mar 2019
Machinery Hire

Loan of machinery - eg: grader for earthworks

7 18 Mar 2019

Excess fruit, veg and eggs wanted please!

8 17 Mar 2019
Housesit for June/July school holidays wanted

I would like to housesit for the June/July school holidays - 28 June to 15th July.

I have lots of experience, references and a police check. I have been in Canberra since Feb 2018 housesitting and providing visiting pet care for many places. This is on top of many years housesitting 1-2 times per year when I was living in Qld and visiting Canberra. 

I am great with cats and dogs, and have experience with all sorts - chooks, guinea pigs, fish, birds, even axalotyls, joeys and retired horses.

I would like somewhere outside Mareeba - somewhere pretty - in the rainforest or near the beach.

It would be for myself and my daughter Zoe (14) and I would like 1 or 2 of her best friends to be able to come and stay occassionally.

Thanks Cate

9 16 Mar 2019
Partridge Family

I'm looking for series 3 and 4 of the Partridge Family (already have 1 and 2).  Thanks.  :)

10 15 Mar 2019
Metal hanging baskets/frames

Non plastic metal hanging baskets - doesnt matter if there is no liner, but chain and frame in tact please

11 15 Mar 2019
Hessian potato sacks

would love about 15 strong hessian potato sacks

12 15 Mar 2019

all kinds of wonderful tilandsias for my garden please

13 15 Mar 2019
Dried herbs and spices

After dehydrated produce especially herbs and spices - turmeric, rosemary, basil, oregano, dill, mint, etc.

No supermarket herbs and spices please


14 15 Mar 2019
Recycled clothing bag

I would love a new handbag made from recycled clothing.. has to be strong.  

15 15 Mar 2019
Old embroidered doilies etc

I am wanting old embroidered doilies/table cloths etc. I dont want crochet doilies just those that are hand embroidered. Doesnt matter if the condition is a little tattered or stained as I repurpose them into other items.

Send me a picture of what you have ;-))

Thank you... Alex

16 13 Mar 2019
Web designer

Hi I am looking for someone to help me with my website. I have already started it,  just need some help finishing. Contact me and we can  work out a bartle exchange.


17 12 Mar 2019
External house door

Looking for solid door bartles or $ or mix I can pick up on table lands

18 12 Mar 2019
Australian Geographic magazine - selected numbers

We are trying to get the Australian Geographic magazine collection complete. Let me know which numbers you might have available and  I will check if I still need that one, thanks. 

19 11 Mar 2019
Nintendo DS games

We are looking to get some Nintendo DS games suitable for kids. Let me know what you might have available + the condition it is in, thanks. 

20 11 Mar 2019
Peanut butter jars (Dick Smith peanut butter only)

For a home made storage system we would like some more empty peanut butter jars from the Dick Smith brand peanut butter (can be red or blue lid). 

21 11 Mar 2019
Science magazines for kids

I am looking for science magazines for kids, can be in used but fair condition. Examples are CSIRO magazine Double Helix or National Geographic for kids. 

22 10 Mar 2019
Rooster and chooks

Looking for rooster and chooks please

23 8 Mar 2019
Clean 400G Moconna Jars4 Recycling



clean 400G ex Moconna Coffee Jars 

These jars are proving ideal for cool storage of herbs like Brahmi -

Easy to spot too when searching the fridge for a healthy meal.

I can pick up from any TBCE Drop Off Point 

- Neil

24 7 Mar 2019
Toys, Books etc for Preschool Age

To suit 3-6 years - wooden toys & puzzles, books, preschool learning games, sandpit toys, outdoor toys, play kitchen items, dollhouse accessories, playdough tools, craft materials, duplo etc.  Prefer quality over quantity, not much plastic or overly commercial/branded items.

25 7 Mar 2019
Artificial Grass

Approx 1m x 30cm of artificial grass in good clean condition please, for alongside the dollhouse.

26 6 Mar 2019
Pineapple tops

wanted pineapple tops for replanting, any amount is good thanks 

27 6 Mar 2019
Garden help

Looking for someone to do gardening at my place in Malanda fornightly. It's not looking too bad in the moment but would like to keep it up. Mainly weeding, maybe potting up plants.



28 6 Mar 2019
Wanted: Cleaner fortnightly and spring clean

A cleaning position has come available in our house hold. Vacuumig & Mopping the house including the verandah every fortnight. This will take one person approx 2 hours as it is a big house.

30B/p hour


Also looking for someone that can help me spring clean the house before my Mum comes to visit on 25th March. Walls and windows, verrandah, patio..... PLEASE!!

29 6 Mar 2019
Wanted: Roulette chips

Tom got a second had roulette set but hasn't got any chips. If you have roulette or poker chips laying around please sell them on.... we might offer gambling on trade days in the near future. LOL :-)

30 3 Mar 2019
Ute or trailer to transport manure and mulch to Cairns

I am after a large amount of preferrably bagged manure and a round bale preferrably of mulch hay to be transported to Cairns.  

May include pick up or supply of the manure.

Offering $ for Fuel and manure/mulch and bartles for the delivery.

31 2 Mar 2019
Wanted: Seedless grape vine plant

Would like to plant some seedless table grapes.

Does anybody have plants or can give me cuttings (if seedless grow from cuttings and isn't grafted on).

32 1 Mar 2019

Anybody got the herb CHERVIL for me?

Plant or seeds


33 1 Mar 2019
Futurama/Simpsons/american dad/southpark/family guy dvd

Looking to buy DVD's 


the Simpsons

family guy

american dad

southpark and such

Lots'n'lots  :P

34 1 Mar 2019
Strelitzia plants

Looking for some strelitzia plants.  Prefer the traditional colour or the white one. 

35 28 Feb 2019
Cleaning person

cleaning is not my favourite job, anyone don’t mind to come to Kewarra once in a while for a cleaning session? Thanks, name your price!!!!

36 27 Feb 2019
Wanted: Volunteers to promote CES at the ECO Fiesta Cairns

ECO Fiesta is on again on Sunday 2nd June in Cairns and I applied for a Community Exchange stall.

This is an awesome expo about sustainable solutions and everything green. A great medium to spread the word about Community Exchange.

Let me know if you have time to spend a couple of hours at the stall and promote CES/LETS.

It's a very busy Expo with hundreds of stalls, so much to see and do and great food https://www.facebook.com/events/1947973215239762/

Please email Katrin to help at the stall.

37 26 Feb 2019

Need some wood to repair Cubby house

Has anyone got any wood. ?

38 26 Feb 2019
Small camp ovens

I'm after small cast iron camp ovens, 2 quarts or 1.8 liters. Does anybody have one that you don't use? I would like three of them. TIA!

39 25 Feb 2019
HAIR musical dvd/mp4

Looking to borrow/buy

Musical HAIR

dvd or other format

40 25 Feb 2019
TV Remote

Hello does anyone have a remote for television.

41 23 Feb 2019
Indigenous Australian Picture Books for Children

We're chasing picture books of dreaming stories and other indigneous-themed picture books for younger children please!

42 19 Feb 2019
Children's Book- "Hailstones and Halibut Bones"

I am chasing a copy of the children's book of poems, "Hailstones and Halibut Bones" by Mary O'Neill.


Several editions have come out since it was first published in 1961 and any of them would be much appreciated by my book loving family. Do you potentially have a copy lurking at the back of your bookself?


Please email directly to melita.read@bigpond.com    Thanks in advance.

43 19 Feb 2019
Coffee grinder

If you have an old (still working) coffee grinder that you dont want any more, please may I buy it for bartles? I want to grind flax seed with it. Thanks in advance!

44 18 Feb 2019

I'm chasing an old bush bash mower. Nothing flash don't need catcher. 

45 13 Feb 2019
Web page online presence

Hi there Is there someone that has experience in setting up a web page and word searches for my business?

46 6 Feb 2019

Looking for a tall bookcase please. Prefer timber/strong. For office/schoolroom so doesn't have to be beautiful and colour doesn't matter.

47 6 Feb 2019

Need some Fencing ASAP



48 5 Feb 2019
White Board

Wanted - large, solid whiteboard in very good condition please. Ideally 1200x1600mm.

49 5 Feb 2019
Half size guitar for 8 year old.

Looking for a half size guitar as Ruby would like to learn with Finn !




50 5 Feb 2019
Indonesian language materials

We are looking for Indonesian language books of any form - dictionaries, text books, pocket guides etc... to suit beginners.

We are using a fabulous app for our lessons but it doesn't offer any indication of how the words are written, so we would like to supplement the app with some written materials. 



51 3 Feb 2019
Vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaner for Bartles anyone please 

52 3 Feb 2019
Bedside tables

Hi anyone got bedside table for Bartles ? Thanks 

53 1 Feb 2019
Wooden Bowls and Woven Baskets

Looking for small wooden bowls or boxes and natural woven baskets for pretend play, storage and holding craft items with little ones.  Prefer good quality type over mass-produced.

54 28 Jan 2019
Jack fruit

woud love some

55 18 Jan 2019
Mower Catchers

Looking for Mower Catchers

Would need to be in the Ravenshoe, Malanda, Atherton Area. 

Or able to be dropped off at one of those drop off points  


56 18 Jan 2019
Fish shaped cookie cutter

Fish shaped cookie cutter for my fishing-mad household!

57 17 Jan 2019
Concrete/ terracotta pots - Large only

I am wanting some large pots for the garden (no plastic) please.

58 15 Jan 2019
Music instruments

I am looking for children's music instruments such as small bongo drums, clap sticks, shakers ect that are in good condition. Thanks in advance (=

59 14 Jan 2019
Spice or Coffee Grinder

I would like a coffee / spice / nut / seed grinder... whatever it's called I would like a grinder that grinds a small amount of seeds and spices.

Was originally thinking I wanted an electric grinder but would also be happy with a hand grinder, so either option would suit.

Thank you

60 14 Jan 2019
Moringa Tree, Seedling or Seeds


We would like some Moringa trees, maybe seedlings or seeds... would be happy with either.


61 5 Jan 2019
Tranpoline springs

Need as many trapoline springs I can find after a group of adults streched my kids trampoline.

62 5 Jan 2019
Worm farm

In need of a worm farm and worms. thanks

63 5 Jan 2019
Rocks, stones

For my project to turn an ugly bank into terraces. Will pay with Bartles only.

64 3 Jan 2019
Fresh Local Produce

I'm wanting to buy eggs, meat, vegetables and honey - contact me with what you have.

65 3 Jan 2019
Native Trees & Seeds

Looking for native trees and seeds - list of specific species to follow.

66 31 Dec 2018

Weekly supply of 6 eggs

67 29 Dec 2018
Black metal and glass coffee/side/hall table/s

I'm looking for a smallish coffee table, small side table and/or narrow hall table in black metal with glass please, something like what's pictured. Modern style preferred.

68 29 Dec 2018
Girls' size 3-4 clothing and size 7-8 shoes

I'm looking for girls' size 3 and 4 clothing and size 7 (small) shoes please. All seasons.

69 25 Dec 2018
Bookshelf, manilla folders

I really would love to have another bookshelf.

And some manilla folders please.

Thank you in advance!

70 25 Dec 2018
Ukelele in usable condition

I plan to learn to play well enough to join a ukelele group.

71 12 Dec 2018
Craft supplies - natural

For projects with young children - natural art supplies such as feathers, smooth stones, seed pods, brown paper, new paper bags, twine, hessian, calico, silk, fleece, undyed yarn, shells, wooden beads...

72 9 Dec 2018
Anything fishing

Do you have fishing equipment gathering dust? My toddler has asked for anything fishing:

- rods, reels, sinkers, line, lures, plastic baits, kids sunnies

- fishing toys, toy boats, fishing books, or anything that can be used to go on imaginary fishing trips!

73 3 Dec 2018
Floor lamp

Looking a floor lamp in modern, simple style please.

74 27 Nov 2018
Wanted: a new thief proof money box for my plant stall

I need a new money box for my plant stall. Perhaps someone can weld something simple  but heavy metal together. need to be able to lock it with a big pad lock. Doesn't need to be good looking just thief proof and able to concrete it in the ground.

75 24 Nov 2018
Wanted: someone/electrician to install power point

I'm in need of 3 more power points in the house. If you could install them, mainly for Bartles that would be fantastic!!

76 23 Nov 2018
Wanted: Cafe blinds

Our blinds are falling apart and it would be great to get 3 new ones before the rain season starts.

77 23 Nov 2018
Wanted: someone to deleave the gutters

We need somebody who feels safe to clean our gutters. They are full with leaves. Please note we live in a highset Queenslander. the roof is on three sides about 5m above the ground. Enter on your own risk and bring safety gear.

78 19 Nov 2018
Can & Bottle refund

Hey y'all

are you already participating in the container refund scheme? https://www.containersforchange.com.au/

If not (maybe you don't care about the 10 cents refund) or transporting your drink bottles from Malanda to Atherton doesn't work for your, then we can offer to pay you 7 Bartle-cents for each of your softdrink/beer cans/bottles.

For every can or bottle we will pay you 7 Bartle-cents

  • Simply collect all cans, plastic and glass bottles with the "10cent" symbol on it
  • remove caps (they are not accepted)
  • Rinse them out & bag them in a plastic bag (they only accept PLASTIC BAGS)
  • Drop the bags off at Malanda DOP
  • Count your bottles and charge our LETS account 7 Bartle-cents for each bottle/can

79 7 Nov 2018
Guitar cables

guitar amp cables.

80 4 Nov 2018
Howard Kasschau Piano Course Book 5

Does anyone have a copy of Howard Kasschau Piano Course Book 5, Step by Step Mastery of the Piano (Schirmer, N.Y) that they could sell or hire out?

Picture is of Book 4, but I believe Book 5 has a similar cover.

Happy to pay either dollars or CES units to cover postage.


81 28 Oct 2018

wanting wormwood please

82 28 Oct 2018
Birdseye Chillis

Looking for regular supply of birds eye chillies thank you

83 17 Oct 2018
Wanted: Plastic water barrel tap and nut

Looking for 1-2 water barrel taps. If you have, also 2 nuts to screw them on.

84 14 Oct 2018
Wanted: laminated paper sheets

I reuse old laminated paper sheets on my plant stall. I use the blank side to write the prices with permanent marker on it. That way they whitstand the rain. They need to be without puncture marks to stay water proof.

Slowly I'm running out of the pile I accumulated from my kids school reading rewards. (They seemed to bring in every week one laminated sheet. What a waste of plastic in my opinion).

Anyway, if you have any laminated sheets with a blank back, I'd like to reuse them. Any size welcome.

85 14 Oct 2018
Wanted: Golden Cane palms... and others

Like to buy some potted plants for my plant stall for Bartles.

Interested in all sorts of plants.

Also after some Golden Cane palms: bigger plants or bigger seedlings.

86 7 Oct 2018
Wanted: Whipper Snipper

Mark would like to purchase a good working whipper snipper for Bartles Please contact him directly via mobile 04 5839 1418. (Thanks admin)

87 5 Oct 2018
Wanted: Buttons any size

I'd like to purchase a whole heap of buttons. Any size welcome, though I'd prefer bigger ones.

Any colour, modern, retro, old, singles or pairs....

88 4 Oct 2018
Wanted dead or alive(, that means good or no good) Shovel/Spade heads

I will pay $5.00 per old used worn out rusty broken shovel or spade heads , They can have broken handles or no handles or just old used shovels or unused shovels Will trade with bartles or cash.I will pay $5.00 per shovel or 5 bartles,

89 2 Oct 2018
Person to do Sleepovers with clean dog

I'm looking for a person who is willing to sleepover at my place when I'm away for a weekend. 

90 26 Sep 2018

Always chasing more peafowl to add to our menagerie. Males or females wanted, any age.

91 16 Sep 2018
House cleaning

Doors, windows and floors


Freshwater, cairns

92 9 Sep 2018
3 way tap fitting

Looking for a tap fitting that attaches to the tap and turns into a 3 way fitting for 3 hoses  


93 28 Aug 2018
Massages or Acupuncture

Body , Foot Massage or Acupuncture for 100% Bartles please , I live in Kewarra Beach, so in Cairns area

94 28 Aug 2018
CD player and Docking Station for iPhone

either CD player or docking station for iPhone, or a combination would be the ideal

95 21 Aug 2018
Pumpkins Please

We use a lot of pumpkin and would love to buy some for bartles if you have excess. I can collect from the Atherton or Malanda DOPs most times. Please contact via email melita.read@bigpond.com

Thanks in advance.

96 14 Aug 2018

Looking for someone to lend a hand with various projects please?

97 14 Aug 2018

Is there a carpenter or someone with carpentry skills who can help us with a project please?

98 14 Aug 2018
Fencing and Building Material

Wanted - fencing materials and building materials.  What do you have to offer?

99 3 Aug 2018
Shopping Bags

Do you have excess "green" bags or shopping bags you don't use because they are the wrong size or shape?  In Malanda there's a great initiative called Jaz Bagz - https://www.facebook.com/keepmalandacleanjazbagz.  We encourage you to either drop any excess bags you have into the Donations section of the Jaz Bagz box outside SPAR supermarket, or leave them at any LETS DOP with "Jaz Bagz Malanda" pinned to them somehow, and we'll make sure they get circulating!  No use hoarding excess shopping bags in your cupboard or car boot - get them out there to be used!

100 22 Jul 2018
Wanted: Free Fruit for Malanda school

If you have too much fruit and can't sell it on, please drop them off at Malanda primary school Tuck shop or at Malanda DOP. Oranges, grape fruits, mandarins, paw paws, bananas ect.

They give them out for free to the kids and seems like there is never enough fruit donated. Some of the kids are always hungry for free fruit, even grapefruit finds a hungry mouth in no time.

I'm not able to pick any fruit myself from your place/trees but am happy to transport from Atherton and Malanda DOP to the school.

Thanks, Katrin

101 21 Jul 2018
Once a month mowing

I have a small yard and if you have a car, a mower and time on your hands I'm happy to pay your fuel and mower fuel cost as well as the bartle rate for mowing. It needs doing now (21/7) as it's starting to get a grow on! :)




Paula and douglas

102 24 Jun 2018
Pet Carriers

Looking for pet carriers

Like the ones used to take pets to the vet or airline carriers


103 19 Jun 2018
Need urgent: Uniform Shirts - Malanda Highschool

Looking for Malanda Highschool Shirts in size 10/12/14 ish. Also Highschool jacket or jumper. Shorts always welcome too :-)

All in good second hand condition or new needed for next school year.

So, please keep my son Tom in mind if your child has grown out of theirs. Cheers!

104 15 Jun 2018
Books for pre-teens / teens and adults

I've added to the list of books i'd like to borrow or buy for bartles:

Brahminy: The Story of a Boy and a Sea Eagle by Colin Thiele

My friend Flicka, Thunderhead, and Green Grass of Wyoming by Mary O’Hara

National Velvet by Enid Bagnold

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L Frank Baum

- The Patterning Instinct by Jeremy Lent - to borrow or buy

- Anything by Gill Lewis

- Charles Eisenstein - I'm particularly after Sacred Economics please to borrow or buy

- Joseph Chilton Pearce and Michael Mendizza - Magical Parent Magical Child - to borrow or buy
- Anything by Katy Bowan
- Celebrating Christmas Together and Christmas Stories Together by Estelle Bryer and Janni Nicol
- The Healing Forces of Music by RAndall McClellam
Thanks in advance!

105 22 May 2018
Wanted: bees wax and organic olive oil

In need of up to 1kg bees wax for making comfrey ointment and repairing a didgeridoo

and about 3liter organic olive oil.

106 21 Apr 2018
Emu or ostrich egg(s)

would like to egg an emu or ostrich egg(s) for collection,


107 16 Apr 2018
Single Drawer Dishwasher

Single drawer dishwasher

108 16 Apr 2018
King Size Bed Linen

King size bed sheets and doona wanted. Clean and good quality.

109 16 Apr 2018
Edible Mushroom Spores

Shiitake -Japanese or Australian


Any Australian Tropical Edible varieties

110 9 Apr 2018
Sauerkraut & Kimchi

Hello everyone, wanting a regular supply of Sauerkrout & Kimchi. 


thank you :)

111 3 Apr 2018
Wanted: Calculator

For an experiment Tom needs a battery operated calculator. Doesn't need to be working but needs to be battery operated. (not solar)

112 29 Mar 2018
Wanted: Wheel barrow

In need of a wheelbarrow. Needs to be in working condition, please. Please contact Lyndra by phone.


113 7 Mar 2018

Would anyone have any water proof Tarps


114 26 Feb 2018
King size bed and mattress

Looking for solid king (double) size bed frame with slates and mattress in very good/ near new condition.

115 7 Feb 2018

Geese - Aussie Settler, Pilgrim, Sebastapol, Pomeranian etc

Big home, on acreage

Permanent water, permanent green grass

Loving home

No limit to numbers

116 1 Feb 2018
Manure for my veggie patch!

The bigger the better if you have some on hand:) If you're able to drop it off at my place that'd be great as I don't drive.


117 23 Dec 2017
Fresh fruit and vege's

Alwags looking for Fresh Fruit and Vege's

Ravenshoe area

118 19 Dec 2017
Comfrey plants, divisions or plantable root pieces

Comfrey plants, divisions or plantable root pieces up to 50 duvisions.

119 18 Sep 2017
Car port Frames

Would anyone have any carport frames, with or without the top, is fine, Thanks

120 18 Sep 2017
Chicken Pens

Wondering if anyone has any chicken pens, or cages

For more information write to info@communityexchange.net.au