Added Details
6 Feb 2023
Moving AGAIN!!

We have been cleaning up and improving this property for over 3 years but the owner is selling. So AGAIN, the frog hospital and its resident volunteer are being turfed out into a malevolent situation called a "rental crisis".

Donations to our group have been falling ever since the bushfires so we absolutely cannot afford the rents being charged by agents. We need to find a private rental directly from the owner (donations would be nice too).

We have an ad on gumtree which has had hundreds of views but no usable responses. Please share our ad with anyone you know who owns a property that will be coming up in the next few months.

If you provide a lead to us that is successful, we will provide you with 75 bartles as a 'finder's fee'.

Also, we will need to sell off a lot of our stuff as it is looking very unlikely our frog rescue/rehab activity will be able to continue. So if you are looking for stuff involved in animal care (glass tanks, pet tanks, supplies, etc.), please let us know.

Thanks, Deborah

4 Feb 2023
200 poly drum

One or more 200litre poly drum. (Blue)? Prefer screw lid but will accept other 

2 Feb 2023
Chopping out plant.

My rosemary plant died. I need help to cut out the stems.



1 Feb 2023
NAT MAP Raster Viewer

NATMAP CD set Raster viewer and maps

1 Feb 2023
Fish, poultry, lamb or dairy

We have enough beef so would be keen to get some other protein sources if available. Happy to pay mixed bartles.

26 Jan 2023
Cat litter box

Wanted enclosed litter box.

24 Jan 2023
Thai sweet tamarind seed

Looking for Thai Sweet tamarind seed. Rob and I had these trees for sale at the butter factory in Ravenshoe up to 2016. Am hoping someone has planted a few trees and they are fruiting.

I am now living down in Mullumbimby NSW and would love to plant a few trees.

Am happy to transfer plenty of Bartles to cover the cost of posting seed.

My details are out of date please contact Jules


20 Jan 2023
Car service for a 4wd

Hello my LandCruiser 80series.. has no issues but I'd love to give her a service 

14 Jan 2023
Wanted: Ringing Cedars of Russia Book series

I am looking for "The Ringing Cedars of Russia" by Vladamir Megre book series  please.

14 Jan 2023

Wanting to buy chokos, mangoes and bananas.

12 Jan 2023
Help with Spanish

Do we have any Spanish speaking peop;e in Lets.???

9 Jan 2023
Baby items

I am due with my first baby in April. Looking for any baby items that people are willing to part with for bartles. 

23 Dec 2022
Hills Hoist winding handle & bottom part

I am need of your skills in helping me find some parts of a hills hoist clothes line (vintage). I am getting the top of one of these clothes lines (pictured) & am needing to get a hold of the bottom pipe & the winder. If you know of anyone that might have these items sitting in a pile in their yard & want to get rid of them please let me know. Bartles if possible

23 Dec 2022
Play mat

Hoping to find a road play mat here.
No problem if it has stains or (small) holes

22 Dec 2022
Egg shells

Would like any eggs shells please. No need to break up as I give them to my hens in pieces. (need to be frozen or dried, as I cannot use moldy ones). thank you.

10 Dec 2022
Fertilised Aylesbury Eggs or ducklings

I am chasing either a dozen fertilised Aylesbury duck eggs (pure lines only please) or ducklings. Willing to pay part cash/bartles for purebred.


Please email directly to

21 Nov 2022
Bird Wire or small gauge chicken wire

I'm after at least 30 mtrs of bird wire or small gauge chicken wire for 100% bartles. I need to keep the pesky small bandicoot out of the veggie patch. 

16 Nov 2022
Cyclone prep and packing

Looking for 1 or 2 people to help with cleaning up and sorting out my clutter and ready things to move/ dump/ sell/ place on LETS etc. I'm keen to tidy up before cyclone season and will be moving at some point in the next few months. This would be several hours of work over days or weeks . Malanda area - payment negotiable. - pls also see my ad for free accomodation on offerings list.

11 Nov 2022
Old analogue T.V. sets

In working order to use with vintage gameplayers

5 Nov 2022
Rainforst trees

Hi, We need someone with local knowledge of trees near Ravenshoe. We do not recognise the valuable ones, which we do not want to cut for firewood. 

Thank you


1 Nov 2022
Motorbike helmets

Looking for an art project 2 motorbike helmets.

Small/medium in size

Full face and visor but does not need to be roadworthy.

21 Oct 2022
Accommodation in Brisbane


I need accommodation in Brisbane for a couple of nights per month in November and then again in 2023 for 12 weeks. Prefer in Brisbane city/Fortitude Valley area or near the train line so that I can travel into the city.

Thank you

15 Oct 2022
Fruit & Veggies wanted

any fruit except bananas would be great. Grapefruit, oranges, avos, pineapples, nuts.

Any vegetables...

7 Oct 2022
Local fruit-finger limes + citrus + mango etc

I am after a variety of fresh local fruits, several kilos of each. Happy to pick myself.

* mango

* finger limes

* lychee

* davidson's plum

* pineapple

* lemons

* oranges

* limes

23 Sep 2022
Poultry wanted

Chasing variety of poultry: fertile eggs or birds

* Peafowl

* Geese

* Partridges

* Indian Game

17 Sep 2022
Fruit and Vege around Cairns

Would like any sort of fruit and vege other than eggplant please. Thank you! 

14 Sep 2022

Wanting to borrow a long or two small tables for a couple of weeks.

24 Aug 2022
Plastic POTS

Ruby would like pots - small preferred - to expand her succulent collection. 

0484 684 341


13 Jul 2022
Food for Bartles Wanted


I'd love to access the following to spend my Bartles please:
mild kombucha - plain or flavoured
bread and other baked items
meals for the freezer
sweet potatoes
garlic & ginger
beans & peas
late season mandarins
... and when in season mangoes and other tropical fruit please

Happy to pay part $.

4 Jul 2022
Recycling of pens, textas, etc

I seem to remember someone mentioning on LETS that they were collecting old pens, textas, sharpies, etc, for recycling?

Can anyone point me in the right direction for that??

Thanks in advance!

1 Jul 2022

Anyone got honey please?????

1 Jul 2022
Garden help

Our Garden has overgrown with weed, need help please 

Name your price, I am sure I will agree

Kewarra Beach 


10 Jun 2022
House Cleaning

Want to earn a few Bartles cleaning a high-set, wooden, 1960's home?

I'm offering B40 per hour. Most cleaning supplies available. No chemicals and no bleach! 

Happy to negotiate...

Cheers, Matthias.

10 Jun 2022
Singing Teacher

Looking for someone to teach singing...  

Please get in touch if you're able to help.

9 Jun 2022

Would like to get a dryer for wet weather days. Good working condition.

4 Jun 2022
Carpenter to build table

I am looking for someone skilled to build/help build an outdoor heavy duty (rustic) table for entertaining in my backyard courtyard... I have most materials, including lengths of reclaimed timber.

l am offering B60 per hour.

Thanks, Matt.

29 May 2022
Clothes to suit 14 year old boy

Seeking clothes in men's SMALL or MEDIUM sizing to suit a 14 year old boy. In particular, flannelette shirts, board shorts, jeans and t-shirts.

Please email directly to

26 May 2022
Fire poker

Fire poker wanted ! 

19 May 2022
Clothes mending - (outside of area is ok- transport avail)

Hi, Please respond if you are outside of my northern beaches area as I believe that there are members who provide pickups between areas.


Clothes mending required. I have a small bag of a few items that need basic mending, such as buttons, zipper replacement, maybe a hem or 2. 


Thanks very much 


14 Apr 2022
Music teacher

Looking for a music teacher for my two homeschooled children please.  We have a violin, piano and ukelele at home.

14 Apr 2022
Japanese tutor

Looking for a Japanese tutor for my two homeschooled children please.

24 Feb 2022
Walking stick - wood

Wanted for 100%

Wooden Walking Stick

23 Feb 2022
Davidson Plum Trees

Would like to plant around 10 trees of Davidson plum. Good size seedlings wanted, please.

23 Feb 2022
Wanted: Aquarium gravel

Coloured coated aquarium gravel wanted, any colours, up to 10kg.

22 Dec 2021
Wanted: everything Anime / Manga

We are having an Anime/Manga fan in our household and are interested in purchasing everything Anime: books, movies, series, clothes, figurines, jewlery, posters ect.

15 Nov 2021
Soap and honey

I am chasing quality, "nasty" free soap for bartles please.

Also chasing a regular supply of honey. I'm happy to supply jars. Equally, we have lots of space for hives so are happy to negotiate this also.

Email directly at

30 Jul 2021
Herbs and Marguerite daisy

I am seeking the following herbs/plants please:

- Wormwood (preferably rooted)

- Common, old fashioned single white Margurite daisy (rooted or cuttings). Not to be confused with shasta daisy which is a ground cover. Please see photo.

-Borage seedlings/small plants

Please email