Added Details
29 Nov 2021

Hi I would like somebody to help me mulch the garden, no weeding required, just spread cardboard and hay/leaves (in the next two weeks) before the wet season.  I am in Walkamin paying B30, happy to reimburse fuel in $ by negotiation.


28 Nov 2021
Small outdoor setting


I'm after a small outdoor setting, 2 or 3 seats or lounge chairs. low to the ground coffee table style preferred. can pick up within an hour drive from Cairns northern beaches or  I can organise someonevto collect.


26 Nov 2021
Help set up and/or pack up at Xmas Event 5/12

Can you help set up at 9am on the 5th of December at our Xmas event? Or can you help pack up at 11.30am? Paying 25B/hr for your assistance. We especially need a couple of helpers who can move tables and carry in goods from vehicles for traders. Please turn up and let Jenni & Katrin & Bel know you're available to assist! Then let Bel know your hours worked, so you can be paid. <3

25 Nov 2021

All my stash of analogue TV's have died and I'm now using this tiny little portable dvd player to watch dvd's. Looking for TV's - preferably analogue but will have to cope with flatscreens if there are no more analogues around (please note - nothing giant - I need to be able to lift it by myself). However, if somebody repairs TV's, I have a lovely Sony here that would be great to get repaired. Thanks.

25 Nov 2021
Director's chairs

Several of our American style directors chairs have bit the dust and we are now short of chairs for visitors. Looking for directors chairs in reasonable condition. Ok if it is just the frame, we have some spare fabrics for them. Thanks.

25 Nov 2021

We had flooding inside the house last year and are trying to get ready for this year's events. We are using pavers to raise furniture off the floor. If you have any spare pavers to get rid of, please let us know. Thanks.

25 Nov 2021
Washing machine

Our little washer is on its way out and it just gets harder and harder to find repairmen. Are you getting rid of a washing machine? top loader preferred (only because the front loaders are too heavy). Thanks, Deborah

22 Nov 2021
Malanda to Innisfail

I will occasionally need a lift to the train station in Innisfail from Malanda, arriving by 10am. It will be on a Monday or Tuesday about every 6 weeks or so. No set dates yet but just searching for anyone who does this trip regularly. I will pay for fuel in either Bartles or cash. Thanks all.

22 Nov 2021
Water trough or tub

I am looking to buy a water tub or trough, maybe round 2000lt would be ideal.  Does anyone have one?  Must be in good nick, no holes.  Doesn't matter if it has no tap outlet or water connection. Thx

22 Nov 2021
2 litre jars

I am in need of some 2 litre glass jars with a wide mouth for easy cleaning of the inside.

21 Nov 2021

5 coconuts... 

17 Nov 2021
Wanted: black building plastic cover

I am in need of some black plastic film to cover two areas to keep weeds out and warmth in, to grow some plants.

Smaller and bigger pieces wanted.

15 Nov 2021
Soap and honey

I am chasing quality, "nasty" free soap for bartles please.

Also chasing a regular supply of honey. I'm happy to supply jars. Equally, we have lots of space for hives so are happy to negotiate this also.

Email directly at

14 Nov 2021
Handyperson for general home maintenance tasks

Wanted: handyman for new user Grace at Yorkeys Beach please.

Hi, I have a few bits and pieces that i need help with. If you can do some or all of these it would be great to hear from you. Thanks

-Attach a digital doorbell to front door

-Replace window screens

-Replace a laundry tap

-Secure a canteliever garden umbrella

14 Nov 2021
Fresh produce / food products

Wanted: fresh produce and other food products

14 Nov 2021

I am looking for hippeastrum bulbs

14 Nov 2021
Transporting Goods

I am looking for someone with a van/trailer to transport goods from Cairns to Millstream

14 Nov 2021
Sussex Eggs (A Setting of Eggs from Sussex Hens)

Looking for a setting of eggs from pure sussex hens (running with a pure sussex male). Dont mind what colour/variety. Happy to pay whatever you want in bartels. Have a clucky hen for them to go straight under.

14 Nov 2021
Small Chest Freezers - Not Working

Looking for small chests freezers - in good condition, but not working. Happy to pay whatever bartels you want for them.

12 Nov 2021
Water Tank

Looking for a large water tank  thanks

9 Nov 2021
Wanted: Laptop or student computer

Hi, in need of simple student computer or even better a laptop for homeschooling. needs to be able to use onnline for research and school email and needs to be able to put Microsoft word on it.

7 Nov 2021

Let me know what you have available-fertile eggs, adults, goslings ....

5 Nov 2021
Fresh Food Of Any Kind

Organically grown fruit and veg, meat, cheese, nuts, grains, legumes etc

4 Nov 2021
Hills Hoist Clothes Line

Wanted an old fashioned Hills Hoist Clothes line, doesn't need to have the line, can be frame only for 100% bartles.

3 Nov 2021
Steel plates, studs and noggins

Got any left over from a job?   

3 Nov 2021
Wanted: Strawberry plants

Please keep me in mind when you clean out your strawberry patch.  I am in need of a heap of plants for my plant stall all year round.

2 Nov 2021

Looking for someone who can classify our rainforest trees. 

1 Nov 2021
Bird bath

I would like to have a bird bath on a stand.

thank you kindly


31 Oct 2021
Fruit and veges

Hoping to buy pumpkins, lemons and mangoes. Thank you.

28 Oct 2021
Wanted: Eggs

I need eggs on a regular basis please. 1-2 doz a week.

26 Oct 2021
Jams, preserves

Hi, we're after jams and preserves please, anything homemade. We're particularly keen on anything with a low sugar content (I know, tricky with jams, but one can ask). Thanks in advance!

24 Oct 2021
Asparagus crowns

I am chasing asparagus crowns of any variety.


Please email directly,

24 Oct 2021
Cooling device

Desperately seeking a cooling device {tower, fan] for a sick childs` bedroom. The room gets very hot in summer. Thank you.

24 Oct 2021
Golden Penda seeds or seedlings

19 Oct 2021
IPhone 7 charge cord

Does your family breed i-phone cords?


I am chasing 1-2 iphone charge cords to suit an iphone 7. Must be in excellent working condition please. Any length is fine. We have the power plugs, just need a working cord please.


I can collect from Malanda DOP or Atherton by arrangement on Monday afternoons.

11 Oct 2021
Wanted: silk worms & eggs

8 Oct 2021
Chicken Tractors

Looking for some chicken tractors,  please and thankyou

3 Oct 2021
Wanted: everything Halloween

If you have lanterns, dolls (or parts of it), battery fairy lights (all lengths), shop manikins (or parts of it), tomb stones, coffins.....

Please get in contact, I'm stocking up for next years Halloween :-)

3 Oct 2021

Lavender plants 

1 Oct 2021
Trawler Net

Wondering if anyone has any trawler netting please

30 Sep 2021
Milk Crates

I am chasing plastic milk crates in good, solid condition please. I can collect from Malanda DOP or other tableland locations by arragement.


Please email directly to

24 Sep 2021
Plants, trees, natives, herbs

Looking for Native trees ( Callistemons ) ( Syzygiums )

Native plants

Fruit trees



Please contact me with what you have available  Thanks

14 Sep 2021

Looking for fencing, star pickets, chain mesh, panels, etc.

12 Sep 2021
Wanted: Earthworms

Jana needs an ongoing supply of earthworms to feed to her axolotls. They need to be earthworms or nightcrawlers NOT compostworms. Would prefer a medium size not the really fat ones, approx 10-15/week. 

14 Aug 2021
Plastic mats

Looking for bigger size woven plastic mats for camping.

14 Aug 2021
Pop up gazebo

Would like to purchase a gazebo. Easy Pop up but not too flimsy. 

14 Aug 2021
Inline skates / Roller Skates

Needed a pair of inline skates or/and roller skates in women size 7.5 / 8. Needs to be in excellent rolling condition for serious skating.

6 Aug 2021
Fruit tree seedlings

we are looking for fruit trees - rambutan; lychee (or longan); guava; strawberry guava; moringa; mulberry x3; Thanks.

1 Aug 2021
Garden help

Hi ! I pay 35 bartles an hour for weeding and mulching in Kewarra Beach

27 Jul 2021
Fish tank weed

I am chasing some pieces of weed/plant for our small fishtank. Floating or to be planted are fine but we don't need large pieces or long stemmed plants that would be suited for larger ponds.

I can collect from Malanda DOP or from around the central tablelands by arrangement. Please email

27 Jul 2021
Avocados, lemons

Anyone got Avocados or lemons / Limes 

capsicums , tomatoes or Zucchini? 

25 Jul 2021
Wanted: Someone to print posters from a website

I would like poster prints in good quality. Seems like they come in 20x30 inches and they are free to download and print.

I'm after

-The grand Tour



15 Jul 2021
(plexi)glass sheets

I'm after two sheets of glass or plexiglass (prefer)

1x minimum of 106x30cm

1x minimum of 115x30cm

Larger is ok except for safety glass or real old panels

14 Jul 2021
Wanted: planting pots

I'm running low on planting pots for my plant stall. Smaller sizes preferred.

Also very much in need of about 1000 tiny pots,approx size: ∅ 5cm, height 7cm

14 Jul 2021
Looking for Scented Pelargonium

I'm looking for what is called Pelargonium...... the flowers have two upper petals larger than the three lower petals. The ones I want have a strong scent ..... can be lemon, rose, or other.

14 Jul 2021
Wanted: Potted plants

For my plant stall I would like to stock up on potted plants. Well established. Looking for a wide variety. So please offer whatever you got. Paying between 2-4Bartles each but must be potted up.

Succulents, cacti, impatience, palms, any kind of Heliconia or gingers, macadamia nut, bromeliads, orchids, lillypilly, fruit trees, herbs, brahmi, dracenas, happy tree, bamboo, ferns.....whatever you can come up with.

7 Jul 2021
Hair clippers.

I bought a cheap pair of clippers to cut head hair (not the facial hair variety) and they are totally useless. If anyone has a good quality pair with all the bits and bobs,  let me know! thanks. 

2 Jul 2021
Post Hole Digger

Wanted: Post Hole Digger like the one in the picture for bartles.

1 May 2021
Darwin stubbie

looking for a Darwin stubbie AKA

NT Draught 2l bottle

1.5l & 450ml grolsh swingtops are welcome too

5 Apr 2021
Kerosene lantern

looking for a kerosene lantern in SAFE working order. Not after an antique!  thanks. 

22 Mar 2021
Roofing iron

looking for roofing iron for raise garden beds for my mobility restricted wife

20 Mar 2021

Cleaning help needed! One off or regular - paying 20B + $20 for good workers. Need help with windows, walls, floors, ceilings, cobwebs, cupboards etc while I'm studying and working full time in 2021. Located in Tarzali. Wednesday, Friday, and some weekends suit me best... You can bring your child/ren by negotiation. Low set house on farm 10 mins from Malanda or Millaa.

17 Mar 2021

Would love to pay someone bartles for regular Accupuncture treatment from a qualified practitioner

17 Mar 2021
Outdoor setting

Wanted outdoor setting in good condition along with delivery

17 Mar 2021
Cd rack

Wanted a cd rack in good condition

17 Mar 2021
Anti-mould gel or wax

wanted aroma mould deterring gels/wax or beads - needed to keep a closed space mould free - no sprays  please - must be slow release and must be natural 

17 Mar 2021
Hanging baskets or large ceramic/terracotta pots in good condition

Wanted metal frame hanging baskets - no lining ok

40cm or larger ceramic or terracotta pots

17 Mar 2021
Pool table

Looking for functional pool table.

half B/half $

17 Mar 2021
Couch, sofa bed

looking for simple style (not chunky) couch and/or sofa bed to be used in liveable shed- single and/or multi seater. Ideally (perfect world scenario) vinyl or leather so can be wiped/cleaned for mould in our soggy season. Some $ contribution is possible for the 'perfect' couch!

extra $ for delivery..... if delivery is a possibility.

17 Mar 2021
Option to hire YOU and your ute or trailer for deliveries

I  have a small car and no trailer. Recently I have been looking at to find a furniture etc but always give up when it comes to figuring out how to get it delivered economically.

sometimes there are items on LETS which I want but delivery puts a halt to purchase. 

I would love to know if someone on the Southern Tablelands would be willing to let me pay you in Bartles (30B/hr) for periodically picking up a bulkier purchases on the tablelands and delivering to Evelyn (between Millaa and Ravenshoe). 

Happy to pay $ for petrol. 

I am not happy to be responsible for your vehicle so would prefer NOT to hire ute without YOU driving it!


17 Mar 2021
Wheel barrow and delivery option!!!

My wheelbarrow is on its last legs (or wheel) - its like pushing a jelly fish (despite having a new well inflated tube). 

keen for another wheelbarrow or a gardening cart. 

if you have a frame which is fine, I have a spare tray - which if size matches could be attached. 

definitely prefer plastic tray. 



17 Mar 2021
Sewing patterns and fabric

Ruby, who is 10, has developed a love for sewing. We are looking for beginner sewing patterns. She is tall enough that we can fairly easily work with adult/women's patterns or teenager patterns.

Dresses, tops, shorts, pants etc.. 

we are also looking for fabric which is easy to sew -eg, cotton (nothing stretchy etc)


thanks xx

6 Mar 2021
Wanted: Gardener

I can't keep up with the weeds and other plants. It's a jungle.

Mainly weeding and trimming.



6 Mar 2021
Wanted: Cleaner for House Spring Cleaning

I'd like someone to help me with spring cleaning our house. Walls and ceilings inside rooms and verandah area.


6 Mar 2021
Wanted: House Cleaner for Mopping floors fortnightly

On a regular fortnightly basis I'd like someone to clean the floors in our house. Vacuuming and mopping. Inside the house and verandah. Will take about 2 hours.

Centrally located in Malanda.



27 Feb 2021
The Cheeky Possum

The Cheeky Possum at 78 Grigg Street (was the Octopi Garden) is interested in a handyperson, social companionship, seedlings, fruit & veg, and possibly a monthly trade event.  Pop in and see Lori and discuss the possibilities!  It'll be great to have this space as part of our LETS community once again!

6 Feb 2021
Plants and Garden

New members would like:
fruit trees
veg seeds and seedlings
wood chipper
tree felling
general labour (yard)
... please!  Contact Om & Helen if you can assist.  Tolga.

3 Jan 2021
Compostable Products wanted

My compost worms are in need of a regular supply of compost. I can supply the buckets. Willing to collect from Atherton, Malanda, Yungaburra, and Herberton. Willing to pay 5B for suitable compost.

3 Jan 2021
Compost barrel

Wanting a compost barrel for 100% bartles. Wanting to get my compost up off the ground from pests. Picture for an idea of what I'm looking for. 

19 Dec 2020
Toys, games, puzzles

Wanted for 5 year old:
* wooden toys, outdoor toys
* puzzles - especially Ravensburger ones up to 200 pieces
* quality books about animals and the world around us
* Aboriginal & Torres Strait author/illustrator kids' picture books
* art/craft supplies (prefer no plastic/glitter/foam etc)
* realistic plastic Aussie animals & insects etc for imaginary play/learning
* dress up items size 5 to 10 years
* Lower Primary teaching resources on Australia, Insects and Space
... thank you!

6 Dec 2020
Various Wants

New member Tom can remove unwanted cars, trailers, motorbikes, tinnys, outboard motors... He also wants a post hole digger and fishing gear. Can you assist? (listed by admin)

30 Nov 2020
Plants or seeds-Theobroma grandiflorum (CUPUACU)

I am looking for seeds (fresh) or seedlings of the Cupuacu plant. Native to Brazil.

30 Nov 2020
Rainforest Fruit Trees

Chasing various edible rainforest plants for revegetating several areas on our farm-seeds or seedlings.

Lemon aspen-Acronychia acidula

Finger limes

Myrtles-Cinnamon, Anise (Syzygium anisatum), Lemon (Backhousia citriodora)

Bunya pines-Araucaria bidwilli

Davidson Plum-Davidsonia pruriens

Tamarind-Boonjie and Bernies

Atherton Oaks-Athertonia diversifolia

Blushwood-Fontainea picrosperma

Cape Your Lilly Pilly-Syzygium aqueum

9 Jun 2020
30B/ hr offered for helping me with gardening in REDLYNCH


seeking to find an assistant interested in vegetable gardening to assit me work in the vegtable and Aquaponics gardens for either 1/2 day or several full days within the next week or two . Can pay 30B/ hr. Work is in REDLYNCH and availabel now.

Jobs avaialble:

light weeding, planting seeds, potting plants, add aquaponic grow bed additions, compost, mulching, add garden beds, chicken water drinker, fencing, shed tidy up. Just give me a kick start to get things how I need it and grow more food. You might have other project ideas for me also.

Am flexible with timeing most days.

Please email or call.

2 May 2016
Berry and currant plants

I would like more berry plants-potted plants or bare rooted. Raspberries, loganberries, boysenberries, blueberries, etc. I already have strawberries, youngberries, mulberry and mysore berries so don't need these.

Also after some currant plants-white, red, and black.