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1 16 Aug 2018
My printer cable isn’t working!

I’m hoping someone may have a cable that looks like this lying around that I may purchase for Bartles please?


2 16 Aug 2018
Jacon (Yacon) rhizomes or plants

Hi, I'm after Jacon, either already growing in pots or the rhizomes.

Thank you.

3 16 Aug 2018

Wanted: 2nd hand mugs with no cracks or chips so we can keep a box of mugs at Atherton DOP to be hired for events and to use at LETS events.

We have 2 events coming up soon where we need these mugs.  Can you help us build our collection?  Please leave your donations at Atherton or Malanda DOPs and label them "LETS mugs" or similar.

Thank you so much!


4 16 Aug 2018
Garden helper

im looking for people to help me work in my big veggie garden and orchard in Wondecla. I pay 25B per hour and am home Thursday to Sundays so can fit in with when it suits you.

5 16 Aug 2018

I'd like 1 or 2kg of fresh maccadamias in the shell please, delivered to the Atherton drop off point if possible 

6 16 Aug 2018
Sugar bananas

I use lots of sugar bananas! If you have any spare would you please deliver to the Atherton drop

off point for me for Bartles?

7 14 Aug 2018
Movies that Matter

Hi All!

I'm currently looking into hosting Movies that Matter events again.  We did these for some time a few years ago and they were popular with LETS folk and the wider community.  Generally, the nights involve some food, a film, and discussion around the content of the film.  They take about 4 hours all up (set up and clean up included).

Right now I'm looking into another group to partner with so we have insurance etc.   I'd like to do quarterly film nights in or near Malanda.

We'll need a venue, AV gear, helpers, catering, rights to show the film publicly, publicity etc.  So far I've had enthusiastic responses from JCU, NENA and the Greens with various aspects of showing films.

Are you interested in helping at all?  It'll just be 4 nights a year.  Preferably in Malanda, but we can look at doing films in different locations or multiple showings etc. 

Contact me to discuss the possibilities!

Bel - 40966972 - spiralbel@gmail.com

8 14 Aug 2018

Looking for someone to lend a hand with various projects please?

9 14 Aug 2018

Is there a carpenter or someone with carpentry skills who can help us with a project please?

10 14 Aug 2018
Fencing and Building Material

Wanted - fencing materials and building materials.  What do you have to offer?

11 11 Aug 2018
Carpenter or handyman to finish off small project

I need someone to plane or sand a small project made from timber.  Can you assist?

12 9 Aug 2018
Sew alternative to sebco mop replacement head

I like to use these sebco mops but I would like to cut down my use of synthetic materials. Would someone be able to sew me replacement heads to fit these handles? There is a green semi-absorbent piece that could be replaced with a strong piece of tapestry. There is a small white scratchy bit that you flip over to use to scrub at something sticky on the floor which could be replaced with a sewn in piece of luffa. In fact I'd like to get pieces of Luffa (I have heaps). In fact I would like some luffa sewn into my current mop heads because theat is the bit that wears out first. I can drop off mop head and handle to Irene's in Atherton for you to experiment and make me one to test out, and then I'd like at least 4, possibly 8 if they work really well.

13 6 Aug 2018
Fire wood

We use our wood stove for hot water.

Any firewood available out there.

Thanks We can pick it up.

14 6 Aug 2018
Telstra phone

Does anyone have an old Telstra corded phone, preferably with caller ID?

15 4 Aug 2018
Adult Tricycle

Do you, or anyone you know have an adult tricycle that you no longer use?  I don't have a drivers licence and so am looking to get a tricycle to get around town (I live in Mareeba) and do my shopping.  It needs to have a panier (basket) on the back ~ Thanks 

16 3 Aug 2018
Shopping Bags

Do you have excess "green" bags or shopping bags you don't use because they are the wrong size or shape?  In Malanda there's a great initiative called Jaz Bagz - https://www.facebook.com/keepmalandacleanjazbagz.  We encourage you to either drop any excess bags you have into the Donations section of the Jaz Bagz box outside SPAR supermarket, or leave them at any LETS DOP with "Jaz Bagz Malanda" pinned to them somehow, and we'll make sure they get circulating!  No use hoarding excess shopping bags in your cupboard or car boot - get them out there to be used!

17 3 Aug 2018
LETS Library

Is anyone out there really keen to take stock of our library?  It's currently housed at Irene & Peter's Atherton DOP, which is a good place for it.  Ideally someone would check on the box quarterly and follow up items that have been with one User for quite awhile.  Perhaps it can come to some of our events again?

We also welcome donations to the library - books, magazines & DVDs of high quality which relate to FNQ CES and what we do.  Check the library list here: http://www.fnqces.org/extras/lets-library/ for ideas.  Admin are willing to pay Bartles for suitable items.

18 1 Aug 2018
Exercise Bike

Do you have an exercise bike in your garage or house you no longer use? Looking for one with with moveable arms that has a tension adjustment that allows for varying the difficulty.

19 1 Aug 2018
Labour, Weeding, Gardening

I am available with references to Atherton, Malanda, Yungaburra and Tolga Areas

I can work on a regular basis - 8hours/week or 4hours two days a week.

I ask that you tell me the job before I leave for work : that way I dress appropriately and arrive with any extra tools that might be needed on the day

I prefer to be paid 50/50 dollars/bartles

My references include, but are not limited to:

*Gardening, Weeding

*Seedling growing as well as all facets of Plant Nursery Work


*Landscaping & Outdoor Design Work - including hands on

*Recycling : Building from, and Removal of -

*Handyman Jobs

*Hi Pressure Cleaning (have the gear)

*Cleaning - Household, or Office

20 29 Jul 2018
Bantam Rooster for lovely flock of hens

We're looking for a young/middle-aged fella to give some attention to our 11 hens "of a certain age". They have a few more good eggs in them and we're looking to hatch out a fresh generation.

Happy to come and pick up your Bantam Rooster within 50km of Mount Molloy.

21 27 Jul 2018
CD - Nirvana- Nevermind etc...

Looking for B'day presents for Finn.

he seems to like grungy music DEFINATELY Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit on the Nevermind album

- also Gun's and Roses, maybe Bon Jovie

have any CD's which fit this kind of sound?

(not scratched/wont skip in player)


22 23 Jul 2018
Outdoor lounge setting

Seeking an outdoor corner lounge wicker/ cane setting for our outdoor / undercover bbq area. Looking for something in good condition. dosn't have to be new. Can pay 50/50 cash/ bartles.

23 22 Jul 2018
Wanted colourful bromeliads pls

Wanted colourful bromeliads pls Would love bright pink or reds 

24 22 Jul 2018
Wanted: Free Fruit for Malanda school

If you have too much fruit and can't sell it on, please drop them off at Malanda primary school Tuck shop or at Malanda DOP. Oranges, grape fruits, mandarins, paw paws, bananas ect.

They give them out for free to the kids and seems like there is never enough fruit donated. Some of the kids are always hungry for free fruit, even grapefruit finds a hungry mouth in no time.

I'm not able to pick any fruit myself from your place/trees but am happy to transport from Atherton and Malanda DOP to the school.

Thanks, Katrin

25 21 Jul 2018
Once a month mowing

I have a small yard and if you have a car, a mower and time on your hands I'm happy to pay your fuel and mower fuel cost as well as the bartle rate for mowing. It needs doing now (21/7) as it's starting to get a grow on! :)




Paula and douglas

26 19 Jul 2018
Pre-Spring Clean

<p>Looking for a one-off cleaner who can do a thorough vacuum, mop, remove cobwebs, dust/wipe surfaces, do windows and screens, clean the fan and lights etc.  Paying 30B per hour for a couple of hours up to a full day - whatever time you can manage.  It's not Spring ... but I can't wait that long! :)</p>

27 18 Jul 2018
Car Trailer

Wanting to hire a car trailer for one week in late September. Must be rated to 2.5 tonne or higher.

28 18 Jul 2018
EMF meter or service

We're on the lookout for somewhere else to go - preferably on the Tablelands.  But one of the issues we need to resolve is those stupid mobile and nbn towers.  We need to measure the strength of the signal for any property we are looking at. 

Does somebody have their own EMF meter and can we hire you to check properties for us?  Does anybody know where I can buy a meter in FNQ - used or secondhand?  Even jaycar doesn't have them, nothing listed on gumtree, and the closest place you can hire them from is brisbane (under a whole bunch of terms). Thanks, Deborah

PS - looking for a rental property direct from owner, no internal pesticiding; prefer Malanda, Herberton and Speewah regions but will consider others.  Know of anything?   cheers.


29 17 Jul 2018
Worm farm needed

In need of a working worm farm with worms.

30 15 Jul 2018
Calico Flour bags

I am looking for some flour bags please, the calico variety suitable for 1/2, 1, 2, 5kg - so NOT huge bags. Usually they come with sewn-in ties for securing the top. If you have some of these bags available to trade please let me know.

31 1 Jul 2018
Mattress protectors

I am after mattress protectors in reasonable condition please. I need a double, a queensize and a kingsize. Thanks in advance.

32 1 Jul 2018
Fruit & Veg

Please contact new member Elke if you have fresh produce available.

33 29 Jun 2018

Looking for someone who would be interested in a few hours a month of cleaning work. Mostly floors, sometimes windows or dusting. We live in Malanda.

34 25 Jun 2018
Malanda High Winter Uniforms

Would anyone have any size Medium to Large Mens Malanda School Uniforms available. Preferably track suit pants, jumpers or jackets. Happy to do bartles or a mix. Thankyou

35 25 Jun 2018
Butchers Creek Uniforms

My Children are starting school at Butchers Creek Primary next term. Would anyone have uniforms available? Sizes Childrens 12-14. Thankyou

36 24 Jun 2018
Pet Carriers

Looking for pet carriers

Like the ones used to take pets to the vet or airline carriers


37 21 Jun 2018

I'm after Thyme and Borage seedlings (or plants, the bigger the better) please

38 19 Jun 2018
Uniform Shirts - Malanda Highschool

Looking for Malanda Highschool Shirts in size 10/12/14 ish. Also Highschool jacket or jumper. Shorts always welcome too :-)

All in good second hand condition or new needed for next school year.

So, please keep my son Tom in mind if your child has grown out of theirs. Cheers!

39 15 Jun 2018
Books for pre-teens / teens and adults

We'd like to buy or borrow books by:

Gary Paulsen,

Laura Ingals Wilder (have read borrowed copies of most of them, would like to buy copies please)

Gill Lewis

Charles Eisenstein - I'm particularly after Sacred Economics please to borrow or buy

Joseph Chilton Pearce and Michael Mendizza- Magical Parent Magical Child - to borrow or buy

thanks in advance

40 12 Jun 2018
Fly screens to keep out cabbage moths

Reasonable condition (no holes) about 12 I'd say.



41 9 Jun 2018

Please contact new member Shivany if you can assist.

42 9 Jun 2018
Fruit & Veg

Please contact new member Shivany what you have on offer.

43 7 Jun 2018
Wanted Rhubarb crowns

Like to plant rhubarb. If you have any crowns available I'd be a happy little gardener.

Also happy to purchase rhubarb for eating if you don't want to part with your plants.



44 4 Jun 2018

Please contact new member Sue if you have fresh produce and others available.

45 4 Jun 2018
Manual labour

Please contact new member Sue if you can assist.

46 4 Jun 2018
Natural Therapies

Please contact new member Rachel if youcan assist.

47 4 Jun 2018
Fresh food

Please contact new member Rachel if you have fresh produce and happy eggs available.

48 1 Jun 2018

Anybody getting rid of an analogue TV? Doesn't need to pick up signals - only using for watching dvd's. Needs to be moveable by one person (thanks for all the trouble you went to HD - sorry). (no flat screens) - Thanks, Deborah

49 30 May 2018

Looking for Chokos - 100% bartles.

50 28 May 2018
Camera lens - wide and macro

I am looking to upgrade my camera lenses.

Must be mould free and of average-to-better quality.

compatible with Nikon D3400 body

If you don't know compatibility I can research if you give me all of the details.



51 27 May 2018
Urgently needed: metal bed frames for garden

i need rain cover for my produce which is getting more than enough rainwater at present. We feel that metal bed frames will be the best option as we can put see-through plastic or glass on these. And when necessary we can replace that with shade cloth when the sun gets too hot. If you know of a cheap source please let me know as soon as possible.

52 22 May 2018
Pinking shears

looking for a sharp pair of good working pinking shears

53 22 May 2018
Wanted: bees wax and organic olive oil

In need of up to 1kg bees wax for making comfrey ointment and about 3liter organic olive oil.

54 20 May 2018

Looking for some fencing and star pickets


55 19 May 2018
Atherton Accommodation Thursday nights

I work 7am - 11am Thursdays and Fridays.

I am currrently commuting to Atherton from Cairns South to work these shifts

I would like to arrange an Atherton night sleep over for Thursday nights

(for a two or two & a half month period until our new house becomes available ..)

Looking for accommodation with shower ...

Bartles would be ideal please ..

56 15 May 2018
Calico, fleece pins and needles etc etc...

I am looking for:

wadding/STUFFING/clean sheep's wool for teddies etc...

smallish pieces of CALICO - minimum size approx 10x10cm, ideally from 20x20cm.

pieces of fleece or wool blend fabric (anything soft and tactile). Minimum size 40x20cm


57 9 May 2018
Foam mats

We need about 12 more foam mats to complete the flooring in the playroom

58 9 May 2018
Toddler kitchen

My 2 yr old loves creating "soups" out of anything he can find: water, mud, leaves, fishing lures... We are looking for a kids kitchen that will stand up to constant water play - does not need to be in excellent condition, but if it looks similar to a normal kitchen that would be great!

59 6 May 2018
Looking for Edible Flowers Plants

Expanding my edible flower collection. Looking for: Dahlia, Gladiolus, Chinese Chrysanthemum, Viola, Marshmallow, Borage, Lemon Verbena, Ixora. Either in the form of seeds or cuttings or whole plants.

60 6 May 2018

I need someone competent with a welder to make up a bunch of stands for beehives. I can supply the design, materials and pay for the welding consumables. So all you need to do is actually put the peices together.

Happy to pay in Bartles, Bartles/cash or better still in Honey, LOTS of honey :)

61 2 May 2018
Artificial Flowers

Wanted: artificial flowers from any material in any condition.  Until September 2018.

62 1 May 2018
Essential Peppermint oil

Looking for high quality essential peppermint oil.

63 1 May 2018
Organic/Spray free Produce

Wanted - any organic/spray free produce

Happy to pay part cash


64 29 Apr 2018
Chain hoist

I am looking for a secondhand chain hoist.

I dont care how old it is or even what condition it is in just so long as it works. I will even have a look at non-functioning hoists in case they can be repaired!

I would like a lifting capacity of 500kg to 2 tonnes but even that is negotiable.

I can pay in Bartles, Bartles/cash, or even better HONEY, lots and lots of luvverley honey!

65 29 Apr 2018
Videographer wanted

I am wanting to make a video for a Gofundme project. (I am seeking to expand my bee keeping business). I need someone who has basic equipment to make a short five minute film and can supply basic editing so I can do a voice-over narration.

In return you will get:

  • My undying friendship!
  • Lots of honey....lots.
  • Payment in Bartles and possibly cash too, depending upon finances at the time.
  • Trade in...well...stuff, if you are looking for something I have.
  • anything else we can come up with between us just for the hell of it
  • fun

66 22 Apr 2018
Garlic (Heads)

Looking for Australian grown and organic garlic heads ~ lots of.

Many thanks.


67 21 Apr 2018
Emu or ostrich egg(s)

would like to egg an emu or ostrich egg(s) for collection,


68 21 Apr 2018
Old fashioned flowers such as double gerberas, hydrangea, hippeastrum etc

I am always on the lookout for flowering plants to add to my garden near Malanda (so must tolerate wet). I love the old fashioned varieties and am particularly interested in:

- double gerberas (like the one pictured, not like the ones florists add to boquets)

- hippeastrum bulbs

- hydrangeas (rooted please)


I have a few different varieties of the above already so would also be willing to swap if I have something you don't already have. Please email directly to melita.read@bigpond.com


Thanks in advance.


69 19 Apr 2018
Reusable drinking straws

metal or plastic

70 16 Apr 2018
Wanted: Sucker fish for aqaurium and other non-aggressive fish

Interested in some algae eater fish for my fish tank. 2-3 small bristlenose catfish would be great.

Also interested in some guppies, mollies, swordtails, platys, neons.... non-aggresive fish

..... oh well, maybe a siamese fighting fish (male and female)

71 16 Apr 2018
Single Drawer Dishwasher

Single drawer dishwasher

72 16 Apr 2018
King Size Bed Linen

King size bed sheets and doona wanted. Clean and good quality.

73 16 Apr 2018
Edible Mushroom Spores

Shiitake -Japanese or Australian


Any Australian Tropical Edible varieties

74 15 Apr 2018
Wanted: Someone to repair lamp

The lamp for my fish tank isn't working anymore. I thought the fluro bulbs are broken and replaced them but it's still not working. If somebody with electric knowledge could have a look and make it work again that would be awesome.

75 11 Apr 2018
Blue ginger

Would like to get 5-10 plants/ clumps of the blue ginger (I think it is Dichorisandra thyrisflora).

76 9 Apr 2018
Sauerkraut & Kimchi

Hello everyone, wanting a regular supply of Sauerkrout & Kimchi. 


thank you :)

77 9 Apr 2018
Wanted: Jam, Lemon/lime butter/curd, butter, pesto, cheese

Keen on some bread spreads. Jam like Rosella, strawberry, blueberry would be great. Also two jars of lemon curd/butter (we hadn't any in a g e s).

Awesome would be a regular supply on unsalted butter and cheese!! Oh, and pesto please.

78 5 Apr 2018
Toys for 2+ year old

Looking for the following:

climbing frame


natural tea set items including wooden, felt or fabric food (not plastic)

enamel or metal tea set items

some Golden Books

some other picture books

playdough toys

some art/craft items

some sandpit toys

some musical toys

We try to avoid too much branded stuff, cheap plastic, etc and prefer quality over quantity.

... thank you! :)

79 3 Apr 2018
Wanted: Calculator

For an experiment Tom needs a battery operated calculator. Doesn't need to be working but needs to be battery operated. (not solar)

80 29 Mar 2018
Wanted: Wheel barrow

In need of a wheelbarrow. Needs to be in working condition, please. Please contact Lyndra by phone.


81 20 Mar 2018
Timber Display cabinet or CORNER UNIT

I am looking for a good quality TIMBER DISPLAY CABINET 180X140X50 cm or 180X140X150 cm or CORNER UNIT

Thank you,


82 7 Mar 2018

Would anyone have any water proof Tarps


83 26 Feb 2018
King size bed and mattress

Looking for solid king (double) size bed frame with slates and mattress in very good/ near new condition.

84 7 Feb 2018
Need a new spot

Things are not working out so well for us at Mission Beach. Lovely spot for me and lots of really sick frogs for the group to look after - but very little support and too far from Cairns. We would like to find someplace on the Tablelands. Speewah is highly preferred but the Malanda region is good down to Millaa; Herberton area ok too.

Moving is way too expensive so this needs to be a long-term option. No chemical use inside the house in at least 3 years. If you know of someplace that is 2 bedrooms+, unfurnished, landline phone, mains power, no gas - please let us know. We are happy to share a property so a caretaker's cottage on a larger property is fine. Bartles will be availble as a finder's fee if you tell us about a property we are able to move into. Thanks for your help, Cheers, Deborah at the frog hospital

85 7 Feb 2018

Geese - Aussie Settler, Pilgrim, Sebastapol, Pomeranian etc

Big home, on acreage

Permanent water, permanent green grass

Loving home

No limit to numbers

86 1 Feb 2018
Manure for my veggie patch!

The bigger the better if you have some on hand:) If you're able to drop it off at my place that'd be great as I don't drive.


87 28 Jan 2018
Facepainting books and/or materials

My kids had a brilliant time recently doing face painting on each other. The only problem is that our face painting 'paints and crayons' are pretty cheap and nasty.

would love a 'how to' book and better materials for them to use.



88 7 Jan 2018
Dog Minding and Walking

Can you please assist with dog minding and walking in Atherton?

89 7 Jan 2018
Mowing & Gardening

Can you please assist with mowing and gardening in Atherton?

90 23 Dec 2017
Fresh fruit and vege's

Alwags looking for Fresh Fruit and Vege's

Ravenshoe area

91 19 Dec 2017
Comfrey plants, divisions or plantable root pieces

Comfrey plants, divisions or plantable root pieces up to 50 duvisions.

92 17 Dec 2017
Local Food

Wanted - so we can offer more Services through LETS - one-off or regular purchases of:

Fresh fruit & veg: lemons, most tropical fruit, avocado, potato, sweet potato, pumpkin, mild chillis, onions, garlic, ginger, fresh herbs - rosemary, parsley and basil, some leafy greens (we grow some), etc.

Meat, cow's and goat's milk, other dairy products.

Nuts other than macadamias.

Bread & other baked goods, meals, some preserves, dried fruit, snacks, mayo/aioli, bliss balls etc.

Happy to pay $ for or provide ingredients.

Prefer to pickup Malanda or Atherton, but do travel to other areas.

93 13 Dec 2017
Animal shelter building material

- Rigid, minimum 2m length steel poles for framework. OR copper logs × 6

- Up to 4 corrugated iron sheets in good  condition - water tight 1.5m length ideal.

- Large plastic level base buckets -to fill with cement for weighting × 6

94 13 Dec 2017
Dwarf sugar banana pups/suckers - cairns

Dwarf sugar banana pups/suckers  - cairns  - 2 or 3.

95 13 Dec 2017
Spices & herbs

Home grown:

Frozen or fresh sliced lemongrass bulb.

Dried cut lemongrass leaf

Fresh or frozen Green peppercorn

Fresh or frozen tamarind pulp

Fresh or frozen ginger

Fresh or frozen mango turmeric

Fresh or frozen cilantro



96 13 Dec 2017
Fresh fruit produce

Home grown Fresh fruit produce - cairns area

Green coconut



Packaged/ prepared crunchy jackfruit

Red pawpaw


Passionfruit - red 

Oval kumquat 

Finger lime


97 13 Dec 2017

Hot chillies  are thriving, 

Am after: 

Bell chilli


Banana chilli 

Sweet italian chilli




Chillies fresh/frozen

Seeds or plants




98 11 Dec 2017
Cleaning and Office Work

I require help with office work, and cleaning.  Are you able to assist?  Located in Cairns.

99 25 Nov 2017
Shade Cloth

Wondering if anyone would have any shade cloth thanks

100 18 Nov 2017
Boy board shorts

Tom needs some shorts size 5-6 . he prefer board shorts but any will be good. Must be in good condition. Thank you

101 4 Nov 2017
Worm farm

would love a good working worm farm

102 2 Oct 2017
Strong hard working person

Looking for a strong hard working person who can use a vacuum. I have a wooden home which is loved by dust and spiders.  I am looking for someone interested in vacuuming the outside. It is a huge job so it would be over a long period of time. (regular weekends if interested?)

Happy for a yong person.. we are safe.. LOL

20b / hour

103 2 Oct 2017
Garden working bees Saturday 18 August and Sunday 2 September

I'm holding two working bees Saturday 18 August and Sunday 2 September - are you interested? I'll pay 25B per hour for work that could include weeding, planting, mulching, wheelbarrowing. We will work from 7:30am to 10am, smoko until 10:30 and then work until 1pm when we'll stop for a shared lunch. You're welcome to come and work for any part of those 5 hours. If interested, let me know which dates would suit you best. I produce about 90% of my fruit and veggies with excess for most of the year, and for the past 4 months I have managed to do this while working full time, so most people find it interesting to see what my tricks are.

104 18 Sep 2017
Car port Frames

Would anyone have any carport frames, with or without the top, is fine, Thanks

105 18 Sep 2017
Ford Au

Looking for Ford Wagons, Whole or for parts

2000 - 2006 Models


106 18 Sep 2017
Chicken Pens

Wondering if anyone has any chicken pens, or cages

107 9 Sep 2017
Plucking machine

Does anyone have a plucking machine that they aren't using anymore?  Happy to pay part cash part bartles.  Need it to be suitable for ducks.

108 8 Sep 2017
Pouches for laminator

If you don't have a laminator anymore but still pouches laying around I would be happy to purchase them.

109 30 May 2016
Home made black tights

I have very long legs and like to spend all winter wearing plain black tights but they are very difficult to come by in my size. Would someone be able to make me quality stretchy tights for Bartles? I would pay for the material if you would go and buy it for me. I have many sets of tights in various states of disrepair that you could use as a pattern.

110 22 Mar 2016
Round bottomed colander

It seems that my colanders never really work because the flat bottom holds some water. I'd love a stainless steel round bottomed one but happy for plastic too.

111 10 Mar 2016
Raw Honey please

We'd love a 3 - 4 kilos of raw honey please. can do 50/50 for the right price.

We have glass bottles and jars that can be reused if possible.

Happy to pick up Malanda, Atherton, Millaa Millaa, Mareeba dop.

Best Contact: 0402 689 859

112 26 Dec 2014
Australian Garlic

I need some more garlic bulbs for eating please, needs to be kept at room temperature.

best contact 0402689859

113 7 Jul 2014
Lavender Essential Oil

I would love a small bottle of lavender essential oil for bartles, or maybe 50/50.

For more information write to info@communityexchange.net.au