FNQ Community Exchange (QLD)
# Added Details
1 28 Mar 2020
White Board

Chasing a magnetic, wall mounted white board in decent condition-at least 90cm x 60cm.

2 28 Mar 2020
PIANO KEYBOARD for a beginner

prefer electric type

3 27 Mar 2020
Use of box trailer

 I need to do some loads to the dump (after covid 19 and wet season), if I could borrow a box trailer or similar for a week or so that would be wonderful, if dry hire not available I'm also open to hire of the person and their trailer at a pre negotiated rate. I'm at watsonville  

4 27 Mar 2020
Eucalyptus oil

Does anyone have eucalyptus oil.?

5 26 Mar 2020
Bamboo wanted

I am looking for a source of bamboo suitable for garden canes (say a little thicker than a a mans thumb on average). Either a place I can harvest these or a peice of root stock or seed.

No worries as to whether it is a clumping variety or not, I live on a farm and it cannot get far before the cattle will keep it under control.

6 26 Mar 2020
Water Kefir Grains

I am chasing 70g (or thereabouts) of viable water kefir grains. Mine died after being left dormant for too long.


I can collect promptly from the Malanda DOP on arrangement. Please email directly to melita.read@bigpond.com

7 25 Mar 2020


I am looking for a mattress for my mum, in reasonable condition please.


8 24 Mar 2020

looking to add a Mareema to our family. I would like a pup to raise with our stock and in our home. I am happy to pay to transport and pup. I would like a female but I am no to fussy. It will be very loved and will be part of the family.

9 24 Mar 2020
Organic vegetables and food

Hi folks I would love to get organic vegetables and fruits.

i can pick up on Friday at Malanda and Atherton drop off points.

please let me know if you have some. Pumpkins, chokos, tomatoes, bananas, pawpaws, ginger, turmeric would be lovely

10 24 Mar 2020

Hi out there,

i need 2x4 wheels for 2 mobile raised beds.

i think wheels from prams will do the trick or similar.

i need them by Friday and can pick up at Malanda or Atherton drop off.

thank you kindly


11 23 Mar 2020
Helping hands

I need some good workers in the garden at my sub tropical permaculture farm.  

25 bartles per hour.

Thanks :)

12 21 Mar 2020

We’d love some fresh juicy lemons please

1-2 dozen or whatever can be spared.

best contact 0402689859

best dop Atherton

have a great weekend ;-)

13 18 Mar 2020
Rhubarb Crowns

I am chasing more rhubarb crowns please. I can collect from Atherton or Malanda DOPs.


Please email directly melita.read@bigpond.com

14 17 Mar 2020
Aerial potato

I am wanting to buy a plant. An aerial potato, the one that is a vine with really big leaves, & the potato is a darkish brown colour.  Also some advice: could I cut a potato in half & plant it.

15 16 Mar 2020
Olive leaves

We are looking for olive leaves please.

best contact 0402689859

best dop Atherton.

enjoy your week ;-)

16 15 Mar 2020
Air fryer

I'd like to borrow or rent and afterwards possibly buy an AIRFRYER

Hints and tips are welcome too.

17 14 Mar 2020
Filing cabinet

looking for a one drawer metal filing cabinet in good condition. Thank you

18 12 Mar 2020
Ravenshoe lets shed

ravenshoe lets shed needs some kinda refresh.. lookin for say 2ppl to inspire and redisign the shed. organize the space and bring creative ideas ... im thinkin a couple of hours should do it.

probably 25 bt per hour. what do you think....

 this sunday 15th march..... would be good but what ever time suits all.

19 12 Mar 2020

Does anyone have tomatoes for sale at the moment.?

20 11 Mar 2020
Brisbane Accommodation.

Female, quiet, non-smoker, non-drinker, looking for fully furnished accomodation in Brisbane for a couple of months, while working. Would prefer a granny flat, studio, small flat or something that is fully equipped, as will only be bringing car and personal affects with her to Brisbane. Would also like some form of off street parking for a small vehicle. Would prefer utilities to be included in rental price.

21 9 Mar 2020
Embroidery floss and wool

Wanted for Bartles only: embroidery floss in cotton or silk, and scraps of wool - nothing synthetic.  Any colour except black or purple. 

22 9 Mar 2020
Queen Bed Base

Hi, I need a queen bed base - frame only.

Preferably wood but metal ok.

Doesn't need a headboard.

23 8 Mar 2020
Wanted: Worm farms

I'm in need of up to 3 worm farms. Either the round Can-o-worm or rectangular worm cafe set ups. Even parts are welcome. Maybe you only have trays or a lid or the bottom liquid tray left over from an old set up. 


24 8 Mar 2020

Ella and Philip have been learning to play the ukelele and would like to try their hand at a guitar. Do you have one thats looking for a new home?

Thanks in advance!

25 6 Mar 2020
Austalian special coins

To complete our collections Tom and Jaap are looking for:
50c coins. 1966 coat of arms (round) 2001, ACT centenary of Federation 2001, South Australia centenary of Federation 2001 and Year of the Rat 2019
$2 any special edition.

$1 Alphabet coins
Offering face value + amount of Bartels to be agreed upon.
other countries considdered
We have doubles if you like to trade.

Coins DON'T have to be in mint condition

26 6 Mar 2020
Compost worms

Does anyone have any compost worms to share?

27 6 Mar 2020
Colour printing

Would you do some colour printing for me for bartles? I have some great garden advice and information about seed varieties, calendars for plating and harvesting and I'd like to offer these for bartles but dont have access to quality colour printing. 

28 4 Mar 2020
Experienced Luthier

Wondering on the off chance if anyone in the area has the skills as a Luthier...We have a violin that needs repair...

29 3 Mar 2020
Scented geraniums

Does anyone have established scented geraniums/pelargoniums that could have a cutting taken for us to grow?

30 3 Mar 2020
Guinea fowl eggs

Want to buy guinea fowl eggs for incubator

31 2 Mar 2020
Deep cycle battery

Please let me know battery specs, Ah etc and battery brand and approx age. Thanks heaps. Send text or call 0484684341

32 2 Mar 2020
Pencil Sharpener

Does anybody have a spare barrel type sharpener, the ones that catch the sharpenings.

33 2 Mar 2020
DVD series

I am looking for Season 3 of Deadwood


I am looking for the first two series of Justified (with Timothy Olyphant)



34 29 Feb 2020

I would love to get a copy of “The Permaculture Book of Ferment and Human Nutrition” by Bill Mollison

35 28 Feb 2020
Wintry jacket/coat size 10 or 12

After hiring or purchasing a very warm jacket or coat for my trip to Tasmania in winter.

Also after hiring or purchasing a wind/rain jacket for my travels.

Size 10 or 12

36 22 Feb 2020
Scrabble board game

Looking for old scrabble board games, doesn't matter if some letters are missing, if you have more than one game, fantastic! the more the better ~ Thank you

37 21 Feb 2020
Gardening help

I’m in Kewarra Beach, and my backyard needs weeding and digging over for new plantings 

But I can’t find the motivation 

Can anyone help me for Bartles please ? 

38 21 Feb 2020
Plants/seeds/cuttings of gac, inca nut(Sacha inchi), or monk fruit, budleyas

39 20 Feb 2020
Lemon grass bunched

Up to 30 fat stalks leaves included

40 20 Feb 2020
Limes & lemons

Home grown limes 40 - 60 for preserving

Home grown lemons 50 for preserving

41 20 Feb 2020
Large terracotta pots

Large terracotta pots at least 40cm depth/ diameter can be glazed.

42 20 Feb 2020
Cow or chicken manure

Pre-Bagged cow or chicken manure ( can include straw from coop) after about 8 feed bags worth.

43 18 Feb 2020
Wanted: Dice

I just discovered my love for dice. Any shape, colour, size wanted. Number dice, colour dice, symbol dice, points dice....

44 16 Feb 2020
Cutting metal

We have received some sheets of roofing metal and we want to turn them into garden borders.  They just need to be cut lengthwise (along the corrugations - not across them).  A nibbler would work but apparently electric scissors are better.  Don't want to cut ourselves but would like to pay someone to cut these for us.  About 8 sheets are involved and some are really short.  B for your time and cash for your petrol.  Need this job done soonest PLEASE!!!  Thanks.

45 14 Feb 2020
Guinea Fowl

Hi Everyone

Wondering if anyone has any Guinea Fowl for Bartles


46 14 Feb 2020
Art Supplies

We are always looking for art supplies to do kids crafts with. Random bits and pieces is ok. 

47 14 Feb 2020
Bees & hive

We are wanting to have bees and a beehive. Happy to pay cash + bartles.


48 12 Feb 2020
Plastic boxes for storage

Need plastic boxes please 

49 12 Feb 2020
Pool table, soccer table or table tennis

Anyone got a pool table , a soccer game table or table tennis table please ?

50 11 Feb 2020
Horseradish plant please

I would like to grow Horseradish - if you have a spare plant please ring me on 4095 3784 or email me to arrange pick-up. Thanks Maria 

51 10 Feb 2020
Vegan sugar free soup stock

We’re looking for vegan sugar free soup stock with no added nasties please

best contact 0402689859

best dop Atherton 

enjoy your day :-)

52 10 Feb 2020
Wanted: Impatiens plants

Impatiens plants in all colours wanted. Established plants or cuttings.

53 10 Feb 2020
Agapanthus/spider lilly

Hi Guys

Looking for bulk agapanthus, spider Lilly, agave and Yukka. Any other fire retardant plant, shrubs and trees please.

54 9 Feb 2020
Spring Cleaning

15B + $15 per hour for an efficient house cleaner who can do walls, ceilings, skirtings, and/or windows etc. Tarzali. Flexible about when you come. Just 1 hour or a whole week... you choose!

55 8 Feb 2020
Garden help

hi I’m after someone to help with light gardening on 1 acre property Kuranda. Mostly weeding and planting.


56 8 Feb 2020
Bathroom vanity wanted

Hi I’m after a bathroom vanity for my daughter. Can even be older style but in good sound condition.

Would consider a solid timber cabinet too..we could mount a basin on top. Photos please 

57 6 Feb 2020
Chillis & garlic

I am looking to buy chillis and garlic.

58 6 Feb 2020
Wanted: zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes

59 6 Feb 2020
Wanted: gazebo frames

Looking for 2 gazebo frames to put onto my veggie patch to keep up the netting . Can be old but need to be functional. Do the need any cover.

60 5 Feb 2020
Bill Mollison

I would love to get “The Permaculture Book of Ferment and Human Nutrition” by Bill Mollison

Thank you

61 5 Feb 2020
Wanted: Paper Shredder

Would prefer a paper shredder that could also take several sheets at a time, maybe even thin cardboard?

But happy for any shredder that gets me started.

Thanks, Katrin

62 4 Feb 2020
Community Soap Making session

I am running out of homemade soap and wondered if anyone is interested in six or seven of us getting together for a soap making session? Some of us have done this before...want to do it again?

Would be best to keep the numbers fairly low as we'll be at someone's house, possibly mine. I'd like to get it happening in the next couple of months. 


Essential ingredients are:

Oil or fats (any vegetable or animal fat) - at least a litre or two each

Caustic soda

Essential oils and/or botanicals (eg. safe, natural exfoliants, aromatics)

Stainless steel pots, bowls, measuring equipment for soap making ONLY

Molds - (can be makeshift not manufactured but must be heat proof, not soft plastic) 

A sense of humour and maybe some chocolate and nibbles.


I already have recipes, molds some other fancy stuff like mica and clay.

Let me know if you are interested.  

63 4 Feb 2020
Updating Wordpress site

I am looking for someone who knows their way around Wordpress websites. I know a little but I need some help locating things. Willing to pay part cash if needed. Thanks.

64 3 Feb 2020
Weeding my garden beds.


We have that horrible creeper grass invading our beds and I don't have enough muscle to sort it! I have a weed loosening tool and a shovel but if you have a pitchfork please bring it along.


Alternatively if you have a goat I'm sure that will do well also! Not sure how sturdy a fence needs to be to hold a goat in place though ;)



65 3 Feb 2020
Eggs, cauliflower, cabbage and broccoli


We would love these weekly or every two weeks please :) until I get my garden beds sorted from the cabbage moths! Deliver to Irene's in Atherton please.



66 2 Feb 2020

Hoping to find a dressmaker to make 2 nighties for me.

67 2 Feb 2020
Wanted: mealworms

Looking to grow my own mealworms. Anyone has some fertile ones to get me started?

68 29 Jan 2020
Handmade natural soap

we have purchased some all natural (I have allergies) soap in the past and have nearly finished it all. More would be great for bartles please.

best contact 0402689859

best dop Atherton 

enjoy your day!

69 18 Jan 2020
Embroidery Yarn

Wanted all different colours of embriodery yarn for my craft projects for bartles. 

70 14 Jan 2020
Hot wheels toy cars

an interest in little toy "hot wheels cars" has developed in our house. Do you have any your kids have grown out of? Thanks in advance.

71 14 Jan 2020
Screen Doors

reasonable condition or better - not security or sliding screen doors

72 10 Jan 2020
Web designer

Hi I am wanting some help in my website and looking for someone who can help guide me in setting up. Mainly just to check things over with me. 

73 7 Jan 2020
Fruit and veges.

Any fruit or vegetable would be great,esp. pumpkin & sweet pots & greens.

74 7 Jan 2020
Organic fruit and vegetables

I would like to have organic pumpkins, mangoes, potatoes, bananas, carrots.

also looking for dehydrated bananas.

75 6 Jan 2020
Chicken wire

I'm after useable rolls of chicken wire, of reasonable length (not little fragments).

thanks in advance!

76 3 Jan 2020
3% or 6% food grade hydrogen peroxide

We are in need of some hydrogen peroxide, for bartles or 50/50 is a possibility.


best contact 0402 689 859


best dop Atherton or pickup may be possible depending on location.


enjoy your day ;-)

77 3 Jan 2020
Sideboard or set of drawers of similar size

We need a sideboard, or set of drawers of similar dimensions .

width: 120cm- 140cm

height : 70-90cm

depth: 40-45cm

Wood is preferable, otherwise just not chipboard.

Old-fashioned/retro/modern - any style.

78 2 Jan 2020
Fresh spray free seasonal fruit, vege and herb leaves for tea

We love fresh fruit and vege, particularly seasonal. And avo season is nearly here!

if you have some seeded watermelon, bananas, mangos, sweet potato, (any colour) pineapple, passionfruit, dragonfruit, avocados, turmeric root or dried, garlic, cauliflower, spring onions, broccoli, beetroot, zucchini, leafy greens etc we’d love to have them.

looking for echinacea leaves or root, eyebright, olive leaves, camomile, peppermint etc

best contact 0402689859

best dop Atherton.

Have an awesome day!

79 1 Jan 2020

I need a table for outdoors on which to pot plants. Small and weatherproof.

80 28 Dec 2019
Fresh food!

Wanted: Food for Bartles - so we can offer more business services, trade services, childcare & accommodation for Bartles!

dragonfruit, mangoes, passionfruit, melons, berries, other fruit, including dry and frozen...

tomatoes, beans, potatoes, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, onions, garlic, and some other vegies...

baked goods, fresh or frozen, including cakes, muffins, slices, bread, bliss balls etc for kids and adults

meals, fresh or frozen, including curries, soups, quiches, pies, salads, and more...

pantry items such as sauces, spreads, chutney and so on...

nuts, seeds & any sprouts - but not Atherton nut or macadamia as we have those...

Spending Bartles on food is our favourite way to incorporate our community currency into our household budget! Can you assist? We normally try to eat organic, freerange, and healthfully, but have no strict dietry needs. We have different preferences here so from very healthy to "ordinary" items all ok!

81 28 Dec 2019
Shovel, pick n wheelbarrow n buckets n barrels

after quality second hand gardening tools.

82 28 Dec 2019
Lawn mowing

2 acres flat to gentle sloping land, once a month. open to offers, bartles, money, swap for food accommodation possible.

other handy jobs may be available too.

83 18 Dec 2019
Yoga mat or similar

Hi I'm after a yoga mat, or similar type of exercise mat. I dont need it full length, but I do need it reasonably thick/paddy. If its full length but thin, I can fold it up.

thanks in advance!

84 16 Dec 2019
Ferry Tickets

Need visitors Ferry Tickets for Daintree Ferry, will pay half cash thanks 

85 16 Dec 2019
Cleaner for Kewarra

In desperate need for a Cleaner , name your price!!!!!

86 16 Dec 2019
Wanted: electric pasta maker

Keen of purchasing an electric pasta machine.

87 14 Dec 2019

Gardening help required - pruning, brushcutting, weeding, harvesting, moving mulch, mowing - push and ride-on, fixing up greenhouse, repairing trellis, harvesting fruit... 25B/hr

88 14 Dec 2019
Children's books


Quality children's books suitable from age 3 up. Fiction and non-fiction.

Especially interested in Australian books, books about the natural environment, books with beautiful artwork, Indigenous Australian stories, wildlife books etc.

Art & craft books - especially with ideas about creating from natural materials, for all ages.

Home education books - for children & educators.

89 9 Dec 2019
Wanted: DVD series"The 100'

All seasons please.

90 7 Dec 2019
Granny squares

looking for granny squares 20cm x 20cm for decorations for the folk festival (they are used for yarnbombing the hanging basket stands around Yungaburra). A good excuse to use up all those odds and ends of yarn. Any colour, texture welcome. I’ll pay 5B per square

91 2 Dec 2019
Good condition chicken fencing

Wanted good condition chicken or fencing mesh (square).. can be already used if still strong. No short cut pieces please minimum 3 meter length requirement.

92 27 Nov 2019
Foam mattress or similar

I am looking for something like a foam (single bed) mattress to finish a couch I made for the kids. 

The mattress is needed to make the 'back rest' section. 

or similar? 

approx 2m x 1m ....OR 2 pieces of 1x1m



93 25 Nov 2019
WANTED - Speakers, Musicians, Stall Holders, Performers, November 21 & 22

Going Off-Grid Festival - Imbil QLD November 21 & 22, 2020 Expressions of Interest Sought Speakers, Musicians, Stall Holders, Performers

94 16 Nov 2019
Old metal water tank for storing wood

We need somewhere to store firewood and so we're looking for an old water tank, a bit rusty and a few holes are acceptable. Needs to fit on a standard box trailer and be not too far from Tolga.

95 10 Nov 2019
Male (or speyed female) guinea pig

we're after a companion for our male guinea pig, who is not allowed back in with the girls! Do you have a male who is looking for a home? Thanks in advance!

96 3 Nov 2019
Bass amplifier

Bass amplifier.Lwith lovely loud output of sound.

97 3 Nov 2019
Columbo, Partridge Family

Hi all, looking for the tv series Colombo on dvd but only seasons one to four (have the others). Also looking for seasons 3 and 4 of the Partridge Family.


98 2 Nov 2019
Space for storage of small caravan

I'm looking for somewhere in or near Mareeba - (plus Walkamin or Biboorah or Koah) - to keep my van when not in use! It is fully insured and has covers to protect it from the weather - though I would of course love to have it under a roof! I am prepared to make a small payment in B and/or $$s by arrangement.

99 1 Nov 2019
Poly Fill Filler for stuffing toys

I would love to get some new Poly Fill Filler to use in my knitting craft. 

100 1 Nov 2019
Knitting wool/yarn, I would love to get some more balls of wool for my loom knitting to do some projects.

I would love to get some more wool for my loom knitting projects.

101 1 Nov 2019
Girls and women's clothing, cotton handkerchiefs

Ella is in need of girls clothes... especially comfortable dresses, skirts, shorts (not so much tops). Size 10 to 12.

I'm in need of womens tops, size 14 to 18, stretchy and comfy for around the house/garden.

And we're after large cotton handkerchiefs, any colour is fine.

Thanks in advance!

102 29 Oct 2019
Fishing rod

Looking for fishing rod to suit 13 year old. Must be in useable/VG condition - we can buy new fishing line. 

smaller rod suited to creek fishing and/or larger beach fishing rod. 

send photos to 0484 684 341

thanks heaps. 



103 29 Oct 2019
Bike rack for vehicle - trunk mounted

looking for a bike rack which is mounted off the trunk using straps (not tow ball) for my suzuki swift. 

If you might be able to help please send photo/s to 0484 684 341

must be in excellent condition. 



thanks very much

104 17 Oct 2019
Wooden Walking Stick

I am looking for a wooden walking stick for myself. I am not a tall person (just over 5ft). Due to health issues I am needing a bit of help at times. (Picture of what I am looking for) 

105 16 Oct 2019
Organic Watermelons WITH seeds

I am wanting to source organic SEEDED watermelons over the next few months for a detox. Willing to pay some cash with Bartels. Please email if you can help ~ Thanks so much

106 15 Oct 2019
4 holes to be dug.



We'd like 4 holes dug that are 40 to 50cms wide by the same in depth. Haven't got a pitch fork but I have a shovel. Happy to move plants where I'd like them for you.



Douglas and Paula

107 9 Oct 2019
Books and DVDs

We are chasing the DVD set of the British TV series "Ashes to Ashes" series 3. We have the earlier 2 series but the final series is proving difficult to get. Do you have it sitting in the cupboard? We're happy to even loan it.

We are also looking to buy or borrow 2 books:

- Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne

- One Tiny Turtle by Nicola Davies

Thanks in advance. Please email directly melita.read@bigpond.com

108 5 Oct 2019
Banjo Lessons

Looking for banjo lessons. Needed for a beginner who has no musical experience, please and thank you.

109 29 Sep 2019
King sized fitted sheet

We are looking for a fitted sheet, king sized, any colour, with some life left in it please. Thank you in advance!

110 26 Sep 2019

We need earthworms suitable for garden soil. Thank you

111 15 Sep 2019
Malanda High School uniform - girls

Would like Malanda High School uniform items in good condition. Girls size 12.

112 6 Sep 2019

Chainsaw wanted, please. Minor technical issues ok, as I can fix things.

113 6 Sep 2019
Deep Fryer

Deep Fryer wanted, please.

114 5 Sep 2019
Pavers and besser bricks

The frog hospital is continuing to make progress in restoring this property. We are now at the stage of needing pavers and besser bricks. They can be any colour or size. The smaller pavers are fine but any bigger ones (say, 30cm square or even 40cm square) would be even better. Thanks.

115 16 Aug 2019
Someone to check/repair gas connection

The gas to the cook stove is leaking somewhere. In need of someone to check and fix t please.

116 23 Jul 2019
Hydrometer and water temp centigrade thermometer.

hiya, I am trying to get my hands on a hydrometer which would be suitable for testing salinity in a coastal survey project I am doing with my kids this term

I THINK that an aquarium hydrometer would be suitable (ie, one designed to test salinity levels for aquarium fish) for our purposes. This survey is very basic, and if they get an understanding of how a hydrometer works and that salinity levels vary then this is great. Exact scientific data is not our aim at this stage. 

we are also after a centigrade thermometer suitable for testing water temperature. 

i can sent photos of the type of item I am looking for...should this help. 

attached pic is of thermometor.

117 21 Jul 2019
Small engine tutor

Hi folks, I am a bit of a jack of all trades with the exception of electrical and motor maintenance. I was wondering if there is anyone who would be willing to teach me the basics of small engine maintenance and repair?

Obviously I am happy to pay.

118 22 Jun 2019
It help

I use 2 tablets and a mobile phone they are samsung   i have limited use  because I jyst dont know how to do  everthing I would like to   .Would live someome  whos into online stuff show me  s few  extra  things


119 20 Jun 2019
PayPal Purchase

I'd like to buy something online, using PayPal, but don't have an account. I'd like someone to do this for me, and I'll give you the $ for the purchase, and some B for your time. Can you assist with this from time to time please? I have no computer access right now, so please contact me by phone 0421 594 134, not by email.

120 5 Jun 2019
Wanted: frozen mangoes or/ and apple sauce

Family would like to purchase frozen mangoes. Already processed: skinned, pitted and frozen in small containers.

Or apple sauce frozen or preserved in jars.

121 4 Jun 2019
Plants wanted

im after some plants suitable for tropical garden, hardy groundcovers, 

succulents, tillandsias, gingers, colourful broms, alocasias, fiddleback fig etc.

122 3 Jun 2019
Old garden tools, shovels, spates etc wanted

Mainly metal shovels and spates without wooden handles wanted for making sculptures. Can be old and rusty. Drop off at Steve's stall at the Yungaburra markets or at one of the DOPoints. Happy to pay Bartles or up to $5 each in ca$h.

123 22 May 2019
Pumpkins Please

My family and I use lots of pumpkins and would love to buy any of your excess. I can collect from Atherton or malanda DOPs.

Thanks in advance. melita.read@bigpond.com

124 30 Apr 2019
Kale Avocados, sweet corn, any fruit or veges

Has anyone got Kale, Spinach Thanks

Also would love any fruit and veggies you got spare , specially avocados contact me thanks

125 18 Mar 2019

Excess fruit and veg

126 25 Dec 2018

I really would love to have another bookshelf.

Thank you in advance!

127 7 Feb 2018
Geese or goslings

Geese - Aussie Settler, Pilgrim, Sebastapol, Pomeranian etc

Big home, on acreage

Permanent water, permanent green grass

Loving home

No limit to numbers

For more information write to info@communityexchange.net.au